Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Nairobi in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL565
Class Economy
Seat 24K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 08:10
Take-off 10 Feb 19, 12:00
Arrival at 10 Feb 19, 22:10
KL   #40 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1014 reviews
By SILVER 3242
Published on 19th February 2019


While I had another week of free time, I decided to hunt down for some tickets back to Thailand once again. The usual airliners that offer cheap tickets from Amsterdam to Bangkok were present once again like Qatar, Etihad, Emirates & Aeroflot. While I am not the biggest fan of taking them on economy flights, I noticed that there was an outsider offering very cheap flights too, which usually sells them for quite an expensive price.

This outsider was Kenya Airways and as I am not familiar with them, I decided to book my flight with them only two days in advance of my travelling date. Another good point of taking up this itinerary was that I would receive some generous mileage for my flying blue points. The downside however is that my trip was extended by an extra five hours compared to direct flights to Bangkok from Amsterdam. This itinerary however meant that I would finally be able to experience the Boeing 787-8 myself as I never had the chance to fly on it and I would finally be able to fly on a 747 once again from KLM to Nairobi as their 747 is going to be phased out by 2021.

To fully complete my schedule for the week, I had to book a return flight to Ubon to visit my parents-in-law and to meet up with my girl. This however meant that I had to choose between Thai Smile, Thai AirAsia, Thai Lionair or Nok Air. As AirAsia and Thai Smile did not really give me any flights on the times suitable for me, It was either a choice between Thai Lion or Nok Air…. That one was easily made for me, so Nok Air it was.

Find my complete routing below.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

As my flight was departing on a sunday, I managed to find a ride that would bring me to the Airport and was dropped off in front of terminal two in which KLM is active to check in your luggage. I quickly printed out my boarding card via one of those computers on the left. Yes I already checked in by phone, however I like to have those paper cards as back up in case my battery of my phone gives up on me.

photo 20190210_094011

While check-in counters 6-8 looked rather quiet, they were unfortunately only for European departures. While arriving to my counters (Row 12-15), it looked rather busy.

photo 20190210_094128

Though looks could be very deceiving sometimes and I was done dropping of my luggage within five minutes.

photo 20190210_094410

Security and border control took another good twenty minutes of my time as there are a lot of wide-bodies departing between 12-3 pm. You'll end up in a busy terminal once again with plenty of stores to explore. I slowly went my way to the E-pier to my flight after having had some coffee and a small lunch.

photo 20190210_101101

While making my way through to my gate on a leisurely pace, I did decide to do some aircraft spotting too!

This Airbus A330-300 (N817NW) of Delta Airlines would be departing soon to Minneapolis as DL 161.

photo 20190210_101331

An Iran Air A330-200 (EP-IJB) who would serve as IR 724 to Tehran. This route was upgraded from A300/A310s to A332 not long ago when they obtained some new airplanes, but unfortunately the blockade of Iran was reinstated by Trump and they were forced to cancel their remaining orders…. 

photo 20190210_101525photo 20190210_101636

A Boeing 767-300ER (N174DZ) of Delta who would fly as DL 163 to Minneapolis too.

photo 20190210_102216

An Airbus A330-200 (PH-AOF) who would serve as KL 767 to Bonaire with a stopover in Oranjestad (Aruba). An odd thing about this flight is that it would serve as KL767 on all it's legs until it has set foot in Amsterdam again.

photo 20190210_104354

A Boeing 777-300ER (PH-BVP) from KLM that would serve as KL 871 to New Delhi about 30 minutes after our original departure.

photo 20190210_104627

Another 747-400 (PH-BFN) that would serve to Willemstad, Curacao as KL735.

photo 20190210_112822

With about 30 minutes to spare down prior to my departure, I was at the end of E-pier. The good thing about this pier is that you are able to sit in front of the windows with many aircraft passing by to park and to depart like those Turkish, Emirates and China Eastern.

photo 20190210_105348photo 20190210_105602photo 20190210_110352

With about five minutes to spare, a line was already build up for a while. I probably would never understand why people would do such thing.

Meet PH-BFH. A boeing 747-400 (Combi config.) named after the city of Hong Kong that would serve our flight today down to Nairobi. It has solely been in service for it's entire 28.9 years and was delivered to KLM on the 26th of April in 1990.

photo 20190210_105102

Boarding was called on-time and I was one of the last ones to join the line which went on a decent pace, though there was no structure of boarding in any matter.

photo 20190210_113202


I quickly went to my seat and noticed that the middle seat of my row would be unoccupied today. The legroom itself was sufficient to generous I must admit, however the tv screen was very very old… Prehistoric perhaps? Though I could completely understand why KLM would not update it as this aircraft is going to retire by 2021.

photo 20190210_114627

A splendid view from my seat to two engines and it's wings.

photo 20190210_114631

While everyone was boarded, the captain checked in with us reporting that our flight had a short delay as ground staff was still busy loading cargo and luggage. I ended up having a chat with a very friendly guy next to me and he was rather shocked when I told him about my journey to Bangkok via Nairobi.

photo 20190210_114902

A short look to KLM's literature.

photo 20190210_115222

And probably the best page of KLM's magazine. Though their page is not reporting it, KLM is going to retire the Boeing 737-700s very shortly to be replaced by Boeing 737-800s. (no orders for any max yet).

photo 20190210_120346

Flight attendants came around to serve us their headphones prior to push back. Push back was initially started about 20 minutes after departure time.

photo 20190210_123230

Departure for today was out of 18L, but it took a while to get to there as 27 was in use for landing aircraft.

photo 20190210_123603

About 12:39, we were finally rolling for take off.

photo untitled

Shortly after take off, we disappeared in those depressing clouds. About ten minutes later, we were finally through to them and awarded with a magnificent view.

photo 20190210_124355

A look of the flight path we would take for today at 35.000 ft.

photo screenshot_20190210-231435_flightradar24

About 50-60 minutes in flight, the flight attendants appeared to serve us some water and refreshing towels.

photo 20190210_130321

And another thirty minutes later, the meal service started. The two options for today were Chicken with Rice or a Vegan pasta. I opted for the chicken rice, which was pleasant to eat and was served together with a salad, crispy bread and some sort of almond spiced cake. To drink I opted for a white wine, which was going to be a South African Sauvignon Blanc from ''The Elements by Julien Schaal'', which was an enjoyable wine.

photo 20190210_134543

About 30 minutes again, the flight attendants came around to clean our tables and asked us if we would like any coffee, tea or liquor. I opted for a cup of coffee and some baileys next to it. Always a very pleasant treat!

photo 20190210_144648

While slowly sipping my drinks, I simply enjoyed my ride by watching the view.  To be honest, a 747 still remains one of the most comfortable aircraft out there.

photo 20190210_141122

It was now time to pay a visit to one of the toilets and made a quick picture of the cabin I was in. Despite having a big galley in front of you and one next to you, I found this part of the cabin still one of the most comfortable ones to be in.

photo 20190210_151211

While it was a rather old looking toilet, it was yet ok in terms of cleanness and everything was still working as intended to. The only amenity available was some soap to clean your hands. 

photo 20190210_151509photo 20190210_151514

While I continued to finish my movies, the sun was setting. Even though the flight attendants were pro-active, I was surprised that no flight attendant came around with some drinks to hand out, but they were eager to serve you drinks if you requested one.

photo 20190210_165147

About two hours prior to landing, a small meal was provided. It contained an almond cupcake once again with a hot pizza snack. An enjoyable treat, but rather small I must admit.

photo 20190210_182554photo 20190210_182542

With about 90 minutes to landing, tables were cleaned once again.

photo 20190210_183457photo 20190210_183545

The captain announced himself and reported to us that we would be on ground in approximately thirty minutes from now with the current weather update given by Nairobi. After he thanked us for choosing KLM and to wish us a pleasant stay or onward journey.

About five minutes ahead of our scheduled landing, we touched down in Nairobi. 

photo 20190210_200412

We were parked at gate 15 next to a Kenyan Boeing 787-8, which turned out to be the aircraft that was going to bring me over to Bangkok in about an hour and fifty minutes.

photo 20190210_201314

One last look of the plane that brought me over. It was a very enjoyable ride.

photo 20190210_222241

The only task for us now was to go through security once again to be back in the same terminal… Took about ten minutes to clear.

photo 20190210_222609
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Cabin crew9.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Nairobi - NBO



A lovely flight. Flight attendants were pro-active and involved with their passengers, while the seats were sufficient to good for a longhaul flight. The IFE system however was rather old and had limited media, but you can't blame KLM for not investing in it as this specific type is going to retire by 2021. While the first meal was good, the second meal could be a bit upsized.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Kenya Airways avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 8 heures et 7 minutes.

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  • Comment 489565 by
    edsong14 7 Comments
    Great report! Yeah I see where you're coming from with the meals. I flew the KL 787-9 from IAD-AMS-IAD during break en route to GOT, and the meals could've been a lot larger (we didn't even have a side dish or anything for the second one-it was just a tiny little pizza the size of a hockey puck).
    • Comment 489573 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 615 Comments
      Hi edsong,
      The first meal was sufficient I must say, but the second one was indeed very small. I guess KLM is not really serving a proper meal on a flight less than 9 hours as I know that they serve two proper meals on flights of 10 hours or longer (like to Bangkok for example).

      Thanks for stopping by though.
  • Comment 489581 by
    KL651 TEAM 4530 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    Beautiful view on the engines.
    Though pleasant looking , KLM new meals are actually smaller than in the past which is not the improvement they announced.
    • Comment 489647 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 615 Comments
      Yes and no. In terms of size, the newly updated meals are not an improvement. In terms of quality, I found the meals tastier compared to their old meals...... Especially the 2nd meal service could be improved greatly.
  • Comment 489650 by
    East African 1557 Comments
    Very nice report and interesting routing!
    May I ask how much you've paid?
    What are the yellow bits in the salad?
    " a line was already build up for a while. I probably would never understand why people would do such thing."=> to be quicker on the plane and get the space in the overhead bins maybe?
    Many thanks for sharing ?
    • Comment 489655 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 615 Comments
      Hi East,
      Of course you may. I paid about 600 euros for this route. Never seen it cheaper (except the UAE carriers and Aeroflot). Eventually I ended up paying 775 as I won a bid to business class from Bangkok to Nairobi for 175 euros.
      I believe those bits were some sort of cheese, though I couldn't really make up the taste.
      ** to be quicker on the plane and get the space in the overhead bins maybe? -- Probably, but it would at least be an extra 30 minutes of sitting. Not worth it for me.
  • Comment 490377 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Hi ThomasDutch, a very nice report as usual! How nice to be going back to Thailand already after your recent trip. Lucky you! I absolutely love Thailand and have been several times as I have friends who own a hotel there.

    Love the planespotting! AMS is great for that...though this time of year it's typically cloudy.

    Overall looks like it was a nice flight, especially with an empty seat next to you. It's a shame KL didn't upgrade the IFE when they installed the new J on there 744s, but the seats themselves are quite comfortable, in my experience. As you say, I guess it makes sense considering the 744s will be retired in a few years :-(

    Thanks for sharing!

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