Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Montevideo in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 553
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 17 Sep 18, 21:10
Arrival at 17 Sep 18, 23:15
H2   #63 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 44 reviews
Published on 10th February 2019
Two cities that have nothing to do with each other - Valdivia and Montevideo - happen to be incredibly well connected.

I left my home this afternoon (previous report), arrived at SCL after a comfortable 1-hour flight, and now I'm making my way from domestic arrivals to international departures. My next flight leaves in less than three hours.

At the time of this flight SCL's terminal consists of a relatively small L-shaped building. The domestic flights area is at the end of the long stroke of the L, and the access to international departures is where both strokes meet.

So there's no need for buses, trains, nothing. Just a nice stroll from domestic arrivals…

photo img_20180917_183030

…along the first (ground) floor hall…

photo img_20180917_183122

…then the elevator to the third floor, and voilà! September 18 is our national day. That's why the message "Felices fiestas patrias" is plastered all around. Some foreigners get sort of shocked at such display of "nationalism". I was in Argentina on July 9, their national day, and nobody seemed to be in the mood for celebrations!

photo img_20180917_183636

Going airside

I enter the police check area at 18:38. The queue is quite long, but one good thing about SCL is that lots of booths are open…

photo img_20180917_183856

…so I clear police check quickly…

photo img_20180917_184756

…and make it to security check at 18:48. Ten minutes!

photo img_20180917_184810

I'm airside at 18:50.

photo img_20180917_185303

I have to follow that lady pulling the red bag through the narrow corridors of the duty free.

photo img_20180917_185340

So Montevideo is just a stop on the way to Córdoba, Argentina?! That's crazy! It's like taking a flight from Madrid to Paris… via Moscow!! gate 10. Hm. That's at the end of the short stroke of the L. I'll have to walk a little.

photo img_20180917_185909

But being so early, I have enough time for a little project - I'll leave a photographic register of what SCL looks like from gate 20A, usually shared with the domestic area…

photo img_20180917_191207

…all the way to the international end of the L.

photo img_20180917_191218

Besides, I'm getting hungry…

photo img_20180917_191245

…and the cheapest shop at the airport is at the far end.

photo img_20180917_191318

Felices fiestas patrias!

photo img_20180917_191346

I will never find a soda for less than 3 USD in one of these shops…

…but at the bend of the L…

photo img_20180917_191905

…is what I'm looking for.

photo img_20180917_191926

No, it's not that cafeteria.

photo img_20180917_192014

It's the vending machine! The only place with sodas at 1000 CLP! (1.5 USD)

photo img_20180917_192129

And now my sandwich.

photo img_20180917_192324_1

Oh. We're in the middle of the long stroke of the L. My sandwich is at the far left (escalators)

photo img_20180917_192430

This end looks much more active. Most international flights leave in the evening, it seems.

photo img_20180917_192525

My gate (10) is on the right, but my sandwich is on the left…

photo img_20180917_192644

…down the escalators…

photo img_20180917_192701

…on the first floor…

photo img_20180917_192810

…at this Maxi K. :)

photo img_20180917_192833

Hee hee hee. I knew it…

photo img_20180917_192924

…because I was here for my last flight to Buenos Aires. Sandwiches here are half the price than anywhere else in the airport.

photo img_20180917_192927

Great! I even have some minutes to relax and read a little. The only thing I have to do now is take the escalator back to gate 10 when the time for boarding comes, and…


photo img_20180917_202519

This is where I started my "photographic project"!! >:(

photo img_20180917_203203
photo img_20180917_203223

Boarding is being called as I stop sweating and panting.

photo img_20180917_203323

CC-AHD is already waiting.

photo img_20180917_204123

So the punctuality awards from my previous report were true!

photo img_20180917_204111

A long ramp takes us down from the third to the second floor to access…

photo img_20180917_204143

…the jetbridge.

photo img_20180917_204533

The product is exactly the same for domestic and international routes…

photo img_20180917_204834

…but I have the impression that legroom is a bit better in this row.

photo img_20180917_205259

Tray table a bit dirty at this time of day.

photo img_20180917_204846

Seatback pocket contents - the same as in this afternoon's flight.

photo img_20180917_204922

Night has fallen long ago.

photo img_20180917_210122

Make an estimation of the passenger load if you're good with numbers.

photo img_20180917_210546

The Flight

Pushback at 21:07. Three minutes in advance!

photo img_20180917_210736

With a cellphone and a lousy camera…

photo img_20180917_211047

…I won't be able to take good pictures in the dark.

photo img_20180917_211817

Santiago is a handsome city at night, though not necessarily from the air.

We are heading south. We'll cross the Andes some 50km south of Santiago.

photo img_20180917_212042

The Ruta 5 Sur (aka Panamerican Highway) runs (almost) all along the country.

photo img_20180917_212209

Turning east above Paine. Not the Paine Towers, but a little town locally famous for its large watermelons. When a man has a big belly, his friends will usually ask if he is carrying a sandía de Paine with him.

photo img_20180917_212315

Acceso Sur, another access to the south area of Santiago.

photo img_20180917_212344

Nobody is allowed to stand up or use the restrooms while crossing the Andes - which takes about 10 or 15 minutes - but the FAs get ready for the BOB as soon as we are flying above the Argentine pampas.

photo img_20180917_214133

I still have my vending machine soda - sin azúcar in order to compensate for the calories in the sandwich I'm ordering. :D

photo img_20180917_215720

This kind of bread is called marraqueta. Very popular in Chile. It's also called pan batido, or pan francés in different areas of the country.

photo img_20180917_215747

No matter the name, it always very crunchy and has this shape that lets you divide it into four pieces.

photo img_20180917_215847

The filling is carne (meat, in this case beef), and queso (cheese) Yummy. Come with daddy. :D

photo img_20180917_215911

I'm enjoying my sandwich. Unfortunately, my neighbors in 4B and 4C are not. They are a mature couple and they're having a bit of a quarrel with the FA about their order. In the end, they seem to realize that they were wrong, but they blame it on the menu, saying that it's misleading! Meanwhile, we are flying above a town called Lincoln. Yes, after the president! It's inhabitants are called linqueños.

photo img_20180917_222024

120km from Buenos Aires is Chivilcoy. Are they trying to send some kind of message into space??

photo img_20180917_222947

Few minutes later we see the lights of Buenos Aires.

photo img_20180917_223655

I'm a little confused at first because I found the flight very short.

photo img_20180917_223702

I wonder if we flew towards Córdoba or Rosario, which are closer to the Andes. But no.

photo img_20180917_223731photo img_20180917_223813photo img_20180917_223907

As the Río de la Plata comes into sight, it's clear that we are above Buenos Aires.

photo img_20180917_223955

There's the wide 9 de Julio Avenue, and the fog coming from the river. I can even see the streets where I walked around the Obelisco in my last visit. And I suddenly feel sad because Rayita is down there and I don't know when I'll see her agan. :( She was the sweetest thing I met in Buenos Aires. She must be sleeping now, as she did most of the time. She slept with me every night…

photo img_20180917_224030

…she talked to me in her language, and she thought I was her kitten.

photo img_20180711_102810

Across from Buenos Aires, on the opposite shore of the Río de la Plata, lies Colonia del Sacramento. Its name says it all: It's characterized by its colonial architecture. A very beautiful town. I'll be visiting it during this trip.

photo img_20180917_224329

The lights of western Montevideo come into view.

photo img_20180917_230236

But I picked the wrong side of the plane again. We cross the city and turn around towards the left, so I miss the center of the city… again. >:(

photo img_20180917_230253

We descend westward…

photo img_20180917_230319

…above the Carrasco area.

photo img_20180917_230412
photo img_20180917_230453

And here's MVD and its futuristic architecture.

photo img_20180917_230610

Looks like taken from the Jetsons! :D

photo img_20180917_230613

Adding insult to injury, the windows get fogged…

photo img_20180917_230728
photo img_20180917_230733

…and the lights don't help.

photo img_20180917_231129
photo img_20180917_231134

We've made it.

photo img_20180917_231158
photo img_20180917_231206


Carrasco (aka MVD)…

photo img_20180917_231603

…is a cute small airport…

photo img_20180917_231617

…and you'll never have to walk much.

photo img_20180917_231704

A last sight of CC-AHD on the tarmac.

photo img_20180917_231736

As soon as you arrive…

photo img_20180917_231707

…you can cover almost the whole airport in a glance!

photo img_20180917_231813
photo img_20180917_231818

At this time of day…

photo img_20180917_231834

…we seem to be the only ones going through migrations…

photo img_20180917_231842

…which is fantastic…

photo img_20180917_231930

…because in ten minutes…

photo img_20180917_232017

…we are landside.

photo img_20180917_232842

You might need some money for the bus or the taxi.

photo img_20180917_232930

A last step before being left in the wild, scanning your bags. Never as tough as in Chile, though.

photo img_20180917_232935

Another chance to channge money.

photo img_20180917_233130

The main hall.

photo img_20180917_233302

The exit is over there, behind the escalator, and taxis are waiting right outside. There's also a bus stop, and buses come every 30 minutes during the night. The ticket is about 60 UYU.

photo img_20180917_233305

Thanks for reading!
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Montevideo - MVD



After flying a similar route with Aerolíneas Argentinas, I can say that Sky Airline does the job with great quality of service for a cheaper price. No snack box as in AR, but the hot sandwiches in their fair-priced BOB are much better!!



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  • Comment 487805 by
    marathon GOLD 9819 Comments

    The first destination once airside appears to be Cashiers (North Carolina), known in Chile as Cajas ;)

    "It's like taking a flight from Madrid to Paris… via Moscow!"
    - Or rather like the twice weekly flight from Charleroi to Brest... via Toulon. It is the astute combination of the demands for flights from Belgium to the Riviera (CRL-TLN), and for flights between the two largest French Navy bases (TLN - BES).

    I take good note of THE vending machine in SCL... and of that well-hidden Maxi K Store (An airside sandwich at 1500 CLP is hard to beat !)

    Keep seat belts fastened while crossing the Andes : is it a local regulation (due to frequent turbulences / bad weather) ?

    This pan looks a lot more Chilean than francés to me ;) It looks good, though !

    Identifying a city at night from the pattern street lights is a difficult task, but Chivilcoy decided to help you. Nice picture !

    Haha, you really fooled me when describing your relationship with Rayita ! (Mrs. Marathon was wiser and guessed the solution ;)

    "As soon as you arrive, you can cover almost the whole airport in a glance"
    - Interesting how we now equate an airport with its duty-free shopping area ;)

    Foreign exchange counters, but I guess there are ATMs too ?

    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 487993 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 767 Comments

      The first destination once airside appears to be Cashiers

      And I wonder if the Peruvian town of Cajamarca should be translated "cashiermark". XD

      I find the words "cashier desks" quite weird. I wonder if "checkout" is more commonly used. And yes, "checkout" would be "caja" in Spanish. They guy who works there is the "cajero".

      is it a local regulation (due to frequent turbulences / bad weather) ?

      Must be. Every time we cross the Andes we hear the same letany: Por disposición de la autoridad aeronáutica, todos los pasajeros deben permancer sentados y con los cinturones abrochados blah blah blah. I've almost learned it by heart. And they mean it. Even if you leave your seat for some seconds to find something in the luggage bin, you'll be pestered over the PA until you sit down again.

      Interesting how we now equate an airport with its duty-free shopping area

      But if you look carefully, there's also a little window through which you can see baggage claim! That would be about half the airport! :D

      I guess there are ATMs too ?

      There must be, but I didn't see them at the time. :(

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  • Comment 488123 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 545 Comments

    I'm pretty sure those callories of that marraqueta were justified already by that run to your gate haha.

    Seeing your reports of Sky, it seems that they offer a solid product on both regional and domestic and no duct tape necessary, impressive!

    • Comment 488657 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 767 Comments

      no duct tape necessary, impressive!

      There should be a "duct-tape-free" certification for airlines, indeed!

      it seems that they offer a solid product

      Yes, for my very personal taste, Sky is better than Latam and JetSmart, the other two large commercial airlines.

  • Comment 489178 by
    Christian Gerber 2 454 Comments

    Gracias for the Padahuel's cheap places report, I will use it (though I was near seizure when I thought it could be Ruby Tuesday...
    From my reading, this flight is now sentenced to death!

    • Comment 489227 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 767 Comments

      Sí, lo leí en Esta ruta se acaba en abril. :'( Es que con esos horarios tan tarde! El de regreso era después d elas 11 de la noche, llegando como a las 2 de la mañana! Una lástima, porque solamente queda latam con vuelos directos a MVD. Seguro que ahora van a cobrar lo que se les ocurra. >:( Ojalá que JetSmart venga al rescate!!

  • Comment 489195 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Nechus, thanks for another interesting report. "Nobody is allowed to stand up or use the restrooms while crossing the Andes" - does it work on all the flights? Is it some kind of official regulation that the fasten seat belt sign must be on during the Andes crossing?

    • Comment 489228 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 767 Comments

      Is it some kind of official regulation

      I have crossed the Andes on Chilean and Argentine airlines, and it's been the same. We are given a speech saying that it has to be done that way due to the Chilean air traffic regulations. Good thing, because it can get quite bumpy! In fact, on my last flight from Florianópolis to SCL that I made with my students, some of them were sobbing in silence because of the turbulence. They were really scared! And when the captain said the turbulence was over, it got even worse!!

      • Comment 489575 by
        loukas 343 Comments

        Flying over mountains is almost always turbulent (as flying over India - the moment you enter their airspace, the aircraft starts to shake, it's not a joke!) and as the Andes are so high it must be a rollercoster sometimes...

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