Review of Austrian Airlines flight Innsbruck Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS277
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 08 Mar 19, 06:50
Arrival at 08 Mar 19, 08:05
OS   #37 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 271 reviews
By GOLD 423
Published on 5th May 2019

introduction + trip information

Welcome to a brand-spanking-new Flight-Report series! This one will cover my recent trip to Michigan and Chicago. The itinerary will look like this:


  • OS277 - Economy - Innsbruck → Frankfurt - Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 You are here
  • LH442 - Economy - Frankfurt → Detroit - Airbus A340-600 Coming soon
  • OS66 - Economy - Chicago → Vienna - Boeing 777-200ER Coming soon
  • OS903 - Economy - Vienna → Innsbruck - Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 Coming soon

I didn't feel like burning miles for this trip, so I booked a multi-stop itinerary for $1100. Now, onto the report.

innsbruck kranebitten airport

I arrived at the airport way too early, though probably because I woke up too early, and waiting at the airport seemed better than waiting for time to pass in my small apartment. I also printed my boarding pass online. The airport was empty.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-42850-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-42928-pm

A look at this morning's departures.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-42942-pm

As the lounge doesn't open until 5:30 AM, I decided to visit the spotting terrace. Much to my surprise, there were no Dash 8s on the tarmac.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43010-pm

As it turns out, Austrian keeps their Dash 8s at Tyrolean Technik overnight. Here's the Dash 8 that will fly to Vienna as OS914 (OE-LGI 'Eisenstadt')

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43025-pm

tyrol lounge innsbruck

At 5:25 AM, I went through security and made my way to the Tyrol Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43051-pm

Unlike the last time I visited the lounge, it was empty this time, with only 2 other passengers there. This was great, as I could take more photos. Here's a nice seating area.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43117-pm

Some bar seating.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43128-pm

Restaurant style seating.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43318-pm

And the best seats, the ones that overlook the tarmac.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43153-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43212-pm

Meanwhile, at the buffet, there is a nice coffee machine…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43235-pm

…cold cuts…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43248-pm

…fresh bread and pastries…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43302-pm

…and yogurt.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43337-pm

I got myself some cold cuts.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43349-pm

My aircraft seen from the lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43402-pm

I chilled in the lounge until 2 minutes before boarding.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43422-pm

boarding + initial impressions

I showed up at the gate as soon as boarding was announced, and was the first passenger aboard.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43453-pm

My ride to Frankfurt was OE-LGN, an 8-year old Dash 8-Q400 named after the town of Gmunden.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43513-pm

My seat was in the first row of Economy.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43559-pm

Sufficient legroom at my seat.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43623-pm

A nice view of the prop.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43701-pm

austrian 277 - innsbruck to frankfurt

Engine start.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43712-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43722-pm

Beginning our taxi to Runway 08.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43740-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43754-pm

departure from innsbruck

Lined up and ready to go!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43808-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43821-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43834-pm

Gear up.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43854-pm

Last look at Innsbruck.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43909-pm

Full takeoff video:

Beautiful view of the Alps today!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43924-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-43940-pm

Cabin after departure.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44001-pm

More mountains.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44012-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44038-pm

Turning northwest.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44024-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44051-pm

snack service + mid-flight

Shortly after takeoff, a snack was served. All passengers got a delicious chocolate bun.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44111-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44123-pm

Turning right.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44134-pm

arrival into frankfurt

As we commenced our descent, the First Officer announced that we would be arriving in Frankfurt early in 20 minutes.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44146-pm

Lufthansa CityLine Embraer 190.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44204-pm

Our shadow surrounded by a halo.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44220-pm

First view of German land.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44235-pm

Turning final just south of Gelnhausen.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44249-pm

Cabin during approach.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44309-pm

Correcting our approach path over Hanau.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44323-pm

Neu-Isenburg, Germany

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44338-pm

Over the highway.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44353-pm

Gliding over the piano keys.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44410-pm

And touchdown at 7:55 AM, 10 minutes before schedule.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44433-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44446-pm

Taxiing off the runway.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44502-pm

Full landing video:

Two Lufthansa A380s.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44517-pm

Pulling into our remote stand next to a Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900 (D-ACND 'Meersburg') that will shortly fly to Basel as LH1202.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44535-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44603-pm

Confirmation of the type.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44635-pm

The fuselage.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44653-pm-95925

Cockpit and nose.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44716-pm-80418

One last look at the aircraft.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-03-at-44731-pm-61249

routing of os277

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-102956-am

Thanks for reading this report, and stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Tyrol Lounge


Innsbruck - INN


Frankfurt - FRA



I hate writing conclusions on such short flights, because there's usually nothing to say!

+ Great lounge in Innsbruck
+ Friendly cabin crew
+ Punctual operation
- Uncomfortable Dash 8 cabin

I don't think I'd like to fly on a Dash 8 for more than two hours, but on such short flights, it's fine.

Information on the route Innsbruck (INN) Frankfurt (FRA)


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  • Comment 501879 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5832 Comments

    First things first...where did the tulip go!? You, like UA, should bring back the tulip ?

    I didn't feel like burning miles for this trip, so I booked a multi-stop itinerary for a very attractive $1100.

    Yep, can't burn miles on every trip...gotta fly revenue too to maintain status.

    The OS livery looks surprisingly good on the Q400...though it's a nice livery in general IMO

    Awesome views of the mountains!

    • Comment 501970 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 187 Comments

      First things first...where did the tulip go!? You, like UA, should bring back the tulip ?

      Brought it back! In a different form, namely on the tail of a 777 :)
      As much as burning miles is fun, what you said is all true. I have to say, I think that the best livery found on Dash 8s is OS's. Thanks for reading!!

      • Comment 501976 by
        KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5832 Comments

        Nice! Battleship grey tulip ?

        That was the best tulip, though as an overall livery I preferred the last one before the merger with all the different shades of light blue...rhapsody in blue I think it was called?

        • Comment 502016 by
          NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 187 Comments

          I actually loved the Battleship Gray livery. I know it gets a bad rap, but it was my favorite United livery until the newest one came out. Rhapsody in Blue is United’s song, while the livery was called ‘Rising Blue’ ?

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