Review of Singapore Airlines flight Paris Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ335
Class Economy
Seat 42D
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:25
Take-off 24 Dec 18, 10:50
Arrival at 25 Dec 18, 06:15
SQ   #2 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 541 reviews
By 2281
Published on 25th December 2018
In the spirit of Christmas cheer, here we go with a trip report of a Christmas Day flight!

This report starts in the gate lounge of one of the satellite buildings of CDG’s Terminal 1. There would be no Christmas cheer in this part. It is clear that this design – one central terminal linked to several satellite buildings by underground tunnels – was originally intended to provide more gate space. However, the older and more crowded CDG gets, the more it becomes clear that this was a terrible idea. The layout is confusing, claustrophobic, and chaotic (gotta love those alliterations), and crowd control is non-existent.
photo 20181223_142246
Our gate was the only one in use at the time, and if the satellite could barely handle a full 777, I shudder to think what would have happened if the other gates had also been in use.

Perhaps it is a mark of how poorly managed CDG is that I couldn't get any photos of the arrival and shopping areas, seeing how occupied I was with not getting lost or accosted by a security guard on my way to the gate. While I do appreciate that CDG isn't truly the worst of airports out there, it is surprising how hard they appear to work at being just that.

This is us at 9:25AM, approximately one hour before boarding would begin.
photo 20181224_092237
Singapore Airlines
Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) - Singapore Changi (SIN)
Boeing 777-300ER
Economy Class
December 24, 2018

Remember that poor crowd control that I mentioned earlier? This was on full display here. The staff made the initial call at 10:20AM, only to be notified almost right away that the flight attendants were not in fact actually ready and needed a few more minutes.

As one can imagine, half the world had rushed to the gate as soon as the initial announcement was out, and a snaking queue had already formed. In anticipation of the 'real' call, no one was moving from their positions. This went on for an agonizing five minutes. While it was clearly not the fault of either the airport staff or the flight attendants, this dumpster fire of a boarding call underlined just how inadequate the space in the satellite building was.

For a number of years, Singapore Airlines ran a daily A380 to Paris, before switching to a somewhat convoluted schedule – two A380s and five 777s on its daily SQ336/335 run as well as 777s on its thrice-weekly SQ334/333 service. The A380s are now gone, with this route now being operated entirely by 777-300ERs.

Our star today was 9V-SWA, the dean of Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER fleet. And she comes with her own slice of history as well. In 2006, Singapore Airlines debuted then-new seats in both business class and economy, intended to go as a package deal with their new A380s. However, A380 production delays – a development that the CEO was not happy with – meant the seats ended up debuting on the 777-300ER. In fact, on this very particular aircraft.

Those seats are now gone, courtesy of a 2016 cabin upgrade, but the history remains. Most of SQ's 777-300ERs are, like this one, now configured F4 J48 W28 Y184 for a total of 264 seats.
photo 20181224_092255
I would be seated in 42D, an aisle seat on the port side of the aircraft just a few rows behind the premium economy section. Legroom was fine, though not as good as what SQ had on some of their older aircraft. I felt a bit boxed in at times, and I am not even a big person to start with. photo 20181224_103125
The IFE was of a newer model, equipped with a screen remote and touchscreen capabilities. As I've mentioned in other reports, this was a huge improvement from the 2006-era seat product. Lack of touchscreen capabilities on that product usually entailed a significant amount of button-mashing in order to scroll through all the options.
photo 20181224_103130photo 20181224_104315
And a look through the movie selection:

Of course, what flight to Singapore is complete without a screening of Crazy Rich Asians?photo 20181224_104605
I was extremely tickled by this scene of one of the characters reading The Little Prince to her son in French. As a French-speaking East Asian, I am well aware of how my people sometimes stereotype the language as being flamboyant and grandiose… and therefore a convenient way to appear more cultured and refined. It was particularly amusing to see how on-the-nose the movie’s portrayal of crazy rich Asian ostentatiousness was!
photo 20181224_112342
For all of Singapore Airlines' refusal to be featured in Crazy Rich Asians, it was interesting how much Pacific Asean Airlines' livery appeared to be a ripoff of its own…photo 20181224_132326
Some shots of the cabin during 20181224_103518photo 20181224_103531
The IFE is equipped with the latest Voyager 3D maps, which allow numerous options as to how you want to view your journey… photo 20181224_103959photo 20181224_104116
This is why I still prefer watching movies on my own laptop to those on the IFE. On the old 2006 product, this is even more disruptive to the viewing experience. On that product, the end of each announcement would bring up an option menu that covered the entire bottom half of the screen and could not be dismissed until it timed out. This would have the side effect of covering up the captions on the movie even as it ran, which would not be user-friendly to those watching foreign-language movies. On this model, the menu could be dismissed immediately after the announcement, which helped smooth things over 20181224_104540
Boarding completed on time, and we left at 10:55AM, just five minutes behind the scheduled departure time. We would be treated to SQ's new safety video, showcasing locations of significance in the island city. The only thing that SQ missed the mark on here was dressing their sign language interpreter in non-contrasting colors, which would make comprehension harder. photo 20181224_105434
Pre-flight service took place while the aircraft was still prepping for departure. The flight attendants distributed oshibori towels (not shown), as well as drinks (apple juice in my case) and snacks. photo 20181224_114113
We took off at 11:10AM Paris time, beginning our puddle jump of 11 hours 45 minutes across the Eurasian continent.

Lunch menus were distributed soon afterward, including, appropriately enough, a Christmas 20181224_112102
We hit severe turbulence over Hungary, which led the flight attendants to suspend meal service only a few minutes after bringing out the trolleys. It would take another half hour before they were ready to start working 20181224_123059
Another cabin shot during the wait for service to resume. This flight was 95% full in both Y and 20181224_120224
No prizes for guessing what option I chose on this festive occasion! This dish was delicious and well-prepared, which more than made up for its somewhat threadbare portion 20181224_125149
The bathroom was clean and well-maintained, apart from a full trash can, and appeared to have been upgraded quite recently as 20181224_115827
Mouthwash, hand lotion, and eau de toilette are 20181224_115842
By the time we finished our meals, we were traversing the Black Sea…photo 20181224_133223
Amenity kits were distributed shortly afterward, including a pair of socks and a toothbrush 20181224_140326
I took this opportunity to take a nap, and when I woke up, we were 4.5 hours into the flight, working our way across 20181224_154634
I went to the galley for some midnight snacks (I detest call buttons, since they make me feel like I'm summoning personal servants). The flight attendants on duty already had a basket of various snacks, including sandwiches and apples, ready for their passengers. I took a ham-and-cheese as well as a can of pineapple 20181224_155103photo 20181224_162613
Making landfall over Afghanistan, 5.5 hours into the flight…photo 20181224_162629
…and crossing Pakistan and India, 6.5 hours in…photo 20181224_172026photo 20181224_173537
Three hours before arrival, the cabin lit up in preparation for breakfast 20181224_201323
By then, we were halfway over the Indian 20181224_201410
Meal service took another hour, during which time we were presented more oshibori towels to refresh ourselves with. I took some time to check out the seatback literature…photo 20181224_201612
The literature was not terribly entertaining, but of course, what trip report is complete without a shot of this page?photo 20181224_202649
The breakfast I picked was advertised as beef meatballs with quiche and spinach, which was a bit odd considering there was literally a single meatball in the dish…photo 20181224_210704
The meal also included bread, a fruit dish of grapes, oranges, and pears, and a cup of yogurt. The meal was, in fact, quite good. In particular, the spinach was very juicy and flavorful, despite having been in storage for over 10 hours by that time. I, however, gave the grapes a miss – the photo doesn't quite show it, but some of them had literally turned grey, as though you were looking at them through a greyscale lens. No, thank you, I think I'll pass…

As meal service wrapped up, we were soon to make landfall over Peninsular Malaysia…photo 20181224_213549
Overflying the Malaysian port city of Melaka less than an hour before arrival…photo 20181224_221807
We curved around the island of Singapore in preparation for a landing on Runway 02C, which is typical for the winter 20181224_223817
We touched down at 5:50AM Singapore time, nearly a full half hour ahead of schedule. All in all, the flight had taken 12 hours 5 minutes, gate to gate – one of the fastest journeys on this flight in the last week.
photo 20181225_054920
Making a bonus appearance was 9V-SGB, one of Singapore Airlines' A350-900ULRs specially configured for their ultra-long-haul flights to LAX and 20181225_060352
Bye, 9V-SWA!photo 20181225_060418
Baggage collection was extremely speedy, as is frequently typical of Changi 20181225_061855
And a final look at the arrival area…photo 20181225_065841_2
…as well as a bonus appearance of Hogwarts Castle, LEGO edition!photo 20181225_081424
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Paris - CDG


Singapore - SIN



Singapore Airlines' crew continue to be attentive as always, making regular snack and drink runs to ensure all their passengers are comfortable. However, I did get the impression that they were a little overwhelmed at times, even during the lull period of the flight. Oftentimes, they were content to send me on my way as soon as I had taken whatever snack I had come for.
It, however, is surprising how far they will go to ensure their passengers are comfortable. At my turn during the breakfast service, the apple juice I had originally requested was unavailable, as another FA had taken the carton to serve another passenger. Even though I quickly requested another option, the FA was intent on waiting for her colleague to return so that she could serve me -- she only relented after I reminded her she still had another 40 passengers to serve!
Overall, this was a very satisfying flight, from start to end, which more than made up for the preceding disaster that CDG is. While some buzz has been made over Singapore AIrlines' seemingly declining service standards, I found this to not really be the case this time round, which is encouraging.

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    The meals are indeed really nice though the portions have shrunk a lot it seems.
    I'm not surprised by your impression that the crew was professional and willing to serve you the best they could, without being friendly and engaging. That's kind of a 5 star airline issue: they don't wanna get involved in a situation where they could divert from the service protocol...

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