Review of Copa Airlines flight Puerto Vallarta Panamá City in Economy

Airline Copa Airlines
Flight cm346
Class Economy
Seat 18f
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:05
Take-off 28 Mar 19, 13:55
Arrival at 28 Mar 19, 19:00
CM 70 reviews
By 758
Published on 12th April 2019
After spending twelve magnificent days in sunny Puerto Vallarta is moment to say goodbye.
Copa Airlines flies Thursdays and Sundays to Puerto Vallarta from The Hub of the Americas in Tocumén.
The view from deluxe room at Krystal Puerto Vallarta.

photo img_20190318_080426

Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Airport is a huge place almost as big as CUN. Lots of planes for US and Canada carriers, plus the local airlines
An United Embraer with a Delta A320 in the back
photo img_20190328_114555
It´s Lunch time at PVR!
photo pvrfood
Copa departs from the same area as North America airlines
photo img_20190328_120318photo img_20190328_121127
With a lot of time before my flight, I bought one of my favourites magazines
photo img_20190328_122352
We embark by remote position along Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle via Santa Ana, both planes are parked alongside too
photo img_20190328_124301
What´s this?! AC y TS boarding alongside. This could be a future merger?! Both widebodies are parked together at the far end of the airport
Air Transat´s 332 to Montreal Trudeau YUL and Air Canada Rouge´s 763 to Toronto Pearson YYZ, these guys love their hometown, so they gave a little tribute!

photo img_20190328_130233photo img_20190328_131658
Time to catch my bird with a nice A32 parked beside CM´s 737
photo img_20190328_131647photo img_20190328_131828photo img_20190328_131852
Domestic terminal at PVR
photo img_20190328_131935

Fuselage shot
photo img_20190328_132049
Last photo of our neighbor
photo img_20190328_132114
Emergency exit row for me, at no extra charge and nobody at the middle seat.
PTV showing images of Puerrto Vallarta
photo img_20190328_132513photo img_20190328_132519
View from the window
photo img_20190328_132528
We´re flying! Nice view of Riviera Nayarit, Nuevo Vallarta and the beatiful Banderas´Bay
photo img_20190328_135857photo img_20190328_135908photo img_20190328_135944
A lunch is serve when we are at cruising altitude:
Chicken or pasta. The raviolis are great and spicy, with a Balboa beer for me
photo img_20190328_145644
Afternoon views, just clouds
photo img_20190328_153058photo img_20190328_171751
Mood lightning
photo img_20190328_173306
Near the arrival in PTY
photo img_20190328_173832
Tocumen airport, home of Copa, The hub of The Americas, sorry for the blurry photos
photo img_20190328_180901photo img_20190328_181135
A special tag is added to the baggage tag, to remark that the luggage doesn´t go to another flight
photo img_20190410_082208

I had to wait twenty hours for my flight to my hometown Rosario, so I went to nearby hotel to take a break. that flight is for the next FR
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Copa Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Puerto Vallarta - PVR


Panamá City - PTY



A nice addition to Copa Airlines´extensive net of flights. A very convenient way of visiting Puerto Vallarta and the huge Riveira Nayarit, specially for South America passengers.
Nice service and the puntuality of CM, are big bonuses plus the fact they probably have the most complete network of flights in South and Central America.



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  • Comment 497305 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 808 Comments

    Qué bonito Puerto Vallarta! Me alegra que hayas tenido unas buenas vacaciones. El almuerzo a bordo se ve muy bien! Quizás la porción es un poco pequeña? Sea como sea, lo encuentro mejor que latam, que es mi punto de referencia. Parece que Copa es de las pocas líneas aéreas que todavía valen la pena a este lado del mundo.

    Qué lata tener que esperar 20 horas por tu conexión!

    Gracias por compartir, Fernando! :)

  • Comment 497730 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5885 Comments

    Hola Fernando, gracias por compartir este buen reporte! It brings back good memories as I loved Puerto Vallarta. It's nice that CM is flying this route. Really decent service for Economy on a 4h flight with a nice cabin, PTVs, and a hot meal. It's too bad there are problems with the 737 MAX because CM's new full flat Business class on the MAX jets is really competitive and they offer good fares between North and South American in Business.

    • Comment 497732 by
      Fernando AUTHOR 67 Comments

      Hi Kevin thanks for your comments; Copa offers a good inboard service, and great puntuality. I saw the MAX9 parked at PTY, the airline magazine says they only have one aircraft.

      • Comment 497873 by
        KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5885 Comments

        COPA definitely runs an efficient hub out of PTY, which is perfectly located for those North <-> South flows.

        I saw the MAX9 parked at PTY, the airline magazine says they only have one aircraft.

        Hmm...I think the magazine was wrong, according to Airfleets, they have 6 737 MAX 9 in the fleet:

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