Review of Ethiopian Airlines flight Tokyo Seoul in Business

Airline Ethiopian Airlines
Flight ET673
Class Business
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 15 Aug 18, 21:25
Arrival at 16 Aug 18, 00:05
ET   #42 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 113 reviews
Published on 25th August 2018
Hello everyone and welcome to this Ethiopian Airlines flight from Tokyo to Seoul in Cloud Nine (Business Class)!

Prior to this flight I had the pleasure to meet with Mr Ashenafi Yirga, Area Manager Japan of Ethiopian Airlines. I invite you to read the interview which is posted on the Flight Report blog here!
As said in the interview, Ethiopian Airlines is the only carrier offering direct services to black Africa from Tokyo, flying 4 times a week. That being said, a technical stop is imposed in Seoul Incheon. The layover there is one hour only, and Ethiopian commercializes the Tokyo-Seoul portion at very attractive fares.


It was my first time on Ethiopian Airlines and also my first time flying on an African carrier, so I decided to arrive well at Narita Airport well ahead of departure, at around 6.30pm. This time I tried to find a way to avoid the expensive Narita Express, by taking the Tozai Line until Toyo-Katsutadai then the Keisei Main Line. The whole journey took me a bit over an hour for 1450 JPY, less than half the cost of the Narita Express.

photo img_5239

I took the elevator up to the 4th floor, where the departures hall is, and checked which row the Ethiopian Airlines check in was situated.

photo img_5240

The terminal, very busy today – Aug 15th is "Obon" in Japan, a national day on which families across Japan reunite to celebrate their ancestors, many of them take advantage to travel to see their family living abroad.

photo img_5241

I finally arrived at the Ethiopian Airlines counter. Those were very busy as well.

photo img_5242

I had to manage my way through the crowds of people waiting in the Economy lane to finally reach the Business Class/Star Alliance Gold counters.

photo img_5243photo img_5244

The check in experience was very smooth, with a polite and friendly staff, and I was quickly given seat 4A, a window seat at the rear of the Business Class cabin. My luggage was tagged with a priority tag and a 'Fragile' sticker was glued upon request. The only thing I will regret is that I was not given directions to the ANA lounge. One explanation however could be that as a Star Alliance member, eligible customers are entitled to use all the lounges operated by Star Alliance airlines, so multiple lounges (the United Club, for example) are available.

photo img_5247

Our flight is among the last of the day.

photo img_5249

The Gold Track allows people holding a Business Class ticket or Star Alliance Gold card to use a dedicated lane for security.

photo img_5251photo img_5253

ANA Business Class Lounge

I decided to go to the ANA Business Class Lounge which was the nearest to my gate.

photo img_5256

I was politely welcomed and let into the lounge. It feels very private without being too oppressive thanks to the small walled separations.

photo img_5257photo img_5261

The buffet area is located at the center of the lounge.

photo img_5259

The cold buffet, with a selection of sandwiches (ham, egg, tomato), potato salad, some sushi

photo img_5258

I did not take photos of the dishes containing the hot entrées, but here is my selection with Salmon Teriyaki and Yakisoba (Japanese Fried Noodles).

photo img_5260

There is also the possibility to order more hot dishes, including Pork Ramen, Curry, Otchazuke (Japanese rice bowl filled with tea) and Udon noodles. I got ramen which were very tasty with a perfectly executed tonkotsu broth.

photo img_5265

There is a Sake bar that didn't seem to operate as we were near the closing time

photo img_5269

A quiet area with desks for those who wish to work

photo img_5268photo img_5270

A newspaper stand mostly with Japanese language newspapers, with the exception of the Financial Times.

photo img_5271

When leaving the lounge I took the opportunity to take photos of this wonderful ANA special livery.

photo img_5272photo img_5273

The Flight

I started walking towards gate 41 where boarding was scheduled to take place – I walked past our 787, ET-ARE

photo img_5277photo img_5278

The podium was well organized with distinct lanes for Business/Gold and Economy class passengers.

photo img_5279photo img_5280

Once again the Business Class lane was completely deserted which allowed me to board very quickly.

photo img_5281

Business Class seats are completely located within gates 1 and 2 – as Economy Class pax take the jetbridge connected to door 2L, the Business Class portion is completely free from passage during boarding.

photo img_5282

I was warmly welcomed onboard by a female FA, asking me how I was. I then proceeded to my seat. The cabin is configured 2-2-2 and the seats can be reclined up to 180 degrees.

photo img_5283

A cushion and blanket are already available on the seat

photo img_5284photo img_5285

A bottle of water was immediately distributed

photo img_5287

It was followed by an amenity kit. I was kind of surprised that Ethiopian Airlines chooses to give out kits on a two hour flight, while most other airlines just wouldn't bother!

photo img_5288

The usual toothbrush, comb, toothpick, earplugs, eyemask, socks. The quality of the items is of an acceptable quality, particularly, if I may repeat myself, on such a short flight.

photo img_5289

This hook is very useful.

photo img_5290

The FA goes for an another round in the cabin, this time giving out magazines, among a wide selection available I chose the Economist.

photo img_5291

First contact with the IFE screen - more on that later.

photo img_5292photo img_5293

A Flight Attendant wearing a traditional Ethiopian dress comes by to serve a pre-departure beverage. I chose the Champagne.

photo img_5295

Unfortunately she kind of went too fast when pouring the Champagne which made the glass half empty : a bit odd.

photo img_5297

Finally, an oshibori (warm towel) was distributed.

photo img_5298photo img_5299

The menu for tonight

photo img_5300

On this two hour flight, Ethiopian serves a full three-course meal, with three choices for the main.

photo img_5301

The cabin lights are dimmed to start taxiing to the runway, while the security demonstrations are shown.

photo img_5303photo img_5305

We took off facing south then turned west, overflying the Tokyo Bay.

photo img_5313photo img_5323

I took advantage of the recline position to relax a bit before the meal service starts.

photo img_5324photo img_5326

The starters are brought quickly. As the Flight Attendants set the table instead of giving everything on a pre-set tray, the presentation looks way more appetizing.

photo img_5331

Trout Fish, Smoked Salmon, Lettuce, Lemon Wedge and Dill

photo img_5328

Fresh Seasonal Salad
photo img_5329

Mustard, Ketchup, Tabasco, Mayonnaise

photo img_5330

The starter was simple yet tasty, and quantities were generous, to say the least.
When picking up the empty dishes, the cabin manager asked me what I thought of the service so far. I had the impression they were taking customer feedback seriously, which felt great.

Main :
Mediterranean Beef Goulash with basil noodles, Broccoli and Pumpkin

photo img_5333

For dessert a cart featuring all the available options is rolled down the aisle.

photo img_5335

I initially ordered the fruit tart and started looking at the cheese platter. As she noticed I was kind of struggling to make a decision, she smiled and told me she could serve me a little bit of everything to taste, which I happily accepted.

photo img_5336

A choice of hot drinks were offered to end the meal, I went with Ethiopian Coffee, very tasty as expected.

photo img_5339

Let's talk a bit about the IFE after this excellent meal. While the flight time to Seoul was a bit too short to sort of enjoy any movie, I browsed the selection and found it very exhaustive. A remote controller attached to the armrest can be used to navigate through the IFE.

photo img_5325photo img_5342

Prior to landing, the FAs checked every passenger's final destination. They distributed Immigration and Customs forms for entry into Korea for those disembarking at Incheon, and told those continuing onto Addis Abeba of the steps to be followed for the transit.
Landing into Seoul Incheon

photo img_5345photo img_5347

When reaching the gate the cabin manager takes the PA to announce that all passengers need to disembark. This is because the cleaning staff boards the plane to get the cabin ready for passengers boarding at Seoul.

photo img_5349

While all other passengers of the Business Class cabin walked towards the security checkpoint for their transit to Addis Abeba, I headed to the immigration desks, telling myself that next time, I will continue onto ADD. After a very smooth immigration process, I got my checked bag from the belt and headed to the taxi station to get to my hotel.

photo img_5351

Special thanks to Mr. Ashenafi Yirga and his team.
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Ethiopian Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

ANA Suite Lounge Satellite No. 5


Tokyo - NRT


Seoul - ICN



A very interesting experience on Ethiopian Airlines that turned to be quite memorable.
I was impressed by the quality of their service on this two hour flight, and especially the consistency of the meal service, all of that for a very attractive price.
The 2-2-2 configuration of this 787 is perfectly suited to this short regional flight, however, even if they transform into completely flat beds, this seat does not give direct aisle access to passengers seating next to the window, which can be more problematic on the long haul flight from Seoul to Addis Ababa.
I was also very pleased by the crew that day. They were consistently smiling when interacting with passengers, from the aircraft door at boarding to landing. They spoke to passengers using a very friendly and reassuring yet remaining polite and very professional.

I would totally recommend Ethiopian on that route, and I would not hesitate to consider them if I were to fly to Africa or if they offer a similar fifth-freedom flight on a route I need to take.

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    hometoyyz 539 Comments
    Thanks for an interesting report -- and an even more interesting interview to accompany it. When I first saw this sector, I wondered if ET was just going 5th Freedom crazy, but now I get the strategy, I guess. Although I'm not sure I get the technical stop -- ADD-NRT isn't much longer than, say, LHR-NRT, which is easy for a 788. Do they do the tech stop both ways, or is it just there because of the hot and high load restrictions of ADD?

    Catering looks really good for a such a short sector, and your recounting of ET's hospitality sounds like my own experience with them. Hmmm... makes me hungry for injera.

    Awesome that they gave out the amenity kit on this very short flight. While the contents aren't spectacular, I like their cases in ET's colours.

    Shame you got the older angle-flat product, although as you say, it's perfectly reasonable for this short flight.

    ET's an interesting airline to watch, and seems to be growing like crazy. Thanks again for this report!

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