Review of Virgin Atlantic flight London Las Vegas in Economy

Airline Virgin Atlantic
Flight VS43
Class Economy
Seat 78K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 11:20
Take-off 11 Nov 18, 10:30
Arrival at 11 Nov 18, 13:50
VS 40 reviews
Jett Tyler
By SILVER 2305
Published on 14th December 2018
My fourth and final Boeing 747 ride of 2018, really think I've caught up with this aircraft type this year having not really flown it before…

photo 66

My fourth airline of choice was VIRGIN ATLANTIC, my first time flying this airline as well.

photo 13

My trip for this would take me on a "Boeing-Oddesey" as I would be doing LGW-LAS-SEA-LHR over 6 days on VS Boeing 747-400 & Boeing 787-9 (Classic vs Modern) and a staple of US Air Travel over the last two decades the Delta 737-800.

Beginning this trip, I had to go to London Gatwick from Bournemouth…. So I wasn't going to gamble on an early morning departure with works going on the M23, so I went the day before.

photo 3

Got to Balcombe Road, a small side road sandwiched between Runway 26L and the M23, ideal when aircraft arriving into LGW pass over, and well….

photo 5

The results speak for themselves!


photo 1photo 2

photo 4photo 7


photo 6photo 8

After getting too dark to take anymore decent pictures, I went to the airport and checked into the BLOC Hotel. Paying a total of £80 for a room with an airport view window!

photo 9photo 10

Money well spent me thinks!

photo 11photo 12

Anyway after a night in the BLOC, it was time to shuttle to the North Terminal and catch my flight to Las Vegas!

photo 14photo 16

My Boeing 747 that morning turned out to be G-VXLG "Ruby Tuesday".

photo 17

Air China A330 & WestJet 767-300 occupied the next stands, both going to Toronto Pearson (YYZ) & Chendu (CTU)

photo 18

I had the foresight to spend an extra £30 to secure a seat in the Upper Deck.

photo 19photo 20

I took my place in Row 78 Seat K and had a great view out of two windows! The rear one is where I decided to keep my GoPro as it also could view the engines/wing.

photo 21photo 33

The Upper deck hasn't got a middle row of seats due to the shape of the plane, but still 3-abreast seating. Unlike the Lufthansa A380….

photo 27

However I was pleased to find that I was able to get access to a mini cupboard placed next to my seat! Huge bonus point there!

photo 28

The plane was twenty minutes late leaving, but not a huge issue as we would make most of that up.

photo 22

The taxi time must have been about 15 minutes tops as we were quickly on the runway and airborne having and began the trek up towards Northern England, Northern Ireland and Iceland over to the US!

photo 62photo 63

As the plane flew at 30,000ft, the captain came on the intercom to ask us to participate in a 2 minute silence as it was the 100th Armistice since the end of WW1.

photo 24

Once the silence was honoured I tuned into the "RAF at 100" documentary featuring Ewan McGregor and his brother. A very interesting documentary covering the RAF from the string bags of the Great War, to the Hurricanes, Lancaster and Spitfires that defended Britain in WW2, the subsequent missions of the Avro Vulcan during the Cold War and the modern Eurofighter Typhoon.

photo 64

The first snack service came in the form of Pretzels which I chose to accompany with a Gin & Tonic.

photo 26photo 29

After the documentary finished I put on another documentary about the "Grim Sleeper" crimes committed by Lonnie Franklin in the 1980s and early 2000s.

The main meal service arrived about 2 hours into the flight, I chose the Chicken Curry with a pasta side, crackers & cheese, passion fruit GU pudding and a Red Wine.

photo 61photo 30

Whilst Economy Class meals don't always look appealing, the taste couldn't be faulted. I enjoyed it! Then I followed it with a cup of tea.

photo 65

Some spare prosecco was being offered after the crew served the Premium Economy pax were given another drink service, most were asleep or didn't want the alcohol, so I decided to have one,

photo 32photo 25

I chilled out with the cabin crew asking what they upcoming schedules were for the week and I spoke to a dead heading crew member, who got me one of these Irish Coffee drinks to try and it was amazing! Tasted better than Bailey's and this particular brand is South African.

photo 34photo 35

Going down stairs I went to some of the windows (or exit doors) to get some shots of the 747s wing from different angles.

photo 36photo 37

Plus some cabin shots from down stairs.

photo 39photo 40

After a few minutes exploring about the 747, I went back to my seat in time for the mid flight Twister ice cream!

photo 41photo 42

About three hours later the crew handed out a hot pastry, which I wasn't expecting. I took the meat option which was a steak pasty.

photo 43photo 44

Watching some more documentaries on offer, eyeing up the In flight Map a few times, it was time for the pre-arrival meal of a sandwich, crisps, a drink and a chocolate cereal bar.

photo 68photo 45

The wind was apparently not at its usual direction for Las Vegas and the crew had to pass over the airport and the strip, turn around and fly in towards the North.

photo 58photo 60

It sure made for some nice aerial shots around Nevada!

We came into Las Vegas about 10 minutes later than expected, but it wasn't much to worry about.

I went to the Flight Deck to get some shots once we parked up, the crew were friendly and happy to talk about their time flying the 747! Sad that VS is retiring the plane that made them so famous, but the 787 will keep the airlines innovations going well into the 2020s and beyond!

photo 52photo 51

Leaving the airport (having spent almost an hour at immigration) I took a public bus over to the University, then walked to my hotel "The Excalibur" and walking past the end of the runway, I took the big opportunity to get a load of aircraft going out! Especially getting a few Allegiant A319/A320 as I'd not seen this airline on previous trips that year, and a lot of the A320 fleet for Allegiant are ex-easyJet!

photo 53
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Virgin Atlantic

Cabin crew10.0

London - LGW


Las Vegas - LAS



Virgin Atlantic- They certainly lived up to their reputation! Really enjoyed flying with them! Definitely gave the other airlines I flew on a run for their money!

London Gatwick- Not easy to get to now, but always a pleasure to use! BLOC hotel was perfect for me! S*d the North Terminal, really not a fan!

Las Vegas- Nice airport, will have another flight with some more in depth details. Immigration wasn't too bad as my flight was one of two international services at the time (the other a Mexican A320) so an hour was nothing to cry over.



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