Review of ANA flight Tokyo Kochi in Business

Airline ANA
Flight NH567
Class Business
Seat 2K
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:03
Take-off 12 Jan 19, 16:24
Arrival at 12 Jan 19, 17:27
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By 1146
Published on 24th January 2019

A late happy new year to you all and my apologies for skipping those unfinished reports (My reports on Air China are still on the half way…). I would like to jump the queue and share my first flight in 2019. During the three day holiday - Coming of Age Day in Japan, which celebrates who have become adults (which is 20 years old in Japan). Although my 20 was already far away (Sadly 30 this year), I still enjoyed the three day holiday to explore a different side to the country unknown to most travelers - Kochi Prefecture and Tokushima Prefecture on the Shikoku Island.


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How i booked my flights?

My ANA upgrade points were going to expire in March and I have to use it anyway. ANA upgrade points are given to elite members each year. The points could be used for upgrading your flights (both international or domestic) or exchange them into ANA Sky Coin (a kind of cash voucher for buying ANA tickets). Now you might think of course upgrading an international is the best bet, but that is a complete rip-off. Only tickets in designated sub-classes (those expensive ones such as full-fared Y class, or flexible fares) are eligible for the upgrade. So upgrading an international flight is only a joke (who will buy an expensive ticket and then upgrade it?). For the Sky Coin option, you can exchange one upgrade point into 1,000 yen ($9.2). I had 8 upgrade points so I could exchange them into 8,000 yen ($73.6) ANA Sky Coin (cash coupon).

Okay, so what about upgrading a domestic flight? Domestic flight could be upgraded with Cash OR Upgrade Points two days before the departure (as long as there is vacant). 7,000 yen OR 4 points are required to upgrade one domestic sector from economy class to premium class, regardless of distance and type of ticket (flight awards are also eligible). I had 8 points so I opted for upgrading a round-trip domestic flight, which worth 7,000*2 = 14,000 yen ($128.9), a bit better than exchanging them into Sky Coins. Bear in mind that you could only upgrade your flights if there is vacant in premium class cabin.

As January is designated as 'low season' by ANA, which is the time your can redeem your flight with less mileage. I redeemed a one-way flight from Tokyo to Kochi, and another one-way flight from Tokushima back to Tokyo using 12,000 ANA miles. 

check-in & ANA lounge

I took the Keikyu Line from Shinagawa to Haneda Domestic Terminal. There are two domestic terminals, while T1 is designated for JAL and T2 is for ANA.

photo dsc00003

Check-in hall of Haneda Domestic T2

photo dsc00006

Passengers travelling on domestic premium class, ANA elite members or Star Alliance Gold members are eligible to use the premium check-in area.

photo dsc00007

Actually nothing fancy inside, but dedicated security check lanes and direct access to ANA Lounge.

photo dsc00010photo dsc00011

I got my so called boarding pass. Actually you don't really need a paper boarding pass for a Japan domestic flight, and they also recommend to just use the barcode in your email or member page to save time. But as an avgeek, a paper boarding pass is a must, right? Also you'll get another paper to prove that you cleared the security check. They request you to keep the paper until you arrived your destination.

photo dsc00012

Take a look of the ANA domestic lounge. Bear in mind that both ANA and JAL domestic lounges do not provide any food except packed nuts and cracker. However you are welcome to bring your own food into the lounges. There are shops after security check where you can grab a bento or sandwich. Soft drinks and selections of alcohol are available.

photo dsc00014photo dsc00017

ANA Domestic Lounge just look like the international one but without food. Plenty of seating areas

photo dsc00018

Or if you want to hide yourself in a corner

photo dsc00032

And of course a big window for plane spotting

photo dsc00033photo dsc00034

Newspaper and magazines, but most of them are in Japanese

photo dsc00022

Draft beer machine and soft drink machine

photo dsc00023

Japanese Sake from Tokushima and Shimane Prefecture

photo dsc00024

But a glass of milk and some snack just good for me

photo dsc00027

ANA567 tokyo haneda - kochi

The boarding gate was located at the far end of the terminal. Once I arrived at the gate, ground agents kept apologizing for a 10 min delay many many times. Yeah, this is Japan lol

photo dsc00035

The brand new Airbus A321 neo (JA131A) has just arrived from Takamatsu. This was the first time I fly A321neo!

photo dsc00039

Boarding procedure started soon. Premium class passengers, ANA Diamond / Platinum / SFC members and Star Alliance Gold members were the first to board. Once you passed through the gate, you'll have another small piece of paper called 'Boarding Information' as your souvenir (if you want).

photo dsc00046

Today both premium cabin and economy cabin were full. That was not easy to take pictures especially in Japan… It is considered impolite to hold your camera up in front of a huge crowd. But I still tried my best to take a few shots. If you're going to try ANA domestic premium class, you definitely want to check out their A321s. It comes with Recaro electric-driven recliner seats, definitely more than enough for a 1-2 hour domestic flight.

photo dsc00047

The control panel of reclining and footrest, all electric-driven

photo dsc00049

Spacious leg room

photo dsc00050

A pair of slipper but I didn't use it (just an hour flight, it's fine). Instead I take it home as my souvenir :)

photo dsc00053

Safety instructions

photo dsc00056

Take a look on the premium class menu. Even a short domestic flight (an hour), ANA provides a wonderful in-flight meal to its premium class passengers. Food provided depends on the departure time, and my flight did provide 'Light dishes' as the departure time was 4pm.

photo dsc00057photo dsc00063

ANA collaborates with famous Japanese restaurant for its domestic premium class meals.

photo dsc00066

Once the flight was airborne, passengers could recline their seats and use the footrest. The premium class was full so I couldn't take many pictures. This was the best picture I could take to show how the seats look like after reclined and footrest extended. It is definitely more than enough for a short domestic flight.

photo dsc00072

The seat also comes with a big stunning screen (seems Android-based), loaded with some movies and music, but I just left it for the flight map

photo dsc00076photo dsc00080

The flight time was short and food was provided as soon as the flight reached cruising level. Sandwiches, salad, snack and dessert in a neat and decent arrangement!

photo dsc00090

The menu was in Japanese only, but I try to translate it here:
 - Shoulder ham sandwich
 - Mini puff stuffed with cottage cheese
 - Macaroni with smoked salmon, trout and egg
 - Cured ham salad
 - Panna cotta with apple sauce 

photo dsc00092

The meal was so tasty, but from the picture you may already know it wasn't enough to fill my stomach. For a domestic flight longer than 1h20m you may request extra food (subject to availability). My flight scheduled flying time was 1h25m so I requested more, although I had to complete it very short time as the flight was already started descending! The friendly flight attendant gave me a cup of zousui (Japanese rice in soup), with shrimp and scallop in it which was very tasty!

photo dsc00095

Flight attendant asked everyone if they want a plastic bag to take away the snack. It's a good idea so that I could enjoy it in my hotel. The friendly flight attendant gave me extra snack and crackers!

photo dsc00099photo dsc00101

Just a very short flight, we were descending into Kochi Airport on the southern side of Shikoku Island.

photo dsc00114photo dsc00121

Kochi Airport has the nickname 'Kochi Ryoma Airport' to commemorate Sakamoto Ryoma, the famous prominent figure in the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate. (Big fan in Japanese history will know). The airport is small and only handling domestic flights.

photo dsc00122

Arrival hall is small, and bus stop is just outside

photo dsc00124

A 20min bus ride will get you from the airport to Kochi city

photo dsc00125

That's all for the flight! Of course I'd share with you how wonderful is Kochi Prefecture, which is not on the top list of tourists like Tokyo and Osaka! Check out the tourism bonus below!

Bonus : Click here display
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Cabin crew9.0

ANA Domestic Lounge


Tokyo - HND


Kochi - KCZ



ANA domestic premium class is unbeatable (sorry when comparing domestic flight in Europe lol), cozy seat, tasty in-flight meal and services. You can upgrade your flight to premium class by 7,000 yen two days before your departure. Consider it if you plan to fly domestic within Japan! Thank you for stopping by and have a good day!



  • Comment 485242 by
    atco GOLD 134 Comments

    Hello Toyion,

    Thanks for this very complete report of this domestic flight.

    As you mention its funny to compare this to a Business flight in Europe, what a difference!
    Everything looks very impressive, from the dedicated check in to the lounge, the cabin and the inflight service.

    Very impressive legroom and IFE.
    We can only dream that one day we might see Business Class like this in Europe!

    A very enjoyable read, thank you!

    • Comment 485316 by
      toyion AUTHOR 47 Comments

      Hi Atco, thank you for stopping by! I can't deny that Asian carriers usually give better hospitality. I have only flown intra-Europe business class (that was BA Club Europe) once only so I couldn't comment at all.

  • Comment 487407 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5331 Comments

    Hi Toyion, a beautiful report as always!

    Thanks for sharing this nicely detailed report on the ANA domestic premium class experience! The upgrade rates are super reasonable and totally worth it. It's surprising more people don't do it. In comparison, just buying a lounge pass for the day in the U.S. is around $60...which is about the same price as the whole upgrade would cost in cash for this flight which includes lounge access...definitely a good value!

    The seats look a little nicer than Domestic First class seats in the US. I really like the privacy wings around the headrest! And the meal looks really nice for a 1 hour flight. Japanese carriers are always so good with meal presentation.

    ありがとうございました ?

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