Review of EVA Air flight Taipei Beijing in Business

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR716
Class Business
Seat 6K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 09 Jun 18, 09:15
Arrival at 09 Jun 18, 12:30
BR   #12 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 117 reviews
By GOLD 1433
Published on 18th July 2018
Greetings Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by. I plan to share a series of flights that ticked off a couple of boxes on my airline nerd wish list. The first objective was to visit the second United Polaris Lounge to open, this time in SFO. Was United able to capture the excellent qualities of the ORD lounge in their second offering? The second objective was to experience The new Delta A350-900 and specifically the Delta One Suite product. Is a suite in J class a gimmick or substantive. With the goals in place let's have a quick discussion on how to accomplish them.

My trip on the Delta A350 would be of the NRSA variety so availability would dictate my route. At the time of this trip you could experience the A350 on DTW-NRT-DTW, DTW-ICN-DTW, DTW-PVG_DTW, DTW-PEK-DTW, and ATL-ICN-ATL. I honed in on the PEK route spotting good availability for a Saturday PEK departure. With this flight in mind I set about on getting to PEK, preferably on a Star carrier via SFO. The Polaris Lounge is available to United Business and First Class customers as well as those of Star Alliance members. As much as I enjoy a good lounge the idea of a TPAC flight in UA J was not a desirable one so I turned to the Star Alliance partners for help. I had United Miles to invest in this leg of the trip so I limited the scope of my search to J class as I don't find the UA F mileage redemption to be as good of a value. Of the Star carriers I would rank BR as my preferred J carrier with SQ and ANA coming in just behind. I located the BR space I needed to PEK but could only find it via LAX (although it was the Kitty flight so i was tempted). I set Expert flyer to watch the early morning SFO departures and 3 days before departure the email arrived that space was available on BR27. I quickly booked via and prepared a whirlwind trip.

Carrier, route, equipment, class, lounge, and procurement method:

United Airlines - SNA-SFO - CRJ700 - Economy - No Lounge - United Mileageplus (No Report)
EVA Airways - SFO-TPE - 777-300ER - Business - United Polaris Lounge - United Mileageplus
EVA Airways - TPE-PEK - 777-300ER - Business - EVA The Infinity and The Star - United Mileageplus (This Report)
Delta Air Lines - PEK-DTW - A350-900 - Business - Air China First And Business Class Lounge T2 - NRSA - (Coming Soon)
Delta Air Lines - DTW-ORD - 717-200 - Economy - No Lounge - NRSA (No Report)
American Airlines - ORD-LAX - A321-200 - First - No Lounge - AAdvantage (No Report)

EVA The Infinity and The Star Lounges - TPE

Transit security was extremely fast. I found it interesting that the BR signage through transit security was in Chinese characters, English, and Vietnamese. Gives you an isea of the traffic they're carrying over TPE. IT was a 5 minute walk to the lounges from the security point.

In addition to the bevy of smiling and helpful humans there is a robotic greeter stationed at the entrance to the lounges.

photo 20180608_151504photo 20180608_151508

One your credentials are verified you can proceed right and be a "Star" or make a left to "Infinity." The lounge concepts are projected ont he floor from a ceiling mounted light projector.

photo 20180608_151522photo 20180608_151528

I surmised that a lounge called Infinity would be substantial in size so I ventured there first. I was disappointed when I reached the end after only a short walk.

It appears infinity has been remodeled more recently and has some nice seating options.

photo 20180608_152053photo 20180608_173848photo 20180608_173922

There is an ample food and beverage offering as well. The buffet is in a side room that is rather cramped so the traffic flow is restricted. I had to wait in a 4 deep line at the coffee machine at one point.

Salad and packaged snacks.

photo 20180608_152101photo 20180608_152110

Soy milk…from lactating beans.

photo 20180608_152115

There was dim sum and a variety of hot dishes on the center island. It was too crowded to do any detailed picture taking.

photo 20180608_152138photo 20180608_152140

Perhaps the best feature was the self serve Movenpick

photo 20180608_152120photo 20180608_152130photo 20180608_152132

I availed myself some soup noodles and added a duck egg.

photo 20180608_151947photo 20180608_151951

I inquired about a shower at the main desk in between the lounges and was handed a pager that would let me know when one was available. This gave me an opportunity to visit The Star.

photo 20180608_153758

The Star had, what appeared to me, the same offerings as The Infinity. I believe the ice cream station was Haagen-Dazs though.

Star alcohol selection.

photo 20180608_152538
photo 20180608_152542

My pager alerted me to my bathing opportunity and I was given an access card to the "Metro Forest" shower room.

photo 20180608_162426photo 20180608_162434photo 20180608_162454

It's a very well appointed shower experience and the room maintained a reasonable temperature without getting too warm and reversing any benefit of having bathed.


As boarding time arrived I left the lounge t make the 7 minute walk to gate C7 and promptly found a delay. It was only about 15 minutes.

photo 20180608_172432photo 20180608_174510

The boarding area is on floor below the main terminal so I took some pictures from up there before descending into the holding area. It's not a sterile hold in that you can go back upstairs any time you wish. The tint on the window provides an unwelcome filter.

Down at gate level offers a different view of the aircraft although the same window tint is present.

photo 20180608_174739photo 20180608_174842

Boarding commenced and I was greeted with a newer cabin than the inbound 777. 6K is a great seat in that it's got good wing and engine views but also had 2 windows unlike 7A/7K which is missing a window.

Again the service was excellent right away with offers for beverages and friendly welcoming. My was used when I was addressed by not only the FA in my section but the Purser too.

photo 20180608_175309photo 20180608_175910

Meal and Beverage menus were distributed on the ground. I had per-ordered my main online about 72 hours earlier.

To dine:

photo 20180608_180527
photo 20180608_180613
photo 20180608_180542
photo 20180608_180602
photo 20180608_180606

To drink:

Departure only took a slight delay and soon we were off. Boarding was efficient and judging by the number of passengers int he waiting area the flight was not anywhere close to capacity.

I opted to make use of the IFE and donned the Thunder headphones. Not an audiophile bay any stretch I found the quality to be good.

photo 20180608_185154photo 20180608_185215

The moving map is among my favorite IFE selections and the ability to have it on the handset or the main screen is a plus.

photo 20180608_185617photo 20180608_185929

Leaving the island.

photo 20180608_185223

Slippers were provisioned for the flight which I promptly donned.

photo 20180608_185433photo 20180608_185526

Service was quick to start on this 3 hour flight. No fancy tablecloth this time and trays were used in lieu setting the table and hand delivering courses. Perfectly reasonable to me for a flight of this duration.

photo 20180608_181813

The salmon and halibut starter was first and perfectly nice. I asked for an "Evergreen Special" cocktail with soda water. The Sprite v. soda water choice was an attempt at tempering sweetness however the drink was far to cloying for my palate.

photo 20180608_192123photo 20180608_192131photo 20180608_192548

A soup was offered next, a double boiled pork broth with ginseng and red date. The broth was very clean yet flavorful. Bread was passed and I selected garlic.

photo 20180608_193315photo 20180608_193322photo 20180608_193324

The main course was delivered promptly after finishing the soup and was exceptional. It was a braised beef with tendon and tripe over noodles. It was beautifully aromatic and the had great herbal and spice flavor. I requested a side of chili sauce as the menu suggested was possible. I also enjoyed a glass of Chateau Haut-Pezat 2014. The Saint-Emilion Grand Cru of Bordeaux was wonderful.

Continuing the great flow of the meal service i was offered fruit and dessert as my main tray was cleared. I oped for both and they were delivered directly. The bread pudding was excellent but very rich so I only managed a bite or two. The fruit was perfectly ripe and always a treat in this part of the world.

photo 20180608_195826

The remainder of the flight was uneventful and I slept through the film I was trying to watch. I was jarred awake with the announcement to return seats to upright, etc. The normal Bejing smog was mixed with clouds on this day.

photo 20180608_211756photo 20180608_212444photo 20180608_212843

The line at immigration was a horrific as always but I was off on the bus to T2 with enough time to make my connection.
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Cabin crew8.5

EVA Air / The Infinity


Taipei - TPE


Beijing - PEK



The Ground Service: The transit security was fast and easy. There was no wait and I was airside again in less than 5 minutes. That's a great transit.

The Lounge: The Infinity and The Star were both nice enough. Oddly, they were a major step down the the United lounge in SFO. I never thought I would type such a sentence. The food and beverage were ample but the crowding and overall run down appearance of The Star made it a unmemorable lounge visit. I think there were other EVA lounges available but i didn't venture out past these two. Next time.

The Cabin: One of the best J products around, in my opinion. This cabmin was a newer verson of the seat than the inbound TPE aircraft and the updates including the touch screen IFE controller were nice. The seat color palate was more to my liking as well.

The Crew: I was again impressed with the caring and precise service provided. I was addressed by name and always greeted with a smile. These woman they are all strikingly beautiful so that certainly colors my perspective I'm sure.

The Food and Beverage: Really positive marks here again. This is a short 3 hour regional flight yet a 4 course meal was presented. The main dish was the highlight to me and very memorable for J catering.

Overall: My praise of EVA Air grows with each encounter.

Thank you for reading and happy flying.

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The airline with the best average rating is China Airlines with 8.3/10.

The average flight time is 3 hours and 14 minutes.

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  • Comment 454822 by
    dreamweaver888 76 Comments

    Fantastic trip report! BR just yet again got named among the top 10 airlines by Skytrax and I think they weigh the J class heavily in that, and recent reports on the carrier such as this one bear that out!

    • Comment 454910 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 976 Comments

      Greetings Dreamweaver888 and thanks for the feedback. Excellent point about the Skytrax ratings. As flawed as those ratings are I really can't dispute EVA being among anyone's list of top airlines. They blur the line between First and Business classes. Thanks again and happy flying.

  • Comment 454832 by

    Flights to PEK is weird, to my understanding, not many airlines could done it that well!! Especially catering at PEK......

    I had been on TG flight from BKK - PEK, catering on that flight is excellent, FA make sure that my bottle never empty, champagne keeps coming.
    Appears same applies to EVA this time, I will use my CA miles to redeem this flight, from TPE-PEK, no CA for sure...

    However, for both TG and BR, they are A LOT BETTER, i mean A LOT BETTER, than CX. To me CX business class product is shrinking, definitely not worth it!!
    How many UA miles did you spend for this flight? I just wanna have a comparison..

    My flight will be YVR-TPE, TPE-PEK, PEK-HND, HND -YVR.
    Do you think YVR-TPE will be the new business seating?

    Thanks, look forward to your A350 report!

    • Comment 454913 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 976 Comments

      Hello STAR-ALLIANCE-FLYER and thank you for leaving a note. I agree that the catering on the regional flight is as good as I have experienced. I also prefer TG and BR to CA but I only have one flight with CA. If given a choice I would also choose BR over CX for regional J travel. The only area where I find CX surpasses are the lounges in HKG. SNA-SFO-TPE-PEK was 80,000 United miles. Sounds like you have an excellent trip coming up and similar to one that I just took myself (visiting PEK and HND - reports coming soon). If your aircraft is 777-300ER on YVR-TPE then it will have the same cabin. I'm almost certain it will be 777. Thanks again and happy flying.

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