Review of TAP Air Portugal flight Lisbon Fes in Economy

Airline TAP Air Portugal
Flight TP1448
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 14 Apr 19, 14:00
Arrival at 14 Apr 19, 15:55
TP   #47 out of 101 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 223 reviews
By GOLD 593
Published on 15th August 2019

Dear readers,

This Flight Report was originally written in French and I decided to share it again in English because it is one of the most interesting flight I made this year. On the one hand, it is a flight on a turboprop and this route was never reported before.

Today, I will bring you with me in Morocco and especially in Fez, the city where I have been living for 2 years.

The routing is the following with the first segment report in French.

Flight plan find on flightradar24 after the flight.

photo cartephoto vol-fr24

The flight video is written in French, so you should use the enclosed captions in English.

Flight video

I prepared a video going with this Flight Report, do not hesitate to watch it. This video is shortest than usually because I missed to shoot take-off.

Lisbon airport

I arrived at Lisbon airport by plane from Toulouse on a TAP Air Portugal flight, I leaved the aircraft by bus and I arrived at the Schengen zone of the unique terminal of this airport a few seconds ago.

I used the TAP Air Portugal application inside the aircraft when I arrived, so I already know that my boarding gate will be 43B. I need to pass through passport control. I use the automatic passport control for European Union & Swiss citizens. I do not have any problem apart from a Moroccan passenger who tried to pass here and she blocks the machine.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-019

On the way to the boarding gate, I decide to make some spotting.

An Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767-300 going to Toronto reminds me my first long-haul flight with this airways company a few years ago.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-002photo lis-fez-avril-19-001

An Airbus A330 from TAP Air Portugal, registered CS-TOO and named Fernão de Magalhães. This aircraft will go to Fortaleza, Brazil later in the afternoon.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-003

I consult the Flight Information System Display System (FIDS), and I note that the boarding gate have not changed.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-004

I am going to the boarding gate 43B.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-005

Family picture

photo lis-fez-avril-19-023

Airbus A330 registered as CS-TON and named João XX. It will go to Brazil later in the afternoon.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-006

The boarding gate 43B is located at the middle of a corridor, it is the first time I see a gate like that.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-007

I return to the boarding gate before the boarding starts. There is not so much seats for the passengers here but we can find some seats in other spaces of the terminal.

Few minutes later, a gate agent explain to me that the flight is overbooked, and they are looking for volunteers to let their seat to an other passenger and take the tomorrow flight. Unfortunately, I need to be in Morocco before Monday in the morning and it will be not possible if I do not take this flight.

I note that this flight on an ATR 72 might be overbooked and I could be a volunteer next time.

After that, another gate agent ask to me if I am a passenger going to Fez. I answered yes and she put this tag on my hand luggage.

photo etiquette


The boarding starts at 13:35 as expected. All the passengers are invited to board because there is only one boarding zone for this aircraft.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-022

The boarding starts on foot by the downstairs in order to join the bus.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-008

The boarding continues by bus.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-025-62398photo lis-fez-avril-19-010

I rediscover the ATR 72 which reminds me a flight made a long time ago.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-011

We are going to fly on an ATR 72-600, registered as CS-DJE, and it is just 4 years old.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-012

Some private jets are parked near to our aircraft.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-013

The boarding is very slow because the flight is full and we can only board by the back door.

I meet the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER going to DubaÏ, I saw this flight on the FIDS before.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-014

Double fuselage shot

photo lis-fez-avril-19-015photo lis-fez-avril-19-016

Life on-board

I enter inside the cabin, the boarding is randomly because the passengers were mixed in the bus.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-017

The cabin is pleasurable visually but the seats are really thin.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-018

The legroom is very good thanks to the thin seats.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-040-88793

From my seat, I have a direct view on the propeller.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-020

While the boarding continues, I read the safety instructions.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-048photo lis-fez-avril-19-049

The boarding is completed at the expected time but cabin crew announces to the passengers that our flight is delayed due to traffic regulation.

A cabin crew distribute some water to all the passengers during the waiting for the start-up clearance.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-053

Flight experience

After 1 hour of wait, engine 1 is started and then engine 2 is started too.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-026

We pass ahead an Emirates Boeing 77-300ER delayed too because it was planned to take-off 10 minutes after us.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-028

We are taxiing to the button of runway 03/21 which is used for take-offs and landings, we need to wait for this easyJet to take-off and for the next aircraft to land.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-029

Now, it is our turn to take-off!

photo lis-fez-avril-19-030

We are aligning on the runway for take-off just behind the aircraft which have just landed.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-031

These Swiss Airbus A321 and easyJet A319 are waiting for there turns.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-032photo lis-fez-avril-19-033

We rush forward on the runway and we take-off delayed by approximately 1 hour.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-034

The feelings on a turbo propeller aircraft are different, the noise from the engine is terrible.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-035

Take-off is longer and louder than on a jetliner, while the cabin is so quiet.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-036

The climb offers some beautiful views of Lisbon city.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-037photo lis-fez-avril-19-038photo lis-fez-avril-19-039

Praça Marquês de Pombal

Marquis of Pombal Square

photo lis-fez-avril-19-041

We are leaving Lisbon, bye!

photo lis-fez-avril-19-042

Then, we are turning over the sea.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-043

Another good view on the Portuguese landside.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-046

We are climbing quickly over the clouds.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-044

We continue to climb.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-051

I set up a personal In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) but it not comfortable because the aircraft is noisy.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-047-78987-65653

A meal is served on a tray for the pilot, after that the service starts for the passengers.

A light meal is served with a beverage. I can choose a beverage between different juices, coffee, tea and even some wine! I choose the orange juice in order to go with the pieces of apple.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-056

For those who wants to know the ingredients, here is the list.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-055

The composition of this light meal intrigues me, there is a mixture with fish and a kind of little breads and some segments of apple.

It is fresh and I like this light meal for a flight in the beginning of afternoon.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-057

This flight is a little bit long and nothing interesting happens excepting the view through the window. We are flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-058

Land in sight!

photo lis-fez-avril-19-060

We are now flying over Morocco, we are flying over Larache which is a city in the south of Asilah.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-062photo lis-fez-avril-19-064

I find Fez city distantly, between the mountains. The approach will be different than usual for me today, because usually I fly from Toulouse or Montpellier on a direct flight.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-065

Sidi Kacem

photo lis-fez-avril-19-066

The approach is longer than usual for me because on the turboprop engines, and the weather is good.

We land at Fez-Saïss airport delayed by 55 minutes, during taxiing we meet a Bulgarian Airbus A320 which operates some flights for Royal Air Maroc (RAM) between Fez and Paris Orly.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-080

Last turn

photo lis-fez-avril-19-082

We park near to the Bulgarian seen before which has his cargo doors opened even if it will take-off in a few hours.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-083

Engines are stopped.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-084

The passengers leave the aircraft row by row, I will be one of the latest to leave the aircraft this time.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-079

A little tractor to claim our checked luggages.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-085

Fez-Saïss airport

Here, the ATR 72-600 which brings us to Fez.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-086

Look at the background! We parked near to 2 private jets from the Moroccan army, and a military helicopter. These aircrafts might be parked here because Moroccan king is at Fez currently.

There is also a Boeing 737-800 from RAM wearing the old livery.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-087


photo lis-fez-avril-19-088

Before I enter inside of the terminal, I am overtaked by my checked luggage.

I arrive with the last wave of passengers at the passport control.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-089

There is also a Pearl Lounge at the arrivals, what a strange idea.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-090

Many offices are opened and the control is fluid.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-091

Luggage delivery ended before I arrive, I pick-up my checked luggage and I leave this zone.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-092

I join the arrivals hall of the airport, and I meet my taxi driver who was informed for the delay because he uses flightradar24 too.

There were a lot of people inside the terminal because the access is not restricted yet.

I try to withdraw at the ATM inside of the terminal but it was out of order, that's why the mark of the airport services is low.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-094

I shoot a photography of the terminal, as you can see the weather is good in Morocco.

photo lis-fez-avril-19-095

Thanks you for reading this Flight Report, I hope you enjoyed it. If you want you can leave a comment in the section below or like this Flight Report.

Se you soon for another flight!

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TAP Air Portugal

Cabin crew9.0

Lisbon - LIS


Fes - FEZ



I like Lisbon airport even if the boarding was done by bus. The passenger path is simple and thanks to the automatic passport control, the flowing is good. I do not know how they can improve the efficiency, but we were delayed by 1 hour. That's why I can mark the efficiency more than 6 out of 10. There were a lot of shops, restaurants and lounges in this airport. I also enjoy the graphics of this airport: green font on a black background. The access was good thanks to the bus which drop us at the centre of the terminal.

The cabin was Spartan with a minimum of comfort but the flight was improved by a sweet & helpful cabin crew. The on-board magazine was the same as on the last flight. The light meal served on-board was good and original.

Fez-Saïss airport was functional, the flowing was good thanks to the number of counters opened and the limited number of passengers. But the access is not good, I must take a taxi to the city and services are not as excepted due to ATM out of order.



  • Comment 517708 by
    LostLuggage 67 Comments

    Thanks for sharing - what a detailed, informative report. Fez airport terminal is beautiful!

    Were TAP offering cash/miles to volunteer passengers during the overbooking? Shame you couldn't take them up and explore Lisbon for a day, great city.

    • Comment 517737 by
      guilhem GOLD AUTHOR 561 Comments

      Deat LostLuggage, thanks you for your comment.

      Were TAP offering cash/miles to volunteer passengers during the overbooking?

      If you can't board on this flight cause of overbooking, TAP Air Portugal must give you at least 250€ cash or more as a voucher (with your agree of course). I did not ask what they were offering exactly, maybe they were also offering a night in Lisbon plus the meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch).
      The next time I will take this flight, I will ask to be a volunteer and I will tell you.
      Se you soon

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