Review of Pegasus Airlines flight İzmir Istanbul in Economy

Airline Pegasus Airlines
Flight PC3308
Class Economy
Seat 3C
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 28 Jul 18, 22:20
Arrival at 28 Jul 18, 23:40
PC   #15 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 29 reviews
By GOLD 520
Published on 8th August 2018

This trip includes these flights

TK 2552 Istanbul to Dalaman ( Economy ) Airbus A321-200 ( not reported )
PC 3308 Izmir to Istanbul ( Economy ) Boeing 737-800 ( you are here )

Rescheduled and cancelled flights that I haven't flown on this trip

TK 2573 Dalaman to Istanbul ( Economy ) Airbus A320-200, Codeshare: SQ 6247
PC 2183 Izmir to Istanbul-SAW ( Economy ) Airbus A320neo

Route Overview

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Pax for this flight

Economy Class %90-95

There were mostly young passengers ( under the age of 30 ) onboard this flight and some families as well.

Contact with customer relationship & rebooking history

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Online Check-in

Since Pegasus has changed their frequent flyer program 6 days before I have flown this flight a new mobile application was published and I was able to check-in online in the new application.

You can select your seat by credit card or let them assign you a free one. In the old version of their app, there was a bug that you could choose your seat for free but this has been solved within the new app. Seat 3C was assigned to me which included a bit of more legroom which was fine for a 45 minute journey.

photo img_2832photo img_2833

Also I imagined that I would be hungry before boarding the flight so I preordered my meal during check-in.

photo img_2836

Also I knew that my luggage would be heavier than 15 kg's I have bought extra 5 kilos for this flight for the half price as the fee at the bag drop counter.

photo img_2837

Check-in is completed so I have generated my boarding pass on Apple Wallet.

photo img_2838


The morning of the day of the flight the gate was assigned and it appeared on my mobile boarding pass.
This photo is a screenshot from the TAV application. ( Official app of ADB Airport )

photo img_2849

This time I have used the bus 204 from the Coach Station to the airport. If you have a public transportation card it costs 6 TRY or you can buy tickets from the driver for 11 TRY. This bus uses the highway and it takes 45 minutes.

photo img_2852


Entering the Airport

The domestic terminal wasn't that crowded at that time so I was inside the domestic terminal in 5 minutes.

photo img_2853

Departure FIDS

photo img_2855


There was 2 bag drop counters for all PC flights and almost 10 regular check-in counters open at that time. There was no queue at that time so I have directly proceeded to the check-in desk.

photo img_2854

Online Check-in Bag Drop Desks

photo img_2857

I had 5 hours for my flight so at the counter I asked to fly PC3306 departing 18:00 but the Pegasus employee told me that she can only transfer me if I didn't have checked luggage so I dropped my luggage at the counter and I was all set for this flight.

Boarding Pass

photo img_2860

As I had 5 hours I walked to the International Terminal to spend time. I had arrived to Caffé Nero located next to the LH counters in ADB on the departure level. I had a bazlama ( Turkish style toast ) and a frappé as Izmir was extremely hot that day. Another bonus is that I had used my free drink coupon at the airport.

photo img_2858

The terminal from my seat. There were mostly scheduled XQ flights to Europe along with Thomas Cook and Easyjet flights to UK at that time.

photo img_2859

Afterwards I went outside of the airport to spend the rest of the time. I had arrived 2 hours before takeoff back to the airport.

The first security check wasn't crowded at the time I re-arrived to the airport. Afterwards I have headed to the checkpoint near the PC&KK counters. This checkpoint had a small queue because only one lane was open in this checkpoint but I was in airside within 10 minutes.

It was 38 C at that time so I needed to freshen up so I thought using a discount code at the PrimeClass Lounge only for 2€ to rest a bit, but I headed to Starbucks Coffee to get a Frappucino with my Starbucks Card points.

photo img_2864photo img_2866

At that time I was tracking the aircraft which would take me to IST. This bird would arrive from Adana as PC3015

photo img_2865


Before heading to the gate I have toured the terminal to spot some aircraft.

A Turkish 777-300ER to Istanbul Atatürk

photo img_2861

TC-SNU getting ready for his flight to Gaziantep

photo img_2862

Another TK aircraft, this time a Star Alliance livery A320 to SAW

photo img_2863


As I arrived early to the gate I could have taken a photo of our aircraft when it had just arrived to gate 234.

photo img_2868

After the aircraft parked the fuel truck had arrived but there were no catering vehicle arriving, I was worried about my preordered food.

photo img_2869

Gate 234 - This gate is both used for international and domestic flights as there is a divider at each side of the gate. The gate facing the domestic terminal was open and the gate facing the international terminal was locked at that time. I had also flown LH1789 to MUC from this gate 2 years ago.

photo img_2873

Boarding started 25 minutes before departure. I took a seat for the first 7-8 minutes of boarding because 100 passengers were in the queue and I waited the queue to be finished. At that time I took another photo of the aircraft

photo img_2874

After boarding I had a chance to take a photo of this FH A320 which arrived from Brussels.

photo img_2876

Also a AJA 738 was pushbacked and getting ready to takeoff for SAW.

photo img_2877

I would like to mention that this aircraft TC-IZG is a ex-Ryanair aircraft and a shot of him at the gate in ADB.

photo img_2879


This flight was operated by Izair for Pegasus Airlines.


The seats were standart PC seats and the legroom was perfect for a low-cost airline as I was sitting in one of the first 7 rows.

photo img_2880
photo img_2881

Life vests were at the overhead panel instead of under the seat.

photo img_2882

Before Takeoff

As I was in an aisle seat I couldn't take photos of other aircrafts and scenery. I didn't ask swapping my seat with the passenger at 3A because he was a UM passenger and he was really polite to me and the other passenger in 3B.

As this aircraft didn't have overhead screens, the safety demo was done by the crew.

Also in seats 5A-B-C there were strange passengers. Before takeoff one of them asked the crew to open the overhead life vest panel because he was wondered what was inside the panel.


We took of 5 minutes after our scheduled departure time. This time another passenger sitting in one of the seats 5A-B-C stood up and try to get something from his bag at the overhead compartment before the seat belt sign has been switched off. The crew sitting in the front galley saw him an asked him to seat but he didn't listened at the first time. After that a passenger in row 4 warned him and he sat down but the overhead compartment was open. This time the same man stood up again to close the overhead bins but he sat down again. Luckily anything didn't fell down. Also the cabin crew sitting in the front galley had issues with passengers not turning their phone off but they successfully managed to make passengers close their phones during takeoff.


Pegasus Airlines doesn't offer free meals or drinks for their passengers. There is a inflight menu in each seat pocket or passengers can pre-order online hot meals such I as I have done for this flight.

photo img_2884

I had pre-ordered a tray with chicken schnitzel which contained a salad, a chocolate mousse, potatoes, bread, butter, olive oil and lemon. The crew served my meal just after the seat belt sign has been switched off. The only negative point about this meal is that drinks are not included and need to be bought on board. As I wasn't thirsty I haven't bought anything.

photo img_2888
photo img_2889a

The meal was tasty and it was worth it but I had finished it after we started to descend but it wasn't a problem as one of the crew came to pick my tray.

Pegasus Airlines gives free refreshing towels for all passengers.

photo img_2890

The menu card for domestic flights.

photo img_2891
photo img_2892
photo img_2893
photo img_2895
photo img_2896


No overhead screens was equipped on this aircraft but there was the Pegasus Magazine in our seat pockets and the inflight menu.

photo img_2885

Also there was a brochure promoting the Turkish bid of Euro 2024. This brochure was only in Turkish.

photo img_2886

This brochure had facts about the new Istanbul Airport as it would have the largest terminal in the world and the largest duty free store in the world.

photo img_2887

The Pegasus domestic route map

photo img_2897

Safety card

The safety card was attached to the tray table.

photo img_2883


All of the crew members were absolutely nice and they were doing their jobs in a professional way. They cared about safety so they even checked passengers from their seat during takeoff. Also they were smiling all the time onboard. Also the cabin chief and another crew cared a lot about the UM passenger in my row. When it was time for the UM passenger to order something from the café, he wanted Oreo's and the crew tried to offer him the biscuits without asking any money from him but the child insisted and he paid for his Oreo's. The child also offered me and the passenger seating in 3B to have one of his biscuits but we both rejected politely.



We had arrived 35 minutes before scheduled arrival time but waited 15 minutes for our parking position to be emptied. After that we have arrived to gate 104 and I have just headed to the baggage carousel. Just a quick reminder that the domestic terminal in IST is not a spotting-friendly terminal.

Baggage Claim:

Baggages arrived at belt 22, 10 minutes later than I arrived to the carousel. The domestic terminal was empty at that time as we were the only flight to arrive during that period.

photo img_2899

Thanks for reading.
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Pegasus Airlines

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu9.0

İzmir - ADB


Istanbul - ISL



As Pegasus is the second largest carrier in Turkey and offers the lowest prices in most of the routes departing from IST/SAW, I would definitely fly them again if possible in the future. Also with buying extra's such as meal and extra weight, there is no difference between TK domestic and PC. Also Pegasus has it's own FQTV program BolBol which allows you to earn points, even you can earn points when checking-in online just selecting the assigned seat and printing your boarding pass or saving it to your phone. Also I would like to remind that they guarantee that the cheapest ticket for their flights our on their own website as agency issued tickets are a bit more expensive.

(+) Modern, nice and clean airport
(+) Not congested at all
(+) PC has sufficient employees at their check-in desks
(+) Most of the stores ( excluding restaurants and cafes ) sell their products as the same prices at downtown and same offers apply
(+) All the crew members did their jobs absolutely great and they cared about safety
(+) Pre-ordered meal was worth it.
(+) Took of and arrived on time
(-) No drinks included in pre-ordered meals.
(-) No overhead monitors showing flight information
(+) Not crowded at the time I arrived, when crowded the terminal is a mess
(-) Almost no facilities in the domestic arrival terminal. Only one café is available and service stations such as rent-a-car, hotel desks, baggage services.

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