Review of Olympic Air flight Larnaca Athens in Economy

Airline Olympic Air
Flight OA 901
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 12 Dec 18, 05:40
Arrival at 12 Dec 18, 07:25
OA 13 reviews
Published on 20th January 2019

Welcome to the third flight from the following series:

FLIGHT A3 873 - WAW-ATH - A320 -
FLIGHT OA 910 - ATH-LCA - A320 -
FLIGHT OA 901 - LCA-ATH - A320 - you are here
FLIGHT A3 870 - ATH-WAW - A320

After two flights with a very tight connection time in ATH, I finally arrived to Cyprus for what was supposed to be a one day stay.


Even if it was a very short day full of work, it was nice to stay in Cyprus even for a couple of hours in the middle of December when most of central Europe is already covered with snow and there is hardly any sun. As my hotel was very close to the sea, I woke up early to please my eyes with this view.

photo img_3953photo img_3954

December is the month when lemons and oranges grow here

photo img_3998

As the weather changed here frequently during the day and it was raining from time to time (a thing hard to experience here in the summer), this rainbow showed us the way back to Larnaca from our meeting place

photo img_3997

My customer invited us for a great typical cypriot feast called "meze" that consists of almost all the dishes cypriot cuisine has to offer. It's funny how the words may sometimes be deceptive: "meze" in Greece means appetizer while in Cyprus the same word in the same Greek language means what you may see beneath:

I made a short walk in Larnaca center in the evening, the city was already preparing for Christmas but it didn't look as nice as it does in the summer

The church of Saint Lazaros, the patron of Cyprus, looks great inside but as a mass was being celebrated it was impossible to enter

photo img_4017


Have I already told you I hate early morning flights? I do. Departing at 5:40 means you need to get up at… try to guess. Anyway after a very short sleep we headed to the very empty airport and after a very fast passport and security check (I must have been still asleep as I don't remember anything) I found myself in almost totally empty airside of the terminal. The first flight of the day appeared to be LO flight to Warsaw departing at 3:40. I would like to fly Cyprus Airways one day, I love their livery, hope the small reborn airline will survive this time.

photo img_4025photo img_4027

Boarding started rather unexpectedly and as I didn't want to search for the empty overhead bin for my hand luggage, I decided not to wait to the very last moment.

View from my seat

photo img_4028

The flight was full

photo img_4065

Decent legroom of this Aegean A320. As on the ATH-LCA flight, this was also operated by Aegean aircraft and crew.

photo img_4033

Service started shortly after take off. This time it consisted of a warm sweet pastry and a cereal bar. The pastry was good, nothing special but ok for the very first meal of the day.

photo img_4030photo img_4031

During the entire flight the sunrise seems to be chasing us, it wil finally catch us once we land.

photo img_4036photo img_4041

Flying over the island and city of Rhodes

and soon after the islands of Rineia, Dilos and - the most famous - Mikonos in the background

next to overfly is the island of Siros and the capital city of Cyclades - Ermoupoli, visible in the right down corner, while the island of Tinos can be seen in the background

photo img_4061

We are already quite low while passing the small island of Giaros

photo img_4071photo img_4073

But before we reach the mainland there is the last (or the first) island of Cyclades called Kea or Zia as it has two names. I've never been there but people say it's very beautiful and empty as it's not very popular being situated too close to the capital. I wouldn't mind an island like this being so close to Warsaw, I would go there every weekend if I could ;)

Each time you see Makronisos (the name literally means "Long Island"), you know that Athens are close

photo img_4093

The southernmost part of Attica with famous cape Sounio

After a deep turn right we are now heading directly towards ATH


Passing by a big part of A3 fleet while heading to a remote park stand

This time the break between the flights was 1:30, that's not much for the whole process of getting from non-Schengen arrivals to Schengen departures but at least no marathon was required this time and I managed even to buy some olive oil at the duty free, so comparing it to the previous experience I would call this one quite relaxing.

Thanks for reading, the last part of the series will follow soon.
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Olympic Air

Cabin crew6.0

Larnaca - LCA


Athens - ATH



It was a short 1:15 flight with a very basic meal as for the Aegean standards and crew I wouldn't call too friendly. Larnaca has a very modern and efficient terminal, while ATH definitely needs an easier non-Schengen - Schengen path.

Information on the route Larnaca (LCA) Athens (ATH)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 5 reviews of 4 airlines on the route Larnaca (LCA) → Athens (ATH).


The airline with the best average rating is Cyprus Airways with 7.9/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 45 minutes.

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  • Comment 485023 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 498 Comments

    Hello Loukas. Homeward bound, I see.

    Great shots of Cyprus, and a lovely meze spread — in Greek is it roughly the equivalent of tapas in Spanish, a meal consisting of a bunch of smaller dishes?

    “Have I already told you I hate early morning flights? I do.”
    - Anything before 8:00 is brutal. Anything before 7:00 is inhumane. Anything before 6:00 is torture.

    Legroom looks very good for economy again, aided by the slimline seats.

    The meal’s a bit of a letdown, but you didn’t expect the caterers to be up for 5:00 am, did you? ;-) Although, it is a flight of barely over an hour, so one can’t really expect too much.

    Lovely shots en route to Athens, and a much better connection time than your last sprint through the terminal.

    Looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this series — thanks again for sharing!

    • Comment 485051 by
      loukas SILVER AUTHOR 292 Comments

      Hi Hometoyyz, thanks for your comment. Yes, meze in Greek normally is like tapas, something small you eat before the main meal but, as you can see, not in Cyprus :) I wasn't really hungry at 6 am, so this meal was quite ok. The last report will follow soon :)

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