Review of LATAM flight Santiago Rosario in Premium Eco

Airline LATAM
Flight LA0470
Class Premium Eco
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 21 Sep 18, 09:40
Arrival at 21 Sep 18, 11:10
L2   #60 out of 122 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 74 reviews
By 374
Published on 6th October 2018
Thanks to an auction I made a cabin upgrade to premium economy. So I went to LATAM lounge

photo img_20180921_065719

Big spaces, good furniture, nice wi-fi, a bit disapointing the food offers during breakfast time (no booze, too early in the morning!)
Two stories and excellent views of the tarmac
photo img_20180921_082721

That all white triple 7 for sure accomplishing chores for LATAM instead of 787s

photo img_20180921_082159

Air Canada 787 with the new livery, just arriving from Toronto Pearson YYZ (YYZ: a beautiful song by Rush!)

photo img_20180921_082232

Iberia 346 coming from Barajas

photo img_20180921_082325

Construction of the new terminal in Pudahuel

photo img_20180921_085744

Nice bathrooms at LATAM lounge with my backpack in sight, showers are available too

photo img_20180921_085912photo img_20180921_092054

Our neighbor with the old Lan lIvery too. I miss it!

photo img_20180921_092245

Remote position for us

photo img_20180921_092303


[photo img_20180921_092420

Ample legroom in this Premium Economy similar to Business Class for intra-european flights, with folding armrest from the middle seat

photo img_20180921_092707photo img_20180921_092826

Passing thru Latin American Wings hangar, now a defunct airline: A salute to Nechus!

photo img_20180921_095130photo img_20180921_095326

Flying over Santiago

photo img_20180921_095956photo img_20180921_101129

Crossing the Andes, beautiful; i expected more snow for this time of the year

photo img_20180921_100603

Flying over Argentina; I thinks this must be the city of Mendoza. Sorry for the blurry photos

photo img_20180921_103318

A hot towel before service, excellent attention from Germán, cabin crew chief

photo img_20180921_103544

Nice catering for this flight of less than 2 hours: a plate of ham and cheese with egg, tomato and lettuce, choice of hot croissants, bread and toast, a muffin, butter and jam; hot and/or cold beverages

photo img_20180921_104606
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Cabin crew9.0



Santiago - SCL


Rosario - ROS



Nice almost Business Class experience with this Premium Economy from LATAM. Priority area for check-in and migration, and access to LATAM lounge, very modern big and comfortable, two stories, plenty of space with big tvs. Nice wi-fi, and i macs available too. A bit short the food offerings at early morning.
Then a long walk to the gate and boarding via bus.
Nice experience with LATAM´s Premium Economy a very good service for such a short flight, very kind crew.
Quick disembarking in Rosario, just 45 passengers (3 in PE) and a dog.



  • Comment 468502 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 4352 Comments

    Hola Fernando, thanks for sharing this new report! It's an interesting one because I think it's the first report on LATAM's premium economy product I've seen. It really is exactly like intra-European Business class. I wish there had been the option of Premium Economy when I flew LATAM from LIM to CUZ a few years ago--there was only Economy. The lounge and catering look good. Overall a good experience for a short flight.

    • Comment 468806 by
      Fernando AUTHOR 12 Comments

      Thanks Kevin for your comments. I´m glad to know I made the first review of LATAM Premium Economy product. Most of Latam narrowbodies have only one class. In the flight ROS-SCL the first rows of the A321 had a sign a sign of Espacio+ (space plus), but no more than that.
      A salute from Rosario!

  • Comment 468789 by
    viajero90 58 Comments

    Gracias por este reporte!
    Me gustaron mucho las fotos de Los Andes nevados..las veces que lo cruce no habia casi nieve.
    Por curiosidad nomas, cuanto ofreciste en la subasta por el upgrade?
    Thanks again for sharing!

  • Comment 470610 by
    nechus SILVER 515 Comments

    Hola de nuevo.

    > Thanks to an auction I made a cabin upgrade to premium economy.
    No tenía idea de que latam hacía eso también. En qué momento ocurre? Lo anuncian en el mismo aeropuerto? Lo ofrecen por mail? Nunca me ha tocado así que no tengo idea.

    > That all white triple 7 for sure accomplishing chores for LATAM instead of 787s
    Sip. Los 787 están con problemas en los motores. Ese 777 tiene que ser un Wamos Air.

    > Construction of the new terminal in Pudahuel
    Buenísima la vista. Pasé por ahí mismo en septiembre, pero las dos veces era de noche y no vi nada. :(

    > A salute to Nechus!
    Eso fue cruel!! XDDD
    GRRRRRRR.... Esos sinvergüenzas nunca me devolvieron mi plata!!! >:(

    > i expected more snow for this time of the year
    Calentamiento global :(

    > I thinks this must be the city of Mendoza.
    Nop. Eso es San Luis :)
    Mira aquí:,-66.3315006,15676m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=es

    > Nice catering for this flight of less than 2 hours
    Y eso resuelve el misterio de dónde estaba el buen servicio de latam. Tendré presente un upgrade cuando sea posible!

    Gracias por compartir! Nos debes el "tourism bonus"!!! :D

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