Review of easyJet flight Toulouse Paris in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U23963
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 11 Jan 19, 08:15
Arrival at 11 Jan 19, 09:50
U2   #8 out of 12 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 706 reviews
By GOLD 558
Published on 25th February 2019

Hello and welcome on board this new report, first flight of 2019 it will be my 4th report in English a good translation exercise for me. It’s also a good chance to show you the new Airbus A320neo of Easyjet on a classic French route.
Once again this is just a translation of a report published on the french part of the website.


Flashback in November 2018 when my girlfriend and I try to find a flight in order to see is family who live in Paris during the early days of 2019. The goal of this long week-end is to spend time with is relatives and to celebrate (with a bit of delay) Christmas. We’ve got a good deal for the second week-end of January about 60€ for a return flight per passenger with Easyjet. For example, the lower price you can get with Air France is around 100 €. Best of all, the schedules are good and we will land at Charles de Gaulle airport which is very effective if you live in the North of the French capital.

Which gives us the following routing: 


  • U23963 -Economy - Toulouse => Paris CDG in Airbus A320neo You are here
  • U23967 - Economy - Paris CDG => Toulouse in Airbus A320 Not available

Toulouse to Paris is the busiest route in Europe with more than 3.000.000 passengers per year if you count the flights to CDG (900.000 p/y) & ORY ( 2,200.000 p/y ) of course this is not a new route on the website data base but all these "shuttle" flight were reported on the market leader Air France.
But the challenger as become stronger & stronger every year and with 4 based aircrafts Easyjet is now the Toulouse plateforme leader thanks to this european flights where Air France keeps only domestic routes and is cash cow shuttle service.

Currently easyjet schedule 7 flights per day to ORY (domestic & french overseas airport) and 2 flights per day to CDG (international AF HUB).

Friday morning at Toulouse blagnac Airport

With a take-off scheduled at 8:15 AM, we need to be awake at 6 o'clock to be on time with enough margin to take our flight of the day. Once again the street car will drop us in front of the terminal for a fair price of 1,50 €. 

photo p1

We need to climb up stairs to go on the departure level.

photo p2

Always few people at the Easyjet baggage drop off. It's not always the case before leaving on christmas eve. I spent 40 minutes waiting in the queue to let my check in bag.

photo p3-75

On the FIDS our flight is scheduled on time, after a look on Easyjet app it's the case our aircraft is well coming from is Paris base.

photo p4

Luckily despite a high affluence we wait just few minutes to pass the security check. From my side i should remove my shoes, complete an explosive test on myself and one on my Ipad. I was cleared to fly without any doubt this time!

photo p5

After repacking my stuff, we need to cross a new large duty free shop. It's now the new modern airport standard.

photo p6-38

After the duty free shop, a new part of the airport is this new small shopping mall in the middle a piano is available for the musicians (it's quite common in France on big railway station or airports).

photo p7

During the extension of the airport, a good lifting was carried out in the hall C with a beautiful decoration and some new restaurants as the Spanish "Mas que Menos" and "J'go" for the kitchen of the south-west of France.

photo p8photo p9

We reach the gate 31 where our flight is called for boarding.

photo p10-69

No doubt it's the good gate.

photo p11

Electronic boarding pass available on Easyjet app.

photo p24

Few minutes later we are allowed to go on the pre-boarding enclosure. From the window we can see our aircraft at is parking stand. No doubt it's an A320neo. G-UZHS as been delivered just two mounth ago she's brand new !

photo p12

Our seat are located at the rear of the cabine, so we need to spend few icy minutes on the tarmac in order to climb on board by the rear stairs.

photo p13

Few pictures of our aircraft of the day + a highlight on the new CFM Leap 1A engine who power's the Easyjet Neo's.

photo p14photo p15photo p16

On board the Easyjet A320neo

We climb on the rear stairs some people spend a long time to get on there seats. Hey it's cold outside !

photo p17-43

Fuselage shoot.

photo p18

We've got a warm welcome from the flight attendant located at the rear galley. On board you can found the same cabine than in the orange airlines A320 but with a small color differences on the seat covers.

photo p25

When I get on my row I saw my seat occupied by a couple Mr & Mrs 30D/E transformed themselves on 30E/F. I'm not very pleased by this change and I told us to change our seats after the end of the boarding. My girlfriend allocated at row 31 is not really lucky too, her neighbour, will miss to knock out her with is trolley bag. Finally after these neighborhood problem the boarding completed announcement give us the opportunity to move (with crew agreement) on the triple seat 29 A/B/C totally empty !

View from my new seat on this A320 who's leaving to Paris Orly.

photo p29

The seat is the new Recaro SL3520 with the new seats cover's available on the last A320/1neo the simily leather look's really nice, you can find exactly the same seat at the rear of BA's A320neo. The seat base is quite slim but for a short hop like ours it isn't realy unconfortable. Pitch is in improvement especially if you compare with the old Airbus A319 cabines. Ceiling panels are quite new too but Easyjet do the choice keep the "no smoking" sign.

Inside the cabin the boarding operations are completed few minutes ago, we are just waiting the authorisation from the tower to push back.

photo p22

Safety demonstration are performed on french and a second time just with audio in british as we're pushing back.

photo p31

Engine start is a bit noisy because of the low frequency developed during the start phase of this last generation turbine.

photo p32

During the taxi we are close to the hall B, home of Air France … but today you can mainly see aircraft subcontracted by AF/A5 like the Avro of Jota ensuring the flight to Strasbourg and the Fokker 100 from Avanti air comming from Nantes.

photo p33

Taxiing for a take off runway 32.

photo p34

Goodbye Blagnac see you on sunday.

photo p35

We pass near the cargo appron with the usuals aircrafts, the Boeing 767-300ERF of Star Air who will go on the Cologne/Lyon/Toulouse line and some B737's cargo from ASL airlines and West Atlantic who fly to CDG and LGG.

photo p36photo p38

A little bit further we saw this Boeing 737-800 of the polish charter Enter Air who landed yesterday from Malaga.

photo p37

After this short airport visit it's time for us to take place on the runway.

photo p39

The A320neo is more powerful than the A320 with classic engine option and with our low weight of today we're just rocketing above the runway.

photo p40photo p42photo p43

It's rare that I show you a picture of the delivery center taken so high in the sky.

photo p44photo p45

The day rises on Colomiers and Cornebarrieu, the neighbourhood cities of the airport.

photo p47photo p46

Pink sunrise this morning.

photo p48

Nice light on the Pyrenees mountains.

photo p49

The rising sun show us a nice light show on the wing.

photo p50photo p51photo p52

Inside the cabine you can see the natural mood light or poor man's lighting system.

photo p53photo p57

We reach our cruise altitude above the city of Moissac and Castelsarrasin. You can easily recognize this point with the confluence point between Garonne and Tarn rivers. And the white smoke comes from the nuclear power plant of Golfech.

photo p54photo p55

Sharklet view.

photo p56

Around Bergerac the visibility is reduced by an overcast. For Toulouse citizens we see this part of the french territory like the "North" !

photo p58

Lets have a look on hand pocket where you could find all this stuff like the buy on board and duty free booklet.

photo p30

The regulatory safety card is common for A319, A320 and A320neo aircraft.

photo p61

The on board "Traveller" is filled with advertises there is the few interesting pages, Fleet presentation is almost updated the orange airline as   now 19 A320neo in service.

photo p62photo p63

Air to air catch attempt with another Easyjet aircraft flying southbound.

photo p59photo p60

The Buy on board menu for the "bistro" service on this flight, price are quite good (same as the terminal shops). But the food served is kind of junk food.

photo p64

Cabin crew will provide late service within the 40 last minutes to allow passengers to sleep during the first half of the flight. They also reduced the public announcements to the safety related topics.

photo p65

Outside sun is up !.

photo p66

For today's route lets have a look on flightradar24.

photo p68

Passenger announcements regarding our upcoming descent are broadcast by our cabin crews. We didn't getting any words from the flight deck during all the journey.

photo p67

Clouds are now closer.

photo p70

Few little turns to reach our approach heading.

photo p71

Few seconds of cloud surfing.

photo p73

Before jumping into the Parisian haze.

photo p74photo p75

Cabine is now ready for landing.

photo p82-14

We see the ground during the last seconds of the flight.

photo p76

Paris in the rain

Smooth landing and easy breaking using the spoilers and reverses.

photo p77photo p80photo p79

We leave the runway 09L where we have just landed.

photo p81

We have to wait the take off of two other aircraft before crossing the 09R/27L

photo p83

Like a ghost coming from the fog Concorde double Fox welcome us, an always moving vision for all aircraft enthusiasts.

photo p84

Few meters away we can see some Joon's A320. This branch of Air France with is messy brand & business plan should disappear soon from the sky.

photo p86

At terminal 2D you can see a large tail variety like these A320 from Air Malta, an A319 of Bulgaria Air or this new Air Baltic A220-300.

photo p87photo p88

Connected at terminal 2C we saw this A330-200 from XL Airways France who will fly to Fort de France in French carribean islands.

photo p89

Today we've got a remote parking stand not a good news when it's raining… We stop next to this Easyjet Europe A320 who will soon leave Paris to Milan Malpensa.

photo p90photo p91photo p92

Unboarding took a lot of time mainly because the airport ground crew spent at least 10 minutes to dock the rear stair at the aircraft door. I was one of the last souls to leave the aircraft and this picture gaves me a rebuke from the cabine purser. She ask me if I took a picture of the cabine. I said yes, then she told me to delete it… Yes but no… I haven't got any problem to cancel a picture where you can identify a passenger or crew member but I don't know why I should cancel that one (I don't see anything on this subject in Easyjet travel policy).

photo p93

I leave the aircraft by the front stairs with a nice view on the Leap engine much more bigger than the previous generation CFM56.

photo p94

As many know's take pictures of the aircraft on the tarmac is not really welcome at CDG airport, I try to stay discreet with my camera in order to avoid another "NO PHOTO!". It's time to leave the aircraft so bye bye Hotel Sierra !

photo p95photo p96photo p97

A small pax bus tour (we've done less than 1km) but luckily on a dry space ! Our driver let's us at a door for pax bus arrival it's just a corridor driving to 2 escalators. Upstairs you can find a strange area mix with closed check-in desks and baggage conveyors not an usual airports layout.t.

photo p98photo p99

We follow the exit signs. Just before the leaving the Air side there is an active customs control, of course no problem for us. We go on to the RER/TGV station it's a bit tricky to avoid all the other passengers/and people who waits passengers mainly because the corridor is small.

photo p100-77

As you can see on the FIDS, it's quite a busy time for aircraft movement at the terminal 2D

photo p102

2D terminal is one of the closest to the railway (TGV high speed/RER urban train) station but you still need to walk close to 10 minutes to reach it.

photo p101

We cross the bridge between terminal 2D and 2E/F whe can have a look on this Easyjet A319 who will go at Manchester.

photo p103

After the bridge you need to go downstairs using escalator, you can find one of the CDG symbol, the curved flight display. 

photo p105

The railway station is underground, you can find many transport ticket seiling machine and some agent dedicated to help passengers.

photo p106

As we get into the plateforme. A train just arriving ready to get new passengers, just the time to climb onboard and seat before the train start his journey. Normally this train is scheduled to do just few stops before Paris city center but not this time.This change will transform the train on Rugby maul when he finally stop in Paris. As tell as Aeroport de Paris advertise "Paris loves you" but they forget to say that she's really tactile ^^

photo p107

I hope you enjoyed this report and I wish it was understandable ! See you on new reports, have nice flights !

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Cabin crew6.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Toulouse - TLS


Paris - CDG



Once again Easyjet gives us a good deal for this short shuttle flight. Unusually, Parisian crew aren't really friendly but their new tool aka the A320neo is a really good and comfortable bird. Definitely the best solution to reach the capital when you see the price of the high speed train and Air France.

Easyjet :
Confort : The A320neo is a small revolution on the single aisle aircraft family. New U2 cabine offer a decent legroom and the thin recaro seats are not so uncomfortable.
Crew : No words from the flight deck. Is that on option on A320neo ? Stewards/ess where quite good during the trip but I clearly don't understood the arrival incident.
Entertainement : Window seat, what a nice invention on a day flight it's the better IFE. The inflight magazine is more for advertising purpose.
Restauration: A lot of british junk food but price where not so expensive.

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