Review of Air Canada flight Toronto Santiago in Business

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC92
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 10:20
Take-off 13 Nov 18, 20:05
Arrival at 14 Nov 18, 08:25
AC   #16 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 309 reviews
Published on 1st December 2018
This was maybe the best flight of my life but not exactly because of the onboard experience, but because of the lounge.
We had 5 hours layover in Toronto Pearson which we used to go outside and spend two hours in an airport fitness center. This was very convenient as we really loved that workout on a day where we only sat in business class. I do not understand why the airlines, when designing their own new lounges (eg. United Polaris), put everything from restaurant-style dining and sleeping rooms but they forget about this. I think many people would welcome to run five to ten kilometers and then have a shower and a nice meal.

Security lines were completely empty which surprised me because when I flew from here in May it was a disaster. The security lines separately for the business class were available. Then you have a long walk to the international part of the terminal and there is the Maple Leaf Lounge on the right side…

Air Canada Signature Suite

…but if you will use it you will lose all the impressions. This lounge is only for those who know nothing about their superb Signature Suite. In Maple Leaf, you can only take a shower as this is not available in their new lounge concept.
To get the entrance (only for international long-haul destinations, sorry) you walk through the Terminal downstairs and then take the elevator up. And it will take you to heaven.
Immediately after checking-in with nice agents, the others came to us to store our luggage so we did not have to take care of it. This lounge is designed for eating. You will find there a medium-size buffet area with more or less impressive selection of hot and cold meals. Then there is a large bar…the bar. You can have anything you can imagine. I was impressed by how many employees are there waiting to make the stay perfect for everyone. We felt like in heaven…
photo air canada signature suite 8photo air canada signature suite 9
And finally, there is also a restaurant with a waiter who was one of the best ones we ever had. The menu was delicious, we enjoyed every part of it very much!
photo air canada signature suite 1photo air canada signature suite 2
Iphoto air canada signature suite 3
lphoto air canada signature suite 4
lphoto air canada signature suite 5photo air canada signature suite 6
in all, this was the best lounge experience with perfect service and atmosphere which will make me wonder about flying from YYZ more times!


We boarded the flight after all the business class passengers so there is only one photo of the cabin. Again I really loved it - spacious, clean design inside Dreamliner. What can we wish more?
photo ac92 - yyz - scl 1
Again the crew introduced themselves, knew our names, took meal orders and I opted for a light meal to maximize my sleeping time.
At this point, I have to make a compliment to our steward who took care of us. We started to call him a magic old man as he was absolutely superb!
A light meal was served immediatelly after take off, even prior to first drink service. I was done with it and had brushed teeth before everyone else got their champagne…and was able to enjoy a good night 7 hours of sleep in comfy bed!
photo ac92 - yyz - scl 2
Breakfast was no earlier then 90 minutes prior to landing and then we could enjoy the views of the rising sun over the Ands.
photo ac92 - yyz - scl 3photo ac92 - yyz - scl 4


On this flight Air Canada showed their best. And I have to agree that all those american airlines has a long way to go! I really loved it and wish to experience it once again!
photo ac92 - yyz - scl 8photo ac92 - yyz - scl 9
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Air Canada

Cabin crew10.0

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge International


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Santiago - SCL





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