Review of Nordica flight Tallinn Vilnius in Economy

Airline Nordica
Flight LO8353
Class Economy
Seat 5F
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 18 Jul 18, 13:35
Arrival at 18 Jul 18, 15:00
EE 13 reviews
By 662
Published on 19th July 2018
Hi, and welcome to my todays review! Today, I'll be reviewing my experience with the new Nordica ATR72-600 on a flight from Tallinn to Vilnius. Again, I'm not traveling alone, so I'll be writing in multiple.

We have arrived in Tallinn earlier that day by ferry from Helsinki. The way to the airport is from the port is easy, you can either take a bus 2, which goes directly from port to the airport, or be like us and walk trough the city a little bit (it's really small, you can be in the city center from the port in 15 minutes, or even less), and take a tram number 4. Feeling a little bit more exotic and having time to spend, we chose the tram. You can either buy a ticket from the driver for 2€ (anywhere in Tallinn public transport), or a QR ticket trough website or app on your phone for 1€. The trip from port to airport by bus takes approx. 18 minutes, as from the city center to the airport by tram about 22 minutes.

The trams are qute quiet, clean, and have a nice sign with next stops, wich displays also time to reach the stops and departure times of connecting lines of public transport.

photo img_6085
The trams interior
photo img_6084
The following stops screen

After reaching the airport with public transport, you still have to walk a while to reach the departures hall. The way is marked as arrivals and departures, but it might be slightly confusing to some passengers.

photo img_6087
Public transport arrival terminal
photo img_6088
Entrance to the terminal

The insides of the terminal feel nice and "homely", even though the airport is quite small. There is one economy class/bag drop check-in counter for all LOT/Nordica flights from the airport, and even though our flight wasn't the only one departing out of there, there was no queue waiting for us. After checking in the luggage and recieving our boarding passes, we made our way to the security checkpoint. Again, no queues whatsoever. RIP to people who paid for fast track. The security equipment is the same as in OSL, PRG… - the rentget that separates suspicious items from clear ones, to speed up the procedure. We had one bag separated, but it was just for quick check of our powerbank by a friendly looking security officer. After clearing the security, you have to pass trough quite big duty free shop, untill you finaly get to the gates area. From there, having quite a lot of time to spare, we went to check out the Bussiness class lounge.

photo img_6091
Departures hall
photo img_6092
LOT/Nordica check-in desk
photo img_6093
To the gates
photo img_6096
Security controll queues

The lounge costs 30€/person if you don't have a bussiness class ticket. For the price, you get a quiet and comfy place to wait for your flight, with unlimited consumation of availible drinks and snacks. The lounge had a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea, and also salads, breads and some sweets and fruits. There is a library corner, also equipped with a TV, computer with a printer in case you need to do someting before the flight, and the rest of the lounge with different kinds of chairs and places to sit. the seats looking from the window are "bar stool" only, next to a laptop table. The lounge also has a rooftop terrace, which was quite nice and seems like a good place for quick spotters wanting to get some pics of arrivals for runway 08. Unfortunately, Flighradar24 had some network problems for the time we were at the airport, so I couldn't see if anything was coming, and so I went back inside. There were also some pillows and blankets for you to take if you feel cold or wanting to rest.

photo img_6099
My view of the lounge
photo img_6102
The mens toilet
photo img_6103
view from the lounge onto the tarmac
photo img_6105
view from the terrace onto runway 28

Our gate was number 2, which is the closest one to the main terminal building on the south side, so we had quite short walk to reach our gate. The rest of the schengen are is quite compact, having approx. 6 gates quite close to each other. The gates are themed by ads, and our gate was in a theme of some local beer company. Our airplane was sligtly delayed on the arrival, which lead to about 15 minutes delay on the departure. Unfortunately, noone of the airport staff gave any info to all the passengers, only some "whispering" between them and people who came to ask what is going on. When we finaly started boarding, flying the ATR, we had to go downstairs and walk to the airplane (don't take me wrong, I had no problem with it). The boarding was quite quick, as there wasn't even half of the airplane full. Unfortunately, some people from the front of the aircraft had to be reseated to ensure the proper weight balance of the aircaft. My seat 5F was right next to the propeler, but that is something you can just guess, as there is no indication in the seatplan when selecting a seat. Otherwise, except of non-funcional bottom seat pockets, the seat was quite clean and comfy.

photo img_6110
Our gate number 2
photo img_6115
ES-ATA arriving at the gate
photo img_6122
view of other aircraft while boarding
photo img_6135
my window view

After powerback and short taxi to the runway, we got to the weakest point of my seat on the ATR - the take off. As you are sitting right between the propelers, the vibrations are so strong you can't hear anything, no matter how hard you try. After few minutes, when the airplane goes to climb mode, everything is fine again.

Few more minutes passed, and shortly after the captain turned off the fasten seat belts sign, the cabin crew stared the service. On these flights, you get complimentary water, tea or coffee, and you can buy something from the food selection. No Duty-free on ATR flights (not surprised).

photo img_6144
The seat in front of me
photo img_6146
My tea
photo img_6169
in-flight view

The toilets in the ATR are quite cramped, and are definately not a place to join the mile-high club. The operation of the sink is also quite challenging, needing to press on a small pad next to the faucet, if you want the water to flow. Also, to empty the sink, you have to pull a lever on the faucet.

photo img_6148
photo img_6149
photo img_6150
cabin view

The rest of the flight went quite fine, just some small bumps from the clouds, and one jump on landing

Deboarding was quite quick, and was done into a bus. The trip to the arrivals hall was quite long, especialy considering the hot weather we had to fight in the un-airconditioned bus. When reached the arrivals hall, on our belt, there were few bags already, but supposedly they were just bags the baggage claim was dealing with, so we had to still wait a while. As there wasn't a huge amount of baggage on our flight, we got our bag almost immediately after the belt started moving. The arrivals hall looks quite nice, kind of like a old railway station, though I assume it can get quite crowded if more flights arrive at the same time.

photo img_6162
Our bus
photo img_6164
Last waving to our airplane
photo img_6166
entrance to the arrivals area
photo img_6167
our baggage belt

Thank you everyone for reading this review, and see you soon with a report of the return flight.
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Cabin crew7.5

International Business Lounge


Tallinn - TLL


Vilnius - VNO



Really nice flight with a small airplane, aslo relatively cheap compared to other carriers operating the same route. Except of my bad selection of seat, the flight was really nice, and I would definately choose to fly with Nordica again.

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  • Comment 454862 by
    KL651 TEAM 4514 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    The Nordica livery really makes the ATR glamourous", an uneasy task ^^
    Tallinn sounds like such a peaceful city.
    No wonder the flight was cheap with such a low load :-(

    • Comment 454905 by
      iFlyCZ AUTHOR 2 Comments

      yes, I quite like how the ATR looks in their colours. Tallinn might be quite peaceful, though when leaving from the port to Helsinki in winter, there was a robber runing around, and now when going to the airport, a drunk man (in the morning!) was drinking and spilling vodka and vomiting all over the tram :D but I guess things like that happen everywhere. We'll see how much full the airplane will be on our way back, it migh have just been on this particular flight that was empty, giving the fact the vaule for money is in my opinion quite better compared to AirBaltic.

  • Comment 454930 by
    wop SILVER 341 Comments

    Thanks for this report. It's the first time I see the ATR in Nordica livery, it actually looks really good. Nice to see that TLL is still a pleasant airport.

  • Comment 455471 by
    arturo1989 141 Comments

    Hello and apologize for the message
    i am curious about the bus ticket
    You can enter in the bus with the QR code? or need to print before enter?. is only a curiosity

  • Comment 455576 by
    Kolia 904 Comments

    Nice FR ! Thanks for sharing ;)

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