Review of Delta Air Lines flight Las Vegas Seattle in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL2414
Class Economy
Seat 23A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 13 Nov 18, 11:30
Arrival at 13 Nov 18, 14:00
DL   #30 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 622 reviews
Jett Tyler
Published on 22nd December 2018
My fifth flight with Delta for 2018!

photo 18

Having already flown the Boeing 757-200, 767-300 & MD-88 in January/February on the first trip, I was more than happy to get a Delta flight in between LAS & SEA for my Virgin Atlantic trip.

The only downside was being booked on a "Basic Economy" ticket by the travel agent (something that wasn't strictly made clear to me at the time, but what can you do). Trust me guys, unless you live in America and you are taking a flight from your home area, don't bother with Basic Economy EVER! Stick to the MAIN CABIN fares!

photo 20

Basic Economy isn't worth the website its conditions are typed on! Paying £23/$30 for seat reservation is a joke (and not a funny one) as its not a "Competitive" price (Spirit is cheaper for a similar seat. In EUR, BA, easyJet & Ryanair don't charge that price on a similar length route). But I needed my window seat, so I swallowed the pill and paid up! Its not like I will do Basic Economy again- Still fly Delta again (of course)

My original flight booking was to take the Boeing 717-200 (a variant of the DC-9, one of my favourite airliner dynasties), however the plane type and flight changed to the Boeing 737-800. Which wasn't all bad as I'd never flown a 737 on Delta (at least it wouldn't be an Airbus A320!), plus the 737-800/900 meant unlike the 717, I would get to enjoy some In-flight Entertainment! So every cloud has a silver lining!

photo 19

A few shots of the eccentric Las Vegas Terminal!

Most of the morning I spent taking photographs from the gate I was due to be boarding from at the end of the Delta Airlines peer.

photo 5photo 11

Some LAS sightings!

Hawaiian A330 was the highlight for me as I never see these in the UK or that much at US Airports!

photo 10

Southwest presented two special livery 737s to grab!

photo 14photo 16

An American 787-9 was a sight I wasn't expecting!

photo 15

My Boeing 737-800 for the two hour flight to Seattle showed up, it was N3741S, a plane built in 2006.

photo 18

I had to board in the last boarding group. not a huge deal as it means you can get on the plane after everyone else has rushed in to get sorted.

photo 22photo 34

Despite being in Economy Basic, I simply placed my bag up in the over head bin as there was enough space. No one checked or queried it.

photo 23photo 24

We pushed back and departed on time and with a short taxi.
photo 35photo 25

The climb over the desert was nice as it showed off the populated areas and the surrounding barren waste land that "SIN CITY" was established.

photo 36photo 37

Complimentary drinks and snacks were offered. As it was a 2 1/2 hour flight, I asked about getting one of the Snack Boxes (I like to collect them as little Airline souvenirs) but non were stocked as the flight was just that little bit too short to warrant them. Not the crews fault as its the airline that dictates which routes and distances they offer, but they are missing a bit extra of "commission" if they did offer them on this flight, I mean 2 hours- some people would enjoy that??? To my surprise the crew member did give me THREE bags of the snack mix packs as the box wasn't offered. I was pretty happy about that as I do enjoy the snack pack! It meant I could keep two for my trip. Save a bit of $$$, very handy! Highly appreciated!

photo 27

Enjoying the IFE, mainly watching a few Simpson's episodes, then tracking the flight for a bit as we headed due North.

photo 28photo 29

I then tuned into the Music on offer. I listened to Elton John's album on his greatest hits. But my favourite song wasn't included… So include it on this report right here:

photo 39photo 38

Flying in over Tacoma and Seattle, we passed over the Renton Airfield where Boeing builds their iconic and best selling Boeing 737s.

photo 40photo 41

We also passed my "target" for the afternoon- the Museum of Flight.

photo 42photo 30

We landed on time at Seattle/Tacoma (SeaTac) and parked on stand, having to hold up whilst an Seoul-bound Asiana Boeing 777-200(ER) used the runway for take off.

photo 31

As per usual- I had to get a flight deck shot…

photo 32photo 33

Grabbing a shot of my ride at the gate, I then bolted for the exit and went straight to the nearest bus stop, to catch the two busses that would take me to the Museum of Flight!

And boy it was sure worth the mad dash!

Concorde G-BOAG:
photo 44photo 46photo 47

Boeing 747 Prototype:

Boeing 787 Prototype:
photo 48photo 55photo 56

photo 51photo 52

WW2 Birds:

Museum Main Hanger:
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew10.0

Las Vegas - LAS


Seattle - SEA



Delta- Amazing service and experience. Shame about the booking, but I will try my upmost to avoid it in future!

Museum of Flight- It is one of the best in America, and they've got museums with amazing collections!



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