Review of Singapore Airlines flight San Francisco Singapore in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ1
Class First
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 19:45
Take-off 14 May 17, 01:15
Arrival at 14 May 17, 12:00
SQ   #10 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 647 reviews
By 5039
Published on 18th October 2018
This is not the direct flight on the Airbus A350-900 from SFO to SIN, that would be SQ31.
This flight involves a stopover in Hong Kong.

This flight would be the final stretch of my journey home to Singapore from Boise, Idaho.
I took a Southwest flight from BOI to SFO, via LAS which was pretty nondescript so that did not warrant a separate report.

Since Southwest does not have any check-through arrangement with Singapore Airlines, I needed to retrieve my bags and re-check them at the International Terminal at San Francisco.
And I arrived 4 hours too early for check-in so I had to wander the land-side area like a peasant, fully knowing that the zenith of air travel awaited me mere hours away.

Once the check-in counters were manned, I proceeded to make my way to the empty First Class counters, which drew dirty stares from the Business Class people as they were already 20 passengers deep in their queue.

A friendly check-in agent presented me with my boarding pass as I embarrassingly attempted to make conversation with her using my terrible Cantonese.

She didn't seem very impressed.

photo snapseed1

As you can see, first to check in, seated at Seat 1A, on SQ1, and in First Class.

As this was a pretty late departure, I made it in to the American Express Centurion Lounge by the skin of my teeth, with only time for a double espresso sans much required shower.

So, I begrudgingly made my way to the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge in the International Terminal which was downright appalling.
It has to be worst than all the Priority Pass lounges I've been to. What added salt to the wound was a lack of a First Class section.

I skipped out since I read that EVA's lounge was around the corner, and it was not any much better so I hightailed it back to the SQ Lounge.
I asked to be shown to a shower, and was pointed in the direction of the singular shower in the whole lounge which definitely did not have the awesome L'Occitane products that I have grown accustomed to in the AMEX Centurion Lounges.
photo img_8112

After I was done with the shower, I went to peruse the food offered in this lounge and only the Singaporean Laksa caught my eye.
I had been away from home for a long time, and I would have killed for a bowl of the spicy and coconut-y seafood broth.
photo img_8116

At least it was passable. I was a bit calmer.

I left the lounge on time to ensure that I would be the first person on the aircraft, as I rightfully should.

photo img_8118
9V-SWZ was flying this voyage, ensuring me of the updated 2013 new First Class cabin.

photo img_8121
Lo, and behold, I was the first person to board the aircraft and settled in very quickly.

photo img_8122
Observing the peasants board at "their" leisure.

The check-in agent came to my seat and whispered the most wonderful words one wishes to hear on a long haul trans-Pacific flight.
"Looks like you're going to be alone in First Class. Lucky you."

photo img_8125photo img_8127

The entire 3-person First Class crew came to greet me and ask for my pre-departure drink choice, so naturally I started off with the Krug.

Separately, here's a shout-out to Brie, Kasey, and everyone at Brie'sta Coffee Company in Mountain Home, Idaho.
They are the nicest people that I've ever met during my time there, and they make a kick-ass coffee.
Thank you for all the caffeine.
If you're ever on the Interstate i-84, make the detour to Mountain Home and say hi to them!

photo img_8130
At least I'm not taking United!

The exhaustive leather-bound menu was given to me, but I had Book(ed)-The-Cook.

photo img_8150
photo img_8151
photo img_8152
photo img_8153
photo img_8154
photo img_8156
photo img_8157
photo img_8158
photo img_8159
photo img_8160
photo img_8161
photo img_8162
photo img_8163
photo img_8164
photo img_8165
photo img_8166
photo img_8167
photo img_8168
photo img_8170

photo img_8146
Supper service started around here.

photo img_8131
There was no caviar service for this sector, but I'll make do with this combination I suppose.

photo img_8138
Double boiled Quail soup.

photo img_8139
Some form of steak.

photo img_8147

photo img_8171
Cheese platter.

I died.

photo img_8178
2A was converted into my bed for the night, while I was lounging in 1A.

photo img_8184
One can never refuse the offer of a Krug and a Blue Label night-cap. Just saying. But staying hydrated is important too.

photo img_8188
As I woke up nearly half way through the flight, the stewardess asked if I was peckish enough for a snack.
There was no way I could say no to her.

photo img_8193
So I had my Udon noodles right about here!

photo img_8194
At this juncture, there was no point going back to bed so I stayed up and watched a couple of movies that I had yet to catch on the big screen.
And the view was pretty good as well.

photo img_8196

photo img_8197
Here's the customary Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.
I am proud to say that I have learnt how to make this on-board.

photo img_8198
I think I attempted a Star Wars marathon on board, but to no avail.

photo img_8202
Breakfast service started a couple hours out of Hong Kong, and I started off with this amazing tea that was used for Singapore Airlines' 70th Anniversary.
I think I went though 7 cups of those from SFO to SIN. Because it was mentioned on the label.

photo img_8204

I ordered the Japanese breakfast option.

photo img_8206

It was meh, at best.

photo img_8207

Storage spaces around the seat.

photo img_8220

HKG approaches!

Once we landed, transit passengers had to clear security to be released into the air-side of the terminal.
There is no way HKG can ever be compared to SIN. No chance!

photo img_8230
Thankfully, the SilverKris lounge in HKG has a dedicated First/Suites section.

Probably to placate the meaner Suites passengers since there are A380s serving this route.

photo img_8233
9V-SWZ taking a much needed breather.

photo img_82351

Boarding re-commenced and naturally, Krug was the beverage of choice once again.

photo img_8236

Almost home!

photo img_8238

Here's to 70 more good years to Singapore Airlines!

photo img_8240

It was sadly going to be a very very abrupt flight.

photo img_8242

BTC-ed Kyo-kaiseki this time around!

photo img_8243

BTC-ed Kyo-kaiseki this time around!

photo img_8245

BTC-ed Kyo-kaiseki this time around!

photo img_8247

Cruising leisurely above the South China Sea.

photo img_8248

photo img_8249

photo img_8251

photo img_8252

Here's a friendly wave to our northern neighbours!

photo img_8257
That is an example of a third world country.

photo img_8302
Happily back on Singaporean soil!

photo img_8309

Once we landed, I made my way to the SilverKris lounge at Terminal 3 for another shower and more champagne.

photo img_8312

Arriving Suites/ First Class passengers can make use of The Private Room as well, pictured here is the First Class lounge though.
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Singapore Airlines has never disappointed.
Here's to 70 more years!

Majulah Singapura!

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  • Comment 470679 by
    eminere™ 274 Comments

    What a disgustingly written report. Who are you calling peasants and a third world country with a middle-finger salute? Shame on you.

  • Comment 470749 by
    KLMA330 28 Comments

    You really need to get off your high horse and chill out. Gross. First Class doesn't give you class buddy. Shame on you

  • Comment 470764 by
    ralphjbr 4 Comments

    What a disgusting report. You should be ashamed

  • Comment 470799 by
    ID_Flyer 24 Comments

    I do have some tips on writing for you:
    1) Flying in first class does not automatically grant you the right to call everybody else "peasants". That's not how that works. Most reports in FR are reviewed in Economy (that's how most people fly) but take the example of other frequent reporters that serve to bring information and not act as privileged travelers, even on First Class.
    2) If you can't find respect for others, says a lot about you. Calling 'Malaysia' a third world country in a derogatory manner is downright rude. As a fellow Southeast Asian I find this offensive, personally. Shame on you.

  • Comment 470905 by
    dante301 1 Comments

    Got to love the self-entitlement in this report. Made me cringe. Flying in First is great but to mock those who aren't is well....a bit moronic.

  • Comment 471241 by
    MissPiggieCanFly 1 Comments

    There's a reason why Singapore Airlines did not want to partner with "Crazy Rich Asians" -- it most likely does not want to be portrayed as a SNOBBISH airline that caters only to the rich, although it can boast one of the best (if not the best) First or Suites class. SQ wants to be inviting to those flying Economy too.

    Why aren't you on a Bombardier or Gulfstream -- only about US$200K round trip. The roughly US$15K RT on SQ F class would seem "peasantly" to your Highness, no? Your snooty tone equates you to those obnoxious tourists from mainland China, unfortunately.

    I'm proud of my country's airline so please don't besmear it with your uppity attitude.

  • Comment 471324 by
    romereo 5 Comments

    Peasants? What a shameful report.

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