Review of Batik Air flight Singapore Jakarta in Economy

Airline Batik Air
Flight ID7158
Class Economy
Seat 16E
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 25 Jun 18, 22:05
Arrival at 25 Jun 18, 23:10
ID 18 reviews
Eric V P
By 943
Published on 29th August 2018
Report #46: ID7158 - Rendezvous with the pizza

This will be my report on flying Batik Air economy class from Singapore SIN to Jakarta CGK, a short haul international flight within SE Asia.


As I was about to renew my passport and sign the employment contract for my work after my graduation (and of course after knowing the exact appointment time for the passport application, I needed to proceed to Jakarta again. I had been trying to avoid LCCs charging for everything (with mostly 3K and TR) like a plague, so me and my parents finally agreed to let me fly on ID, which include 20 kg of free luggage allowance and snacks among others at Rp1.451.300 (~US$101) after OTA discount.
photo id7158 25062018 receipt

Trip to SIN and check-in

I first frantically tried to clear my belongings from the bedroom before returning the key to the office.
photo 20180625_195438

As I had loads of baggage I opted for the social carpooling service, which costed me only S$16 (~US$12) for the 40km trip, though there were a few other people inside as well.
photo 20180625_204757

I soon arrived and was dropped off at the departure kerbside.
photo 20180625_205246photo 20180625_205342

ID's check-in counters are located near SQ's first class check-in annex, which was quiet. The overall process took quite long at 9 minutes as I had excess luggage and therefore needed to pay the excess luggage fee at the cashier.
photo 20180625_205415

I received my excess luggage payment receipt as well as boarding pass.
photo 20180625_213415photo 20180625_210406

As it was quite close to the departure time I directly proceeded to the departure area.
photo 20180625_210508

I first went through the ticket check, after which I was selected for random bag screening.
photo 20180625_210541

After the security check I went to the immigration, which I cleared in less than 2 minutes combined.
photo 20180625_210548photo 20180625_210746

SIN transit area and departure

I first went up one floor from the transit area.
photo 20180625_211010

Tradition dictates a drink for every departure/arrival at SIN terminal 3 on evening, so I opted for the all-familiar, complimentary Singapore Sling.
photo 20180625_211020photo 20180625_211143

I took the automated people mover to the terminal 2 as my friend asked me to buy something from a store only available at terminal 2.
photo 20180625_212123photo 20180625_213113

Unlike at terminal 3, which got pretty busy at night, the terminal 2 was quieter.
photo 20180625_212229

Back to the flight: I proceeded to the gate couple, which would be used for another flight to FRA/JFK.
photo 20180625_213443

There were some queue on the security so it took me 5 minutes to clear it
photo 20180625_213458photo 20180625_214033

This depend from gate to gate, but on this flight's case the ticket was scanned and torn right after security.
photo 20180625_214040

Due to the high load, the gate was quite packed.
photo 20180625_214124

On this flight boarding commenced from one door.
photo 20180625_220341

As the business class passengers was allowed to board, many other economy class passengers were gathering around the door to board, after which it was a free for all boarding.
photo 20180625_220536

Since the door managed to churn many people into the corridors, ….
photo 20180625_220812

It wasn't unusual to have a long queue forming at the aerobridge.
photo 20180625_220935

It was not until more than 3 minutes later that I managed to get to the plane.
photo 20180625_221301

On board

Flight: ID7158
Plane: PK-LAT
STD/ATD: 22.05/~
STA/ATA: 23.10/~
Load facto: 83%J (10/12), 100% Y (144/144)
Seat type: Standard economy class (middle seat)
Details: ~

After I was welcomed on board I walked past the business cabin.
photo 20180625_221402

The cabin consisted of recliner seats with their PTV located at the seatback.
photo 20180625_221403photo 20180625_221410

I walked further back to the economy class cabin.
photo 20180625_221432

Those who know me, know that the window seat at the second emergency exit row is my favourite seat.
photo 20180625_221504

Instead, I got a normal middle seat for this flight.
photo 20180625_221927

Legroom was acceptable.
photo 20180625_222004

Seat tour time: the armrest just contained a recline button.
photo 20180625_222013

The seatbelt was nothing unusual.
photo 20180625_222021

The seat was equipped with a 3.5mm port, an USB port, a table, and a literature pocket.
photo 20180625_222039

Despite ID's rather generous pitch, the table doesn't extend by much.
photo 20180625_222054

Their inflight magazine was available.
photo 20180625_222140

A safety card was present this time.
photo 20180625_222148

As I have mentioned in my previous report JT group seemed to believe in the power of prayer so much that there were 3 prayer cards in my seat pocket.
photo 20180625_222216

Selfie test: the seat was wide enough, though the head support can be improved.
photo 20180625_225840

A briefing was conducted for the passengers on the exit row.
photo 20180625_222333

ID has its IFE, and although it was touch-responsive the interface doesn't feel well thought of.
photo 20180625_222342photo 20180625_222351

ID is well-known to be rather stingy in terms of the IFE so there was no proper music available, only either audio books or podcasts.
photo 20180625_222400photo 20180625_222430photo 20180625_222434

A couple of JT's own ads were displayed before a movie was screened.
photo 20180625_222607photo 20180625_222647

We were initially parked beside SQ's 388.
photo 20180625_222931

A safety demonstration was screened.
photo 20180625_223019

The demonstration followed with the IFE preview.
photo 20180625_223252

During taxi the cabin light was already dimmed.
photo 20180625_223546

Note the no electronic sign, which was placed in lieu of the no smoking sign.
photo 20180625_223556

As we were about to depart from runway 20C we passed by the terminal 1.
photo 20180625_223857

During taxi I watched the Young Sheldon movie. While the show can be rewinded, the movement was by the minute so it was especially crude.
photo 20180625_223937

QF's 388.
photo 20180625_224245

We soon took off and left Singapore.
photo 20180625_225059

The moving map was not adjustable and only showed the airports the group served.
photo 20180625_225322photo 20180625_225341

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off the cabin lighting was turned just slightly dimmed.
photo 20180625_225537

Supper was then served.
photo 20180625_230600

The flight attendant came to my seat and provided the snack.
photo 20180625_230759

When opened, it revealed the standard JT group pizza, which was the exact one as the one I had from KUL.
photo 20180625_230851

ID offered a copious amount of cheese on the pizza.
photo 20180625_230909

A drink was also offered, which was served in ID-branded glass.
photo 20180625_231144

Another trolley offered coffee or tea, to which I opted for tea.
photo 20180625_231911

Following the meal was the lavatory visit, which was clean.
photo 20180625_232757

Is it a JT group thing not to put sink stopper?
photo 20180625_232858

A fake rose was also put.
photo 20180625_232901

A view of the cabin from behind.
photo 20180625_233045

Customs form were distributed afterwards.
photo 20180625_233618

Soon the flight attendants were preparing for arrival.
photo 20180625_234549

Before landing the screen turned to a thank you message.
photo 20180625_235643

We soon made our final approach to CGK.
photo 20180626_000503

Landing was uneventful, which was then followed by a taxi to the terminal 2.
photo 20180626_000902

We were finally parked at one of the E gates, surprisingly beside SQ's 772 (or else, since SQ has its own lounge at CGK near the D gates are the E gates also used for overnight stays?)
photo 20180626_000926

After bidding farewell to the crew I left the plane.
photo 20180626_001557

As usual, this involves walking through the dated aerobridge.
photo 20180626_001605

I then walked down the stairs to the apron.
photo 20180626_001702

Last view of the -LAT.
photo 20180626_001735

This is JT group after all so we got bused to the D gates.
photo 20180626_001820

Arrival at CGK and post-arrival trip

We were dropped off below gate D7.
photo 20180626_002252

A short walk to the main area of the terminal followed.
photo 20180626_002312

After reaching the main area I turned left to go to the immigration.
photo 20180626_002344

There was a long queue to the manned immigration counters for Indonesians, though I skipped that and opted for the automatic gates.
photo 20180626_002353

The same kind of queue can be seen for the foreigners' counters.
photo 20180626_002518

I reached the luggage claim area, which thanks to the many flights arriving together doesn't feel dignified at all - time for more carriers to move to terminal 3?
photo 20180626_002628

The luggage claim for ID/JT was also crowded. My bags then arrived 26 minutes after I deplaned, which was quite long.
photo 20180626_002838photo 20180626_002840

To leave the luggage claim area I needed to pass the customs, where I was let through despite my luggage amount.
photo 20180626_004208photo 20180626_004336

Outside the customs exit there were many greeters waiting, mostly from hotels.
photo 20180626_004352

There was quite a bit of queue for the airport taxi.
photo 20180626_004757

Instead, I walked all the way to the bus shelter via the terminal 2F exit.
photo 20180626_004831

The bus shelter was rather dismal.
photo 20180626_005225

While that was not the bus I actually took, here is how the typical bus looked like.
photo 20180626_005239

Damri operate airport bus services to various destinations, though the most reliable one is the service to Gambir Stn.
photo 20180626_005458

I proceeded to enter the bus, which as usual ended being half-full.
photo 20180626_010326

The seat wasn't particularly comfortable, though that beats paying for taxi all the way.
photo 20180626_013610

After the bus ride I connected to a taxi to my hotel for the night before applying for my passport replacement later in the afternoon.
photo 20180626_021242
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Batik Air

Cabin crew5.5

Singapore - SIN


Jakarta - CGK



Despite offering a subpar experience compared with the full-service carriers, this flight was more than sufficient to bring me back to CGK (if only the load doesn't go this high). SIN was quite efficient as usual (the crowd at evening is another thing), while CGK terminal 2 even at its reduced load was already barely able to cope with the late evening peak.

On overall, I would still be fine with flying with ID if the price is right.

Some thing done well for the trip (airports):
+ Fast check-in at SIN
+ Fast immigration and security at SIN
+ Working automated immigration gate at CGK

Some thing done well for the trip (on board):
+ Ample legroom
+ Wider seat
+ Acceptable cabin crew

Things that can be improved (airports):
- Gate selection at CGK
- Massive crowd at CGK on midnight

Things that can be improved (on board):
- Expensive fare (Rp1.451.300 (~US$101))
- Exorbitant excess luggage fee (S$12 (US$9)/kg)
- High load factor
- Limited IFE offerings
- Static snack menu (are we supposed to live on pizza and muffin?)

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Jakarta (CGK)


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