Review of Singapore Airlines flight Tokyo Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ11
Class Business
Seat 17F
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 07:45
Take-off 08 Nov 17, 14:55
Arrival at 08 Nov 17, 21:40
SQ   #1 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 610 reviews
By SILVER 3156
Published on 24th March 2019

SIA offers 2 daily flights from Tokyo Narita to Singapore, one early in morning and another later in afternoon, the latter is the flight we are reviewing. This is one of SIA's fifth freedom flights where the plane comes from LAX.
Cost was 43k Krisflyer miles. Redemption availability was alright, there were unavailable days here and there, however if you are flexible then scoring a seat shouldn't be a problem.
Since there are only two flights per day, the check in counters open 3 hours before each flight and close around 1 hour before the departure time. We arrived just short of an hour before the early morning flight and found the economy check in already closed. Luckily we were flying business, and its check in was still staffed. We quickly obtained our boarding passes and were on our way to the lounge in no time.

ANA Lounge Tokyo NArita T1 (Satellite 4)

There are two ANA lounges for business/Star Alliance gold passengers in T1. The lounge in satellite 5 required a long walk through an underground tunnel so we decided to use the one in satellite 4. The lounge is immaculate with a black & white theme. Its renovation has a contemporary Japanese feel of simplicity and classiness. The only thing lacking would be natural lighting, as the lounge has none (the lounge in satellite 5 has windows). There is a large seating and dining area, as well as business center and a quiet area with massaging chairs.
The showers has dedicated attendants who cleans the rooms after each use. Water is hot and has good pressure. Shiseido hair and body products will be provided.

Self serve alcohol and hot food buffet is in the center of the lounge. Since this is Japan, plum wine and Yamazaki whiskey is available. Just around the corner, there is an ordering station offering Japanese comfort food such as curry rice and noodle dishes. You will be given a pager that notifies you when the food is ready.

A unique part of the ANA lounge is the sake bar featuring sakes from different parts of Japan. The sake ranges from sweet and smooth to dry and strong. Be careful how much you pour as the strongest one contains 35% alcohol content.


Rainy fall weather in Tokyo. Boarding of the 777-300ER was done over 2 bridges.

photo img_2056photo img_2057

Cabin and SEAT

Upon entering the cabin, the crew showed us to our seats and offered Veuve Clicquot and a variety of non alcoholic drinks. She also took the order for after take off drink where I chose Graham's Tawny port. At this point I was already feeling "good" from all the sake and champagne and the comfortable seats was the perfect place to relax in.

Speaking of the seats, Singapore Air 777-300ER are retrofitted with the new 1-2-1 business layout, each seat is extremely wide and have direct aisle access. Although there is no door for each seat, the walls are high enough that when siting down you don't really notice your fellow passengers.  I quite like the color scheme with dark leather and gold accents, giving it an understated luxury feel. As the seats are so wide, the big soft pillow creates a more snug feel and is quite comfortable to lean on.

Storage room is plenty. There's space underneath the feet hole for backpacks. The arm rest area is big enough to hold my laptop during food services.

The seats can turn flat but requires the back rest to be flipped over by the flight attendant. As this is a regional flight we didn't get to experience that. The wide and short space does mean when stretching out, you will need to lay sideways and stick your feet into the hole underneath the arm rest of the seat in front. Looking at other reviews this can be uncomfortable for some people, but it did not bother me.


I wanted to try the Hanakoireki bento dinner exclusive to this route, so I did not use book the cook. While we didn't get the exclusive attention from the crew like in the previous flight to Beijing, the food still kept coming at a good pace and all the drinks were topped up without us asking.

The menu with first 4 pages dedicated to the segment from LAX.

The service starts with a round of satay sticks with plenty of peanut sauce. They are comparable to ones in Singapore hawker centers, although not as smoky.  Each item in the Hanakoireki set is intricately prepared and comes in high quality bento boxes. I would say some items stood out more than others, but overall it was pretty good given all plane food are usually extra processed for safety.

Dinner service finished off with green tea cake, cheese and crackers, TWG tea, and of course more champaign.

Don't think anyone can walk away from this flight hungry.

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Cabin crew10.0

ANA Suite Lounge Satellite No. 5


Tokyo - NRT


Singapore - SIN



Business class on Singapore Air struck a good balance between price, service, and comfort. The seats were really comfortable and offered a good amount of privacy. Food and drink selections were also top notch.
I liked the clean ANA lounge in Narita but I wish I had time to also try the other lounge with a better view.

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  • Comment 494487 by
    sotto_Deactivated 83 Comments

    Super Flight Report: Short, limited to the essential and informative. Especially not very long observations of clouds from the aircraft window. And that combined with an excellent service from SQ. Congratulation !

  • Comment 494849 by
    BKojote 5 Comments

    I flew this route in business and while I enjoyed the flight I found the pace of the service to be strange. There was over an hour between satay (which itself was slow to come) and the full meal which struck me as odd. How was the pace on this flight?

    • Comment 494890 by
      VFMlife SILVER AUTHOR 9 Comments

      I don't think that happened to me. There was a bit of wait between satay and dinner but it wasn't too long. Maybe it was an exception?

      • Comment 494893 by
        sotto_Deactivated 83 Comments

        On a 7:45 krs flight there is a bit of waiting between Satai and the rest of the meal service, but certainly not a drama to be mentioned. That seems like the deliberate search for the hair in the soup.

        • Comment 495101 by
          BKojote 5 Comments

          On a flight of this length a drawn out meal service impacts time to sleep or work. On this flight it was a two hour wait between the satay and meal service, as well as a 30 minute wait between the appetizer and main, and another 30 minute wait between the main and dessert.

          Needless to say it On a US or transatlantic flight of similar length typically there is a meal up front and a meal or light snack at the end which I find preferable.

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