Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Colombo in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR 662
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 04:55
Take-off 01 Feb 19, 19:30
Arrival at 02 Feb 19, 02:55
QR   #2 out of 120 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 533 reviews
By SILVER 1729
Published on 4th March 2019
Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 2nd report of this new series covering my latest trip to Sri Lanka and Maldives with Qatar Airways and Korean Air.

The whole trip plan looks like this:

01 FEB - WAW-DOH, QR 264 - A330-300 you can find it here
01 FEB - DOH-CMB, QR 662 - A350-900 - you are here
10 FEB - CMB-MLE, KE 473 - A330-300
14 FEB - MLE-CMB, KE 474 - A330-300
16 FEB - CMB-DOH, QR 665 - A340-600
16 FEB - DOH - WAW, QR 261 - B787-800


Unlike last year's experience with more than 15 hours between the flight and a whole day spent in Doha, this time we had a very short (or even minimum for an airport of this size) connection time of 50 minutes that grew up a little bit to 1 hour and 20 minutes thanks to an early arrival from WAW. The extra time was really essential as we needed to pass the security check and make quite a long walk from the very end of concourse C to the very end of concourse B as our next flight was departing from gate B9.

photo img_4583photo img_4587

I haven't seen this guy last year…

photo img_4585

a quick photo of my favourite Lamp Teddy!

photo img_4588

There's our gate finally

photo img_4591


As always in DOH the whole boarding process is divided: first our passports are checked, then they are checked again together with our boarding passes and we are told to seat in zone 1 as we are going to board the aircraft in the first group of economy passengers. Then boarding passes are checked again when the final boarding commences.

In Doha it is usually difficult to spot the aircraft during boarding, in this case it's even worse because it's already dark outside. Anyway I have no photo, so I need to use this picture as we are going to fly one of the LATAM's A350s leased by Qatar Airways.

photo fspxai_a359_qtr_a7ama

So it won't be a pure QR A350 experience, rather an interesting hybrid ride as the aircarft has LATAM seats and interior but of course everything else is purely QR.

photo img_4599photo img_4602

Anyway it is nice to be onboard this beauty, even if I heven't seen much of it from the outside. Unlike the A333, A350 smells and looks new and modern. The IFE screen is small but it has a great resolution!

photo img_4594photo img_4598

Legroom is not the best I have seen , at least there is no giant IFE box, so my both legs will have the same comfort. General impression from the LATAM economy seats is that they are a little bit short and it could be a disadvantage on a longer flight (our is gonna last only 4:20).

photo img_4595

A350 has huge windows with traditional shades

photo img_4611photo img_4612

The overhead pannel

photo img_4605photo img_4609photo img_4606

And cabin view from my seat after boarding is completed. This tall guy's bald head is going to be my landmark for the next 4 hours…

photo img_4608

Safety card

photo img_4596photo img_4597

The wing with sharklet in LATAM colours

photo img_4593

Our flight's details and the flight path are displayed

photo img_4601photo img_4604

Safety video

photo img_4614photo img_4615

The A330 pushes back and reveals our aircraft's QR sister

photo img_4617photo img_4618

Our turn for take off. Comparing to A330 it's much more smooth and quiet.

photo img_4620

We have a companion that has just taken off from a pararell runway

photo img_4621

Doha looks great at night

photo img_4627photo img_4629

The Pearl Qatar

photo img_4630photo img_4632

We head eastwards towards Iran with some strong but happily short turbulence period

photo img_4634photo img_4636

Menus are distributed as the fasten seat belt sign is off. It seems that due to a shorter flight time there is no snack service and there are only 2 options of the main dish (there are usually 3 on longer flights)

photo img_4637

I chose chicken as I wasn't really sure what the vegetarian option was going to be. Once more the chicken dish is not the one mentioned in menu. Full tray:

photo img_4640

A warm roll (there is butter, cheese and small Godiva chocolate underneath)

photo img_4639

Greek salad that is very tasty!

photo img_4641

The main doesn't look impressive but is ok. One week later I wouldn't have ordered any chicken with rice knowing that this is the most popular food in Sri Lanka.

photo img_4642

It was hard to say what the dessert exactly was… it looked like noodles in sweet condensed milk and it was no doubt sweet but was it good?

photo img_4643

I decide to watch a movie after dinner as the screen is of a good quality. The A350 has a traditional headphone socket so I may use my own headphones as the the ones offered onboard don't want to work. It's the same in whole row: my boyfriend and the guy sitting next to us can hear anything only in one ear. I need to express here my deepest appreciation to a male flight attendant working in our row: he told us he would help and he really did. First he made a reset of the IFE in our row but it didn't help. Then he disappeared and after a while he came back with some kind of adapter that made my boyfriend's headphones work normally. I really admired this guy's helpful attitude and commitment - other airlines should watch and learn how the cabin crew work should look like!

Our flight path is over Iran, then Oman, Indian ocean and the very south edge of India. Due to blocade, we can't enter the UAE airspace which makes the flight significantly longer.

photo img_4645

We start our descent as we are over south of India

photo img_4647photo img_4648photo img_4649

Landing is not as smooth as I expected but all the sounds: flaps extension, gear release are the ones of a new and modern jet (unlike some old planes when you start to worry a part of the fuselage will be missing in a while).

Spacious cabin during deboarding - after this flight A350 is my second favourite aircraft after A380.

photo img_4650photo img_4651

We arrive to Colombo at 2:40 local time and even if it's not that late in our home time zone, we feel exhausted after two flights with a very short break. The first impression of CMB: it looks as if time has stopped here 20 years ago but it's very clean and tidy!

photo img_4652

To be continued soon! Many thanks for reading!
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My first ride on the A350 was a very pleasant one. LATAM A350s don't have too comfortable seats but the IFE screen was of a good quality. Generally the cabin was very fresh and clean and it felt very spacious. Once more we had a very nice experience regarding the crew: hard working and extremely helpful, showing their interest and care towards passengers. Short transits in Doha may be difficult as the airport is huge but as we had some extra time, we made it (and I'm pretty sure we would have made it within the standard 50 minutes too).

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