Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Mumbai Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH195
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 05:04
Take-off 07 Feb 15, 00:01
Arrival at 07 Feb 15, 07:35
MH 205 reviews
By GOLD 2512
Published on 18th May 2019

Malaysia Airlines 9M-MRN MH 195 BOM-KUL

Flight Details:
Aircraft : Boeing 777-2H6(ER)
Rego: 9M-MRN
Departure Mumbai (Terminal 2): 12:01 am
Arrival Kuala Lumpur (Terminal S): 7:35 am

Trip Report: : Malaysia Airlines 9M-MRN MH 195 BOM-KUL

Do watch the video to experience the flight.


This report is of the return flight in Feb 2015. After2 days in Mumbai, see trip report:  Singapore Airlines SQ422 Singapore - Mumbai
It was time to return to Sydney.

Drive to Airport

Took a taxi from Chembur and used the Santa Cruz - Chembur Link road to reach airport.

photo img_04

Driving to Airport

photo img_05


After arriving at the airport, showed my ticket and passport. Was allowed to enter the check-in area. A small queue had formed at the counter.

photo img_06

Check-in was quick and got boarding pass for both flight: BOM-KUL and KUL-SYD.

photo img_07

Check-in area

photo img_08

After completing check-in, joined the security and immigration queue.

photo img_09

Immigration queue took sometime as there was a big crowd being peak departure hour in Mumbai.

photo img_10

Security and Immigration

After competing the security, which was quick. Immigration took time as it was peak departure time from Mumbai. Completed the immigration and entered the duty free and F&B zone.

photo img_11

Flight Schedule

photo img_12

Had some food before heading to the departure area.

photo img_13

Walk to departure area.

photo img_14

Duty free

photo img_21


photo img_22

Plane Spotting

Thai Airways to Bangkok

photo img_15


photo img_16

Air India to Singapore, boarding had commenced

photo img_18

Air India B787 to Singapore

photo img_17

Waiting Area

photo img_20


Malaysia Airlines was departing from Gate 78.

photo img_19

Crowd had gathered around the gate, Boarding commenced on time.

photo img_23

Joined the queue to board. Had the boarding pass scanned and then allowed to head to aircraft.

photo img_24photo img_25

Flight details at the gate

photo img_26

View of the B777 from aero-bridge

photo img_27

Boarding the flight

photo img_28


Seat view

Blanket, headphones and inflight magazines were stacked in the seat pocket.

photo img_29

Pushback and Departure

Boarding completed soon. My neighbour was a seaman heading to Gold Coast to board cruise ship.  The rear section had college students in a tourist group heading to KL.

photo img_30

Window view

photo img_36

Pushback commenced on time,

photo img_31

Departure was from runway 27.

photo img_37photo img_38

About to lineup for departure at runway 27.

photo img_39

Departing into the night sky.

photo img_40

Safety Demonstration
Safety demonstration was shown on the IFE screen

photo img_32

Cabin crew carried out safety check as the aircraft taxied to runway.

photo img_33

Light and air duct for air conditioning

photo img_34

Cabin Service

After departure view, Cabin serviced commenced. Dinner was provided, Chicken or Veggie was the option. I chose the chicken- which was Chicken Curry. I didn't take photo as the cabin was dark and didn't get a good shot. Breakfast was served comprising of egg and potatoes with coffee or tea. I didn't take photo as I was tired and forgot.

photo img_35

After Dinner, I slept for the next few hours to wake before arriving in KL

photo img_41

Window view
Morning sky

photo img_42photo img_43

Flight map

photo img_44

After series of turn, approaching KL

photo img_45photo img_46

On Approach

photo img_47


Flight arrived at the satellite terminal. My next flight was to depart from same terminal, it was simple transfer as I had received boarding pass for both the flight.

photo img_48


photo img_49photo img_50

View of the aircraft

photo img_51

Satellite Terminal Signage

Disembarked from the flight and checked the flight schedule to find gate number for the next flight.

photo img_52

Hope you enjoyed the report. Thanks for reading.

End of Trip


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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Mumbai - BOM


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Malaysia Airlines provided satisfactory onboard service. Mumbai Airport was clean and fresh. Immigration took time being peak time. Kuala Lumpur airport was easy transit as the flight had docked in the same terminal as the next flight. Overall a satisfactory trip.

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