Review of Austrian Airlines flight Frankfurt Innsbruck in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS288
Class Economy
Seat 12F
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 20 Apr 19, 21:05
Arrival at 20 Apr 19, 22:10
OS   #62 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 196 reviews
Published on 7th July 2019

A warm welcome to the final installment of my April 2019 trip to Bulgaria! When last we saw each other, I had arrived at Frankfurt Airport after a short flight from Sofia. Before we begin, let me refresh your memory with the routing of my trip:


My inbound flight arrived at a remote stand, so we had to be bussed to the terminal. I didn't mind, though, as I got to see this beautiful Qatar A380-800 (A7-APD) which was being prepared for it's flight back home to Doha as QR68.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-40832-pm

As we arrived at Terminal 2, I rushed upstairs to try to beat the crowd and reach my connecting flight, which I was hoping was late.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-40859-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-40921-pm

Immigration and security were a breeze, and a few minutes later I found myself in a large Duty Free shop.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-40943-pm

Rushing to my gate.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41003-pm

Seeing as gate A4 was empty, I decided to cut my losses and head to the Lufthansa Service Center to get my new boarding pass.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41031-pm

A very friendly agent informed me that I had been rebooked onto OS288, the last Innsbruck flight of the day. She gave me my boarding pass and I headed to the Senator Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41048-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41121-pm

Entry way.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41202-pm

Nice model A321.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41228-pm

A surprisingly empty lounge! I've actually never seen a Lufthansa lounge this empty.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41316-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41333-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41350-pm

Found myself a comfy-looking seat by the window, in front of some Red Sox fans who only let me sit there because I was wearing a hat "of a New York team that wasn't the Yankees" :)

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41406-pm-65581

Time for a look at the food options. Mini Schnitzels for kids…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41530-pm

…tomato soup…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41550-pm

…and my choices, Tortellini with Tomato Sauce…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41641-pm

…and Waffles with Chocolate Sauce. Yeah!!!

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41628-pm

Time for some planespotting.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41653-pm

Austrian A319 (OE-LDE 'Baku') to Vienna as OS132. Funnily enough, I saw this exact aircraft a few hours ago in Sofia.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41714-pm

Lufthansa A319 (D-AILI) from Berlin-Tegel as LH197.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41726-pm

Lufthansa A380-800 (D-AIMA 'Frankfurt am Main') to Singapore as LH778.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41746-pm

Aegean A320 (SX-DGX) to Heraklion as A3431.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41816-pm

Lufthansa A321 (D-AISX 'Celle') to Athens as LH1284.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41835-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIWD 'Halberstadt') to Berlin-Tegel as LH44.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41852-pm

Lufthansa A320neo (D-AINI) to Brussels as LH1022.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41907-pm

Lufthansa A330-300 (D-AIKS) to Male as LH704. Flew this bird in August 2014 from Munich to Washington in Business Class.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41920-pm

Lufthansa A321 (D-AIDU) from Hamburg as LH29

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41954-pm

Lufthansa A321 (D-AIRS 'Husum') from Paris-CDG as LH1035.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42024-pm

Austrian A320 (OE-LBV 'Weinviertel') to Vienna as OS126.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42040-pm

Lufthansa A319 (D-AIBH 'Herborn') from Tromsø as LH871.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42102-pm

Now, a quick tour of the lounge. Here's a mini-buffet for drinks and small snacks…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-41506-pm

…smoking area…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42121-pm

…napping area…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42144-pm

…'bar' seating…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42201-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42226-pm

…business center…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42245-pm

…phone booths…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42259-pm

…and lastly, the walkway to the spa.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42337-pm

Some of this evening's departures, including my flight, OS288.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42350-pm

After a very enjoyable 4+ hours, I headed to the gate.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42415-pm-78512

Oooh, the First Class Lounge. I'm yet to get in to one of those.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42439-pm

One of the last people to arrive at my gate.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42455-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42514-pm

Thanks Lufthansa! I look forward to the next time.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42535-pm

As the Dash 8 is too small for any gate here at Frankfurt, so we were bussed to the gate. And you know what that means: more planespotting!

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42556-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIQD) to Munich as LH120.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42634-pm

Lufthansa A319 (D-AILE 'Kelsterbach') to Munich as LH122.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42658-pm

Lufthansa A320neo (D-AINL 'Weinheim an der Bergstraße') to Berlin-Tegel as LH202.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42718-pm

Lufthansa A320neo (D-AINC) to London-Heathrow as LH920.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42736-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIUF) to Tunis as LH1326.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42752-pm

Lufthansa A321 (D-AIDJ 'Remscheid') to Paris-CDG as LH1052.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42811-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIUI) to Venice as LH332.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42826-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIZG 'Sindelfingen') to Oslo as LH864.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42840-pm

Lufthansa A321 (D-AIDL 'Reutlingen') to Lisbon as LH1172. Flew this bird in February 2017 from Frankfurt to Sofia in Business Class.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42855-pm

Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900 (D-ACNU 'Uetersen') to Poznan as LH1380.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42912-pm

Lufthansa CityLine Embraer 190 (D-AECA 'Deidesheim') to Tirana as LH1454.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-42939-pm

Lufthansa A319 (D-AILR 'Tegernsee') from Billund as LH841.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43002-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIZX) from Agadir as LH1329.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43029-pm

Lufthansa A319 (D-AILL 'Marburg') from Belgrade as LH1407.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43045-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIPT) from Brussels as LH1019.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43108-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIUD) from Stockholm-Arlanda as LH805.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43123-pm

Lufthansa A321 (D-AISN 'Göppingen') from Cairo as LH583.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43137-pm

Lufthansa A321 (D-AIDV 'Retro' Livery) to Madrid as LH1120.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43154-pm

Arriving at my bird, OE-LGJ.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43224-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43240-pm

It's still wearing one of Austrian's older liveries.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43311-pm

The aircraft is named after the town of Baden and was built and delivered to Austrian Arrows in 2005. It transfered to Austrian mainline in 2012.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43334-pm

Be aware: row 11 of Austrian's Dash 8s don't have a window.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43413-pm

At my seat, 12F.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43431-pm

Legroom here is fine.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43817-pm

Featured in this month's Skyline magazines: the one and only Los Angeles, California.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43831-pm

Wonderful view of the gear…

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43901-pm

…and the prop.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43913-pm

As boarding wrapped up, Captain Christian welcomed us on board and announced a flight time of 50 minutes in "excellent flying conditions".

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43931-pm

Engine start.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-43949-pm

Flaps 5.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44003-pm

Taxiing to Runway 18.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44028-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44043-pm

Lining up with the runway.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44105-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44120-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44139-pm

Tschüß Hessen!

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44156-pm

Dusk over Germany.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44209-pm

Takeoff video.

Darmstadt, Germany.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44223-pm

Last views of a lit sky.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44235-pm

Cabin during service.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44249-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44322-pm

Milka biscuit.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44333-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44345-pm

Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44357-pm

As we passed west of Augsburg, the Captain announced that we were approaching Innsbruck, and would land to the east.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44413-pm

Ulm, Germany.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44429-pm

Kempten, Germany.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44507-pm

Reutte, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44518-pm

Doesn't do it justice, but we had a great view of the moon on our approach.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44530-pm

Western Inn Valley, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2019-06-26-at-44541-pm

On short final over the industrial town of Völs.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-113659-am

Over the runway.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-113729-am

Firm landing at 9:57 PM local.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114545-am

Taxiing off the runway.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114607-am

Landing video.

Pulling into our stand.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114626-am


photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114657-am

Logo on bulkhead.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114708-am

Thanks for the ride, Baden!

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114751-amphoto screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114814-am

The small Innsbruck terminal.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114829-am

Company Dash 8 OE-LGK ('Burgenland') just arrived from Vienna as OS913.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-114849-am

To end this report, the routing of the flight.

photo screen-shot-2019-07-07-at-104420-pm

I took a taxi from the airport and was at my home 7 minutes later. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you in the next series!

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge A50 (Schengen)


Frankfurt - FRA


Innsbruck - INN



A pleasant 43-minute hop with Austrian

+ Nice lounge in Frankfurt
+ Friendly crew
+ Snack
- Uncomfortable cabin

While not the most comfortable ride, I'll miss the Dash 8s when Austrian retires them. I'll try to fly them a few more times before they're all gone.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5273 Comments

    Though I'm not a huge fan of turboprops (I have this weird fear that the prop will fall off and come flying at me in the cabin...I know weird), the OS Q400 cabin looks quite nice, mostly because I like their colors. Other than that, props are rarely comfortable, so that's not surprising. LOL @ the "not the Yankees" comment 🤣

    Nice report as always. Thanks for sharing sir!

    • Comment 510667 by
      NewYorker SILVER AUTHOR 95 Comments

      Haha, I had the same fear for a while, too. Don’t be fooled by the colors: the cabin is the same as virtually every other Dash 8 in the world. Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you in my next report.

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