Review of BA Cityflyer flight Rotterdam London in Economy

Airline BA Cityflyer
Flight BA4476
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 24 Sep 18, 13:50
Arrival at 24 Sep 18, 13:55
CJ 27 reviews
Published on 26th September 2018
After a short weekend at home, I had to travel back to London City for my work. Today's flight was BA4476 from Rotterdam to London City operated by BA Cityflyer with their Embraer 170. The ticket was around 90 euros for one way to London City with luggage included, which is a very very good price if you book it only two days in advance. Unfortunately I already received a message a day ahead that my flight would have been delayed for a hour, but check-in was still required at the original time

To Rotterdam

While I usually tend to bring my car to Rotterdam, I decided to use the public transport for today as I have to fly back to Frankfurt on Friday.

While my journey originally started much earlier, I will start this review from Rotterdam Central Station. From here you can either grab a bus to Rotterdam Airport or a combined mix of Underground and Bus. I opted for the last one as it was faster. Check the colourful atmosphere of Rotterdam Central Station's underground.

photo 20180924_121421

After a short wait of approximately five minutes, my underground train was now approaching with destination ''The Haque Central''.

photo 20180924_121629

The underground train will bring you to Meijersplein in around 10 minutes, where you'll have to get off and walk to the bus.

photo 20180924_122322

Luckily it was dry as my journey started with a huge shower of rain. Now it was a short walk across the station to board a short busride to the Airport. It really doesn't take more than two minutes to reach the terminal.

photo 20180924_122947

Check-in, Security & Waiting

While my train was canceled prior to reaching Rotterdam Central, I was now in a rush. Arriving at the airport, I went immediately to the check-in counter to drop off my luggage like five minutes ahead of closure (even though my flight was already delayed by 45 minutes). It didn't take more than a minute as there was no one waiting in life and I simply needed to tag my bag. Heading up for security, it was another short check as three belts were open for security, who were properly staffed and no people were waiting. Unfortunately due to construction work at Rotterdam, you'll have to walk through a temporarily setup to reach your departure lounge. (Even during hot days, It is yet a comfy walk as it is properly ventilated though).

photo 20180924_124818

This walks does have some windows with an oversight to parts of the apron like the picture below.

photo 20180924_124815

You will now enter the terminal via a shop (I'm not a fan of this, but it seems to become more common with regional airports.)

photo 20180924_125138

Arriving now in the departure hall, it was quite crowded as four Transavia flights were about to depart, but it started to quiet down like 20 minutes later as most flights were gone.

photo 20180924_125431

The lounge itself at Rotterdam does not offer much but a restaurant and very strong wifi. I decided to start plane spotting, even though there was not that much to see!

On my left side, there was a parked Saab 340 from Sprintair and a departing Transavia Boeing 737.

photo 20180924_134804

While the right side of me offered me three different operators of the Boeing 737. A BBJ, Transavia and Miami Air International operating for Transavia.

photo 20180924_141948

And about 20 minutes, my plane was arriving. Meet G-LCYD, An Embraer 170 of BA Cityflyer.

photo 20180924_140314

While I decided now to pass border control (just be sure you do not pass it too early as there is literally nothing to do behind it.) and boarding was initiated like five minutes later. We were loaded on a bus and while waiting for the bus to depart, I noticed my colleagues were departing as well. The goold old ugly Metroliner.

photo 20180924_142006

The bus departed to our plane with a small detour as the original way was blocked by arriving buses from other flights, which was an excellent choice for me I must say as it gave me a chance to capture that BBJ from upclose.

photo 20180924_142302

And here is our bird.

photo 20180924_142324photo 20180924_142336

While being the first to board, I had an excellent chance to capture the entire cabin with no single sole blocking my view. A nice tidy blue cabin.

photo 20180924_142416

The Embraers are one of my favourite aircrafts to commute on for short haul flights as they offer a very comfortable ride with often good legroom. (My seat of today was 14A)

Today's flight was not really full and the last rows including mine were having lots of free seats. This meant as well that boarding went quickly and we were off for a quick departure to London City.

photo 20180924_143538

The runway in use at Rotterdam was Runway 24, which meant a departure in the right direction towards London City.

photo 20180924_144340

Shortly after take off, the flight attendants were serving us a complimentary drink and snack included. I opted for a Coca Cola and some Crisps.

photo 20180924_145006

After that, I decided to check the lavatory on board this aircraft. It was clean, but rather old looking toilet.

photo 20180924_144503photo 20180924_144507

About 20 minutes in flight, the pilot did update us about weather and the expected approach time into London City and the descend was initiated. Cabin crew came by to clean up. Five minutes later, our flight was already position on the final course to London City.

photo 20180924_151507

A nice landing was performed by the Captain and props to him for informing us as much as possible. A small taxi to our gate was initiated and deboarding was performed within five minutes after shut down.

A loganair Saab 2000 was parked in the far corner.
photo 20180924_151659

Time to say goodbye to our aircraft.
photo 20180924_142447

Border control was very quiet and luckily my luggage was one of the first to arrive on belt five minutes later.

photo 20180924_142850
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