Review of Lufthansa flight New York Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH401
Class Economy
Seat 97K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:30
Take-off 20 May 18, 16:10
Arrival at 21 May 18, 05:40
LH   #53 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1138 reviews
Jett Tyler
By SILVER 2857
Published on 24th September 2018
After a mad & slightly ballsed up rush from New York LGA to New York JFK- I managed to make it to my A380 just minutes to spare!

photo 3

Just want to give special thanks to the security staff at JFK for letting me use the priority lane, the check in crew for allowing me to board the plane (was a bit of poor planning on my end) and I want to apologise to the lovely ladies at the door of the plane- they must have had a huge shock seeing a big guy like me come running full speed at them down the jet-bridge!

photo 5photo 6

I raced to the back of the massive Airbus A380 and after climbing the spiral staircase, I was greeted by the cabin crew members serving the small economy class cabin at the back of the upper deck and given a cup of water, refreshing given I had just raced from the entrance of JFK T1 through to the seat 97K of the Airbus A380!

photo 15

We pushed back and taxied across the airport. As with my last two flights out of JFK- there was a bit of a wait due to all the Atlantic flights going home along with peak time domestic flights.

The Airbus A380 took off just past 16:30pm local time and after a few scenic turns out of New York we began heading North along the East Coast (NYC, Boston…) and along Canada (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia…) towards Europe.

photo 7photo 8

As with the Boeing 747, the Lufthansa experience began with a drink and pack of pretzels. I indulged in this snack whilst watching a few episodes of "Major Crimes" (yes I know I saw them on the outbound flight but I like a US "Crime/Cop/Forensic" drama).

photo 10photo 11

Dinner service came about 90 minutes into the flight and I chose the chicken curry option, having it accompanied by: Crackers & cheese, salad, chocolate mouse and red wine.

photo 1photo 9

A Tea or Coffee option was offered after the meals were finished. Being British I didn't want to let my fellow German & American pax down by not going with the first option!

photo 13

Getting up for a walk about to keep my legs working on this long haul flight, I decided to go down the stair case and film it for my video…

photo 14photo 16

I spent a good 2 hours sleeping as the flight began to cruise into the darkness.

photo 17photo 18

About 100 minutes from landing I noticed the steward was dishing out the breakfast which consisted of: Nature Valley cereal bar, fruit tub, cup cake, tea & oj.

photo 19photo 20

As we closed in on German airspace, the lights of dawn were braking above the clouds- giving a good view of Frankfurt city still lit up but view able!
photo 21photo 22photo 23

The pilots put down the super jumbo ahead of schedule by a good 15 minutes.

photo 24photo 25

Taxiing around FRA, we pulled up into the same gate I had departed from 5 days before hand.

photo 28

On the way out I visited the flight deck and got some shots of the deserted first & business class cabins.

photo 26photo 27

I left the Airbus A380 now to fly the newest addition to the Airbus fleet…. But that's another report!

photo 29
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Cabin crew10.0

New York - JFK


Frankfurt - FRA



Lufthansa A380: Impressive! Could barely feel the take off. The little box cabinet was a nice addition as it gave me somewhere to store some small items. Service was great and worth the extra £25 for the reservation! The crew were amazing and I do feel sorry for possibly surprising the two ladies at the door of the plane...

JFK: I was running late due to a mess up at LGA, but the ground staff were very helpful in allowing me to still make this flight.

FRA: It was early morning and despite works going on around FRA- It was efficiently run to allow me to make my flight in the 1h 50m layover gap!

Information on the route New York (JFK) Frankfurt (FRA)


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