Review of Malindo Air flight Kuala Lumpur Phuket in Economy

Airline Malindo Air
Flight OD540
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 31 Mar 19, 12:05
Arrival at 31 Mar 19, 12:30
OD 35 reviews
Published on 25th June 2019
Hello everyone! Here is my flight report from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket with Malaysian hybrid airlines, Malindo Air. I went to Phuket for holiday from March 31-April 2, 2019 and this time, I traveled alone.

Getting to the Airport

I began my journey by taking a Grab ride (Malaysian version of Uber) from my house to Gombak LRT station. From there, I took the LRT Kelana Jaya Line to KL Sentral Station.
photo p1

Inside LRT Kelana Jaya Line enroute to KL Sentral.
photo p2

Arrived in KL Sentral Station.
photo p3

Then, I went to 1 level down where the bus station is located.
photo p4

I took the Airport Coach bus which later will bring me to KLIA Main Terminal. I decided to ride the bus to the airport as it was the cheapest option.
photo p5

The ticket fee was 12 Ringgit per way and the journey took about 1 hour from KL Sentral to KLIA.
photo p6

Interior of the bus.
photo p7

We reached KLIA Main Terminal around 1 hour later.
photo p8

Airport Experience

Then, I had to go to several floors up to the departure level.
photo p9photo p10photo p11

KLIA Main Terminal's departure level.
photo p13photo p14photo p15

Malindo Air's check-in counter, where I dropped my luggage and collected my boarding pass. The check-in luggage was inclusive in my flight ticket fee.
photo p12

Arrived at the airside after I walked through the security check (where we only had to drop our bags), custom and passport control.
photo p16

Several aircraft models on display. This spot is 1 of the famous attractions in KLIA.
photo p17photo p18

As it was still early, I decided to pay a visit to another famous attraction in KLIA, the Jungle Boardwalk. The Jungle Boardwalk is located in the Satellite Terminal, thus I had to take the Aerotrain to reach there.
photo p19

The Jungle Boardwalk's entrance.
photo p20

The Jungle Boardwalk features a waterfall which located in the center of the artificial jungle.
photo p21

And various real tropical tree plants complete with their descriptions on the information boards. I was really surprise to learn how small the Jungle Boardwalk is. I finished exploring the whole area and reading almost all of the plants' descriptions within 7 minutes.
photo p22

Then, I made a quick spotting session at the Satellite Terminal before I returned back to the Contact Pier with the Aerotrain.
photo p23photo p24

Iraqi Airways' A332 as seen from the Aerotrain.
photo p25

My flight would be departed from gate H10.
photo pintu

The gate wasnt opened when I reached there, so the other passengers and I had to wait outside for a few moments.
photo pintu 2

Finally, we were allowed to enter the gate, but we had to go through another safety check first. And this time, we had to take off our belt and remove any electronic gadgets from our bags or pockets.
photo pintu 3

The seating area in gate H10.
photo pintu 4

Boarding Experience

As Malindo Air is notorious for flight delays and cancellations, I already prepared myself for the worst thing to come. But fortunately, our boarding commenced on time.
photo pintu 5

As the load of this flight was quite light, all passengers were invited to board the aircraft at the same time.
photo pintu 6

Passing the empty business class cabin.
photo biz classphoto biz class 2

Reaching the economy class cabin.
photo eco 1

My seat, 20A.
photo eco 2

Sadly, this aircraft came with no PTV.
photo eco 3

Fantastic legroom!
photo eco 4

The view from my window with several OD's planes docked at the gates.
photo view out of window

I was really hoping that the 2 seats next to me would remain empty, but unfortunately those 2 seats were later occupied by a couple. I was shocked that they didnt move to somewhere else as there were sill many vacant seats in this flight.
photo finished boarding

Seat Pocket's Contents.
photo seat contents

Some interesting infos inside the MALINDOMAG Magazine.
photo mag content

Malindo Air's current network.
photo od map

After the boarding process completed, our aircraft started to push back at 12:22 pm, 17 minutes behind the ETD. The safety demo video was played on overhead screens.
photo pushed back

Cabin was so calm and quiet during taxiing.
photo finished boarding

Passing the 2 mystery B747 jumbo jets.
photo taxi

Waiting for another Malindo plane to take off.
photo taxi 2

And we were followed closely by MH's B738 behind.
photo taxi 3

It was our time to take off.
photo takeoff 1photo takeoff 2

Entering the thick cloud.
photo takeoff 3

And finally, we were above the cloud.
photo takeoff 4

Inflight Service

The inflight service commenced around 30 minutes after we left the ground, which considered as quite late. First, the crew came to offer blanket and pillow to every passenger. Surprisingly, they provided these amenities on this short flight.
photo cabin service

Then, the crew came again to start the meal service.
photo cabin service 2

We were given a choice of Chicken or Mushroom Square Pizza/Sandwich. I chose the later.
photo inflight 10photo inflight 11

The meal came with a Vanilla-flavored Muffin and a glass of plain water. Other types of beverages such as juices, coffee and tea required an additional cost. Overall, the meal was adequate for this short regional flight.
photo inflight 12

After the meal service, the crew walked through the cabin again to collect our trash. As there was no IFE in this aircraft, most of the passengers spent their remaining time by either sleeping or doing absolutely nothing.
photo inflight 13

Over an hour into the flight, our plane was getting ready to land in Phuket International Airport.
photo almost landing 1photo almost landing 2

Phuket here I come!
photo almost landing 3photo almost landing 4

Safely landed!
photo landedphoto landed 2

Taxiing to the terminal.
photo landed 4photo landed 5photo landed 3

After disembarked from the aircraft, we entered the terminal and went up to the customs and passport control.
photo arrivingphoto arriving 2

Arriving at the baggage collection. It was really absurd with so many international arrivals (mainly from Russia) were arriving at the same time.
photo arriving 3

The international arrivals of the day.
photo arriving 4

Arriving at the landside.
photo arriving 5

Exiting the airport terminal.
photo arriving 6

Waiting for our transport to bring me and some other pax to our respective hotel and resort.
photo arriving 7

Our transport. The ticket can be purchased inside the airport terminal.
photo transport

And that was the end of my flight report from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket with Malindo Air =)

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Malindo Air

Cabin crew8.0

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Phuket - HKT



I really enjoyed my flight with Malindo Air. I was so lucky that my flight didnt experience a delay or cancellation, something that Malindo is famous for. I also hope that Malindo Air will provide PTV/IFE on all of its aircrafts and improve its inflight offering by giving the passengers more types of complimentary beverages such as juices, coffee & tea other than just a plain water.



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  • Comment 508813 by
    lbfortress 68 Comments

    Cool report. I didn't know of the jungle at KLIA. When did that open? I have something to enjoy next time my travels take me through KL.

  • Comment 509047 by
    emyrrs 109 Comments

    Thanks for your report!

    Sadly, this aircraft came with no PTV.

    I didn't know that OD face the same issues with ID. That when the vendor of the PTV IFE was bankrupt they have to offer non-IFE flight. But, gradually ID's plane fitted with PTV-IFE just about time.

    Passing the 2 mystery B747 jumbo jets.

    Was this two jumbo that advertised on local newspaper back in 2017/2018? Why they're still there...

    • Comment 509139 by
      AriffAzrai AUTHOR 14 Comments

      I didn't know that OD face the same issues with ID. That when the vendor of the PTV IFE was bankrupt they have to offer non-IFE flight. But, gradually ID's plane fitted with PTV-IFE just about time.

      I think it is acceptable for flights less than 2 hours in OD's network.

      Was this two jumbo that advertised on local newspaper back in 2017/2018? Why they're still there...

      Ya, I also surprised the 2 jumbos are still there. The management of the airport should really do something (if they could) about these 2 unwanted planes. Perhaps, transforming them into hotels or restaurants.

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