Review of Bangkok Airways flight Phuket Chiang Mai in Economy

Airline Bangkok Airways
Flight PG247
Class Economy
Seat 19D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 17 Dec 17, 11:30
Arrival at 17 Dec 17, 13:25
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By 860
Published on 27th October 2018
Hello! My name is Kevin from Indonesia, and this time I want to share my experience with "Asia's Boutique Airlines", Bangkok Airways, which I flew from Phuket to Chiang Mai during last December holiday.

My auntie from The USA wanted to visit sunny places during her visit in Indonesia last year. I recommended her some "paradise islands" to check. At last, she asked me to go to Thailand (Phuket) with her, and I need to arrange some stuff for her, like flights, hotels and places to visit. On early November, we started to book plane tickets for our trip to Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok. We flew on AirAsia to Phuket (and from Bangkok to our city, Surabaya via Kuala Lumpur), as it was the cheapest option (even after we added 25 kg checked bags for inbound flight).

On Thai domestic sectors, I wanted to fly THAI's Boeing 747 to Bangkok, because at first, we planned only to visit Phuket and Bangkok. But later on, my auntie discovered new place to visit (with perfect weather in winter) and she told me a change for the trip itinerary. When she told me about fly to Chiang Mai from Phuket, one thing came in my mind was AIrAsia again. I thought that Thai AIrAsia was the sole operator on this route, but turned out that Bangkok Air and Thai Smile also operate this route along with Thai AirAsia. I was so excited when I saw Bangkok Air offered lowest fare among other carriers, and I directly book our flight on Bangkok Air. This would be my first experience with Bangkok Airways, and let's start the journey!

The Flight
Bangkok Airways
Airbus A320-232
ETD: 11.30 / STD: 11.30
ETA: 13.30 / STD: 13.25

My auntie and I left our hotel in Patong about 8 AM, and we arrived at the airport around 9 AM. The van which took us stopped at International Terminal (As other passenger had international flights), so we disembarked at this new International Terminal building
photo 2017-12-16_20-30-09
There were few charters flights to Russia, so the check in area was quite crowded. There were also Silk Air flight to Singapore, Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur, and Cathay Dragon to Hong Kong.

We walked to old domestic terminal, and after we finished check in (and checked our luggages), we decided to relax in Bangkok Air Boutique Lounge. Unfortunately, the "real" lounge was under renovation as a part of Phuket Airport expansion plan, and Bangkok AIr moved to a small temporary lounge
photo 2017-12-16_20-59-27
Snacks of the day, there were Kha Nom, muffin, chicken pie, and mini sandwich
photo 2017-12-16_20-59-48
I tried all snacks, and almost of all snacks were delicious. There were also WThumbs up for Bangkok AIr!

Around 10.15, I asked my auntie to proceed to our gate. The gates area were very crowded
photo 2017-12-16_22-28-59
photo 2017-12-16_22-30-20
Around 11.05, boarding call started, and I was the one who board the aircraft earlier, so I was able to snap this cabin view
photo 2017-12-16_23-41-04
I can conclude this bird is aging after I saw the panel
photo 2017-12-16_23-43-54

THAI Airbus 330 were preparing for a flight to Bangkok. It seems that they did a last minute change, because the flight supposed to use Boeing 747 :(
photo 2017-12-16_23-45-06
Not long after, the plane started to pushback. I was surprised when I saw the crew walked down the aisle to start safety demo, because I thought they use a safety video. Luckily, a steward stopped at my row, and put this bag next to my seat (which was empty)
photo 2017-12-17_00-01-27
Thai AIrAsia was also pushback and ready to start her next sector
photo 2017-12-17_00-07-13
We took off directly without any queue, and reached cruising altitude shortly
photo 2017-12-17_01-38-02
Let's check what's inside the seat pocket. There are an "Inflight Enterainment Magazine", a safety card, and a sickness bag. On that flight, Id din't find any "Fah-Thai" Magazine (Bangkok AIrways Inflight Magazine) on all seat pocket, and the screen wasn't dropped down during the flight, so we didn't have any entertainment.
photo 2017-12-17_00-16-30
The crew started to distribute the meal, and they offered us a Duck Noodle for lunch. There were only one option, but it was good already for Thailand domestic flight.
The meal itself looks good, and it tastes delicious. It's true that Bangkok Airways serves delicious foods, both in lounge and on board
photo 2017-12-17_00-24-30
finished my meal, I decided to go to lavatory. The lavatory was very clean, one of cleanest lavatory I've ever seen in a plane
photo 2017-12-17_00-49-05
We still had about an hour before landing, so I decided to chat with the crews on the galley. I asked about the entertainment and they apologized because the screen was broken. We also talked about some aviation-related topics, like the load factor of the flight, and their rotation each day. At last, I asked if they had a spare safety card, and they gave me one.
Cabin condition during flight. It wasn't a full flight, maybe only two third filled
photo 2017-12-17_00-49-36
The Captain announced that our planes were started to descend, and the weather in Chiang Mai wasn't good, so he turned on "fasten seat belt" sign. There were thick clouds above Chiang Mai
photo 2017-12-17_01-42-35
Safely landed in Chiang Mai, and our plane parked next to a Juneyao Airlines A320
photo 2017-12-17_01-51-38
I just realized that our plane parked at remote area, so we need to use a bus to reach arrival terminal. I was s o happy because I could saw the beautiful livery of this bird
photo 2017-12-17_01-59-43
I proceed to the terminal, and transferred to hotel on a taxi.

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  • Comment 472135 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 666 Comments
    Bangkok Airways is definitely the best choice for service to fly domestic in Thai, but often they are the most expensive one. I think you may consider yourself here very lucky. Nice report btw :)
    • Comment 472255 by
      ItsKevin AUTHOR 26 Comments
      Thanks for reading this report! Actually, I found they often do promotion for trunk routes, such as Bangkok-Phuket/Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai, and sometimes their fare is not much different than LCC. And of course, they're one the best airlines I've ever flown
  • Comment 472178 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 6921 Comments
    Hi Kevin, thanks for sharing this nice report. The new terminal looks soooo much better than before! I've been to HKT several times, but not since the new terminal opened. Bangkok Air really offers an exceptional service. I've always been impressed how they provide lounges for all passengers.
    • Comment 472256 by
      ItsKevin AUTHOR 26 Comments
      Thanks for reading, Kévin. Yeah, the new International terminal looks modern, but sadly I couldn't try the new terminal, as the one for domestic is still under renovation (even until today).
      Yup, I think Bangkok Air is the only operator who open a lounge for all passengers in all airports. Their meals are very delicious, have you been on Bangkok Air before?
      • Comment 472355 by
        KévinDC TEAM GOLD 6921 Comments
        Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to try PG, but always wanted to. I usually got to HKT via SIN or HKG, so never got to try Bangkok Air, but hope to in the future.
  • Comment 472186 by
    sotto_Deactivated 82 Comments
    It's amazing what meal service is offered on a domestic flight in Thailand or Indonesia (here HKT CNX in Y). You can only dream of this on intra-European or intra-American routes.
    • Comment 472353 by
      ItsKevin AUTHOR 26 Comments
      Yeah, I think most full service carrier airlines in Asia serves meal on domestic routes. Even on short routes, some airlines still give us a snack (like MH or MI). Anyway, thank you for reading this report!

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