Review of Condor Flugdienst flight Santo Domingo Frankfurt in Business

Airline Condor Flugdienst
Flight DE2235
Class Business
Seat 4K
Flight time 09:40
Take-off 12 Jul 18, 13:50
Arrival at 13 Jul 18, 05:30
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By SILVER 2140
Published on 14th July 2018

As I arrived very late at Las Americas Airport of Santo Domingo (only 10 minutes before the closure of Check In) I headed directly to the quite deserted Condor Check In desks. A dedicated Business Class counter was available and a very friendly agent checked me in and even spoke German to me. Quite amazing that Condor even tries to have German speaking staff at their destinations far away from Germany. I was also handed a invitation voucher for the local lounge. However security and passport checks took forever - so no time left to visit the lounge.

photo img_4303

On the way to my gate I already spotted my Boeing 767 - it looks just perfect in the very nice yellow/grey holiday livery of Condor:

photo img_4304photo img_4305

Boarding had already started and I made my way to the gate - no priority boarding lane was available here.

I was greeted by a very friendly crew on board and the forward galley has been decorated with some red roses.
This 767 comes in the large Business Class configuration of 30 seats - Condor also operates 18 Business Class seats versions.

photo img_4313

I took my window seat 4K - on the seat next to me a friendly young girl was sitting while her parents were one row behind.
The cabin looks very attractive, modern and very well maintained. In the inside you could not at all identify the age of those 767s. However in general I really like those birds still a lot. They always remember me of my first holiday trips when I was still a child and the 767 was an ultra modern widebody.
The seat was very comfortable while in seating or relax mode. However as it is an angled lie-flat seat (170 degree) it is not the best one for sleeping.
I could not sleep very well as the seat is too short (180 cm) and I always ended up sliding down. So once you are used to the modern full lie flat beds of today you really miss them on night flights.

photo img_4306
photo img_4307
photo img_4308
photo img_4309

A big pilow, blanket, headsets, amenity kit & the menu was already waiting in the seat area.
The amenity kit has a nice and uncommon design - however the content is only limited to some basics.

photo img_4348photo img_4349

Once boarding was completed welcome drinks were offered from a tray decorated nicely with a red rose. Available were orange juice, water or champagne. I had the champagne.

photo img_4310

Soon after piping hot towels were offered again from a rose decorated tray - very welcome after the hectic in the dull terminal.

photo img_4312

The captain welcomed us on board and announced a flight ime of 9hours20minutes to Frankfurt this night.

We pushed back only minutes after scheduled departure time and soon took off towards the east and in direction of the sea.

photo img_4314photo img_4315

Soon we reached our cruising altitude and we left Dominican Republic behind and had just Atlantic Ocean in front of us before reaching Europe the next morning.
The yellow engines look perfect in my opinion - especially against clouds & blue sky.

photo img_4318photo img_4319

Soon the cabin crew started to offer a huge choice of magazines & newspapers from a trolley.

The entertainment options on the huge touch screen are very good as well and the headphones good but not the best noise cancelling ones around.

photo img_4311

About 30 minutes into the flight very nice blue/white table clothes were distributed and aperitifs together with some nice cashews offered.
I had a Gin Tonic to start.

photo img_4320

Now the extremely friendly & chatty Purser introduced herself to everybody, chatted a little bit and took the main meal orders. I decided for the fish.

photo img_4343
photo img_4344
photo img_4345

Another 20 minutes later the starter tray was served with a great selection of warm breads from a basket.
The tray contained a lot of choices and it tasted all good.

photo img_4321

More drinks and more bread were offered as well.

photo img_4322

Next the trays were cleared away before the main dish was served individually directly from the galley by hand.
The fish tasted perfectly.

photo img_4323photo img_4324

More drink refills were offered and the cabin crew topped up glasses regularly. The trolleys were always nicely decorated with red roses again - a little Lufthansa First Class feeling here :D

Next was a dedicated cheese service with breads and another drink trolley run I decided for some nice Port wine now.

photo img_4325

This was finally finished by a very nice dessert and some tea as well as Baileys.

photo img_4327

I especially liked the nice design of the cup - have a look at the nice grey Condor symbol on the saucer.

photo img_4328

After a movie it was time to try to get some sleep. Midflight snacks were also offered:

photo img_4330

As mentioned the seats are not the best for sleeping and I only managed to snooze for ca. 3 hours but woke up often.

Two hours into Frankfurt the nice mood lighting was turned on and hot towels distributed as the cabin slowly woke up.

photo img_4332

Then a nice breakfast tray was distributed and warm breads and croissants offered from a basket.
Additionally you could select marmelade or Nutella from another basket as well.

photo img_4331

The breakfast contained everything you need and tasted good. Especially nice was the freshly squeezed orange juice that was offered as well.
Bread and drink refills were also offered.

Soon the nice flight neared its end and we started our approach into Frankfurt during sun rise.

photo img_4335

On final approach you could enjoy great sun rise views of the Frankfurt skyline.

photo img_4336

We finally touched down safely and exactly on time.

Thanks for reading,
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Condor Flugdienst

Cabin crew9.5

Santo Domingo - SDQ


Frankfurt - FRA



I really became a Condor fan since my last flights with them: Their crew was perfect - they were all very freindly, chatty and really showed that they like their job and have a passion and addiction to work for Condor - this specific German holiday carrier with a history of more than 60 years. They were proud to provide good service. The inflight service & meal quantity and quality was very good and on the same level as many big scheduled airlines - even better than many I would say.
The only issue that could be improved is their seat. Angled lie flat simply is a little bit outdated today - but the again this is compensated by attractive prices as well.



  • Comment 454336 by
    sotto_Deactivated 82 Comments

    Finally: For a long time once again a "flight report", which can also be described as a "flight report". It was about the procedure on departure and arrival
    The airport, the aircraft cabin, the service process and also the overall impression during the flight. On rows of photos from the window of the aircraft was omitted here.
    Conclusion: In this "flight report", the reported flight was completely reproduced.
    take place.
    And in the end, the reviews were also understandable.

    Many Thanks. May other "reporters" take this as an example.

  • Comment 454344 by
    KL651 TEAM 4510 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I share your opinion on the nice grey/yellow livery.
    It's amazing how holidays airlines like Condor/Thomas Cook, TUI or Edelweiss now have better liveries and better soft products in business class than legacies.
    The catering is very well prsented and in large quantities.
    In spite of the seat, I'd reather fly Condor than LH in business class.

  • Comment 454394 by
    757Fan 598 Comments

    It looks like you had a really nice flight with Condor in Business Class. I often see their 763 landing over my house here in Minneapolis, MN and I've wondered what a flight with them would be like.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Comment 454456 by
    FlyAlex SILVER AUTHOR 67 Comments

    Thanks a lot. I am very happy that you liked the structure and Information provided in my report. I always try to provide as much details of the inflight Service as possible.

  • Comment 454457 by
    FlyAlex SILVER AUTHOR 67 Comments

    Yes I totally agree. Those holiday airlines provide a Great product. I really hope to try Edelweiss one day

  • Comment 455001 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5401 Comments

    Hi FlyAlex, thanks for sharing this very nice report. There aren't many reviews of Condor Business class out there so it's definitely interesting to see! I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product--I wouldn't expect it from LCC/Holiday type carriers, so I'm impressed. Aside from the angled lie-flat seats, everything seems great. The seats look like the same seats LAN/LATAM has on their 767s but those are fully flat, too bad Condor didn't add a few more inches of seat pitch to get the seats fully flat.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 486021 by
    marvin150892 42 Comments

    Thank You for this great report!
    If you consider the prices for Condors Biz class which are clearly lower compared to the "big" airlines, it is worth every penny.
    I'm planning a trip from Frankfurt to Calgary right now and with your report the descision was quite easy whether I should choose Air Canada or Condor.

  • Comment 486117 by
    FlyAlex SILVER AUTHOR 67 Comments

    Great to hear that my report helped you! Have a nice flight with Condor then! Their product for sure is very good value for money

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