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Airline easyJet
Flight U2 1833
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 02 Dec 18, 14:40
Arrival at 02 Dec 18, 16:30
U2   #10 out of 18 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 748 reviews
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Published on 11th December 2018

An end of year break !

After a year of travelling the world which took in Helsinki,Tokyo,Seoul,Marrakesh,Casablanca,Houston,Glasgow,Sheffield ), it was time to wrap up 2018 with a nice visit to Amsterdam !

I found an amazing deal with easyJet for GBP50.50 ( hand baggage only but later a suitcase was added ).

Rewind back to 1995 when easyJet arrived in the UK's skies with a bright orange tail,uniform and a most unusual fuselage livery which consisted of a contact centre number !

photo 1

I booked back in July 2018 for travel in December - just 2 weeks before departure my best friend decided to join me !

I have keenly watched easyJet grow since it's 1995 launch. The orange tails and reservations number instead of fuselage titles would catch anyone's eye but easyJet brought a new revolution in UK travel i.e. you could book via contact centre but would need to pay for bags,seats,meals ; something that is standard today however was most unusual back in 1995.

Low cost air travel in the UK was yet to take off - although Ryanair offered cheap fares, it was easyJet who really caught everyone's attention with their bright orange tails.

There are 3 airlines which fly Manchester-Amsterdam nonstop today which are flybe,easyJet and KLM.

I had already flown flybe from Glasgow to Manchester 2 months earlier and I will never ever fly KLM, so it was down to easyJet.

Cathay Pacific once flew MAN-AMS-HKG v.v. and had the rights to fly between MANAMS and AMSMAN.

British Airways and Air UK also used to fly the Manchester-Amsterdam route.
photo baman
photo airuk

BA sold this and other Manchester routes to flybe whilst AirUK was KLM uk for while before dissappearing altogether.

An Orange past and future !

easyJet was launched by Greek businessman Sir Stelios Haji-ioannou, with two wet leased Boeing 737-200 aircraft utilizing two routes from London Luton to both Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.
Just under a year later, EasyJet took ownership of its own aircraft and initiated international flights, with the first overseas destination being Amsterdam.

The quick expansion after the purchase of Go continued as the airline opened its base at London Gatwick Airport as well as new bases in Spain, Italy, Germany, and France.

EasyJet, along with other notable airlines such as Ryanair and Southwest, follow the same theme in the choice of aircraft. Having the same type of airplane reduces cost across the whole company itself. By having a certain type of aircraft, an airline only needs one type of pilot to fly the entire fleet. EasyJet currently has 218 aircraft in its fleet, which is made up of 135 A319-100s and 83 A320-200s, meaning the airline’s 2000 pilots can fly any aircraft in the fleet because the aircraft all fall under the same type rating. Because of this, the airline required only one type of engineer, one size maintenance facilities, one type of cabin crew and one type of airport slot, allowing the company to save millions of dollars straight away.

By 2007 the airline claimed to operate more flights per day than any other European airline. Towards the end of 2007, EasyJet bought GB Airways, giving EasyJet more slots at Gatwick as well as a new base at Manchester Airport.

In 2011, London Southend Airport became the airline's 11th base in the UK, offering up to 15 flights during the Summer season.

During 2013, EasyJet’s Gatwick base started its 100th route, with new service to Moscow as well as shortl lived Manchester-Moscow flights, which were the first in almost 20 years.
An A320 soon donned a destination logo !
photo moscow

Both EasyJet and Ryanair have a relatively young average fleet age of 5 years, compared to US low cost carrier Southwest having an average of 11.9 years. This only further enables the airline to reduce its maintenance costs.

Initially, all of EasyJet bookings were through telephone only, with the number emblazoned on all EasyJet airplanes. Because of this, there was no need for travel agents to sell bookings with their commission, meaning the airline was selling tickets directly to customers at the cheapest price possible.

Towards the end of 1997, it was reported that Sir Stelios was incredibly skeptical of online bookings through a website, with the owner stating “The Internet is for nerds, it will never make money for my business!” However, with the help of Tony Anderson and Michael Coltman, EasyJet’s marketing director and business manager, the potential was seen and and a trial period was born. Once Sir Stelios saw the trial’s results, he quickly changed his mind and eventually oversaw his company becoming the first low-cost carrier in Europe to offer real-time online booking by April of 1998.

Internet bookings became a cheaper option compared to telephone bookings through the reduction in costs for call centers, which directly lead to cheaper tickets, more passengers, and most importantly more revenue for the airline. EasyJet quickly changed their aircraft liveries from displaying a phone number to a web address, which would also increase ticket purchases.

easyjet's first and current website

photo thumbnail_easyjet-hpg-1995_3496449b
photo thumbnail_easyjet-hpg-2015_3496448b


- easyJet is founded by Sir Stelios Haji Ioannou in March to offer low cost flights in Europe
- easyLand, the airline's first home, opens at London Luton Airport
- Inaugural flights take off from London Luton to Glasgow on 10 November and to Edinburgh on the 15th

- The launch of the first international flights, from London Luton to Amsterdam, then Nice and Barcelona

- In April eayjet launched it's website. Online bookings become available a year later
- In October easyJet is recognised as a financially viable airline and receives it's own Air Operating Certificate
- Liverpool Airport becomes it's second base, offering flights to Amsterdam

- easyJet buys a 40% stake of Swiss charter operation TEA Basel AG in March. It is later renamed easyJet Switzerland
- First seat sells online at

- easyJet Switzerland moves to Geneva, which becomes the third airport base and the first base outside the UK
- The first series of Airline is shown on ITV in September. The reality TV programme follows the lives of easyJet's staff and passengers
- In August easyjet buys Go, the low cost airline set up by British Airways. With the combination of easyJet's 35 aircraft and Go's 27 aircraft, easyJet become Europe's number one lowcost airline

- In May easyjet make history by checking in an entire flight through the new self- check-in kiosks at East Midlands airport

- easyjet starts the New Year by becoming the first major low cost airline to roll out internet check in for its UK passengers and offer a 15 minute gate arrival time for those travelling with just hand
- Speedy Boarding is introduced, giving passengers greater choice over their seating arrangements by offering the opportunity to be among the first to board the aircraft

- easyjet expands further by purchasing GB Airways. With 15 new planes, the airline can offer even more destinations such as Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Dalaman from Gatwick and Manchester

Onboard Services and Cabin

photo 0430734

All of the airline’s aircraft are configured in a single class, allowing for a high density layout and maximum seats per aircraft. The A319 fleet can accommodate 156 passengers, whereas the A320-200 fleet is currently in the process of being converted from 180 to 186 passengers, matching the capability of the airline’s NEO aircraft.

Because the airline does not serve meals on its shorter flights, the airline chose to have smaller galleys, allowing for 156 seats on the A319 fleet (normally seats 140). Due to this seating arrangement, all EasyJet A319s have two pairs of over-wing exits instead of one to meet safety requirements in the event of an evacuation.

Although no food is served on a complimentary basis among the passengers, all flown routes have the ability to serve food and drinks at the expense of the passenger. Products include sandwiches, chocolate, snacks, and alcoholic drinks. The Company also offers an onboard duty free shop ( Boutique) including fragrances, cosmetics, gadgets and airline-branded items.

Like Southwest, the airline used to not allocate seats, meaning passengers effectively scrambled from the terminal to the aircraft on the ramp for a certain seat location. If passengers were willing to pay, they could purchase “Speedy Boarding” which at an extra cost allowed the passenger to be among the first on the aircraft. However, beginning in 2012 the airline started to allocate numbered seats before boarding as it was found that this did not slow down the boarding of passengers and could increase revenue more than what “Speedy Boarding” had provided. Front row seats and overwing seats, which provide more leg room, are still sold for an additional fee.

As I was headed to Amsterdam, some nice information about Schiphol Airport.

Each year, British readers of Business Traveller magazine choose the winners of the Business Traveller Awards. The magazine was launched in 1976 and has developed into an authoritative source of information read by business travellers all over the world.

Thanks to the airlines, Schiphol is perfectly connected to the United Kingdom. On average, there are 145 flights a day between Schiphol and 26 different airports in the United Kingdom,carrying in 2017 about 10 million passengers. Around 40% of these passengers are business travellers.
photo schiphol-corporate-responsibility-award-2012_opt

Worldwide by easyJet

With Worldwide by easyJet you can now book flights to far away destinations like New York and Singapore directly with us connecting through one of our many self connection hubs across Europe.

One stop booking process
Self-connect partner airlines and easyJet flights
Simple bag transfer
Missed connection cover
Fast track security

photo worldwide-by-easyjet

If easyJet ever want to operate their own longhaul flights and really go Worldwide with Orange Spirit, then the artist world is ahead of the game !

photo 00008006
photo 00009073
photo 86f1c41e12805a5e62f23726c09f41a5

Launched in 2016, the airline’s Generation easyJet adverts have closely targeted an age group more likely to spend their disposable income taking advantage of ever-cheaper air travel than putting it towards what may feel like the unattainable goal of hopping onto a rung of the property ladder.

easyJet memorabilia

My small,orange,exclusive and sophisticated collection !

photo thumbnail_20181210_201614
photo thumbnail_20181210_201640
easyJet turned 20 in 2015 and I was lucky to receive a celebratory inflight magazine and some chocolate - orange flavoured of course !
photo easyjet 20

easyjet Liveries

The 737s which were once the backbone of the easyJet fleet
photo easyjet_boeing_737_gla

Tartan livery celebrating Scottish routes ( easyJet's first routes were from Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh)
photo 13766313435_4ab2be7ede_b

Amsterdam livery - the first international service was to Amsterdam and Schiphol is served multiple times a day from across the United Kingdom
photo 39911703841_a5e7c3b1ca_b
photo easyjet_fleet_fsx__p3d_intro

In 2015, easyjet experimented with this refreshed livery
photo a320

Before settling on this now popular livery which arrived with the new Airbus sharklet aircrafts
photo a320_easyjet_new_livery_2015

Slogans and Adverts

The Web's favourite airline
BA mick take " To Fly,To Save"
Come on,let's fly
europe by easyjet
generation easyjet

In 2015, to celebrate 20 years of easyJet, there was a temporary slogan "Time Flies" which also had it's own hashtag.

easyJet has always had innovative adverts from day 1. From the "Cut out the travel agent" advert which had dotted lines around the agent to this play on destinations !
photo easyjet-a-royal-place-in-the-pun-600-27929

Uniforms through time

easyJet uniforms - as you can see, from the days of an Orange tshirt, the uniform has really evolved to something classy and chique !

photo screenshot_2018-11-11-23-00-59-1
photo thumbnail_cabincrewbriefing2
photo easyjet03

The current uniform - gents wear an orange themed checked tie
photo kdnfjprg5btwfbfsfuzfxnidsgy3g-qp_easyjet-women_s_07


Easyjet has extended its partnership with luggage collection service Airportr, to include departures from London Luton airport.
The service allows customers to check in luggage at any central London address, ahead of departures from Luton, and costs from £40.

photo easyjet-airportr-2-e1532674229431-916x515
photo easyjet-bag-drop

U2 1833 Fast Facts

A319 of easyJet Europe ( Austrian registered and 156 seats in all Economy configuration )



Previous flight Alicante-Manchester

Next flights after MANAMSMAN

Bilbao,Paris,Amsterdam,Granada,Lisbon,Vienna, Faro ..showing that this baby bus sure gets worked hard !

STD 1410
ATD 1440PM
PB 1422PM
TO 1440PM
STA 1630PM
ATA 1628PM

Factoid - easyJet Europe was established following the UK referendum vote to leave the European Union and the airline's decision to obtain an Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) in another EU member state in order to continue operating flights across and within European countries after the UK leaves the EU.

Many aircraft currently registered to easyJet UK will be reregistered to easyJet Europe, and those staff employed by easyJet UK but based elsewhere in the European Union will be transferred to easyJet Europe. easyJet has announced that it is planning to (re-)register 110 aircraft to fly under the new AOC of easyJet Europe by March 2019.

Check In

Myself and my friend arrived at Manchester Airport around 1200pm and proceeded to the easyJet checkin in area.

photo 20181202_114216
photo 20181202_114250

Saudia 787 ( SV123) from Jeddah taxying to Terminal 2 ( my Parents were on the same flight a week earlier) - plus the Asian beauty known as Singapore Airlines !

photo 20181202_114834

easyJet Customer Service Desk Manchester Terminal 1
photo 20181202_115814
photo 20181202_115819
photo 20181202_115052
photo 20181202_115123

The very basic boarding pass printed online
photo thumbnail_20181210_201803

A male queuecomber took my passport and greeted me by first name which I really found friendly.

My suitcase was placed on a scale and was 11kg of the permitted 23kg - Vanessa very friendly and well groomed.

photo 20181202_115249
photo 20181202_115247

Only after returning from Amsterdam did it transpire I had never been given a bag tag in Manchester. Luckily I had no issue but I am now told by high authority that had I had a baggage issue, my bag had still been registered in easyJet's system.

On the same desks that easyJet use at MAN, I once used to be a Passenger Service Agent for the now defunct Monarch Airlines. It was strange seeing computer screens replace the agents who once sat there!

We were checked in by 1210pm, exactly 2 hours before scheduled departure - this is greatly in thanks to my friend's Dad picking me up enroute to MAN !

We went downstairs into the security area of T1 - a security guard saw my Amsterdam guidebook and showed interest. He advised he was going to Korea and I told him where to go for the best Halal food in Seoul ( Itaweon )!

My friend and I loitered around the terminal - he had some food and I did some spotting.

photo img-20181202-wa0000

If aviation bites you at a young age - it is with you for life !
photo img-20181202-wa0008
photo 20181202_121423
photo 20181202_121441
photo 20181202_123809
photo 20181202_123844
photo 20181202_131130
photo 20181202_131139
photo 20181202_131403
photo 20181202_131455
photo 20181202_131851

Not my aircraft !
photo 20181202_131940


At around 1405pm I saw the easyJet A319 scheduled to operate our AMS flight land from Alicante. I was amazed that "boarding" had begun when the aircraft wasn't even on stand yet !

I had speedy boarding and arrived at the gate and was simply made to line up in the holding area with all passengers so the speedy boarding had made no difference !

photo 20181202_135804
photo 20181202_135813
photo 20181202_135827
photo 20181202_140014
photo 20181202_140047
photo 20181202_140357
photo 20181202_141006
photo 20181202_141010
photo 20181202_141544

The Airhostess at the rear door was checking drawers full of soft drinks cans as I boarded. I said Good Afternoon and she responded nicely.

Boarding started around 1345pm and was complete by 1405pm.

Boarding seemed a bit of a mess and easyJet really want to look at separate boarding from row 1-12 from the front door and row 12 onwards from the rear door. There was no order and it really created an unecessarily busy atmosphere.

I found the legroom ok but the seat seemed tight width wise - the traytable opened right into my stomach ! For such a short flight it was bearable but I would be most uncomfortable with this seating on a longer flight.

There was a live English welcome announcement and a prerecorded Dutch welcome.

Next up were pre recorded Dutch safety instructions but crew only positioned themselves in the cabin cabin for the English language safety demonstration.

photo 20181202_142503
photo 20181202_142507
photo 20181202_142729
photo 20181202_142807
photo 20181202_142810
photo 20181202_142926
photo 20181202_142953
photo 20181202_142957
photo 20181202_143418
photo 20181202_143531
photo 20181202_143552
photo 20181202_143647
photo 20181202_143722

Take Off

And we have lift off to Amsterdam !! Some dramatic sky shots for your enjoyment.

photo 20181202_144310
photo 20181202_144323
photo 20181202_144336
photo 20181202_144435
photo 20181202_144439
photo 20181202_144506

The toilet queue not even 5 minutes after take off ! Imagine easyJet charging to use washrooms ! Spend a penny to spend a penny !
photo 20181202_144539

Inflight Experience

Onboard Bistro brochure

photo thumbnail_20181210_201209
photo thumbnail_20181210_201224
photo thumbnail_20181210_201228
photo thumbnail_20181210_201249

I had prebooked the Calzone Meal Deal and gave my printed voucher to the crew on boarding.

Here is how the Calzone looks in the easyJet Bistro brochure
photo calzone

And here we have the actual meal - doesn't look too bad eh ? Tasted absolutely divine !
Ketchup was my own lol !

photo 20181202_145053
photo 20181202_145119
photo 20181202_145419

Inflight Entertainment

easyJet offers access to movies, TV series, audio books, language courses, games and the latest news brought to you by Rakuten TV.
Connect for free on your own device by accessing the onboard wireless network while in flight mode.

Available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian and only on 5 flights which presently fly into / out of Switzerland.

If you run out of time to complete the show during your flight, register for free and continue watching on Rakuten TV.

photo airtime

Airtime in operation !
photo 20181202_151434

Inflight Magazines

photo 20181202_142709
photo magazine

Boutique brochure

photo thumbnail_20181210_201258
photo thumbnail_20181210_201306
photo thumbnail_20181210_201312
photo thumbnail_20181210_201328
photo thumbnail_20181210_201333
photo thumbnail_20181210_201407

A glance at Traveller inflight magazine

Appropriate article seeing as I enjoyed Pizza onboard albeit a folded pizza !
photo thumbnail_20181210_201427
photo thumbnail_20181210_201448
photo thumbnail_20181210_201507

On the safety information page, references are made at the bottom of the page from actual incidents that have happened on easyJet flights - paranoia gone wrong as it turned out !
photo 20181211_073130

August 2018 Traveller cover - you certainly are encouraged to read !
photo 4103e6a6-a7e9-4d75-bb30-04a56f21d032_rw_1920

The very charming Mr Gabor from Hungary was the Inflight Manager - I told him this was my first easyJet flight and he was happy to hear this. Before landing in Amsterdam he came by to ask how my flight had been but I didn't give much away and smiled at him !

During the prelanding cabin secure check, a male in front of me tried to pass an Airhostes his beverage cup but she advised she was not collecting rubbish and was just checking seatbelts.

One thing I love about landing in Amsterdam is that as soon as you swoop down over the Dutch coast you begin finals in next to no time !

photo 20181202_151859
photo 20181202_151909
photo 20181202_151941
photo 20181202_152028
photo 20181202_152105
photo 20181202_152258
photo 20181202_152318
photo 20181202_152320
photo 20181202_152424
photo 20181202_152440
photo 20181202_152443
photo 20181202_152450
photo 20181202_152524
photo 20181202_152646

Hallo Holland !

We landed at 1628pm and after a long taxi, I bode farewell to the lovely crew who were flying straight back to Manchester- As I came down the stairs I could see passengers flying to Manchester all gathered in the holding room at the gate.

photo 20181202_153125
photo 20181202_153227
photo 20181202_163442
photo 20181202_163740
photo 20181202_163814

The British Invasion at Schiphol !
photo 20181202_163844

Another Orange Darling pushes back to the UK - Schiphol's favourite destination !
photo 20181202_164330
photo 20181202_163928
photo 20181202_163938
photo 20181202_164032
photo 20181202_164058
photo 20181202_164418
photo 20181202_164546
photo 20181202_164656
photo 20181202_164833

After a reasonable walk to Immigration, the pre immigration ladies were impressed with my Dutch and had lovely smiles on hearing I used to live in Holland ! The handful of passengers ahead of me were all from the UK judging by their passports.

photo 20181202_164931
photo 20181202_165011
photo 20181202_165055
photo 20181202_165207
photo 20181202_165227
photo 20181202_165325
photo 20181202_165338
photo 20181202_165502
photo 20181202_165625
photo 20181202_170121
photo 20181202_170330
photo 20181202_170342
photo 20181202_170616
photo 20181202_170917
photo 20181202_170933
photo 20181202_171035
photo 20181202_171046
photo 20181202_171231
photo 20181202_171241
photo 20181202_171441

At Passport Control I said "Goedenavond" ( Good Evening in Dutch ) and the officer smiled then went on to speak in English ! Aaaah !! Maybe he thought I can only speak a word or two of Dutch !

At the AKO newstand the lady was most helpful in helping us choose 3 travel cards.

photo 20181202_172211

Sometimes it feels like you don't know if you are coming or going from Schiphol !

photo 20181202_171501
photo 20181202_171524

See what I mean ? Both areas are right next to each other !

After an efficient 15 minute train ride to Amsterdam Centraal,the holiday would finally begin !

photo 20181202_172958
photo 20181202_173134
photo 20181202_173702

Amsterdam Good !
photo 20181202_100532
photo amsterdam

Amsterdam Highlights will be posted soon !
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Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu9.0

Manchester - MAN


Amsterdam - AMS



Great catering,cabin crew and punctuality let down only by an uncomfortable seat and disorganised boarding process .
Overall an impressive first experience with easyJet !

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