Review of Brussels Airlines flight Warsaw Brussels in Economy

Airline Brussels Airlines
Flight SN2560
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 07 Sep 18, 06:45
Arrival at 07 Sep 18, 08:50
SN   #92 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 194 reviews
Published on 8th October 2018
Hi and welcome to new series of flight reports covering my latest trip to Portugal with Brussels Airlines.

It's been a while since my last report but that's the way it is when you change your job and need to focus at least for a while more on work than on flying. Hopefully my holidays in Portugal have been booked long time ago and I was assured when coming to the new company that I don't need to worry about it. After two difficult months it was finally time for my late summer break.

SN had the best offer on WAW-LIS route at the moment of booking (May/June). I wanted to fly directly with TAP that operates two daily LIS-WAW-LIS flights, but even the most basic ticket with cabin bag only costed 300 euros while Brussels Airlines offered the same for more or less 170 euros with comfortable stop in BRU. It was one of the best prices for a flight to Lisbon I have ever seen, so the choice was simple. As an AvGeek I was happy to fly a new airline that by now I knew only as one of these that offers everything for purchase and has nice special liveries.

The whole trip plan looked like this:

1) 07.09 - SN 2560 WAW-BRU - A319
2) 07.09 - SN 3815 BRU - LIS - A320
3) 16.09 - SN 3816 LIS - BRU - A320
4) 16.09 - SN 2559 BRU-WAW - A 319

Later on I will realize that my journey back home will look completeley different than planned but let's focus right now on the first sector and leave something for the next reports.


I'm not a big fan of early morning flights as they result always in feeling sleepy for most of the day. Our flight to BRU was scheduled to depart at 06:45, so even living very close to the airport I couldn't wake up later than 04:00. We reached the terminal at 05:10 to find it partially crowded due to many flights departing between 06:00 and 07:00.

While being a part of Lufthansa group, SN shares its check-in desks with mother LH and two sisters: LX and OS.

photo img_2498photo img_2499

The whole process was very quick and a nice touch was a possibility to check in for free your hand luggage. SN has anyway a very good hand luggage policy: not only you can check it for free but you can also take with you up to 12 kg and not 8 kg as on most carriers. You need to pay for a standard 23 kg luggage having chosen the lowest fare and the price at the moment of booking was 25 euros one way.

We passed rather quickly the security control and headed to our gate 43 that was located in the southern edge of the terminal.

photo img_2504photo img_2505

A funny thing was that a LOT flight to BRU was scheduled to depart at 07:25 from the nearby gate 44.

photo img_2511

Our A319 that arrived from BRU the previous evening.

photo img_2509

The gate during boarding

photo img_2503

Blue Air/LOT B738 seen from the jetbridge. Blue Air planes operate on behalf of LOT on some westbound routes like DUS, CDG and AMS.

photo img_2515

Our A319 seen from the jetbridge

photo img_2513


You can see inside that the aircraft is not the newest but it is in very good condition, with new thin seats and overhead screens that are used only for the safety demo.

Pitch is surprisingly good. I thought that as SN is a semi low cost airline in economy, we will be cramped like in Ryanair but luckily it was a very comfortable flight.

photo img_2517

At the very beginning my window is foggy but it gets almost completely clean as we taxi to the runway.

Time to leave sleepy Warsaw

Flying over the S8 and A2 motorways junction

photo img_2543

As Brussels is a new airline to me, I can't wait to study the seat pocket content

photo img_2545

The most interesting part in the Shop&Eat catalogue is the model section with all the special SN liveries. My plan is to buy an Aero smurf A320 on the way back.

Some food and beverages options as Brussels serves nothing for free in the basic economy fare

The Great Belgian - French Fries War. Note that the Belgian fries box is happy, while the French one is sad…

photo img_2556photo img_2561

A glimpse into the inflight magazine with route map and fleet

photo img_2557photo img_2558

The safety card. It's a pity they have one card for both A319 and A320, the collectors know what I mean ;)

photo img_2562photo img_2563

The flight is very calm, all the very nice and always smiling FAs try not to bother passengers that use this 1,5 hour early morning hop to BRU to get some sleep. I try to spot something out of the window but all the route seems to be cowered with thick layer of clouds.

photo img_2567

As we start our descent, I realize that there are more than one cloud layers. No chance for a sunny day in BRU today.

Last clouds disappear when we are already very low

Landing is smooth even though the runway is wet. The first aircraft I spot after landing is Thai A350 followed by Ethiopian and United 777s.

Another heavy section

photo img_2584

SN A319 next to our stand

Cabin during deboarding

photo img_2590photo img_2591

and our A319 seen from the terminal

photo img_2597photo img_2599

That's all for now, need to find our gate to Lisbon. Many thanks for reading!
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Brussels Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Warsaw - WAW


Brussels - BRU



My first flight and first impression with Brussels Airlines were quite postive. The aircarft was neat and the crew very friendly, but total lack of any service in economy is a shame if we compare it to other LH group members (Austrian and of course Swiss seem to be a different category than SN). What is good is the hand luggage policy with 12 kg limit and a free of charge check-in possibility.

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The airline with the best average rating is LOT Polish with 7.0/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

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  • Comment 468983 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 6775 Comments

    Thank you for this report!

    WAW is definitely a nice airport and FIDS were updated in a good way!

    Onboard service is still disappointing on SN.

    Pa i do zobaczenia!

  • Comment 469008 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4837 Comments

    Hi Loukas, thanks for sharing--it's nice to see new reports from you :-)
    Out of all the big LH Group legacy airlines, Brussels Airlines had definitely been positioned as the least premium--at least in intra-European flying. The weird LCC hybrid model is kind of confusing, but the positive side is of course the good pricing--170 EUR is much better than the 300 EUR for a direct on TAP. So, even though the LCC aspects are a bit disappointing for a Flag/Legacy carrier...the price is certainly good.

    I've read the LH group has been considering replacing Brussels Airlines brand with Eurowings in BRU. I could see how that may make sense on short-haul, to come degree, but it would be a shame to see Belgium lose their flag carrier's branding (after having already lost Sabena) to be replaced with a generic LCC brand.

    A beautiful report as usual and congrats on your new job!

    • Comment 469144 by
      loukas SILVER AUTHOR 300 Comments

      Hi Kevin, many thanks for your kind words! SN is exactly as you wrote: the least premium in LH family but it has many good offers for flights that sometimes cost twice as much in other airlines. It would be a shame to replace Brussels with Eurowings, even though these two airlines look very similar in many aspects. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 469065 by
    KL651 TEAM 4426 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Given the price difference between TAP and SN and the fact that flying via BRU is not a detour at all, the choice was easy!
    I agree that SN should at least offer free tea/coffee as offering only BoB is IMO not appropriate for a national airline (hello BA and IB), but LH thinks SN=EW which is so wrong...

    • Comment 469145 by
      loukas SILVER AUTHOR 300 Comments

      Hi, yes, it was a good choice and we didn't spend a fortune ordering a beer and something to eat on the second leg, however it is always better to have something "included" in your ticket than paid extra. Thanks for commenting!

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