Review of Turkish Airlines flight Miami Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK78
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:20
Take-off 17 Jul 18, 20:55
Arrival at 18 Jul 18, 15:15
TK   #13 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 611 reviews
By SILVER 3403
Published on 16th May 2019

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Having had the opportunity to try out all 3 Middle East Big 3 airlines I really wanted to know what Turkish Airlines would be like. An airline that has been rated consistently high on several occasions, within the top 10 in recent years (going off of what Skytrax says, which I know isn’t the most accurate…) Some say they count as Middle East Big 3 + 1 given their rapid expansion and being (relatively) close to the middle east, while others say that they are completely different given their mild presence in some destinations, being served only with a 3 or 4 weekly flight instead of daily, and of course not being very competitive on the India - USA market with just the daily flight each to New Delhi & Mumbai, versus the double digits for EK/EY/QR. Some others also say that they are a direct competition to the European airlines (LH/LX/BA/IB/AF/KL) given that, well, their primary hub is in fact in the European part of Istanbul. A fascinating case, and here I wanted to give this a shot.

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For this trip itself I started looking at possible itineraries back in late-February/early March 2018. I really wanted to log a A350 flight, finally. Singapore Airlines by far had the best chance with it’s non-stop from SFO to SIN, with a quick layover on to a SilkAir 737-800 to Kolkata. On the way back, SilkAir 737-800 back, and then a 777-300ER via either Hong Kong or Seoul. This was a little north of $1000 but I didn’t really fancy SilkAir’s 737-800s, given that Singapore Airlines also has A330s to Kolkata, but at a more expensive price point. In addition, I have already flown SQ.

The 2nd one which looked far more promising was Qatar Airways. 3 x A350s on ATL-DOH-DEL, and DOH-JFK, while BOM-DOH would be on a 777-300ER. Some miscommunication happened leading to this decent fare to be gone, long gone. Oh well, I wasn’t missing too much given I have been on QR in the past too.

The final option worked out to be with Turkish Airlines, a suggestion by my father. Why I did not think of it in the first place, I do not know. Multi city has always been nice to me - more often than not these throw up some pretty nice fares, and given how outrageously expensive USA domestic flying is the fare difference on getting to a USA departure point is negligible. Miami - New Delhi & Mumbai - Atlanta worked out to be the cheapest, just north of $900 for a mid-July to mid-August round trip itinerary. This is what it looked like:

TK78 Miami to Istanbul, 17th July 2018 dep @ 2055, arr @ 1515+1, B777-300ER, 11hr20min
–5hr05min layover–
TK716 Istanbul to New Delhi, 18th July 2018 dep @ 2020, arr @ 0435 B777-300ER, 5hr45min

TK721 Mumbai to Istanbul 15th August 2018, dep @ 0625 arr @ 1040 A330-300, 6hr45min
–3hr25min layover–
TK31 Istanbul to Atlanta 15th August 2018 dep @ 1405, arr @ 1950 hours A330-200, 12hr45min

Well, no A350 this around I suppose. But hey - a new airline in Turkish Airlines, one that has been rated quite highly, new airports in Miami, Istanbul & Atlanta (in addition to Dallas/Ft. Worth already!). Boring 777s, and Yawnbus 330s….

It was at this moment I realized thunderstorms were going to be an issue at Miami, leading to possible delays. Well, good thing I had a 5.5 hour layover at Istanbul…

Not so much the technicals of a plane, but more so a rather weak IT department. While booking was relatively easy the manage my booking section was all over the place. Turkish allows selection of seats on international flights 100 days prior to departure, which is fair. However when I tried to do this online all seats were taken, and not much could’ve been done about it. A tweet to @TKHelpDesk did not do much, as I was directed back to the website and/or the call center. So the latter it was: not too bad, but it seemed the staff were confused that I wanted to select my seats. And, after a while, felt like they were a touch rude. I somehow got my preferred seats for the 777 flights at least: right behind the wing for MIA-IST, and in front of the massive GE90s for IST-DEL: always wanted to sit in front of them monsters, but I can’t afford a premium ticket, yet. Thank you, Kenya Airways leased 777!

Seats selected, thanks to some very strange calls to the TK call center…

photo 40685685253_4f4783f25a_b

Anyone know what an Airbus 77K is? I am throughly confused….

photo 32709563407_2baa5ab1c8_b

Turkish also decided to revise the Mumbai - Istanbul flight’s schedule, delaying it by 5 minutes, and getting back to the original schedule again. Very 9W of them, reminding me of when 9W changed flight timings and making Manage My Booking a dud… This meant I received no less than 4 emails asking me to reconfirm this, but of course when I did this online the only option I had was to cancel it, and nothing else. Manage my Booking was effectively dead. All sorts of doldrums. Another phone call was made, another rude-ish call center person, but hey I could now select seats for the A330 flights…. and I got what I preferred. Not too bad, I guess…. Despite these woes, I was counting on what matters most: the flight(s) itself, but definitely not the ideal first (second?) impression.

photo 46928356644_1ba09c80db_b

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Web check in was done & complete until I realized my boarding pass would not be issued online. I was okay with that - I like my boarding passes to be real and not a mall receipt. This was done at the motel in Fargo. Prior to heading out for AA3418 I checked that TC-JJY a 3.4 years old Boeing 777-3F2/ER on it’s way to Miami, and that it was well on time.

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Airbus 77K has changed to a Boeing 777-300ER, it makes sense now!

photo 40685684553_132fbc379b_bphoto 46928355764_9f96502def_bphoto 46928355424_0a1cddf34e_b


At Miami airport, I had a 6 hour layover, around about. I needed to make it to Dallas on time on a short layover to make the Miami flight, and both of them went off without a hitch: I say that in hindsight, [url=]AA3418 was quite stressful with the app deciding we’d be late so the connection to Miami would be missed. But anyway, $11 spent on WiFi because, anxiety. Half an hour end from disembarkation to getting my suitcase, and another by talking to my girlfriend on the phone. Knowing Turkish opens check in 3 hours prior to departure I was in a pretty good place to kill just over an hour and a half.

A long walked followed. All the way from the end of the North Terminal to the end of the South, and on the way I even managed to help some people out because looking at the signs are not that hard a thing to do….. I found the international airline check ins, but it was time for lunch. Another slightly long walk later I decided for Chilli’s. A nice burger there, given this was the first proper meal since dinner at Fargo.

photo 40685719973_241c41cd8c_bphoto 32709596567_b54c90cacf_b

An hour killed, easy. I wanted to repack a few things until I realized the TSA took away some of my things. No wonder it felt light, damn it. ☹️

photo 40685718833_03d71a4f55_b


A quick bathroom break later I lined up for check in. People of several different backgrounds were taking flight which is a true testament to Turkish's network. While the line was quite long, I managed to beat a big group at check in which was quick for me, and then TSA.

photo 32709595617_6223ea5eb7_bphoto 40685717823_fe2228f673_b

TSA up ahead, but I was ahead of several of the big groups checking in on to TK78

photo 32709594217_9e725acc58_b

The ID check person was surprisingly nice - quite unlike a normal experience, in addition to the scanning being pretty pain free. A dream come true?! It was 1832 hours, just over 2 hours till departure: with check in taking 10 minutes, 20 minutes at security.  

photo 40685717113_7ff3043b82_b


Gate J5 was empty for the moment - the bay that is: people slowly starting taking up seats at the gate area. Spotting yielded largely South American wide bodies, something quite unique for me but common in this part of the country. 

photo 32709592667_605ebf8d90_bphoto 40685716393_cb6bd722e7_bphoto 46928384254_66e87dfff4_b

Pretty soon it was 1855 hours - time for TK77 to arrive, and FlightRadar24 showed TC-JJY was in fact taxiing after landing in Miami. I took a spot at J5 to photograph & film the magnificent beast taxi in: such is the size of the 777-300ER gate J4 is deemed unusable at this point in time. Other passengers also took selfies and/or pictures of TC-JJY taxi in to the gate. Sure, I called this a ‘Boring’ 777 earlier on, but just looking at it so close made me realize what a true beast this plane was. Chocks on at 1859 hours, just 4 minutes after scheduled arrival time. A LATAM 787-9 pulled in to the gate nearby.

I spy with my little eye, a European Airline…or 3? 

photo 32709591867_1df0d0461f_bphoto 40685715753_6acbd1d69e_bphoto 32709590857_ee89d5d671_b

Quite the looker! 

photo 40685715183_a3b4b67f53_b

Gate J5

photo 32709590097_06dbddee1d_b

Walked over to Concourse H which looked like SkyTeam domination…with the odd United flight heading to San Francisco. A solid panorama from the food court, great place to spot from. Airport employees were on break here. 

photo 40685714013_7a491b24ce_bphoto 47599457302_22c5494595_bphoto 40685712623_9f86f4a70b_b

LATAMs, a lot of them! 

photo 46736616585_03b4a10d2a_b

SkyTeam in Concourse H 

photo 40685711673_def4ab81f1_b


photo 46928379174_de4263bc0c_b

UA583 to San Francisco 

photo 46928378724_e88fdf8468_b

On further walking I was vindicated by the decision to fly out of Miami for the cheap fare, while forgetting about the potential thunderstorm: the entirety of East Coast was engulfed in a huge storm, airports like New York JFK, Newark, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC all saw significant delays and several cancellations. Here are 2 Delta planes that were caught out by this, passengers were frustrated and helpless (something I have faced all too often…), but Delta had provided free pizza it looked like. An MD-88 showed up from Atlanta that would do a quick interstate run to Orlando next.

Both JFK bound, both delayed 

photo 40685710773_e7b0fd84c5_bphoto 46928377934_ce53089d90_b

MD-88 from ATL, will head to MCO next 

photo 40685710063_bfb5f65860_b

Looking good, looking good 

photo 46928377004_54a0d013a8_b


Quick bathroom break later I headed back to gate J5 where the gate was filling up, but it didn’t look overly full. The seat map did show a full flight, so perhaps there were some people still checking in or at security. Pre-boarding was called 50 minutes to departure time, I decided to line up so to get overhead bin space on the long haul flight. Ground staff had a tough time lining up several people at the gate in to the main walkway, requesting all to line up against the wall but that was easier said than done. 

photo 40685709263_6bab1eeb89_bphoto 46736614135_e18aa06bce_b

Boarding was called, and it was pretty orderly for the most part. Documents checked, headed down the jet bridge where newspapers were set up. I was really excited to see if the hype was in fact real! Onboard at 2013 hours where the wooden flooring looked really inviting but less so of the crew who felt a little robotic to begin with. Nothing too warm, but that’s okay.


Business Class looked quite inviting as did Economy with a light blue seat cover, dark blue headrest, 3-3-3 onboard a 777 (winner!), and the end of a cabin section had a pretty cool design with Turkish’s logo on it. I liked what I saw. 

photo 40685708333_8462172880_bphoto 46736613425_3baecde27d_b

Seat 35A is located in the 2nd Economy class section of Turkish’s own 777. Pillow, blanket & headsets were provided on every seat. 

photo 32709584367_62271f6ac9_bphoto 46736612775_49c77f8157_b

View from 35A

photo 32709583787_c9b6efea62_b

In a round of roulette where the lady assigned to 35B set herself up at 35C, the gentleman assigned to 35C in 36A, there was quite a bit of movement and change in seats: the lady’s reasoning being she’d get up several times during the flight so she should get 35C…. all said & done once boarding was complete the guy assigned to 35C moved to 37D, and lady 35B moving to 35C, leaving 35B empty. Winner!!

IFE on this one was simply gorgeous. HD screen, easy to touch, tonnes of content, and even better, different onboard cameras! I was quite excited to try this out, but more later. 

photo 46928374034_7991a8509c_b

Headsets provided 

photo 32709583087_cc1655fd10_b

Hmmm, I think I know what I'm gonna watch next! 

photo 46928373014_76e144bbe8_b


Sun had set completely at this point while the announcements were done, followed by the safety videos. Of course, with no one paying attention to the videos, and seatbelt signs on (which means people do not sit their butts down…). But doors were closed & pushed back at 2042 hours, 13 minutes before time. Pretty quick turnaround! I liked the safety video in that ASL was used to address deaf passengers. Nicely done, Turkish! 

photo 32709582317_17d3ea5af0_b

The best part of any 777(-300ER) flight, the start up! The massive monsters otherwise known as the GE90-115B engines were fired up, and it just so happened the LATAM 777-300ER nearby also had its engines fired up - what’s better than listening to 4 (!!) GE90s fire up early evening! During this however I saw the crew member aggressively take another passenger’s phone and do something with it, which I found to be very very weird. Nothing against me though, even if the START UP VIDEO is a little broken up, unfortunately.. 

photo 46928372174_bf936da6a1_b

I did like Turkish’s hard product so far, but oh boy was it about to be a new level of crazy onboard here. If I thought the American Airlines 777-200ER mood lighting was crazy, the rave that Turkish Airlines had planned was just about to get started: some pretty absurd colors of moodlighthing including green and light pink and bright orange, this was actually pretty painful to see and did not really add to any comfort, nothing beyond an eye sore to be honest. 

photo 32709581497_6daba8a59f_bphoto 46928371314_147db96e14_bphoto 32709580897_506ae0bbb6_b

Was a fairly long taxi to Runway 9, which is when the first officer welcomed us onboard, props to Turkish Airlines for addressing the young flyers as well! It would be a 10hr55min flight (read - 11 hours) over to Istanbul Ataturk, at 33000 feet, where slightly cloudy skies & temperature of 75F/24C were awaiting us, a little bit of a bumpy flight at times but not too bad, and estimated arrival at 1505 hours, little ahead of schedule. 

photo 46928370724_93eb6a178c_b

A Rogue One from Canada, heavily delayed 

photo 32709580477_c6c73563aa_b

Lined up with Runway 9 at 2102 hours which was followed by the monstrous sounds of the GE90s helping TC-JJY pick up speed and were airborne at 2103 hours, 8 minutes behind schedule.

photo 46736608765_e6b904a6d1_b


It was a very smooth climb out over Miami Beach. Night life was just about to start but here we were a bunch onboard a Boeing 777 bound for Istanbul tucking in to what would hopefully be a comfortable flight. 

photo 32709580187_3df1cb69ca_b


Spent some time looking at the information screen, which is where I’d spend most of the flight looking at, given how tired I was. The day started off as a sleepless night in preparation for the FAR-DFW flight, I was looking forward to getting some rest here, even if it was in Economy. A long way to go though, still.

That groundspeed though!! 

photo 46736608135_68d60d6823_b

As I had seen on several occasions menu cards were handed out to each and every passenger. In Economy. Not a whole lot of airlines do that still, was nice to see. Initially the options looked a little ordinary, but I’d wait till dinner to make a decision.

photo 32709579807_a1622149d0_b

What followed next is even rarer in Economy class and definitely of a top standard was the amenity kit. Institut Karite (which, to be honest I have no idea what the standards are amenity kits up in front) pouch had the typical eye shades, socks, tooth brush & toothpaste, in addition to slippers & a lip balm which is not normal for Economy class, pretty sure.

photo 40685704533_6892744240_bphoto 40685703683_b4e15b99fc_b

And within the first half an hour of the flight a warm towel was passed. So far so good from Turkish Airlines: on time, great hard product, IFE had great content, and solid amenities.

photo 32709579107_66cb1745de_b

However, it felt like the crew were lacking a little bit. Helpful, courteous, but robotic & nothing too extravagant, but maybe I had my expectations a little too high?

Enter text here…


Once the towels were cleaned up and special meals handed out carts were rolled up. Half of them were for drinks, the other half for dinner. I watched a Formula One-type documentary, sold on seeing a 1960s Ferrari in the thumbnail while service happened. The crew seemed to break a smile or two here and there which was nice. Now I did mention the options seemed uninspiring: it was to find out for real if hype was true. Do&Co, show me what you got!

I got my meal at 2217 hours Eastern, 1hr14min in flight. The set up itself made for a visually stunning look: Turkish use very specific and oddly curved bowls for appetizer/salad/dessert, and the main course container being on a different level altogether. Condiments, a napkin & silverware were neatly packed in a box rather than wrapped in just plastic. All of these had Do&Co branding on them which made me wonder where the catering was from. 

photo 32709578567_2f15bd9fb3_b

A fresh bread roll was offered, alongside my drink choice: Eefes beer for me, time to Mediterranean it up here!

photo 47599446412_f76b301af3_b

The meal started off pretty well with moutabel/tabbouleh, a nice way to set things up.

photo 40685702803_acae5e6a5e_b

The salad was a nice juicy slice of smoked salmon alongside grilled artichoke and garden fresh salad. I was looking forward to the main course. 

photo 32709578007_af2e018f52_b

At the end of the day, the options were really just chicken or pasta, aka the standard TATL fare. Turkish however had an ace up their sleeve: a delicious juicy tender grilled chicken breast with rosemary butter cooked to perfection, and reheated just fine. Sautéed carrots and broccoli were quite nice. Not the usual mashed potatoes, but the potato gratin was a first for me which was also really nice. I was quite satisfied with this meal! Dessert was a raspberry chocolate cake which was a satisfactory end to an otherwise great meal. 

photo 40685702133_e51e0885f7_b

My luck with the WiFi was not very good this time around: it would just take me to the checkout page, and wouldn't move an inch from there. This was going to be a recurring thing on al 4 Turkish flights that I took, making onboard connectivity one of the weakest links onboard Turkish, unfortunately. The supplier for this was Turk Telekom…

photo 47599443772_1f68370283_b


I tried to keep myself awake but this was turning out to be quite difficult. I did the noble thing of staying up to hand over my tray, before finally calling it a night with the documentary on there. Little did I know this was going to be one the best naps I have taken onboard a plane. Oh, who even knew an empty middle seat would make such a difference!

It was a solid 7 hour nap. Not undisturbed, but when I did try to sleep again I fell asleep just fine. I suppose this meant that there was no need to get myself the tuna sandwich and/or cherry cake. I was okay with that. There were two instances I do remember waking up to - the first being a middle aged gentlemen singing the ultimate meme song of 2018 to the lady on 35C - Despacito - more like WHAT-THE-F*CKO! Such was my shock I had to rub my eyes in order to believe it…. Still pretty impressive that this had happened haha! Another part of this sleep that I vividly remember was a cruise climb when we went up from 33000 to 37000 feet. The power up during this phase got my sub-conscious mind hearing my flight instructor say ‘use a bit of that right rudder when applying power, remember the left turning tendencies of the propellor?’ Yeah right, took me another little bit to realize I was onboard a Boeing 777 with 2 massive GE90s, aka - no need for right rudder on board this big beast!

Flying over the Netherlands, I finally decided to use my one get out of seat free card, which I usually do half way in to the flight, but it was 8hr15min in to the flight to head to the restroom. The restroom was kept pretty clean for the most part, and I did appreciate the lotion & cologne.

photo 32709576757_44e2712520_b

Freshened up quick before heading to my seat - less than 3 hours to go, this was going to be relatively easy. From what I noticed on the way back to my seat it did look like rare couple of seats were empty & passengers sprawled out, but I was pretty content with where I was at. The sun had risen far high up, but here we were in a completely darkened cabin.

I decided to dip deeper in to the fantastic IFE that Turkish has. As is expected from a proper global airline like Turkish, movies were aplenty, an abundance of music, several TV shows, etc. Turkish also passed the Metal test as they had Hardwired….to Self Destruct by Metallica, Dystopia by Megadeth, and Lovedrive by Scorpions! All in all, an easy way to survive 12 or 13 hours, aka most of Turkish's long haul network. 

photo 46736605045_c0bf925eff_b

It wasn't going to be long before the lights were turned up for breakfast, and so this helped with pulling up the window shades and getting in some natural light in to the cabin.

photo 47599442702_74f2ce83ab_bphoto 32709575107_bd144c578b_bphoto 46736604105_8623896567_b


We were overflying the Alps as breakfast commenced. People lined up in front of the restrooms, which was an annoyance for the crew unfortunately, but normal way too often. Just like BA142 from a few months ago this turned out to be another breakfast with a view! 

photo 47599439222_8bd32f3ee9_bphoto 46736603795_f965ec9151_bphoto 47599437872_8b1d865173_b

Breakfast tray was quite tiny compared to the dinner tray, but just the one option for everyone.

photo 32709573617_bcc13f139a_b

For breakfast there was fresh fruit salad & assorted cheese - these were pretty standard but different compared to other airline’s breakfast. The entree was mushroom & cheese omelette, sautéed potatoes and roasted tomato. Unfortunately this was quite the huge letdown, omelette being synthetic and reheated potatoes were just horrible. I had to pass these, hoping this wasn’t Do&Co’s own catering…. The oven-fresh bread was nice & warm, and I appreciated it. I was hoping this was quite the one off. I had a cherry juice to go along with it. 

photo 46736603335_1d6e7106be_bphoto 40685696373_0b301648b5_b

The rest of the flight went along quite uneventfully, and this definitely was up there with one of the more comfortable flights I have had. About 45 minutes before arrival Captain came around giving us information about arrival: there were winds from the North/NorthWest, broken clouds and showers in the vicinity. Temperature was 28C.

I spent the rest of the time looking at the magazines, always fun to look at the information with fleet, terminal info, etc. Istanbul’s Ataturk airport has one old circular terminal for the domestic flight, and the bigger ‘inverted L’ (depending on what angle you see it) for the international flights. However, it’s anyone guess as to where we’d park… I also took my time just looking at Turkish’s route map, and it is nothing short of impressive. 302 destinations in 120 countries, wow! Interestingly, some of them being a one-stop flight (IST-HAV-CSS, IST-MLE-CMB, etc). 

photo 46736602505_52859260bb_bphoto 40685695233_73ea760dcf_bphoto 33774727038_e243c9fecb_b

As the cabin crew were slowly done with setting up for arrival the light show eye sore that I would otherwise refer to as mood lighting came up. Blue to green to yellow to orange to red to purple… oh dear. 

photo 33774725658_1089611e69_b


Soon, power reduced, nose pitched down, descent had well and truly commenced. I was quite intrigued to pinpoint some landmarks of this interesting city - doing so with minimal success. Descent was quite smooth for the most part, but we had to negotiate through some weather up in the clouds. Unfortunately however the nose camera broke - I am not sure why I have such terrible luck when it comes to landing nose view videos!

photo 46928362264_164cb2e41a_bphoto 33774724798_6d1f388137_bphoto 40685692373_87000d68ae_b

If you look closely, there *is* a wing there…

photo 33774724108_d954f3ef3f_bphoto 46928361244_8c5b3a23fc_bphoto 33774723428_662a271a94_b

Lined up with Runway 23 and a generally smooth landing at 1445 hours local time, after flying for 10hr47min. Took most of the runway as we passed by the cargo terminal, and some abandoned birds - Bosphrous European Airways A300s which I found out of afterwards. Soon taxied towards the ramp, but it was evident it would be a remote bay parking.

photo 47599433592_e5192f1b51_b

Istanbul, busy as ever! 

photo 46736595925_dbe759aa22_b

Enter text here…

Enter text here…

While 23 was in use for landing, there were long lines of planes up in Runway 35R/L, but it looked like take offs were from Runway 17R/L: it looked like the planes were barely moving. Hmm, was this a bad sign? Amongst the Turkishs of different sizes was the Etihad A330 to Abu Dhabi, EY96, EgyptAir and Ukrainian International…

photo 32709601157_73a2c1a0d2_b

Look at that, 35s were in use for take offs…..NOT! 

Parked at a remote spot close to the domestic terminal, was cool seeing us being marshaled in with the nose camera, but the person was standing on a ledge to guide the big beast in! Chocks on, doors open, 1458 hours - we were 17 minutes before time, a layover extended to over 5hr20min now. So guess who waited to let pretty much everyone disembark, in addition to formulating a game plan(e) to take pictures on the ramp. A couple of black coaches came in to pick up the business class folk, before we were taken in cobuses.

Thanked the crew and exited TC-JJY at 1507 hours, with not a whole of passengers around. This was the first time I was disembarking a Boeing 777 on the ramp without the fear of someone telling me not to photograph (Dubai being the last time…)

photo 46736594955_ce352aae1e_bphoto 33774721258_2cf735d5ba_bphoto 46736594285_522b840047_b

Clouds looked ominous, but I hoped it wouldn’t have too much of an impact on Istanbul’s traffic flow. Being one of the last passengers to disembark we had to wait a little bit to make sure everyone did in fact get off, and that no more coaches would be waiting. Perfect, more time to get amazing pictures of TC-JJY! 

photo 40685686873_16796604d7_bphoto 40685686743_ddf542abf3_bphoto 32709564917_41c4576a91_b

We eventually got going, past the domestic terminal where several Airbus and Boeing narrowbdoies were being prepared for their mission as we negotiated through the ground traffic - this was an accurate representation of Istanbul Ataturk’s current overcapacity - the vehicles looked like a swarm of ants going across a colony, with gusto.

photo 40685685663_f2fc262201_bphoto 47599431132_5b4063fa05_b

Got off the bus at some international arrivals section, where someone checked our boarding passes before we were let in to the terminal. It was cramped with people going everywhere. I was in for an interesting layover ahead, and I could only hope that this wouldn’t take long at all…

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Well, quite the roller coaster, I guess! From a seamless booking to the messy call center and manage my booking experience, and finished off with a pretty comfortable flight. Turkish Airlines is in fact an airline, so their first duty would be get passengers from A to B safely, first things first. In this day and age, given that Turkish is indeed one of the world’s biggest airlines, in a major alliance, etc etc, there is a lot of work to be done in terms of the information technology part of things. However, looking at the flight itself, I can tell you I was impressed with Turkish. A comfortable seat (helped by the empty middle seat), great IFE, amenities and a friendly crew. The first meal was quite nice, but breakfast was not so great. WiFi onboard was pretty much non-existent for me, for whatever reason. I was looking forward to see if Turkish’s product and offering was to change significantly on the Istanbul - New Delhi route.



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    ISTFlyer GOLD 237 Comments

    Hi Jish.B and thanks for sharing this report on Turkish Airlines,

    Anyone know what an Airbus 77K is? I am throughly confused….

    - I don't know if it's was a glitch but in TK glossary, 77K means 777-300ER with 4 rows of Business Class. ( Aircrafts TC-LKA, TC-LKB & TC-LKC which are all ex-Kenya Airways)
    Web check in was done & complete until I realized my boarding pass would not be issued online.

    - This is normal on TK flights from/to the USA.
    Ground staff had a tough time lining up several people at the gate in to the main walkway, requesting all to line up against the wall but that was easier said than done.

    - For TK flights this is also completely normal. 😁
    All of these had Do&Co branding on them which made me wonder where the catering was from.

    - LSG Sky Chefs 😁
    My luck with the WiFi was not very good this time around: it would just take me to the checkout page, and wouldn't move an inch from there.

    - Sometimes, onboard WiFi doesn't work on Turkish Airlines. Even though I have free access to Wi-Fi due to my status on all available TK aircraft, I usually can't connect because of their system that doesn't work properly.
    This was the first time I was disembarking a Boeing 777 on the ramp without the fear of someone telling me not to photograph

    - This was common in Atatürk Airport as old IST had only 13 wide-body gates in total. TK has more than 50+ wide-body aircraft in their fleet. In addition, there are foreign carriers that fly wide-bodies to IST as well.
    I was in for an interesting layover ahead, and I could only hope that this wouldn’t take long at all…

    - I agree that the international terminal of old IST was a zoo. The new airport is much more better.

    I am waiting for your next reports on TK and hope to see you there. Once again, thanks for sharing.

    • Comment 503298 by
      jish.b SILVER AUTHOR 285 Comments

      Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions :)

      I figure now that the K in 77K is the TC-LK* ex-Kenya Airways planes. The Airbus in front of it made me chuckle :D
      Strange that TK haven't figured out their wifi yet - given how big they are compared to several other airlines world over... hmm.
      I was quite OK with the remote bay disembarkation, in fact I certainly prefer this over anything else!
      Do stay tuned for more :)

  • Comment 503194 by
    757Fan 587 Comments

    Looks like a good flight with Turkish Airlines. I am always impressed by the high quality look of their meals in Y. Smoked Salmon in a Y class meal? This is definitely something pretty rare to see these days. I'd be interested to know how much they spend on each of their Y meals - I bet it's more than most other airlines combined.

    Looking forward to your next part. Thank you!

  • Comment 503224 by
    Aaro 37 Comments

    Wait, did you fly by yourself?

  • Comment 503262 by
    KL651 TEAM 4481 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    3-3-3 is highly unusual on a 777 nowadays, wonder how long it will last.
    Godd you were able to rest on that flight, what a long journey.
    The catering does look really good, too bad it wasn't all that tasty.
    Great plane pics in MIA and IST !

    • Comment 503296 by
      jish.b SILVER AUTHOR 285 Comments

      Thank you for giving this a read!
      Turkish have unfortunately gone for 3-3-3 on the 787, which shows they'd rather go for the high density configuration on newer planes.
      The first meal was honestly fine, the 2nd one less so...
      Glad you liked the pictures!

  • Comment 503462 by
    aaqib67 52 Comments

    Hi Jishnu,

    Amazing FR!
    A highlight on TK's flights (in general) is its in-flight catering, which is usually top notch.
    Pretty surprised that they messed up breakfast service though

    Waiting for your next batch of TK FR's :)


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