Review of Carpatair flight Brussels Amsterdam in Economy

Airline Carpatair
Flight KL1726
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Fokker 100
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 14 Oct 18, 15:05
Arrival at 14 Oct 18, 16:00
V3 2 reviews
Published on 24th October 2018


As I was free for two weeks, I decided to head for a short holiday to Thailand. Even though Qatar was offering excellent prices, I opted for KLM's flights from Brussels to Bangkok via Amsterdam as they were giving me an opportunity to fly one of the very few Fokker 100s still in active service in Europe. The Fokker 100 is operated by Carpatair in name of KLM Cityhopper on several short haul flights.

Start of the Journey

While Amsterdam is usually my main port for any of my travel, I decided now like I previously told to use Brussels, which is only an extra 30 minutes drive by my car. I parked my car for 8 days at P Discount 2 for approximately 70 euros, which was quite a price for the distance from Airport.

While I survived my shuttle ride to the Airport (quite a rough and fast busdriver we had), I ended up now in a crowded terminal and did look up the designated check-in desks for the KLM flight to Amsterdam. Even though most flight monitors in Brussels and anywhere else are tv screens, I am still fond of those old monitors.
photo 20181014_134240

While I proceeded to the designated check-in row 7, I was a bit shocked to see quite a long row behind the desks of them, but luckily enough KLM was using 7.1 & 7.3 for their check-in, which had no single sole waiting. (The long row was for Alitalia)
photo 20181014_134244

While my baggage was now on it's way, I headed immediately towards security. After a five minute walk, I ended up over there and did clear it myself within a very few minutes. While cleared, you will end up with a nice view of the inner side of Brussels Apron with Schengen departures on your left and Non-schengen departures to your right and an Air Arabia ready to taxi to it's next destination.
photo 20181014_134942

After been looking over the apron for a short period of time, I turned left to proceed to the Schengen area. It is quite a distant walk through a shopping area with overly expensive shops just like any other shop in any airport. I am still not a fan of this forcing people to walk through shops, but it probably works forcing certain people to actually buy things they do not need.
photo 20181014_135159

While all that was cleared, I decided to walk around and spot some aircraft. Unfortunately not a lot of activity yet but some A320s and E190s.

Brussels Airlines Airbus A320
photo 20181014_135916

Helvetic Embraer E190
photo 20181014_142442

And after twenty minutes or so, my ride was arriving on-time.

Meet YR-FKB, Carpatair's second Fokker 100, which arrived as KL1725 and will depart as KL1726 to Amsterdam Schiphol. This Fokker 100 is almost 27 year old starting it's service with American Airlines in '91
photo 20181014_142613photo 20181014_144819

Boarding started slightly later as the designated time, but it was just a matter of minutes as the payload on board this flight was about 60% and most of them were located upfront. I checked in myself for Seat 20A, which gives you a nice sight of both the wing and engine. The cabin itself was nicely in blue and legroom was not spectacular, but ok for just a flight of 30 minutes.
photo 20181014_160140photo 20181014_145409

Oh and if you have fear of dirt, I strongly would suggest you to avoid looking to your overhead panel….. It definitely might need some extra cleaning here.
photo 20181014_152207

A few other cabin shots and emergency card for the Fokker 100.
photo 20181014_145503photo 20181014_145454

Slightly behind schedule, we were being pushed back to taxi to runway 25R.
photo 20181014_151039

We were immediately rolling down for take off once reaching it and note that no flaps were being used for take off. Having no flaps for take off configuration is perfectly normal for a Fokker 100.
photo untitled

Shortly after being airborne, the two very friendly flight attendants went around and served us a complimentary water and snack. There was no time to offer us a drink of our own choice as the flight was too short for that.
photo 20181014_152411

Some shots during flight.
photo 20181014_152011photo 20181014_153038

Fifteen minutes in-flight and the Captain was announcing himself once again informing us about the actual weather in Amsterdam and to report to us that we were already descending towards Amsterdam. Unfortunately we were lining up for 18R, which means that the taxi time to our gate is approximately the same as our entire flight time from Brussels to Amsterdam.
photo untitled2

The landing itsef was smooth and the captain was taxiing rather fast to it's gate, which was going to be a remote stand next to it's sister YR-FKA, whose flying for KLM Cityhopper too.
photo 20181014_155556

Disembarkation began a minute or two after engines were shut and we were transported by a fully packed bus to the terminal.
photo 20181014_160225photo 20181014_160215
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Cabin crew8.5

Brussels - BRU


Amsterdam - AMS



It was definitely an unique chance to fly a Fokker 100 in Europe. The cabin itself could have been cleaned and maintained in a better way. The cabin crew on the other hand was very friendly and definitely topped KLM's crew at certain parts.

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  • Comment 471802 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5653 Comments

    Thanks for this exotic report on Carpatair, a rarely reported airline. Smart move to fly out of BRU--I think people on both sides of Belgium are drawn to BRU for its better pricing compared to AMS and CDG. Nice cabin shots.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 471815 by
    Mathieu 2081 Comments

    Hello :)
    Thank you very much for this nice report.
    Sadly, the F100 is more and more rare in Europe.

    What about the crew during this flight ? Did you have a KLM representative ?

    Nice picutres of the cabin,

    If you want to fly again aboard a Fokker 100, you should book a flight from Paris Orly to Tarbes-Lourdes, these flights are operated by AVANTIAIR and marketed by Air France.

    See you,

    • Comment 471839 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 553 Comments

      Unfortunately it is becoming a very rare bird as Helvetic will be phasing them out either. This flight was entirely operated by Carpatair itself with a KLM callsign, so no representative of KLM will be onboard and it is perfectly made clear by KLM on their website and during your checkin.

  • Comment 471832 by
    KL651 TEAM 4512 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Nice AvGeek start of that trip, I really love the look of the F100, such a shame they are retired...

  • Comment 471862 by
    Satelys 9 Comments

    Thx for this exotic report! So nice to fly on a F100!

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