Review of British Airways flight Rome London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA2541
Class Economy
Seat 3E
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 07 Mar 19, 16:45
Arrival at 07 Mar 19, 17:50
BA   #49 out of 128 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 664 reviews
Published on 12th March 2019


Hello everyone! Ciao a tutti!
Last November my sister turned 18, therefore I decided to buy a plane ticket for both as b-day present. After evaluating many different European cities (Paris, Bruxelles, Barcelona…) I chose London. Having spent two months there last Summer, it would have been an occasion to be her "guide".
By the end of October I searched the flights. Thanks to SkyScanner I found the best solution: British Airways for the outbound flight to London-Gatwick and Vueling for the return flight.
I chose the first weekend of March to be free with university exams.

7th March Roma Fiumicino - London Gatwick with British Airways A319 (YOU ARE HERE)
10th March London Gatwick - Roma Fiumicino with Vueling A320

British Airways allows online check-in 24 hours before the departure time
The day before the flight we chose our seats (17E and 17F) and printed our BPs
photo fco-lgw 1


Having just the hand-luggage we planned to be at the airport around 15, one hour and half before the departure time (16:25)
Our dad brought us to FCO and left us in front of Terminal 3
T3 hosts most of the airlines operating at FCO, except for Alitalia and its partners, hosted at T1
photo fco-lgw 2
We proceeded straight to the security checkpoint
The waiting time was just one minute and the control itself took around 2 minutes
photo fco-lgw 3photo fco-lgw 4
While domestic and Schenghen flights depart from B, C and D boarding areas, extra-Schenghen operations are all handled at E boarding area
photo fco-lgw 5
Passport control made in no time thanks to the eGates
photo fco-lgw 6
As it happens in many European airports, the security area is followed by a large duty free area
Passengers are obliged to pass through it to reach the departure lounge
photo fco-lgw 7
The gate number is showed a few minutes before actual boarding time
photo fco-lgw 8
Lower level of the departure lounge
photo fco-lgw 9
Having around one hour before boarding, we decided to go upstairs for a coffee

Even if the departure lounge is great (it still smells new since its opening in December '16), it lacks of good spotting points
Alitalia A320 and Saudi Arabian A319 parked at gates E11-24
In the background an Emirates A380 tail can be spotted
photo fco-lgw 11
A bit later, Alitalia A320 and BlueAir 737
photo fco-lgw 14
Our gate, E16, was called at 15:45, 40 minutes before departure
It is located in the new pier, opened with the departure lounge
photo fco-lgw 15photo fco-lgw 16
Alitalia Lounge Piazza del Popolo
photo fco-lgw 17
As other European hubs (like MUC or ZRH) EU-Secure arriving passengers desembark directly in the departure lounge
This explains the exit gates at the end of the pier
photo fco-lgw 18
Our gate is located in the middle of the pier
photo fco-lgw 19
Even if the boarding time was close, we had to wait arriving passengers to desembark from LGW
photo fco-lgw 20
London, here we come!
photo fco-lgw 21
Our A319 for today's flight:
G-DBCH, delivered to bmi in Febraury 2006 (13.1 years old) and to British Airways in June 2012
photo fco-lgw 22
Norwegian.com 737 and easyJet A320 parked at gate D area
photo fco-lgw 23
Being in the 5th group, we had to wait a little before boarding
photo fco-lgw 24
Going down the jetway
photo fco-lgw 25
Our bird
photo fco-lgw 26
The pier
photo fco-lgw 27
Alitalia A320, I-BIKD named Maestrale
photo fco-lgw 28
Almost onboard
photo fco-lgw 29photo fco-lgw 30
Some technical stuff
photo fco-lgw 31photo fco-lgw 32
AZ A320 and departure lounge building behind
photo fco-lgw 33


Flight details
Airline: British Airways
Flight Number: BA2541

Departure: Roma Fiumicino - FCO
Scheduled Departure Time: 16:25
Actual Departure Time: 16:30

Arrival: London Gatwick - LGW
Scheduled Arrival Time: 18:00
Actual Arrival Time: 18:04

Flight Time: 2h 34m
Travel Date: Thursday March 7th
Class: Euro Traveller
Seat: 17E
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Registration: G-DBCH
photo fco-lgw 33a
Cabin door shot
I really like BA's livery
photo fco-lgw 34
Fuselage shot
photo fco-lgw 35
I gave the Flight Report Form to the Purser and I made my way to my seat, 17E
My sister had 17F, the window seat
The boarding finished on time
photo fco-lgw 37
The view from 17F
photo fco-lgw 38
As I had read many times, the legroom was a bit small, but enough for a 2-hour flight
photo fco-lgw 36
After the pushback we waited for about 5 minutes
We taxied to RWY7/25, usually used for takeoffs at FCO
Roman coastline after TO
photo fco-lgw 39
The cabin while we reached cruise altitude
photo fco-lgw 40
Crossing Alps
photo fco-lgw 41
Since in the morning I had to wake up early for the university, I fell asleep
I woke up while approaching Anglia
photo fco-lgw 42
English countryside while we descended to LGW
photo fco-lgw 43
Apart from usual boring English weather, there was a quite strong cross-wind
photo fco-lgw 44
And after a bumpy landing…
photo fco-lgw 45
welcome to London!
photo fco-lgw 46
Taxiing to the gate took a bit of time
The initial planned gate was changed and we waited around 5 minutes in a remote stand
Passing under North Terminal bridge, connecting the departure lounge to Pier 6
photo fco-lgw 47
Approaching gate 12, in the South Terminal
photo fco-lgw 48
Turkish Airlines 737 next to us
photo fco-lgw 49
While desembarking I asked the Purser about the Flight Report
She invited me to greet the Captain and F/O in the flight deck
They didn't fill the paper, but no matter, they were kind as well
photo fco-lgw 50
Bye bye G-DBCH!
photo fco-lgw 51
Going upstairs for the exit
photo fco-lgw 52photo fco-lgw 53
Last view of our bird
photo fco-lgw 54
Fortunately the gate we arrived to is quite close to the main building
photo fco-lgw 55
Apron's view
Turkish Airline 737 and British Airways A320s
photo fco-lgw 56photo fco-lgw 57
Her Majesty the Queen kindly welcomes you to London
photo fco-lgw 58
We headed straight to passport control
While I made it in a couple of minutes, my sister had some issues with the eGate, and was sent to a regular desk
Unfortunately, an Italian family with 3 kids was in front of her
They had just IDs (Italian one is just a piece of paper) and the border guard had to put their details manually
It took around 10 minutes :P

After exiting the customs we change some money and proceeded to the railway station
In about half a hour we reached Victoria Station and another half a hour to our hotel in Bayswater

Arrivals hall
photo fco-lgw 59
Railway station entrance
photo fco-lgw 60
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British Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Rome - FCO


London - LGW



This was my first time with British Airways and I'm generally satisfied.
The crew was very kind and they were not so boring with paid in-flight service
Only negative note: the legroom :(

FCO is such a great airport, very efficent and modern
It really deserves the prize for Best European Airport

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The average flight time is 2 hours and 26 minutes.

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