Review of Batik Air flight Lombok Jakarta in Economy

Airline Batik Air
Flight ID6957
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 30 Sep 18, 14:15
Arrival at 30 Sep 18, 15:15
ID 18 reviews
Eric V P
By 670
Published on 16th December 2018
Report #54: ID6957 - If only all last-minute short-haul ticket can be this affordable

This will be my report on flying on Batik Air economy class from Lombok LOP to Jakarta CGK, a short-haul flight within Indonesia, on board its Airbus A320-200.

Here are the 3 parts of the trip:


Since I booked at very last minute there was no option for a low-cost, direct flight option at a convenient time from DPS to CGK/HLP on any carrier, even more so for GA (plus, they're a terrible way to earn segments since they only earn 1 or 2 segments). To get around that, I decided to combine flying GA to LOP and then on ID to CGK, which was more affordable than what most offered for direct DPS-CGK flights on Sunday afternoon yet still offered me a couple of segments (and snacks).

I bought the economy class ticket which costed me Rp736.000 (US$49) before any OTA cashback. In terms of the miles earning, I received in total 74 KrisFlyer miles from my credit card, however that wasn't high on my priority because I took more care on the segments earned during my previous flight.
photo id6957 30092018 receipt

Trip to LOP and check-in

Naturally the previous flight from DPS was what brought me to LOP, so I proceeded straight to check-in hall. LOP's check-in counters are arranged like an island with the JT group's counters opposite the door from luggage claim hall.
photo 20180930_121055

I proceeded to the JT group's check-in counter, which was empty. I also checked the load, which was acceptable.
photo 20180930_121110

Having heard that the business class would otherwise be empty, I proceeded to their ticketing office and asked if there was any upgrade programme available, though it was only after they checked then they said that it would incur nothing less than the fare difference, so I skipped that (come think of it, not only would the differences be minor, I would also get access to the same lounge afforded by the business class ticket a couple of weeks later).
photo 20180930_121412

My boarding pass for the late afternoon was printed in the usual JT group's stock paper.
photo 20180930_124722

I then proceeded to the departure floor.
photo 20180930_122139

It was a short walk to the ticket check and then security, both of which were fast.
photo 20180930_122213

LOP transit area and departure

LOP, like CGK terminal 3, is designed with the shops being right behind the gates. Though still not that old, the design made it feel rather dated.
photo 20180930_122643

FIDS for the late afternoon.
photo 20180930_122710

Situation at the normal domestic gate.
photo 20180930_122749

LOP also has its own immigration facility since it also served SIN and KUL.
photo 20180930_122812

ID used the gate 5, which was above the other gates. There was no elevator and the escalator was pretty narrow, which didn't look good for the airport.
photo 20180930_122800

The gate was exclusively provided for ID, and since it was secluded the gate felt quiet.
photo 20180930_122904

View from the gate.
photo 20180930_122915

The gate's seating area reached all the way to the lounge entrance.
photo 20180930_122943

I then checked the lounge whether my credit card would be eligible, which wasn't the case so I didn't get to try it.
photo 20180930_123007

Some spotting time while I waited: JT's 739 taking off from LOP.
photo 20180930_124752

GA's -GFN that I reviewed before returning to DPS.
photo 20180930_125645

After a while the plane for the late afternoon arrived, which was PK-LAG, a 4 years old 320.
photo 20180930_132909

I proceeded to the gate ~20 minutes later and by then I was already among the last to board.
photo 20180930_134723

After I went trough the boarding gate I proceeded down to the interstitial corridor.
photo 20180930_134746

A closer look on the plane for this flight.
photo 20180930_134809photo 20180930_134824

From the end of the interstitial corridor the expansion work could be clearly seen.
photo 20180930_134835photo 20180930_134842

GA's -GRT, its newest CRK, could be seen about to be pushed back.
photo 20180930_134903

Since there were few flights around this time, we managed to be able to board through the aerobridge.
photo 20180930_134909

I soon reached the plane.
photo 20180930_134929

On board

Flight: ID6957
Plane: PK-LAG
STD/ATD: 14.15/14.14
STA/ATA: 15.15/15.00
Load factor: 0%J (0/12), 92%Y (138/150)
Seat type: Standard economy class (emergency exit row window seat)

After I was welcomed I first proceeded through the business class cabin.
photo 20180930_135009

One of the 12 business class seats that would be empty for the hop to CGK, which has quite a tight pitch.
photo 20180930_135017

I proceeded further back into the economy class
photo 20180930_135026

Has this become some sort of my natural habitat?
photo 20180930_135136

As usual, legroom was spacious.
photo 20180930_135400

The seatback feature the IFE screen, a seatback table that actually worked, and a literature pocket.
photo 20180930_135409

Being an emergency exit row seat, the table was also extendable by quite a bit.

photo 20180930_135418

Contents inside the literature pocket.
photo 20180930_140455

Seatbelt was nothing out of ordinary and wasn't branded.
photo 20180930_135506

Boarding was almost completed.
photo 20180930_135706

View from the window.
photo 20180930_135809

A briefing was conducted for passengers on the emergency exit row seats.
photo 20180930_140116

During pushback the safety video and IFE preview video were screened.
photo 20180930_140534photo 20180930_140813

We then started our taxi to the runway.
photo 20180930_140657

As usual, the lights were turned off before departure.
photo 20180930_141032

We turned around the runway first before taking off to CGK.
photo 20180930_141225

Take-off was acceptable and we soon climbed to the cruising altitude.
photo 20180930_141340

A couple of minutes after we took off the Lombok island's coast could already be seen.
photo 20180930_141559

While it was slightly cloudy below, the weather was clear further up and the fasten seatbelt sign switched off afterwards.
photo 20180930_142029

Since I figured out it may take a while to get the meal out I proceeded to the lavatory, which was clean yet poorly maintained.
photo 20180930_142149photo 20180930_142153

A view of the cabin from behind.
photo 20180930_142342

~10 minutes later a snack service started.
photo 20180930_143557

I received the snack first in a paper bag.
photo 20180930_143659

The snack for the day was a single piece of bread, which was disappointing since I was expecting a hot meal (which would be the case for the other way around, i.e. CGK-LOP).
photo 20180930_143718

For this flight the bread contained a sausage and some mayonnaise.
photo 20180930_143737

Drinks were offered using ID's glass.
photo 20180930_144229

The snack for the late afternoon flight consisted of:
Bread: Sesame seed bun with sausage and mayonnaise
Drink: Water / tea / coffee

The bread was acceptable enough, and especially with them not skimping on the sausage it was acceptable for a snack. On the other hand, giving only one piece of bread for a 2 hours flight seemed stingy enough, let alone compared with the hot meal offered when flying from CGK.

View during the cruise.
photo 20180930_150539photo 20180930_152753

I spent most of the rest of the cruise either sleeping or looking at the rather crappy moving map.
photo 20180930_152502

The flight attendant checking on the passengers before approach to CGK.
photo 20180930_154446

It was time to enter the greater Jakarta's smoggy air.
photo 20180930_155038photo 20180930_155602

Though ID's domestic flights arrive at terminal 1C, we descended to runway 7L which was quite far from the terminal.
photo 20180930_145644

CI's 359 about to return to TPE.
photo 20180930_145657

Landing was uneventful, save for seeing the ever-sleeping JT's 744.
photo 20180930_145707

We then taxied to terminal 1C, passing by GA's maintenance facility.
photo 20180930_150355

A couple of minutes later we reached the terminal.
photo 20180930_150434

We were finally parked beside QG's 320.
photo 20180930_150559

Just like anywhere else people had started queuing to disembark.
photo 20180930_150635

It was then my turn and I proceeded to exit through the front door.
photo 20180930_151005

This flight used aerobridge, but ….
photo 20180930_151030

Rather than going down using the escalator in the waiting room we were led to go down through the ramp, a staple of terminal 1.
photo 20180930_151051

Last view of our plane.
photo 20180930_151108

Arrival at CGK and post-arrival trip

After a short walk I reached the arrival area downstairs.
photo 20180930_151256

Typical of CGK terminal 1, a walk down the corridor to the main arrival area was required.
photo 20180930_151335

This was further followed by another walk to the baggage claim.
photo 20180930_151418photo 20180930_151459

Where is the transfer desk then?
photo 20180930_151528

I just needed to pass through the baggage claim since I only brought my suitcase.
photo 20180930_151551

Soon I found myself in the crowded public area kerbside.
photo 20180930_151652

I considered myself lucky I had just caught the usual bus back to my place, especially since the bus only departed hourly.
photo 20180930_151750

Since the bus proceeded to terminal 2 and 3 first before traveling nonstop to South Jakarta, I was able to catch JT's wide-body planes together with BR and EK.
photo 20180930_152300

The load for the bus was especially high compared with usual since there were a lot of inbound passengers.
photo 20180930_154252
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Batik Air

Cabin crew5.5

Lombok - LOP


Jakarta - CGK



The flight was just fine as far as domestic short-haul flight goes - some ordinary snack and drinks were offered, acceptable legroom was also provided as usual, but most importantly was conducive for taking some naps. In terms of the airports, while LOP had started showing its age, it was still pleasant enough for a fuss-free transfer, while CGK was unfortunately already overcrowded.

On overall, at the current price level this would be my preferred way to return from LOP to CGK.

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