Review of China Eastern flight Kunming Sydney in Business

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU777
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 11:00
Take-off 12 Feb 19, 00:50
Arrival at 12 Feb 19, 14:50
MU   #46 out of 98 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 165 reviews
By 1539
Published on 8th March 2019
CHINA EASTERN AIRLINE From Kunming to Sydney Business Class and Vegetarian Meal Report

As an international student, booking the flight is always one of the most important things to do before going abroad. Which day to leave, which airline, direct flight or transit flight and etc. Kunming is a second-tier city which barely has direct flights to countries in other continents, thank China Eastern Airline for providing a direct flight from Kunming to Sydney.
I strongly recommend booking the tickets from the official website or App because there are discounted tickets which are normally cheaper than the tickets from other traveling websites.

- Departure: Kunming
- Arrival: Sydney
- Departure Time: 00:50
- Flying Time: 10 hours
- Arriving Time: 14:50
- Airbus: A330

The business class passengers are provided with bigger baggage allowances, 32kg*2, and a faster line to get the boarding pass.

photo _20190214120535photo _20190214120538

You can go to the VIP lounge after the security check. There were a shower room and a toilet inside. Snacks and soft drinks were provided, but there were no cooked food because it was already late night.

photo _20190214120225photo _20190214120232photo _20190214120238

The flight attendants were very polite and responsible. They sent me the menu after putting all my luggage.

photo _20190214124801photo _20190214124628

Here is the vegetarian meal that I ordered a week ago before the flight, and I was very looking forward to it. I was surprised by the fried potatoes, but it tasted like steamed potato. I would recommend this meal for vegetarians who like bland food.

photo _20190214125041photo _20190214125044photo _20190214125202

I learned a new trick that it is better to choose seats next to the aisle so that you can conveniently go to the toilet without walking up the person next to you in the night.
Thank you for reading this!
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Cabin crew8.0

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  • Comment 491936 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5401 Comments

    Hi Owen, thanks for sharing your first report here with us. How nice that you are able to travel in J as a student. I take it you are in University in Australia? If so, it certainly is convenient that MU have a nonstop from KMG to SYD. For such a long flight, it's a shame that the 2-2-2 configuration does not allow all passengers direct aisle access, which has become the norm for long-haul business class. But as you say, you can always choose an aisle seat. I personally like being by the window so I would get stuck crawling over my neighbour during the night. Nevertheless, I've flown on this model of seats on other carriers and they are very comfortable and perfect for those travelling as a couple. The meal does not look particularly appetising, but then again, I'm not a vegetarian. There was only one meal on a 10 hour flight? Also, you may want include a few words in the conclusion section to summarize the experience and justify the grading.

    Thanks again for sharing and welcome to Flight-Report!

    • Comment 491977 by
      Owen AUTHOR 2 Comments

      Yep, I am studying in Australia. Actually there were two meals, one meal was after taking off, the other one was few hours before landing. This vegetarian meal was specially ordered a few weeks before the flight. The two meals were exactly the same so I forgot to mentioned this, thanks for pointing it out though. And different kinds of delicious breads, cheese and desserts were offered to passenger, but I was too shy to take the pic. Such a pity. I will try to improve next time.

  • Comment 491946 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 524 Comments

    Hey Owen,
    Thanks for sharing your report and welcome to FR. An aisle seat would definitely reduce the nuisance to your neighbour, however he would be a nuisance to you too if he needs to go when your sleeping. On top of that, you would miss that magnificent view from your window.

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