Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Amsterdam in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR273
Class Business
Seat 9B
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 08:00
Take-off 23 Mar 19, 07:45
Arrival at 23 Mar 19, 13:45
QR   #2 out of 115 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 539 reviews
Published on 3rd April 2019


G'day everybody! It's been a while since I contributed a report to this wonderful avgeek community, for which I apologize sincerly. Life happens I guess, I've been busy with work, study, family and more work. For those that have read my reports before: I mainly report on KLM flights. This is mainly because (a) I am based in the Netherlands and (b) my employer has a contract with AF/KLM and © I fly a lot to the continental US and Air France/KLM and Delta offer great routings from and to Amsterdam. As such, my reports have been a bit 'consistent' I would say.
However, recently I had a business trip to Australia. I had to go to Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide and the Melbourne leg even co-incided with the first race of the Grand Prix - which was a fantastic bonus.
But I assume many people here are business flyers much like myself. I enjoy flying a lot but when I travel for work, most of the time I work in airplanes, only see airports, hotels and meeting rooms and don't get to enjoy the country a lot. Don't get me wrong, I feel priviliged to see all these wonderful places but, I often don't have time (or take the time) to make proper flight reports. This trip was no difference. On the lag from Amsterdam to Melbourne, the domestic flights and the return flights, I mainly worked. Unfortunately, I don't have the material to make proper photo flight reports.
However, when I boarded my flight from Doha to Amsterdam, I saw I had a Qatar Airways QSuite. Having worked almost the entire ADL-DOH leg (14 hours), I treated myself to some relexation and time to make a photo flight report. Unfortunately, also no photos of the lounge - I didn't visit the lounge since I was travelling with a co-worker who was seated in Y (which sounds terrible for 14 hours but the flight was a light load so he had 3 seats for himself. And a row of three in a QR-flight is not bad at all!)

That being said, I hope you enjoy this report. Please let me know what you think! To be honest: I had never flown Qatar and the experience was absolutely amazing. In this report, I'll make some comparisons to KLM since that is the carrier I know best.
Bottom-line up front: I understand why QR has a 5-star rating and KL does not.
Let's begin!

15MAR KL451 AMS-AUH / J (Not reported) A332
15MAR KL3940 (Etihad) AUH-MEL / J (Not reported) B77W
18MAR QF814 MEL-CBR / Y (Not reported)
19MAR VA581 CBR-ADL / Y (Not reported)
22MAR QR915 ADL-DOH / J (Not reported)
23MAR QR273 DOH-AMS / J (<– you are here)

Doha Airport

I didn't take a lot of pictures of Doha Airport. We arrived in the middle of the night and wouldn't leave before 8am. It's interesting to watch the airport 'wake up' as more and more flights from the east pour in while waiting for departures to the west. Doha is certainly used to this kind of activity. The transition through security was smooth and the airport was very well maintained.

Some views of Doha:
photo img_3371photo img_3372photo img_3373

There was a separate waiting area before boarding. Before getting access to the waiting area, I had to go through security. As I waited in the priority line, I overheard some fellow countrymen complaining why other people (such as myself) were given 'special treatment' (Priority) which was an 'absolute shame'. Always great to hear countrymen complaining out loud in Dutch thinking nobody can understand them :-) Here's the waiting area before boarding:
photo img_3376

The Flight

I quickly found my seat and was welcomed by an extremly friendly stewardess. She helped me settle in and showed me how to work the seat. This was a great service! I do have to admit that, no matter how great the QR flight crew was, I felt they were more "distant" (for lack of a better word) than the FA's I know of KLM. She was friendly, professional and quick, but not warm and open like KLM. No judgement - just an observation.
As soon as she was gone, I started exploring the seat. I can't overstate how great this seat actually is. Very private, very comfortable, very luxurious. QR really has a fantastic product in their aircraft! The seat features a large TV directly in front of you:
photo img_3380
These amenities were waiting for me. The kit is fantastic but I forgot to take some pictures. Two pillows and one very, very, very comfortable blanket. All in house colours. Fantastic welcome! You can also see my trusty Bose Quietcomfort 15 which I always carry with me. The amenity kit features many handy items but no toothbrush which I found odd. However, I quickly found out why - more later.

photo img_3381

The seat controls are directly at your left, close to your left hand. The design is awesome and as you can see, everything can be found here: HDMI connector for your laptop, power, USB, controls and IFE remote.
photo img_3385

Mood lighting has been set to match QR corporate colors. Again, nice touch. The corporate branding is consistent, professional but also welcoming.
photo img_3388

Directly to your left is a reading light, I never have much use for them, but it's good that there is one.
photo img_3389

View from my suite to another QSuite. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the entire cabin (always feels a bit awkward when other people are there - feels like I'm invading their privacy). But this picture shows how private these cabins really are. One nice feature is that you can combine multiple suites to form a bigger, larger suite when travelling with 2 or four people. I didn't see this live - there are some great examples on the QR website if you're interested.
photo img_3390
Immediately to your left, there is a cubby which can be raised to rest your elbow on, or lowered when sleeping. If you open it, there is a large storage space which has the QR noise cancellation headphones, all the flight magazines and a bottle of water. This storage space is HUGE. I checked it three times before deplaning - afraid I had forgotten something.
photo img_3392photo img_3393

I explained how I did a lot of work on the ADL-DOH leg. I always pair working with drinking large quantities of water. Nature calls frequently as a result, so I made a quick trip to the bathroom, which was also really wel designed.
photo img_3377photo img_3378

Back in my seat, the kind FA asked me if I wanted something to drink. It was 8 am but I was still on Australia time so I figured a glass of champagne wouldn't hurt. I paired it with the QR Signature mocktail, a great lime/mint drink which I found so enjoyable, I ordered seconds.
photo img_3394
Here are some close-ups of the seat controls together with some of my appliances connected.

Papers were distributed and I opted for the FT.
photo img_3401
A video started playing explaning the suite and controls. Again, nice touch of QR. It really helps you to get to know your suite.
photo img_3402
The champagne went down really well!
photo img_3403
Menus were distributed. QR doesn't have set times for dining I quickly learned. I ordered my food for now and 1,5 hours prior to landing and the FA was gone. Very efficient system and much more suited for customers who want to keep a different schedule.

Meanwhile, the video still played. It repeated the instructions 4 times, which was sufficient.
photo img_3411
Aisle view
photo img_3412
Pushback offered some great spotting opportunities!
photo img_3414
Hazy day at Doha. I haven't been to Doha before. I wonder if this level of dust and haze is normal, which wouldn't be surprising, considering the proximity of the desert.
photo img_3419photo img_3425
I closed my door and felt very private. This level of privacy is completely new for me.
photo img_3426photo img_3434photo img_3435
Time to explore the IFE. The IFE quality is great, resolution and responsiveness are fantastic. The airshow is not of the same quality I know from KLM. The map isn't interactive and you can't easily zoom in and out. This was kind of disappointing since I usually use the remote for the airshow and fiddle around with it quite a lot. The IFE had a decent movie and TV show library but not very extensive, not like I had seen on Etihad before.
photo img_3436
These buttons adjust your seat. The presets for eating and take-off/landing are quite usefull
photo img_3437
The 'Do Not Disturb" button illuminates your cabin number red, so the FA knows you don't want to be bothered.
photo img_3438
This button quickly turned out to be my favourite. Back massage for 20 minutes. The flight took 7 hours so I pushed this button roughly 21 times :-)
photo img_3439
HDMI port
photo img_3440
photo img_3441
After my glass of champagne, I switched to non-alcoholic beverages. Upon arriving at Amsterdam, I would have to go back to work so staying sober seemd like the logical choice. This didn't seem like punishment - the QR Signature Mocktail went down like, well, water, although it's very, very sweet.
photo img_3442
Some more airshow images. I liked the timezone display!
photo img_3443photo img_3444photo img_3445
The FA dropped by and set my table
photo img_3446
I enjoy the extra buttonhole so I don't make a mess out of my (travel) clothes
photo img_3447
The table was set for the first course. QR surely takes their meal seriously. All items are well placed, look great, taste good and are plentifull

As a main, I chose the Arabian breakfast. I figured, when in Rome… It was a good choice, it tasted really great!
photo img_3453photo img_3454
Another quick bathroom visit.
photo img_3455
I've never seen a syringe disposal before. I wonder why? Perhaps for people who need to use medication by syringe?
photo img_3456
So, this is why I couldn't find a toothbrush in my amenity kit. There are shaving & toothbrush sets available in the bathroom. The shaving kit is a really nice touch! I hadn't expected it but quickly used one. Now I could simply change at Amsterdam into decent clothes and go to work; no need to shave anymore since I had already done that in the aircraft. Fantastic!
photo img_3457photo img_3458
Time for coffee! Arabian coffee is famous for it's quality and QR didn't disappoint there.
photo img_3459photo img_3460
After my coffee, I went to sleep and had a solid 5 hours of sleep. I was awoken by my alarm and quickly found the friendly FA bringing my breaklunchfast.
photo img_3461photo img_3462
Time to play on the IFE some more. The QR IFE has the Holy Quran as part of the system. I was intrigued and quickly browsed through it. Together with a Mecca pointer, this clearly shows the origin of Qatar airways. The Quran was interesting to browse through, but I quickly moved on. Another intriguing thing I found was the movie ratings. I watched some Modern Family and Fawlty Towers, both of which are comedy with some mild language. They were both rated 18+ by the QR IFE system. In Europe, 18+ would usually mean X-rated movies. Neither Modern Family nor Fawlty Towers are explicit so I wonder why this is?
photo img_3463
One thing QR does is handing out warm oshibori's frequently. Another example of the great service on board.
photo img_3464
Close-up of the footrest…
photo img_3466
photo img_3467
and pillows.
photo img_3468photo img_3469
Flying over cloudy Europe
photo img_3471
On approach to Amsterdam

Touchdown! luckily no Polderbaan so we went to the gate quickly. I waved at the blue birds I know so well.
photo img_3485photo img_3486
Final pictures of my seat and the seat of my front-neighbor (which was oriented towards the rear of the aircraft)
photo img_3487photo img_3488
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Doha - DOH


Amsterdam - AMS



All in all, I believe the QR-flight is the best business class flight I've ever been one. My comparison material is limited, the other J-products I know are Air France and KLM. The QSuite is fantastic! The crew is great, the food is amazing! Only minor point is the IFE. The limited content, both in quality and quantity, and the limited airshow, are my only points of concern. Other than that, I believe this product is very, very hard to beat. This business experience is on a totally different level than the traditional airlines I know so well.

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The airline with the best average rating is Qatar Airways with 8.3/10.

The average flight time is 7 hours and 18 minutes.

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  • Comment 496090 by
    sotto_Deactivated 83 Comments

    Good flight report. Thank you.
    QATAR is one of my preferred airlines, asit is SINGAPORE too. On both, the on-board service in business class is on worlds better than on any American airline in first class.

  • Comment 496917 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5319 Comments

    Hi CounterSurprise! Nice to see a report for you and how surprising to see one outside of KLM and SkyTeam partners. It's definitely worth cheating on SkyTeam for the Qsuites, haha!

    I didn't visit the lounge since I was travelling with a co-worker who was seated in Y

    Ah, I guess QR doesn't allow J pax to have a guest. Maybe only those with oneworld status.

    In this report, I'll make some comparisons to KLM since that is the carrier I know best.

    Bottom-line up front: I understand why QR has a 5-star rating and KL does not.
    I like KLM, but yeah, QR Qsuites is on a whole other level

    QR surely takes their meal seriously. All items are well placed, look great, taste good and are plentifull

    Setting the table and not using trays like KL (and many others) makes the experience so much more premium

    A lovely report as always. Glad you got to experience the Qsuites. A nice change from the usual KL/DL/AF

    Thanks for sharing!

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