Review of Emirates flight Colombo Singapore in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK348
Class Economy
Seat 48K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 11 Aug 18, 15:05
Arrival at 11 Aug 18, 21:05
EK   #3 out of 88 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 606 reviews
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Published on 14th August 2018
Hi there!

I am currently a student in a university in Singapore and I headed to Sri Lanka for some hiking as part of a school trip. As much as I would love to share my experience on Emirates for the incoming flight to Colombo from Singapore, my phone reset the moment I landed at Colombo for God knows what reason and I lost all my data, including the pictures and videos I took on the incoming flight. :( Hence, this trip report would be on the flight from Colombo back to Singapore. It will be a summarised version. Do watch the Youtube video in the link down below for a more detailed version of it. Enjoy!

We arrived at Colombo Bandaranaike Airport to catch our 1505HRS flight to Singapore.

Then we had to pass through security screening right at the entrance of the airport. This was the first time I experienced something like that, and luckily the queue wasn't long. After security, we had to pass by a row of shops which sold the usual souvenirs and food.

Then, we had to pass through a second round of security screening before we could proceed to airside, which was a little odd. Once airside, we headed to Burger King and had a shock when the set meals were $18 USD. The Burger King set meals in Colombo city were only about $6 SGD. The prices were SO ridiculous in the airport. Some views enroute to the gate…

Miniature display of Colombo Airport which was pretty cool

Colombo Airport shares the same concept as Singapore's Changi Airport AKA having a common area shared between the departing and arriving passengers.

Airline: Emirates
Flight: EK348
Model: B777-31H(ER)
Registration: A6-EGD
Time of departure: 1505
Time of arrival: 2135

Arrived at the gate and the plane looked amazing from afar. The plane originated from Dubai and Colombo was a stopover before it headed to Singapore. The gate was full. I'm pretty sure the load on the plane was almost 100%. EK sure does take advantage of its fifth freedom routes. The number of passengers which originated from Dubai were probably only about 10 or so. I mean, understandably, who in their right mind would not take a direct flight from Dubai to Singapore right?

I love the EK livery on the B777-300ER.

Despite the seat not being the newest Economy seats on EK, they were really comfortable and had good lumbar support.

I was seated at the second last row on the plane and there was a huge gap between the seat and the side wall of the fuselage due to the curvature of the plane. I would highly recommend this seat for couples as it was in a 2-4-2 configuration as opposed to the 3-4-3 in the front section.

A look at the PTV.

EK-branded headsets were palced on every seat.

Seat pocket contents

Seat pitch was pretty good but seat width was a little tight at 17" as opposed to 19" on other B777-300ERs due to EK adopting a 3-4-3 configuration as opposed to a 3-3-3- one.

Headed to the toilet and was pleasantly surprised at the wood trim used which gave the lavatory a classy touch.

NOIR lotion and eau de toilette for EK's Economy Class passengers.

Views after take off

Menu was distributed after take off. My apologies I forgot to take a picture of the opened menu, but you can have a look at it in the youtube link down below.

Was given the option of chicken or fish and I opted for the fish. However, the crew seemed very rushed and a tad unprofessional during meal distribution. After the distribution of special meals, only 2 crew were handing out meals to everyone else on the plane in every cabin section, what more in a high density layout on a 77W! After distributing the meals to more than half of the cabin, more crew started pouring in at this time to help out the other 2, which seemed a little chaotic. Nevertheless, they got the job done.

The IFE was AMAZING. Everything was laid out neat on the interface and was so idiot-proof. Do watch the youtube video attached for a better look at the system.

View of cabin after landing

Do watch this video for a better feel of the EK Economy experience!
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Cabin crew5.0

Colombo - CMB


Singapore - SIN



There were 2 incidences which really made me question the professionalism of the crew. The first was when I requested for a cup of water as I was having a sore thorat and the crew declined my request and said that I would only be able to get my drink during meal distribution. And guess what, I only got my meal an hour later. Whats worse was that literally a few seconds before I requested for that cup of water, another passenger had asked for a drink as well and he got it from the crew! How unconsistent and unprofessional! The second occasion was when I pressed the call button and requested to borrow a pen from the crew. The lady handed it to me and walked off. As I was about to turn off the call button, she came back, thinking that I had forgotten to turn it off, rolled her eyes in my face and literally just shoved her hand at my friend's handset (Right when she was watching a movie and without even asking) to turn the button off (As the call button is shared by the 2 seats), and walked off again. I swear she ruined my near perfect experience on EK. Other than the unconsistent crew service, EK has an excellent Economy Class product with comfortable seats and an out-of-this-world IFE system and I would recommend it to anyone looking to fly long haul in Economy.

Thanks for reading!

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