Review of easyJet flight Amsterdam Manchester in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U2 1832
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 06 Dec 18, 10:10
Arrival at 06 Dec 18, 10:10
U2   #7 out of 11 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 689 reviews
Published on 11th December 2018

U2 1832 AMSMAN
easyjet europe

Previous flight Paris-Manchester

On my way to Schiphol

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The lady at the entrance of the checkin was busy chatting to a colleague and completely ignored me.
The checkin agent however was friendly at the bag drop at desk 28 in departures 3. She told me I am departing from the H gates and that the flight is on time.

My Boarding Pass was then scanned and security was then done in minutes - Schiphol is sooo efficient and a blueprint for all Airports of the world.

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Schiphol Sights

No time for shopping so just a few quick Instagrammable photos !

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And some spotting - VT-JES of Jet Airways ahead of flying to Mumbai before she would fly Mumbai-Heathrow the next day.
As always it is a pleasure to see my beautiful Singapore Airlines ( 9V-SMN getting ready to fly home to Singapore) !

photo 20181206_092620

I also saw Garuda and Ryanair ( still can't believe Ryanair fly only from Dublin to Amsterdam) but again time was a factor if I wanted to make my flight !

This isn't my flight by the way ! It's just anothe easyJet Europe ( Austrian) registered Airbus !
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Gate H7 is the very last gate in H gates so quite a walk !

At 0925am passengers were still making their way down to the gate.

One lady from Menzies Aviation ( the handling agent ) was sat down and her colleague was listening to an arguing Dutch passenger.

The seated lady without looking at me,pulled a very horrible face and said " My colleague will help you AFTER she has helped another passenger ".

She then turned to me and gave me the most forced and smug smile. This made me ask why I have Speedy Boarding ?

Around 40 passengers suddenly began boarding in a big wave- this made me ask again what the point was of Speedy Boarding.

She said " You should have been here 5 minutes earlier and you don't need to be rude to me ". I told her I wasn't being rude. What difference would 5 minutes make if she is being lazy and not letting me through as her colleague is dealing with another passenger ? I've never seen anything like it.

It is still a mystery why I wasn't able to to go through due to "another" person helping " another " passenger. Very poor and feedback has been given. Imagine flying a full service airline and flying in First/Business and encountering this scenario. It is shocking.

Anyway the arguing Dutch passenger eventually went away and the lady who was standing took my Passport and Boarding Pass and scanned it in 2 seconds and waved me through.

Time to go home !
photo 20181206_093540

The new Spaceflex cabin was fresh,spacious and very clean. There was a most useful coat hook and the tray table was far from belly as can be !
The cabin smelt brand new and was a huge upgrade on the not so great A319 I had flown into Amsterdam.

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I boarded at 0935am and it was a relief to see cheerful and enthusiastic crew ( at the door ) after the awful service at the gate.

As I boarded I saw row 3's locker full ( thank you Miss Awkward Gate Agent ) and I asked the Airhostess if I was ok to put my bag in locker 1 ?
She said of course and I placed my hand luggage ( custom made for Airbusses by the way ) in row 1.

Boarding was complete by 0945am and we were being flown by Captain Mike and First Officer Harry who announced a 1 hour flight time.

Pushback was at 0954am. At 0950am Dutch safety instructions which were pre recorded played.

During taxi the weather was very very rainy and as such the photos I did manage to get were poor. I did see China Southern, several Jet Airways and British Airways ( BA follows me wherever I go ! )

photo 20181206_100334
photo 20181206_100555

There was an announcement by the Inflight Manager Gareth who introduced his crew crew Alice,Gemma and Sarah.
The headrest was comfy and my head reached the headrest unlike on the A319. I officially don't like the A319 !
The middle seat was free so I hung my coat on the very handy coathook.

Manchester bound !

Take off was at 1012am - a very powerful take off too !

Here is the actual flight route ;
photo download

Take Off !

photo 20181206_101003
photo 20181206_101044
photo 20181206_101326
photo 20181206_101611

If easyjet had seatback screens here is how they would light up the cabin !
photo 20181206_100944

Inflight Service

The crew ( Gareth and Alice ) were very engaged and very friendly to all passengers. This enthusiasm is certainly rare in Europe.
I had to go through 3 payment cards to find one to pay for my hot drink deal and the crew didn't make me feel awkward or a nuisance at all.

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Inflight Magazine / Seat Pocket content

As on the previous flight, the Traveller inflight magazine was brand new. I don't believe passengers are even reading this bulky magazine - maybe reduce it to half size and include the Bistro and Boutique at the back of magazine ? To have 2 magazines and one Bistro Guide is surely only adding to weight and not helping save costs !

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At 0950am UK time there was an announcement for the crew to prepare the cabin for landing.

England is in sight !

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You always know you are moments from landing at Manchester when you see B&Q Stockport !

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Welcome to Manchester

We landed at 1010am and the crew ( Gareth and Alice ) were very cheerful during the farewell greeting to all passengers.
1 lady asked to put a bag on 1D so she could take her youngester to the forward washroom and the crew happily complied.
A young guy ( but old enough to know better) from Liverpool was swearing to his friends that he had left his bag at the back of the aircraft.
Some people quickly forget public decency.

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jet2 737-800 being prepared for it's next flight
photo 20181206_101929

Finnair (Norra) Embraer 190 also being readied to go back home to Helsinki !
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photo 20181206_102216
photo 20181206_102334

At Passport Control the scanner wasn't working so I had to see an Officer.
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photo 20181206_102347
[photo 20181206_103027
photo 20181206_103100
photo 20181206_103308

My TRIPP brand suitcase resembles the EE advertising in Arrivals ! As you can see not many, if any,passengers had hold luggage !
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photo 20181206_103305

Time for a bit of spotting before I end my last trip of 2018 ! The Asian Invasion at Manchester Terminal 2 ! The second time and second Airport in a day where I see the Singapore Airlines A350 !
photo 20181206_103821

Brussels Airlines A319 ( same one I flew from BRUMAN last year, Thomas Cook A330 and Turkish Airlines so uncomfortable 737-800…I don't envoy these passengers about to fly to Istanbul !
photo 20181206_104020
photo 20181206_104026
photo 20181206_104107

Virgin 747-400 off on another transatlantic journey ! Believe me when it took off a few minutes later is sprayed so much rain behind it !
photo 20181206_104327

I'm back in the house people !
photo 20181206_104437

easyJet at Manchester Terminal 1 - until 2007 it would have been unthinkable to see easyJet here as the Orange Spirit;s main Northern base was Liverpool !
The Airbus further back is the one that safely brought me from Amsterdam.
photo 20181206_104951

Spot the American A330 which has just pushed back !
photo 20181206_105537

The 2nd A380 of Emirates 3 daily flights is landing
photo 20181206_105608

Urdu signage yet there are no flights to Pakistan from Terminal 1 ??!!
photo 20181206_105946

Enroute to The Station and a Singapore A350 is about to push back !
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Manchester - MAN



A beautiful last flight pf 2018 enhanced by an amazing cabin interior and enthusiastic crew. I can't wait to fly easyJet again !

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