Review of Delta Air Lines flight Portland Los Angeles in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL2113
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:18
Take-off 12 May 19, 18:07
Arrival at 12 May 19, 20:25
DL   #62 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 665 reviews
By 684
Published on 27th May 2019



Hello Everyone!

Welcome to part 2 of my short weekend trip to Portland, Oregon. This is the return leg where I will be flying from Portland (PDX) back to Los Angeles (LAX). After a fun 3 days of eating a lot of food and exploring the very green city of Portland, I am ready to go back home. I checked in to my flight 24 hours before departure hoping to get a window seat, but I was assigned a middle seat instead and was not able to change it on the website as the flight was completely full. However, my luck would change and I was able to get a window seat later.


My flight for Los Angeles was scheduled for a 6:07PM departure time and we returned our rental car at 4:30PM. There weren't that many people travelling to PDX even in the evening. The traffic into the airport was very smooth.

Check-In and Security

I walked straight into the terminal and printed my boarding pass at the Delta kiosk. The lines at check-in was rather empty, but I only have a carry on backpack for this trip. There was no need for me to pay $30 for any checked baggages which is rather expensive in my opinion. After printing my boarding pass, one of my friends walked over to Blue Star Donuts to buy some donuts before the flight. I looked at the FIDs to see the status and gate of the flight. Flight DL2113 is on schedule for departure and our plane was already parked at gate D7. Going through security took about 10 minutes and we were at the gate waiting with about 45 mins until boarding.

Old Boarding Pass

photo img_4640_edit

DL2113 to Los Angeles at Gate D7

photo img_4643


A few pictures of airside with some nice stores and decorations.

photo img_4644photo img_4645photo img_4646

By the time I got to the gate, there were already quite a few passengers waiting. Looking at my middle seat and seeing the agent at the gate counter, I decided to try my luck and asked to switch to a window seat. I walked up and asked politely if there are any window seats left that I could switch to. The agent replied to me, "It's your lucky day today." He took my old boarding pass, gave a few clicks on the computer and printed a new boarding pass with a window seat. I was so happy that I don't have to sit in a middle seat again and I can take a lot of pictures.

New Boarding Pass

photo img_4650_edit

Spotting at Portland was so much better compared to LAX Terminal 2. There are no obstructed views and the departing runway was right in front of you. I saw many flights taxiing past and taking off. One of the rare flights I saw coming in was a Condor 767 coming from Frankfurt. I don't know why it was here.

photo img_4648photo img_4649photo img_4651


Flight: DL2113 from PDX-LAX

Airline: Delta Airlines (DL)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-832(WL)
Registration: N3734B
Delivered: October 2000 (18.6 Yrs)
Route: Portland (PDX) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Seat: 25A
Departure Gate: D7
Departing Runway: 28R
Scheduled Departure Time: 06:07PM
Actual Departure Time: 06:18PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 08:25PM
Actual Arrival Time: 08:14PM
Landing Runway: 24L
Arrival Gate: 35
Scheduled Flight Time: 2 hours 18 mins
Actual Flight Time: 1 hours 56 mins

Boarding began on time with the different groups that I experienced for the first time on the outward leg, First, Comfort +, Delta Sky Priority, Main Cabin 1, Main Cabin 2, Main Cabin 3, then finally Basic Econ. I was once again in the Basic Economy group, but I got myself in the front of the line.

The aircraft taking me to Los Angeles: N3734B

photo img_4647

Boarding the aircraft

photo img_4652photo img_4653-15588photo img_4655

There is a fairly decent leg room, but I am also a short person.

photo img_4654

The view from my seat with a United Airbus next to us getting ready to fly to San Francisco.

photo img_4656

There were many contents in the seat pocket, including safety card, meal menus, inflight magazines. 

While the aircraft was preparing for pushback, I caught an Alaska 737 departing and quickly took some pictures. Mount Hood in the background was also very pretty to see. Soon after, the United flight parked next to us was also ready for pushback. We got our pushback clearance not long after that.

photo img_4666photo img_4668photo img_4671

The captain came on the PA to give us some information for our flight to Los Angeles. They were the same crew that flew the aircraft from LAX to PDX as the captain mentioned clear weather and smooth ride while flying en route to Portland. He also announced a flight time of 1 hour 50 mins. The aircraft quickly taxiied out to runway 28R and took off to the west without any delay.

On the climb out of Portland, we passed by downtown and some famous mountains in the Pacific Northwest such as Mount Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier. We quickly climbed to a cruising altitude of 33,000 feet.

photo img_4694photo img_4697photo img_4698

Drinks and snacks service started afterwards and I got myself a nice cup of coke. Again, the cabin crew offered snacks but I refused as I didn't really like the snacks they offered. I also enjoyed the documentary movie of Free Solo.

photo img_4701photo img_4706

The sun started to set about halfway into the flight. This time I sat facing the other side of the sun while on the outward leg I sat facing the sun. The view was just as beautiful no matter what side you sit on. Another reason why flying is one of the greatest experience you could enjoy in life.

photo img_4703photo img_4711photo img_4707

The captain came back on the PA with 30 mins remaining in the flight and gave us an updated weather information. The night in LAX was clear and cool. There won't be any delays for the approach and landing. The aircraft then began its initial descent into Southern California. We flew pass Malibu then off the coast before turning left back towards Downtown LA. After two right turns, the captain lined us up for the final approach on to runway 24L.

The flight crew made a smooth landing. At this time, LAX was getting very busy with domestic arrivals/departures and international arrivals. We had to wait on the tarmac for a little while before pulling into the gate.

photo img_4728photo img_4731photo img_4732

The aircraft parked at Gate 35 and I gathered my belongings to exit the aircraft. The gate was already filled with people as the aircraft would make one more trip to San Francisco before resting for the night.



Terminal 3 along with the rest of LAX was filled with people departing and arriving. I guess this is what happens when you live in a big city like LA. To go home, I had to walk up to the departures level where the RideShare pick up points are located. At 8:30PM, LAX was a mess filled with cars and it took nearly 30 mins before I was picked up by ride to go retrieve my car.

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I had a fantastic time in Portland as this was my first time visiting the city. Compared to LA, the city is very small and you could just about get anywhere in 30 mins. The city itself was also filled with a lot of greenery which I found very pleasant. The flight back to LAX had nothing to complain about. I got lucky being able to switch from a middle seat to a window seat. A big thank you to the Delta gate agent. The ride was very smooth and enjoyable with the personal inflight entertainment. It's not something you see with other airlines on a short domestic flight. Applauds to Delta for offering that service. As for LAX, it is always the usual problem with too many people and cars. It's just the nature of the city, but I hope they could do something about leviating the flow of traffic as cars are often jocking for position to drop off and pick up. Overall, flying will always be an enjoyable time and I can't wait for my next trip.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it!



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