Review of Air Wisconsin flight Chicago Fargo in Economy

Airline Air Wisconsin
Flight UA4851
Class Economy
Seat 8A
Flight time 02:04
Take-off 17 Mar 18, 08:45
Arrival at 17 Mar 18, 10:49
ZW 8 reviews
By 1024
Published on 17th February 2019


This is the last of four flights during our spring break trip to New York last year. Having flown on a Embarer (ERJ-145), Boeing (B777-200ER), Airbus (A320-200), it was the fourth manufacturer thanks to the CRJ-200ER. Now a lot of you would probably remember Following a quick bathroom break at Terminal 1 after the uneventful-but-PTU-sound-ringing-in-my-head A320 flight from EWR, we walked to the other side of Concourse B - the wide body side. The lovely girlfriend lined up at Starbucks to kick off the morning, while I did some more planespotting. Another close encounter with a Boeing 777 - this one being a domestic one that had come in from Honolulu, albeit a little late.

Coffee to kick things off, coffee of the most basic kind…
photo 47001367042_98a16d0c6c_b

Hello there, beastly Boeing! :)
photo 47053325661_8e8c8fb377_b

Just like the last time we did a quick walk over to Concourse C because there was time to kill. However being kinda tired and there was not enough time to photograph these planes. Besides they were all 737s anyway, so…
photo 47001366992_ebb95d12a9_b
photo 47053325521_1aff33a923_b
photo 47053325461_3d119d2986_b
photo 47001366862_066ec3e280_b
photo 47053325391_ba096d8892_b

Walking back to concourse B it was a more of a A320 story. UA1626 back to EWR was on for an on time departure.
photo 47001366812_f8045eeab6_b
photo 47053325261_7778db3dbd_b

Walking towards the regional gates it sure got very cramped in the terminal area. I kinda got the feeling that Concourse E saw mostly Embraer departures, while Concourse F was mostly CRJ departures. Specifically, Air Wisconsin. But do correct me if I'm wrong.
photo 47053325091_3cafea6901_b

Air Canada Express - enjoying the livery while it lasts…
photo 47053325021_aa1c8f4a89_b

United RJs
photo 46329572944_d29c3c5488_b

To the Foxtrot!
photo 47053324941_ab86588e64_b

On the way to we saw an ad with Josh Duhamel promoting whatever little bit there was of North Dakota which we found out to be hilarious.
Look at that, ND making it's non-existent mark among the top guns!
photo 47053324871_b996e69ddf_b

Due to some operational delay of another CRJ-200 departing from F28, our gate changed to F22 which was very close by. No big deal. If anything I was actually surprised to see many CRJs around because when I think O’Hare I usually think ERJ-145s, but I guess you learn something every time you travel!
photo 46329572794_bb5d775cf3_b

There was no F16 parked at F16, it was a ERJ-175… :rotfl:
photo 47053324571_7c120fb9d6_b

Anyway, N417ZW showed up at Gate 22 a little before it’s scheduled time. It was quite the tight squeeze maneuvering all the planes in. This had come in from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Air Wisconsin’s home. A 37 minute flight. we parked ourselves with a decent view of the activity - one of which included an Air China B777F. ‘Oh, oh my wish! order must be on that one!’, quipped my girlfriend.
photo 47053324751_50fa82b3fc_b
photo 47053324711_920e29c70a_b

I quite like the new Alaska Airlines livery
photo 46329572544_4d7d35ecd0_b

In the meantime I noticed the activity around N417ZW just prior to it’s departure. A crew change happened during this time with the 2 pilots and flight attendant board to operate to Fargo. Of course - the first officer stepped out for a little bit to complete the pre-flight check. It did look like she had an Indian background. Amazing.
photo 47053326701_fa677e165b_b
photo 47001367102_bff3513936_b
photo 47053325811_b7f90ce566_b
photo 47053325721_2619812c9d_b


I mentioned in my previous trip report of my general dislike for the CRJ-200 over time. There really isn’t much to choose from on these birds between the US3’s regionals. I just wanted to get this flight going & done quite quickly. The saving grace was the fact that I managed to snag the two emergency exit seats on port side, 8A & 8B. Even better - I could select these for free!


Boarding was called 21 minutes to departure time. Dropped off our baggage to pick up later on in Fargo. We were onboard at 0826 hours to a largely welcoming flight attendant, Dakota.
photo 47053324501_2c29c35895_b
photo 46329572284_9e2acb278c_b

The cabin itself looked similar to what you’d find on the SkyWests and Endeavors of the world..err, United States. Nothing too major, but I wasn’t expecting the surprising amount of legroom in 8A & 8B! With the law requiring bags to be stored up in the bins, I settled in for what would be a pretty comfortable flight on the CRJ-200!
photo 47053324411_48de120ecf_b

The ERJ at F16…
photo 47053324331_624e1a1d73_b

AMAZING leg room! And of course, the girlfriend took a glorious opportunity to interject…
photo 47053324271_ce6e755c66_b

Boarding was completed pretty quick as Dakota came around to check with our responsibilities at the emergency exit seats - with great legroom comes great responsibility! :praise: I noticed the last of the baggage those were get checked being loaded on to the CRJ-200. The announcements happened - a surprisingly quick 1hr05min across to Fargo seemed impressive, but unrealistic. This was soon confirmed by the Captain - it would be a 1hr20min flight to calm winds, clear skies and 11F in Fargo.

YAY! My bag is on there!
photo 47001366222_95a5e21dfa_b

photo 32111727627_5c067dc431_b


There were quite a RJs departing at this hour - the lack of movement meant that most people were starting to fall asleep. Wasn’t too much of a delay for us thankfully, we pushed back at 0847 hours, just 2 minutes late. Engines fired up but we had to wait for our clearance to taxi. Was interesting to see another CRJ-200 take our place at Gate F22 within 6 minutes of pushing us back. Quite efficient!

photo 47053324081_a212a2062e_b

Taking our gate, just 6 minutes after we pushed back…
photo 47001366152_6baa25465f_b

Eventually got our taxi clearance 10 minutes after departure time, it was going to be quite the long taxi to Runway 09R. About 15 or 20 other regional jets made their way to the runway, too. Here are some pictures:
photo 32111727487_5b9e81f75c_b
photo 47053323851_c07b088fee_b
photo 47001366052_441ea03983_b

Boeing, Embraer and (Air)bus! :devil:
photo 47053323731_5469bda659_b

Lined up with Runway 09R at 0903 hours, 18 minutes after departure time. Pretty soon we were off and airborne rather quickly before making a lengthy bank back towards the west. Flew over some pretty cool airports part of Chicago’s class B airspace. A smooth climb up to 34000 feet.

O'Hare, until next time!
photo 47001365942_a0ddcbdc1d_b

Chicago Executive - PWK
photo 47053323461_ef3cff1b32_b


photo 47001365842_beae893902_b
The scenery got whiter below - the more deep in to the mid west, the more snow covered it got. What a way to get back to ND, huh! Service was split in to 2 parts, the first being stroopwaffels for all, the 2nd being the drink Service. A request for 2 stroopwaffels for us each was greeted with no frown whatsoever. So far so good!

Cannot go wrong with this!!
photo 47053323261_d0fe10d356_b

For the 2nd round of service, the drinks, I got myself a ginger ale. Nice to see a crew member enthusiastic to be there!
photo 47001365782_c6cf4bfb32_b

Another airport - not sure which one though…
photo 47053323161_9efd6263b3_b

photo 47001365712_48405a0b01_b

Safety Card
photo 47053322981_f2d62b9763_b

More in to the west? More in to the snow…
photo 47001365562_c9694fe494_b

photo 47053322891_323b5f610d_b

photo 47001365512_b87938f7de_b
photo 47053322701_3e1aaef9ec_b


The flight was an uneventful one, for the most part. I was quite comfortable in 8A with the extra legroom. I was loving it - a comfortable CRJ flight?! No way! But here is where things got a little interesting: the passenger in 9C was clearly quite tired from the on-goings of this morning flight: they snored. Really loud. So loud to the extent that it was no longer a question of some of us passengers hiding our laughter any more, but for how much longer one would laugh with every snore. Unfortunately hilarious. Even the flight attendant couldn’t hide his chuckle while checking on us! This was about as interesting as it got.

I headed for the lavatory at the back, and just like the ERJ-145 it was quite cramped, but that’s understandable given that these RJs are tiny to begin with. It was quite clean.
photo 47001365412_9cdfdaaf16_b
photo 47053322501_cfd9baccae_b

Just under an hour in to the flight we were over the hometown of rivals that don’t have a hub in ORD: Minneapolis, the home of…Delta.
photo 47001365292_2ef2debd3b_b

photo 47053322331_3f5df35c9d_b


Arrival preparation announcements were done, usual jing-bang as we descended down over North-western Minnesota. Coming up from the Southern end we had to go towards the north and line up with runway 18 for arrival. The same runway I had landed on a few weeks ago during my night cross country.
photo 47001365232_df71dd2a29_b

Runway in sight!
photo 47053322141_6e4d2009e2_b
photo 47001365152_e5bf637286_b

The Red River, completely frozen!
photo 32111726587_e3f1f7840d_b

Looking at the smoke from the factory it didn’t look like it was very windy at all,if anything a very light breeze from the south in addition to clear skies. Lined up with the runway, all looking pretty sweet as we touched down at 1027 hours after a flying time of 1hr27min.

Taxied off towards the apron where our ride got a picture of us:
photo 47001365052_ae1fec67ee_b

A Delta Connection CRJ-900LR had gone tech in Fargo, so it was being prepped to head back to MSP after 2 nights of being stuck.
photo 47053321801_d690118f00_b

An on schedule Delta flight:
photo 46329569044_432ab5c20b_b

Docked at gate 5 just fine at 1032 hours, 17 minutes before time. Waited at the jet bridge before collecting our gate checked baggage, and were on our way home back to Grand Forks!
photo 47053321651_291feb7007_b
photo 46329568854_27ae34e3c4_b
photo 47001364792_27ae34e3c4_b
photo 46329568684_f8170e66a8_b

On the way to Grand Forks we found this massive tractor on the I-29 that reminded us of a story we told my cousin: imagine this being in Manhattan, NYC would actually come to a standstill!
photo 46329568454_b2b2a79b99_b

I also got another prompt email from United after these flights. It was nothing but praise, to be honest.
photo 46329568144_0c03532a5a_b
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Air Wisconsin

Cabin crew9.0

Chicago - ORD


Fargo - FAR



It is quite telling that the [b]2 regional arm flights of United were better than the mainline flights[/b]. 3 of the 4 were well on time, but the cabin [b]crew on the regional flights felt more personable. And surprise surprise, the seat was most comfortable on the CRJ of all![/b] All in all, a great trip with United especially with the price paid, [b]I have no complaints whatsoever[/b], but will probably make an effort to avoid ORD as much as possible, if at all viable. Following this trip things started to look up for me as well as I finally managed to log my first couple of solo flights in addition to romping away towards my PPL - and with that, [b]the plans for my summer trip to India was really starting to come alive….[/b]

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