Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Bandar Lampung Jakarta in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA71
Class Economy
Seat 31K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 26 Aug 18, 07:25
Arrival at 26 Aug 18, 08:20
GA   #23 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 203 reviews
Eric V P
By 495
Published on 2nd November 2018
Report #50: GA71 - Refreshed economy class experience?

This will be my report on flying on Garuda Indonesia economy class from Bandar Lampung TKG to Jakarta CGK, an ultra short-haul flight within Indonesia, on board their Boeing 737-800. This review, along with some other domestic flights, will be made lighter than usual for your convenience.


As I had mentioned on the previous report, flying ultra short-haul on GA while ticketed on flexible economy class is still the cheapest way to get their elite status. As a result, I opted to buy another flexible economy class for my return flight to get another 3 segments. Did I also say this is a training for reporting ultra short-haul flights?

The ticket costed me Rp506.000 (US$34) after 15% OTA cashback and was already booked into the flexible economy class. I also didn't take the airport upgrade from TKG, so there was no additional cost flight-wise.

Trip to TKG and check-in

I tried to take the 4.30 AM bus to the airport, however they departed a few minutes early, leaving me with no bus service until later in the morning.
photo 20180826_043443

As a result, I needed to take the much more expensive car service, which costed me around Rp113,000 (~US$7.5).
photo 20180826_053447

After ~45 minutes I reached the airport.
photo 20180826_054811

The kerbside was as crowded as a Sunday can be (and for reference, all flights were sold out on that day)
photo 20180826_054850photo 20180826_055014

Those who know JT, know that they're also notorious for longer check-in queue.
photo 20180826_055216

On the other hand, GA's counters saw less queue.
photo 20180826_055230

The boarding pass was printed in the standard GA stock paper.
photo 20180826_063319

A short walk was needed to get to the ticket check.
photo 20180826_055904

Since TKG is a rather small airport a manual ticket check was done.
photo 20180826_055917

It was then followed by a straightforward trip to the security checkpoint upstairs, which was quite fast.
photo 20180826_060017

TKG transit area and departure

After I cleared security I fisrt reached JT's gate.
photo 20180826_060325

TKG arranged its waiting area into a gate within a gate within a gate (almost like SQ's The Private Room, except that this one wasn't posh)
photo 20180826_060335

The view from the mezzanine floor afforded a glimpse of the planes parked on the tarmac.
photo 20180826_060408

Since I had nothing to do upstairs, I returned to the waiting area and then to GA's gate.
photo 20180826_060807

While GA have much less available seats from TKG than JT and ID combined, its waiting area felt more spacious and there were more sofas as well compared with the benches.
photo 20180826_060817

The plane of the day, PK-GMF, landed at ~06.25 local time.
photo 20180826_062543

A couple of minutes later she reached the parking stand.
photo 20180826_062946

A staple of many airports, an image of Indonesia's president riding a bicycle in front of the planned expressway across Sumatra island.
photo 20180826_063403

Situation at the gate prior to boarding, which was still rather quiet despite the high load factor.
photo 20180826_065710

I soon boarded and proceeded to the plane through the aerobridge.
photo 20180826_070120

Since I boarded quite early, there weren't much queue to enter the plane.
photo 20180826_070137

On board

Flight: GA71
Plane: PK-GMF
STD/ATD: 07.25/07.34
STA/ATA: 08.20/08.15
Load factor: 91% J (11/12), 98% Y (147/150)
Seat type: Standard economy class (emergency exit row window seat)

Typical of GA, newspapers were provided onboard.
photo 20180826_070143

I first walked through the business class.
photo 20180826_070156

Since I decided it wasn't going to be worth the upgrade I went into the economy class section. Note the updated antimacassar, which was in light blue instead of cyan.
photo 20180826_070158

After a short stroll I reached my seat.
photo 20180826_070250

Legroom was as usual pretty good.
photo 20180826_070404

Being a rather old plane, some wear could be seen on the seat.
photo 20180826_070413

As usual, the seatback consisted of a literature pocket, a disabled table, and an IFE screen.
photo 20180826_070427

Since the table at the seatback was disabled, I needed to make do with the one that came from my armrest.
photo 20180826_070500

The contents in the literature pocket.
photo lit_contents

I was surprised to see the new headphone, featuring silicon ear pads. While better-looking than the old headphone, it was less comfortable.
photo 20180826_070702photo 20180826_070711

Selfie test, which showed the headrest was extendable.
photo 20180826_070804

The view from the window was that of the emergency vehicles.
photo 20180826_070838

Boarding was still well underway.
photo 20180826_070846

I took the time to check their classical music offerings on their IFE, which was again on the more limited side.
photo ife_cms

Being seated on an emergency exit row seat, the usual briefing was conducted.
photo 20180826_071629

A few minutes later as we pushed back a safety demonstration video was screened.
photo 20180826_072419

Following a short taxi we took off.
photo 20180826_073702

The climb was uneventful.
photo 20180826_073924

The gloomy weather improved after reaching the rather measly 15.000 feet cruise altitude.
photo 20180826_074428

The flight attendants then rushed to offer the standard GA snack box.
photo 20180826_074906

The snack came in the standard economy class snack box.
photo 20180826_074434

Contents consisted of some savoury bread and a bread roll accompanied with a small bottle of mineral water, which was ordinary. As this flight wasn't from CGK, a coconut drink was not provided.
photo 20180826_074538

After the meal I paid a visit to the lavatory, which was clean.
photo 20180826_075124photo 20180826_075132

A view from the rear cabin.
photo 20180826_075420

This was an interisland trip, so the view mainly consisted of sea.
photo 20180826_075526

As we descended Jakarta's smog started to become more apparent.
photo 20180826_075928

The distance on the moving map was erroneously displayed.
photo 20180826_080104

As we started approaching Java island the industrial area could be seen.
photo 20180826_080413

Landing was uneventful and we passed by JT's 744 and GA's 77W.
photo 20180826_080638

Following a rather long taxi we finally reached terminal 3.
photo 20180826_081222

GA's -GPU was parked near where we would park.
photo 20180826_081336

The view later on consisted of the terminal building and ground vehicles.
photo 20180826_081352

Being an early morning flight, many preferred to get out of the aircraft sooner.
photo 20180826_081814

It was soon my turn to leave the aircraft.
photo 20180826_081933

After I bid farewell to the crew I left the plane using the aerobridge.
photo 20180826_082026

Though we were parked at the nearest gate on the domestic extension pier, it would still be a lot of walk to reach the kerbside.
photo 20180826_082029

Arrival at CGK and post-arrival trip

I first arrived at the interstitial corridor.
photo 20180826_082050

The corridor led to a downward escalator, which brought me to the arrival floor.
photo 20180826_082111

It was GA's morning peak arrival, so it's only natural to see the amount of crowd.
photo 20180826_082142

It was still going to be a pretty long walk to reach the luggage claim area, let alone the bus terminal.
photo 20180826_082336

While there were buggies provided, the immense queue made it faster to walk instead.
photo 20180826_082406

After an arduous walk I finally reached the arrival area.
photo 20180826_083111

If only there is a dedicated exit for those without luggage ….
photo 20180826_083147

The arrival FIDS of the early morning.
photo 20180826_083212

The luggage claim area was quite quiet.
photo 20180826_083222

Since I had no luggage to claim I went to the public area.
photo 20180826_083307

I proceeded further out into the bus terminal part of the kerbside.
photo 20180826_083352

After waiting for ~30 minutes the usual bus finally reached the terminal.
photo 20180826_090607

The bus proceeded to the city with only a couple of passengers.
photo 20180826_091213
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew5.5

Bandar Lampung - TKG


Jakarta - CGK



While not a product I would especially anticipate for, GA offered an acceptable product for the ultra short-haul flight with on time arrival, decent seat, and a snack service. Its flexible economy class fare, while not the cheapest, was still worth it for the segments and also the on time performance, which was the main reason for the flight's high load factor. In terms of the airports, TKG was fine given the relatively small operations, but CGK terminal 3 felt larger and more crowded than expected, especially considering that it was still Sunday morning.

On overall, I would still not hesitate flying on the route again.



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