Review of British Airways flight Istanbul London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA675
Class Economy
Seat 12F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:20
Take-off 12 Jan 19, 10:00
Arrival at 12 Jan 19, 11:20
BA   #53 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 765 reviews
By GOLD 733
Published on 9th February 2019

Report No: 2019-101E

Ladies and Gentleman,
Welcome to this short series of Flight-Reports which would be basically including two flights on British Airways, both on routes that I've reported before on the Euro/World Traveller cabin. However, I've decided to report these two flights to show members and visitors the progress of BA since the last two months.

I would share the links of my previous IST-LHR and LHR-WAS reports below so you would also have the chance to compare them.

The first report of this series would be another review on my westbound shuttle flight which is the BA flight from Istanbul to London. This time I would fly on the Euro Traveller cabin as usual but I'm expecting you to report this route ( possibly (from or to) the new airport ) in Club Europe as well during the end of this year. You could also see the list of my future reports at the end of my last published report. This review would also include a review of the Millennium Lounge which BA contracts at Istanbul.

So I hope you enjoy this small series of flights. The routing is available just here;


You could click on this line to see my past flights on British Airways on the exact same route from IST to LHR.

Pax for this flight

Club Europe: %100 [ Club Europe until row 3 ]
Euro Traveller: %95-100


I have completed my online check-in for both of my segments, 24 hours before the first flight.

photo img_6399photo img_6400

I have sticked to my pre-reserved seats for both of the flights.

photo img_6401photo img_6402

Later on, I have generated mobile boarding passes for both flights

Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT - IST

As flights would move to Istanbul Airport on the 3rd of March, this flight would be my last flight from Atatürk Airport unless the movement would be postponed.

That day I have entered the terminal by using the E2 entrance which is the Turkish Airlines Priority entrance. I have access to use this door because of my Miles&Smiles Elite card. Even though I didn't have the card, while I was going to turn on the TK app and show my mobile card, the employee at the gate said thank you and let me pass in.

photo img_6405

Later on, I have headed to the British Airways counters which are located at check-in island G. There was no one in front of me in the priority lane so I was quickly assisted by the first available agent. That day, there was a huge line in the regular queue. After being checked-in, the ground staff gave me my lounge voucher, boarding pass for both of my flights, bag tags and a fast-track barcode.

photo img_6406

Boarding Pass

photo img_6409

Lounge voucher

photo img_6407

Fast track invitation code

photo img_6408

Later on, I have went to the TK Miles&Smiles card desk for my Elite card to be printed. For those who wonder how I became M&S Elite you could check my mileage run series by clicking on this line. Later on I have cleared security and went through the passport control under 5 minutes as the lines were shorter than usual. Then I have headed to the Millennium Lounge ( probably for the last time ).


The Millennium Lounge is one of the simplest lounges that doesn't have that much to offer at Istanbul. Unfortunately, British Airways contracts this lounge and the lounge offerings are decreasing day by day.

photo img_6410

Today's offerings were fruits, vegetables, packaged sandwiches, cheese, olive, packaged bread, cookies and a soup.

photo img_6413photo img_6412

Also you could notice that there were no Fanta, no Sprite, no Diet Coke and no Coke Zero left. As well, the amount of magazines that they offer has significantly decreased.

photo img_6414

That's why I had a cup of tea with some cookies and grabbed a bottle of water and an ice-tea and left the lounge.

photo img_6415


After a long walk to gate 504, the fixed gate for this flight which is 10-15 minutes away from the lounge, I have noticed that boarding had begun at 09:20 which was 40 minutes before our flight.

photo img_6416

The same AtlasGlobal ad was there for months, maybe years. This is the escalators going down to gates 501 - 504.

photo img_6417

While I have arrived to the gate the first bus had already left and there was a huge queue in front of the gate. After passing the document check, I have directly boarded from the priority lane without any waiting and I was inside the second bus.

photo img_6418

Upon arrival to the aircraft, the ground staff asked to prepare our boarding passes as the crew would check them again while boarding the aircraft. Probably, it's BA protocol to re-check boarding passes at the aircraft while the boarding is made by bus.

photo img_6419-81

Fuselage shots

photo img_6420photo img_6421

BA 675 Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT TO London Heathrow AIRPORT

After being welcomed by the crew, I have took my seat 12F for the upcoming four hours. Luckily, there were available emergency exit seats while I booked my flight so I didn't have to sit at those 29.5' seats for this four hour flight. For those reading my report the first time, I hold an Executive Club Silver status which allows me to pick exit seats for free on BA flights within Europe. 

photo img_6422

The overhead panel

photo img_6423

Our neighbor was this Boeing 737-900ER which would head to Budapest

photo img_6424

Shortly after the doors were closed, the safety video was monitored from the overhead screens.

photo img_6425-35

And we had pushed back on time, this 777-300ER ( TC-JJN ) had arrived from Guangzhou that morning and would head to Heathrow like us.

photo img_6426

After a 10-15 minute wait at the runway queue, it was our turn to take off.

photo img_6427

Last view of Atatürk Airport

photo img_6428

And we're in the air

photo img_6429

IFE - BA 675 Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT TO London Heathrow AIRPORT

As, BA removes overhead monitors from their narrow body fleet, there is no more movies or news programs screened on this route. On aircrafts still equipped with these monitors, the route map is shown for all of the flight.

photo img_6430

Also reading one of the magazines in the seat pocket could also entertain passengers

photo img_6436-2

BA Europe Route map

photo img_6437

List of BA destinations within Europe.

photo img_6438-32

The High Life shopping catalogue was also available, inflight shopping was available during this flight.

photo img_6439-65

The safety card was also present at the seat pocket.

photo img_6431-12

BoB - BA 675 Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT TO London Heathrow

As the class of service is considered as Euro Traveller on BA flights to/from Istanbul. The Marks&Spencer BoB catalogue is available for passengers requesting something to eat or drink.

photo img_6440-21

You could find the content of the M&S Food catalogue for January-April 2019 here.

As there is no real breakfast at the Millennium Lounge, I have bought a mushroom and Emmental sourdough toastie for this flight. The sandwich is delicious and definitely worth the price. For those that you may have noticed, I have brought my drinks from the lounge.

photo img_6432

Shortly after the meal, I had a visit to the lavatory which was clean at that time

photo img_6435photo img_6433photo img_6434-61

A shot while we were on our way to Heathrow

photo img_6448

Prior to our arrival, a video about arrivals and connections at Heathrow was monitored from the overhead screens.

photo img_6449

River Thames & London before arrival

photo img_6450-50photo img_6451

And we had landed to Heathrow, on time

photo img_6452

The first visible aircraft was this Queen of the Skies that was going to Accra that day

photo img_6453

British Airways A319 & A321

photo img_6454

G-EUYF on the right side which would operate BA 730 to Geneva and EC-HUI on the left which would go to Madrid as IB 3169

photo img_6455

G-EUYP which would head to Larnaca that day

photo img_6456

G-EUOH was getting ready for its flight to Milan Linate

photo img_6457

Later on, we had parked to gate A17 next to this A320 which was pushing-back for it's flight BA 662 to LCA.

photo img_6458


And the last view of our aircraft

photo img_6459

And, it was time to follow the purple signs for my onward connection to Washington DC.

photo img_6460

This report has came to and end.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

Coming up

This section would include spoilers of my next reports if travel plans are made. This section would appear in my recent report "except the flashback series reports" so you could have an idea what flights are coming next. Just a quick note that, flights I that I marked that I haven't flown yet could be not reported or/and not flown depending on several factors such as itinerary change, cancellation of trip, dead battery and more.

Reports marked as;
LIVE REPORT would be those reports posted few hours after the flight.
VIDEO REPORT would be available as a video report as well. The videos would be linked on the report page. ( This would be an extra feature )
These features would be available from February 2019 on some reports. 

Up next

The second flight of this series would be the next report. After a last minute change from a 787-8 to a 787-9, this aircraft was assigned to take me to Washington, DC. As I also mentioned on the routing of this serie, I would report this flight in the World Traveller cabin and the report would also contain a detailed review of the British Airways Galleries Lounge in Terminal 5 Concourse B.

photo img_6481

Coming up

Unfortunately there is no confirmed future report at the moment except the second part of this serie. However, I am booked to 15 flights in the near future.

Future flights

For a hint of future flights, that I have booked and haven't flown yet: There are 15 unflown flights and 6 of them on the same airline ****** Airways, ( hint: just look above; it's the same carrier ) but only 4 of them would be in the Euro/World Traveller cabin and the 2 other flights would be in a more premium cabin. Also only one of these flights would be from/to Istanbul so you would also see a new destination from me as well. [February 2019 and May 2019]

Three of them would be on a new US domestic serie ( including two transcons and a short flight which is less than 500 miles ) that I would start my journey on the airport below and and fly with the airline below on their narrow body fleet both on their Airbus's and Boeing's. [March 2019]

photo img_4062

And, four of them would be on a different carrier onboard the newest model of the Queen of the Skies and a start of return from Oneworld to Star Alliance after extending my Oneworld Sapphire status for another year. [March 2019]

photo img_4026

For the two remaining flights, I won't give any hint except that they would be both onboard an A321. These flights are also not listed in the airport meetup section ( only available for FR members ) but I would be happy to meet members if they put their journey information on that section. <i style="font-weight: bold;">[February 2019]

So, I would suggest that you keep on touch with Flight-Report

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British Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Millenium Lounge


Istanbul - ISX


London - LHR



To conclude, I could tell that the experience in IST was pleasant than my last BA flights from here; especially just being served after arriving to the check-in desks and served by one of the friendly agents. The flight was also a decent experience, just that British insists to serve their BoB menu on Istanbul flights, I would always write the fact that they are competing with Pegasus instead of Turkish Airlines on this route. However, the BoB menu is reasonable and the choices are good, but there could be more selections that are served warm. The IFE is completely a disaster, but at least there is a route map. I am waiting the day that BA would introduce Wi-Fi and Mobile IFE on their narrow body fleet. The lounge is the worst part of the journey. The Millennium Lounge gets worser each single day. The offerings are reduced day by day because of the lounge would close due to the movement. The only positive part is that the lounge has a very friendly team of staff. I don't know the exact date when I'll fly BA from Istanbul to London next time, but probably it would be on their A320neo's or A321neo's which would operate this route in the upcoming part of the year. Probably, I would experience the IGA Lounge in the new airport instead of this seating area with some free snacks that has restricted access.

(+) Check-in, security, passport waiting times
(+) Priorities respected while boarding
Millennium Lounge
(+) Nice and friendly staff
(-) Not a real premium lounge
(-) Nothing other than packaged food and fruits are offered
(-) A service decrease since my last visit
BA 675
(+) Legroom at the exit row
(+) BoB options
(+) Nice and friendly crew
(-) No real IFE
(+) Arriving to a good location within the terminal

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