Review of Nok Air flight Nan Bangkok in Economy

Airline Nok Air
Flight DD8819
Class Economy
Seat 46K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 22 Oct 18, 10:45
Arrival at 22 Oct 18, 11:55
DD 25 reviews
Published on 25th October 2018


While returning from my short weekend in Nan, I decided to fly with Nok Air back to Bangkok. I have a weak spot for this airline and definitely wanted to try out their Dash 8-Q400 service, but was rather disappointed a few days prior as Nok Air decided to pull out their dash 8 and fly today's flight with a 737-800 as demand was higher due to a national holiday in Thailand.

Start of the Journey

After checking out in our hotel, we ordered a taxi back to Nan Nakhon Airport. The taxi itself was full of decorations and was surprised he could see anything through his mirrors and I wasn't sure whether he understood some of the stickers he had in his car as I had a sticker in front of my face saying ''Bad Girls love to ride bad guys''. It was only a ride of 15 minutes for approx. 100 THB,
photo 20181022_090114

Taxi was paid and we did proceed to the terminal. Here is a view of the entrance.
photo untitled

Once you enter the building, you will end up in a clean and open space in which everything is located.
photo untitled2

In order to proceed to your checkin counter, you were required to scan your luggage prior to the counter (not sure whether it would be controlled after anymore). Once clear of that, we were kindly greeted by the lady behind the desk that did check us in with a fast pace while being very friendly towards us.
photo 20181022_091459

While there is literally nothing but three souvenir shops after security (which were present before security as well), we decided to head first to the only coffeeshop present at this airport. I ordered a cold coffee and had some solar dried bananas covered in almond chocolate. Very tasty!
photo 20181022_092914photo 20181022_092942

30 minutes prior to boarding, we decided to pass security. No big deal and no line at well to end up in a very small waiting area, which gave a rather nice view of the apron. Shameful it is not really a busy airport, so not so much activity going on.
photo 20181022_095554photo 20181022_095651

My ride was arriving on time. Today it will be a green bird!
photo 20181022_100316

Our ride for today would be a Boeing 737-800 of Nok Air. HS-DBG is an 11.8 year old bird starting it's career with Pegasus in 2007 to be leased to Nokair in 2012.
photo 20181022_100647photo 20181022_100739

About 15 minutes later, boarding was initiated and everyone proceeded in an orderly manner to the aircraft.
photo untitled3

I'm definitely fan of their bird livery! Did you know that 'NOK' in Thai stands for Bird?
photo 20181022_102742

And here are some close ups.
photo 20181022_102811photo 20181022_102929

The aircraft of today wears the name Nok Baitoey, but was rather disturbed by the fact that that beak was not alligned properly haha!
photo 20181022_102917

Yet I was rather disappointed that the payload was not even that high and I'm pretty sure we all could have fitted in a Dash 8, but I don't really know the exact reason for the change.

Once boarded I proceeded to my seat 46K. The legroom is decent for a low cost carrier
photo 20181022_103247photo 20181022_103433photo 20181022_103446

This was going to be my view for a hour and 10 minute with a happy beak smiling to me.
photo 20181022_103122

Soon after when boarding was completed, the flight was on it's way to backtrack for a southerly departure.
photo 20181022_104642

upon the 180 degrees turn, we were immediately rolling for take off.
photo 20181022_104904

Despite of being a low cost airline, Nok Air still serves their customer a complimentary water in a small, but nicely decorated bottle (definitely a feature I love about them). The friendly and cute looking flight attendants did hand those out about 15 minutes into flight before starting their BoB service, which I did again not make any use of.
photo 20181022_105734

Below you will see some of the magazines and cards available to you in the seat pocket from Nok Air.
photo 20181022_103528photo 20181022_103956

And a card of Nok Air's destinations.
photo 20181022_103903

An in-flight shot.
photo 20181022_110634

After about 50 minutes into flight, we were now in our descent to Bangkok Don Meaung.
photo 20181022_113519

While the flight was pretty pleasant, the landing was nothing to write to home about. After vacating the runway, we quickly went to our gate, It did not take more than a minute or two.
photo 20181022_114014

While disembarkation was swift, it was time to say our goodbye to our aircraft, while a B737 MAX 9 from Thai Lionair is docking.
photo 20181022_115136

And now it was just a matter of waiting for our luggage to arrive via belt 12, which was already forwarded to us by cabin crew.
photo 20181022_115500
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Nok Air

Cabin crew8.5

Nan - NNT


Bangkok - DMK



While being slightly disappointed for not flying their dash 8-q400 as it was advertised upon booking, I am still very fond of this airliner. They often do have delays, but they definitely try to provide you with better service than any other Thai low cost. The complimentary water given to you is definitely a nice addition and booking tickets with them is so much more comfortable than AirAsia.



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