Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Antalya in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK2064
Class Economy
Seat 09F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 22 Nov 18, 08:00
Arrival at 22 Nov 18, 09:30
TK   #13 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
By GOLD 537
Published on 23rd November 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Flight-Report members and readers,

It's an honor to present this exclusive series to the community as this series would include 2 regular domestic flights within Turkey but the other two flights would be a beginning for me as a new airport is opened in my city of origin. Due to the first two months of opening, discounted fares were offered from that airport to some destinations starting from 9€ in Economy Class and 39€ in Business Class. Unfortunately, this series would only contain Economy class flights but I have 8 ticketed Business Class journeys from that airport to 3 different destinations in December and I expect to report all of these 8 flights exclusive for the Flight-Report community.

The first part of this series would be a short domestic flight on a mid-aged Turkish Airlines 737-800 to Antalya. Due that I will report 4 flights in 24 hours, this report could be shortened than its usual draft. 

The routing for this exclusive series would look like this 


Apologizes for the delays publishing these series. Ce série des FR's va être traduire en français dans quelques jours.

Route Overview ( IST-AYT )

Three carriers operate the specific route Istanbul Atatürk to Antalya. TK is the major carrier on this route operating more than 10 daily flights. Aircraft types varies by flight. AtlasGlobal also operates this route with 3 flights a day on their A320 series aircraft. In addition, the Turkish budget carrier, Onur Air operates two daily flights between this two airports.


I have completed the online check-in process for my first three flights for this trip at the same time. I have chosen window seats for all of the three flights. Seat maps and screenshots of the online check-in process are shared below.

photo img_4569


photo img_4570a


photo img_4571a

ISL-ADB - Worst mistake ever choosing 7A

photo img_4572a

And the conclusion page

photo img_4573a

Also TK had sent me an email notifying that I could check-in for my flight online. This email was sent before I completed online check-in

photo img_4574

Boarding pass for this flight

photo img_4711

Our journey would start at Atatürk Airport. The journey begins with the metro ride.

photo img_4714


It's a long walk from the metro station to the domestic terminal

photo img_4716

The entrance and the security checkpoint both took 5 minutes, there weren't many domestic flights at that time.

photo img_4718

Today's gate would be gate 405, which is a bus gate. Boarding had started 40 minutes before departure.

photo img_4719

After a bus ride at the apron, we had arrived to our bird named after the city of Bingöl.

photo img_4721photo img_4723


After boarding the aircraft from the front door, I was welcomed by the cabin crew. Blankets were available at the overhead bins, so I grabbed one for myself.


This aircraft was one of the oldest TK's 737-800NG aircraft in the new cabin configuration. The seat was OK for a domestic flight and each seat had a personal entertainment screen. Due to Turkish Airlines protocol, the IFE is closed on domestic flights. Also, mobile entertainment wasn't offered on this flight.

photo img_4811photo img_4724a

When opening the IFE screen, there is a photo of the Maiden Tower

photo img_4726

Overhead panel

photo img_4727

We had started our pushback on time and the safety video was shown from the personal screens.

photo img_4730

After the safety video, a video about Istanbul Airport and the TK ad featuring Dr. Oz was monitored.

photo img_4735photo img_4736photo img_4737

TC-JTF was parked next door, getting prepared for its flight to Geneva

photo img_4731

Another A321, TC-JSJ was parked at the domestic terminal, it would shortly operate TK2316 to Izmir

photo img_4732

And another A321, this time heading to Gaziantep

photo img_4733

This A320 would head to Kahramanmaraş this morning

photo img_4738

And this one to Sinop but ended diverting to Samsun

photo img_4739

TC-JJN had arrived from Singapore this morning

photo img_4740

TC-LNA was under maintenance

photo img_4741

Views of the Turkish Technic Hangar

photo img_4742

TC-JJZ, which had an accident in the last few months was visible, probably it would start flying after a short while

photo img_4743

This 737-800 was going to head to Naples this morning

photo img_4745

TC-JJO was under maintenance for few days but it would head to Houston that afternoon

photo img_4746

Onurair Hangar

photo img_4747

The runway

photo img_4748

TC-LJD, one of the B77W of the TK fleet, taking off for a short flight for Izmir

photo img_4749

TC-LOG was just behind us, an A330 which would depart for a flight to Kiev

photo img_4750

And, a Turkish Cargo A330 which will go to Johannesburg was also in front of us

photo img_4751

Now, it was our turn

photo img_4752

Views from the runway

photo img_4753photo img_4754

And, we're in the air

photo img_4755


photo img_4756

Yenibosna area

photo img_4757

Güneşli district

photo img_4758

Mahmutbey district

photo img_4759photo img_4760photo img_4761

The Coach station is visible

photo img_4762

And a gallery of beautiful views from the clouds


As I mentioned before, the IFE system was shut down for the flight. No USB ports or power sources were available on this aircraft, the seat pocket featured the safety card, the Skylife Magazine and the Shop & Miles catalogue. 

photo img_4771

The theme of the Skylife Magazine issued this month was Istanbul Airport

photo img_4772

An article about the opening of this brand new airport

TK domestic route map

photo img_4777

Technical information about our aircraft

photo img_4778

Another view over the clouds

photo img_4779


In all domestic flights operated by TK, a kaşar cheese sandwich is provided with a choice of drink 

photo img_4780

More views from over the clouds

photo img_4781photo img_4782

Lake Burdur

Kestel Mountain

photo img_4787photo img_4788

Kovanlık, Antalya

photo img_4789

Döşemealtı district

photo img_4790

Konyaaltı district

photo img_4791

After a maneuver over the Mediterranean Sea, we were continuing our descend

Lara district

photo img_4792photo img_4793photo img_4794

The airport was visible

photo img_4795

And we had landed on time

photo img_4796

As it is off season at that time, Terminal 2 is closed for the winter

photo img_4797

Terminals 1&3

photo img_4798

The apron

photo img_4799

First aircraft to spot was TC-SNO

photo img_4801

And its sibling flying in the same airline, TC-SOH

photo img_4802

TC-SEY had arrived from Izmir just after us

photo img_4804

Tailwind 737-400, another AYT based airline

photo img_4805

TC-SEI, another XQ 738 which would head to Hannover

photo img_4806

TC-AEP & TC-SEO siblings in one photo

photo img_4807

And we had parked to remote stand 92, next to this Anadolujet 737-800 which would head to Ankara as TK7023

photo img_4809

At that time, this Thomas Cook A320 had arrived from London Gatwick

photo img_4810


After saying goodbye to the crew, I had a chance to take a photo of our 737-800

photo img_4812

On the ground, the ground staff directed passengers which arrived from an International flight at IST to separate buses as they need to clear customs. Some passengers were in the wrong bus so the ground staff needed time to check if everyone is on the correct bus.

photo img_4814-38

The transfer desk at AYT was closed so I needed to exit from the baggage claim and head back to departures.

photo img_4815

So, the first part of this exclusive series has came to an end. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next parts. 

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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Istanbul - ISL


Antalya - AYT



I would skip the conclusion part for this flight to publish the next reports in the serie as soon as I can.
(+) Checkpoint waiting times
(+) Nice crew & nice meal
(-) IFE system turned off and no USB or power ( -3.0 for that in the entertainment ranking )
Nothing specific

Information on the route Istanbul (ISL) Antalya (AYT)

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The airline with the best average rating is Turkish Airlines with 8.1/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 11 minutes.

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  • Comment 477120 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12459 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Interesting serie to come

    I hope you will have a business international flight from ISL

    I'm eager to have a look at the International Business Lounge in ISL

    Are you flying all these flights to reach a status on Miles & Smiles ?

    "Also, mobile entertainment wasn't offered on this flight."
    It's a pity !

    Nice aerials views

    No choice of sandwich ?
    I don't like cheese :(

    Uneventful flight

    See you for the next one

    • Comment 477150 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 360 Comments

      Hi & thanks for stopping by,

      "I hope you will have a business international flight from ISL"
      - I hope so, not scheduled yet.
      "I'm eager to have a look at the International Business Lounge in ISL"
      - Me too, just a quick note that there would be two separate concepts, one for Business Class & MS Elite Plus members, the other one for Star Gold and MS Elite members. If the move-in isn't delayed I would experience the lounge that BA will contract, on January.
      "Are you flying all these flights to reach a status on Miles & Smiles ?"
      - The purpose of this serie was only for experiencing Istanbul Airport. But the next 8 Business flights that I mentioned at the beginning of the report is for obtaining MS Elite but I would try my luck for MS Elite Plus.
      "It's a pity !"
      -Yes, but they don't offer mobile entertainment on all aircraft, mostly on aircraft that isn't equipped with PTV's
      "Nice aerials views"
      - Thank you
      "No choice of sandwich ? I don't like cheese"
      - Sorry but no choice since 2 years. It's always a cheese sandwich on domestic flights.
      "See you for the next one"
      - See you and thanks for your comment

      • Comment 477161 by
        lagentsecret GOLD 12459 Comments

        Thanks for your answer
        "that there would be two separate concepts, one for Business Class & MS Elite Plus members, the other one for Star Gold and MS Elite members"
        Great News ! I'm E+
        With two lounges it will be quieter and less busy.
        I hope that there will be a direct access to the lounge with dedicated immigration and security for Business pax and E+ members like now.
        "I would try my luck for MS Elite Plus."
        You will certainly have to fly long haul flights to reach E+

        • Comment 477241 by
          ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 360 Comments

          Hi again,
          "Great News ! I'm E+" "With two lounges it will be quieter and less busy."
          - That is great news for you.
          "I hope that there will be a direct access to the lounge with dedicated immigration and security for Business pax and E+ members like now."
          - It doesn't seem that a direct access to the lounge would be offered because of the location of the lounge, but it will be a short walk from the passport control and security screening area. On the other hand, priority immigration and security would probably be available.
          "You will certainly have to fly long haul flights to reach E+"
          Yes, probably I would need to, probably in spring or in the summer, but I am planning to add new flights to my ISL trips as reservations for Adana and Trabzon flights have been opened. Just a reminder Trabzon flights could be done with a same day return but the ₺250 ow promotion fares are already booked but ₺599 ow fares are still available.

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