Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul İzmir in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK2030
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 03 Jan 19, 15:55
Arrival at 03 Jan 19, 17:25
TK   #18 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 620 reviews
By GOLD 534
Published on 26th January 2019

A very warm welcome to all Flight-Report members and visitors for this exclusive series of Flight-Report's which was an easy way having a Star Alliance Gold status. In addition, in this series I had the chance to experience the brand new Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge at Istanbul Airport on the first day of its operation. This exclusive series would include 15 flights ( 14 on Turkish Airlines & 1 on SunExpress ) and 13 of these reports are flights to/from Istanbul Airport in Business Class. The other two flights are also domestic flights which are on Economy Class and they are not reports from/to Istanbul Airport. More details could be found in the routing section. 

The fourteenth report of the series would be another flight from Istanbul Airport; but this time it was not for the miles, the trip was for a meeting and then I would return the same night. I had the chance to book another €39 J class flight 3 days before the departure date, so I went for it. This report would also contain a review of the brand new domestic lounge in Istanbul Airport.

The routing would look like this. All reports except #2 would include lounge reviews as well.

Pax for this flight

Business Class: %30-35
Economy Class: %80-85


I had done my online check-in 24 hours before departure. Even though I was an Elite member at that time, the system marked me as Classic Plus which I was while I booked this flight.

photo img_6307photo img_6308

Even though my return was the same day, it was in a separate booking as I booked it later, I wasn't able to check-in for the return flight that time.

This time I've used the İETT bus from Mecidiyeköy and arrived to Istanbul Airport in 35 minutes.

photo img_6314

Istanbul Airport - ISL

A view of the terminal before entering the building

photo img_6315

As I also wanted to print my onward flights boarding pass, this time I've headed to the regular check-in desks instead of using one of the kiosks. After representing my ID, the agent printed both of the boarding passes. And also, I have requested an exit seat for my onward journey, as TK doesn't allow to reserve exit seats online at OLCI, and I have gotten one.

photo img_6317

Boarding passes for both of the flights

photo img_6316

Later on, I have cleared security which was a breeze as there were no queues.

photo img_6318

A view of the domestic concourse while on the escalators to the gate level.

photo img_6319

After a short walk, I have reached the elevators for the lounge.

photo img_6320

Turkish Airlines LOUNGE DOMESTIC - Istanbul Airport

As the x5 miles promotion had ended at that time, the lounge was empty. There were only 4 passengers from our flight.

photo img_6322photo img_6323

The offering are the same as the previous reports. In addition to the bar below, there is another bar that you could see pictures of it at reports #4 and #8 in this series.

photo img_6321-60

While I was in the lounge, I was tracking the inbound flight from Ankara. Today's aircraft would be TC-JHS named Gölbaşı

photo img_6324photo img_6325

And here the bird arrives to gate G7b.

photo img_6326


photo img_6328

30 minutes before scheduled departure, me and the other 3 of the passengers in the lounge was asked to board from the CIP gate. Even though our aircraft was visible from the departure point of the bus, we were transferred by the bus.

photo img_6329

Chart of ISL at the bus

photo img_6330


After boarding the aircraft, I have took my seat 2A. Seat 2B was empty that day.

photo img_6331

As this aircraft was equipped with the Panasonic IFE system, the aircraft wasn't installed with power sources.

photo img_6332

Before boarding had finished, I had a quick visit to the front lavatory which was clean at that time

photo img_6334photo img_6335

While I took my seat, pre-departure beverages were offered by the crew. That day I've opted for an orange juice.

photo img_6336

Later on nuts and menus were distributed

photo img_6337

The menu was the same as my last TK 2030 flight, which was a few days ago.

photo img_6338

While we pushed back the safety video had been monitored.

photo img_6339

The domestic gates

photo img_6340

Passing the terminal

photo img_6341

TC-JUG had arrived from Trabzon that day

photo img_6342

Turkish Technic Hangar

photo img_6343

TC-JHA had arrived from Gaziantep as TK 2219. It's weird to see an 737-800 with an old cabin at Istanbul Airport. Flights from Istanbul Airport usually gets the newer cabins.

photo img_6344

Turkish Do&Co catering facility

photo img_6345

TC-JVF arriving from Baku as TK1133.

photo img_6346photo img_6347

VIP terminal

photo img_6348

After the flight from Baku had landed, it was our turn to take off and we were shortly in the air

photo img_6349

After taking off

photo img_6350

The IFE was closed during this flight

photo img_6351

Despite the IFE being closed, the route map was available from the overhead monitors

photo img_6355

Literature, covered in detail in report #13

photo img_6354

Shortly after takeoff, the meal service had begun.

Mozarella & Grilled Vegetables
Turkish Style Minced Beef with Ratatouille Couscous and Grilled Zucchini
Lemon Tart 

photo img_6352

After my tray was collected, I've asked for a tea

photo img_6353-48

Photos before arriving to Izmir

There is an airfield next to ADB which is used by the military.

photo img_6360

And we have arrived to Izmir ahead of schedule.

photo img_6361

Due to the heavy rain, I didn't spot aircrafts this time. We had parked to gate 235 at the domestic terminal.

photo img_6362


After saying "thank you" to the crew I have left the aircraft and taken a last photo from the jetbridge and left the airport.

photo img_6363

I would come back to Adnan Menderes Airport, a few hours later to fly flight #15 in this series.

This report has came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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This flight was similar to all those flights in the series. As I mentioned before, I hate to see a closed IFE onboard and that was the only negative point of my trip.

As I want to expedite the process of writing this serie, there would be no +'s or -'s for reports in this serie. However, there could be some exceptions.

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