Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Munich in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1629
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 07 Jul 18, 07:25
Arrival at 07 Jul 18, 09:05
TK   #13 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 779 reviews
By SILVER 1690
Published on 30th July 2018

This trip includes these flights

TK 1629 Istanbul to Munich ( Economy ) Airbus A321-200, Codeshare: UA 6907, IR 2629 ( you are here )
TK 1634 Munich to Istanbul ( Economy ) Airbus A321-200, Codeshare: IR 2634 (click here)

Route Overview

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Pax for this flight

Business Class %100
Economy Class %95-100

Most of the passengers were transfer passengers arriving elsewhere in the world.


Online Check-in

Simple and quick online check-in. Didn’t used my mobile boarding pass which I issued.


Entering the Airport

As my travel companion had a Miles&Smiles Elite card, I had the opportunity to use priority access. Gate E2 was crowded today and waited 10-15 minutes to pass this checkpoint. Also security process stopped at this gate for 3-4 minutes because security inspected someone elses baggage by hand.

photo img_2611


There were empty booths as I arrived to the Business Class check in counter. The employee there was polite and always had a smile on his face. He also double-checked passport&visa information which I entered during online check-in because he told us that most of the passengers had issues entering passport details during online check-in.

photo img_2612

Passport Check:

Waited only 1 person at the Star Alliance Gold & Elite card queue. I was at the airside in 5 minutes.

Boarding Pass

photo img_2614



Welcoming took 2-3 minutes because of an angry passenger arguing with lounge staff to rebook his Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt that has been cancelled. After tranquilizing that passenger the lounge staff checked me in. Today I chose to sit downstairs which includes more stuff than upstairs. The only thing missing compared to the first level is the cinema area and a billiards table.

photo img_2613

Omelette bar. It’s possible to create your own omelette.

photo img_2615

Tea&cake bar

photo img_2616

Coffee selections today

photo img_2617photo img_2618


photo img_2619

Fresh fruits

photo img_2621

The gözleme station

photo img_2623

PS4 & racing game

photo img_2624photo img_2625

Drinks offered today

photo img_2626

Alchocolic beverages

photo img_2627



Before going to the gate I collected my daily newspapers at the newspaper counter near gate 214. They don't offer newspapers at the gate from flights departing from IST.

Gate 311 was a bus gate and crowded at the time I arrived. There was a short delay of 15 minutes because the pilots arrived late from their previous flight. There was no priority boarding and everyone was rushing to the gate when boarding begun.

photo img_2628

A TK Boeing 777-300ER aircraft getting ready for his flight to Izmir this morning

photo img_2630

Sun Country Airlines 738, parked at the hangar, getting ready for his new airline

photo img_2631

Some aircraft at the hangar

photo img_2632

TC-JHU getting ready for his flight to Sofia

photo img_2633

Zagrosjet A321 parked at Onurair Technic for a long maintenance

photo img_2634

Our aircraft, TC-JTJ, one of the newest A321 in fleet

photo img_2635
photo img_2636
photo img_2638
photo img_2639

Named after Küçükçekmece, a district in Istanbul

photo img_2637



Was perfectly OK for a 2h30min flight. Legroom was good. Like all of the 5-row-C class A321 aircraft on the fleet this aircraft was installed with PTV’s which has Thales Entertainment System. This aircraft had USB-ports in each seat.

photo img_2640
photo img_2642
photo img_2643
photo img_2644

Earphones were distributed by the cabin crew.

photo img_2641

There was no pillows & blankets left in the overhead bins but the cabin crew managed to find me one in the rear section.

Before Takeoff

Safety video was shown as usual.

photo img_2645

Also Star Alliance videos, Turkish Airlines ad featuring Dr. Oz, and video about zero waste project was shown.

photo img_2652photo img_2661photo img_2662

TC-JOK, A333 service to Frankfurt today

photo img_2646

TC-JZE is assigned for flight TK1409 to Vilinus

photo img_2647

A Turkish A333, this time to Berlin-Tegel

photo img_2648

Kish Air A321-200, his flight to Tehran-IKA was cancelled

photo img_2649

TC-JGR, one of the oldest generation 738 of the Turkish fleet getting ready for his flight to Skopje

photo img_2650

TK1369 to Malta would be served with this A320 aircraft

photo img_2653

A Turkish A332 with a special livery “Invest in Turkey” , is assigned to TK1761 to Helsinki

photo img_2654

The only A319 for AtlasGlobal arrived from SVO this morning

photo img_2655

TC-JVF will fly to Chisinau today

photo img_2656

AtlasGlobal Ukraine A320 arrived from Baghdad this morning

photo img_2657

TC-JHO, a 737-800NG arrived from Hatay and getting prepared for a flight to Marseille

photo img_2658

A Turkish A319 that would fly to Zaporizhia, Ukraine

photo img_2659

TK1967 to BHX would be operated with this 737-800 aircraft

photo img_2660

TC-JDN, Turkish A343 which is used for Umrah flights

photo img_2663

Another TK A343, also used on Umrah flights

photo img_2664

HZ-AQH parked in IST

photo img_2666

Another TK 738 at waiting for takeoff

photo img_2667

TC-LNF, getting ready to takeoff to OSL

photo img_2668


It’s time to depart.

photo img_2670

Küçükçekmece district ( This aircraft is named after this district )

photo img_2671

Atakent district

photo img_2672

Atatürk Olympic Stadium

photo img_2673photo img_2674


The route map crashed during the flight so I could’nt take any photos. Movies were mostly recent choices around the world. Today I started a movie but I fell asleep after the first 20 minutes so I would continue the movie on my way back.

photo img_2677

Also some information about Munich on the IFE

photo img_2676

Safety card

photo img_2679

Shop&Miles catalogue and Skylife Magazine ( Will have more information in the next report )

photo img_2680


I was sleeping when the crew served breakfast so I could’nt have it but I have seen it from another passenger. It was the same breakfast tray as my previous report TK1451. Also a flying chef was onboard but served Business Class. By the way no menu cards were distributed.


The crew was doing their job perfectly. They were absolutely nice to passengers. Also the cabin chief greeted passengers in many different languages depending their nationality. Also there was an announcement that there were cabin crews that spoke Dutch onboard.



photo img_2678

MUC Fire Station

photo img_2681

Terminal 1 from the taxiway

photo img_2682

A Lufthansa A321-100 getting ready for his flight to Berlin-Tegel

photo img_2684

Two Delta aircraft, one arrived from Detroit, the other one from Atlanta

photo img_2685

Norweigan 737-800 would fly to PMI today.

photo img_2686

Arrived at parking position 107, which meant gate B1

photo img_2687

Aircraft from the gate

photo img_2688

Welcome to Flughafen München Terminal 1B

photo img_2689

Passport Check & Baggage Claim:

As we arrived just after a DL flight from Atlanta, the passport queue was crowded. Only 3 police was responsible for Non-Eu citizens that made me wait for 20-25 minutes. There was no priority passport check in Terminal 1 but there is a priority lane in Terminal 2.

Baggage belts were not numbered in this terminal. There was one small and one big carousel to reclaim luggages. Our baggage arrived at the small belt as passengers arriving from Delta picked their luggage from the big carousel. In addition priority baggages didn’t arrive first. Bags were arriving in a random order but our suitcases was one of the first 50 bags which arrived.

photo img_2690

One last view of our aircraft from the baggage claim area

photo img_2691

FIDS for Terminal 1B arrivals

photo img_2692

Train station

photo img_2693

Thanks for reading.
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Turkish Airlines Lounge


Istanbul - ISL


Munich - MUC



(+) Check-in agent very professional and he was always always in a positive mood
(+) Fast security screening & passport control
(-) Gates 300-312 doesn't have enough seating area.
(+) Wide choice of food and drinks
(+) Easy to find a table downstairs, upstairs was overcrowded
(+) Home made gözleme and home made ayran ( yoghurt drink ) was served. These are Turkish speciality dishes.
(+) Have the chance to prepare your own omelette
(+) Coffee bar has 5 types of milk to prepare your coffee. ( Regular milk, non-fat milk, less-fat milk, soya milk, lactose-free milk )
(-) Bad scenery when entering the lounge, ( the passenger arguing that I mentioned before and passengers in Y without any status trying to enter the lounge )
(+) New aircraft
(+) Each seat has it's own PTV
(+) USB port at each seat
(+) Wide choice of movies & TV series onboard
(+) Cabin crew and the flying chef was very nice to each passenger
(-) Compared to LH, no inflight wi-fi on narrow body aircraft
(-) Route map application crashed every time I opened it
(+) S-Bahn service to the city is efficient
(-) Terminal 1 is not efficient at all.
(-) Long queues at the passport control
(-) Priority bags didn't arrive first

A more detailed conclusion would be included on the next report.



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    A321Lufthansa 11 Comments
    Why?! Why Lufthansa kicked TK out of T2?
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    ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
    Hi there,
    I don't actually know the reason of why Lufthansa kicked TK, but they both had several issues between them and ended their codeshare agreement. Also, M&M members earn %25 of status miles compared to award miles earned on TK flights. I have found a flyertalk discussion about this topic if you want to read,
    By the way, thank you for your comment.

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