Review of Pegasus Airlines flight Istanbul Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Pegasus Airlines
Flight PC993
Class Economy
Seat 06F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 13 May 19, 11:45
Arrival at 13 May 19, 14:05
PC   #5 out of 20 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 38 reviews
By SILVER 1194
Published on 13th June 2019

Report No: 2019-503E

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this new short series which would contain two flights onboard Pegasus Airlines for a short trip to Germany. The main purpose of this trip was to reclaim my carry-on bag that I've forgotten back in Frankfurt in March 2019 after this flight. So, I have combined the opportunity to visit some friends in Germany and stay a night over there. The cheapest airline for this route was Pegasus Airlines and the price was €129 for a round-trip ticket which is not that bad where Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines was around €200-€300. The purpose of this trip was pleasure so I took the cheapest option. This series would contain a general overview of Pegasus Airlines, the Turkish low-cost carrier.

The first flight of this series would be onboard the Airbus A320neo of Pegasus Airlines from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen to Frankfurt. This flight would be my third time flying on the A320neo of Pegasus Airlines.

The uneventful routing for this trip would look like this;


Pax for this flight:



I have completed online check-in 7 days before departure via the Pegasus Airlines mobile application.

photo img_8269

Of course, I didn't pay for seats for this flight as I was assigned seat 6D. I wasn't going to pay ₺54 for a window seat or ₺101 for a seat with extra legroom.

photo img_8271

So, the total balance that I needed to pay was ₺0 and I have created a mobile boarding pass.

photo img_8272

While I was walking to the bus stop to go to the airport, I have seen this Havaist bus and panicked, but wait a second. That bus goes to Istanbul Airport, not Sabiha Gökçen. From 4.Levent, I have used the E-3 municipality bus to SAW that morning.

photo img_8468-93775

The bus ride was around 50-55 minutes that morning.

photo img_8470


There is progress at the metro construction at SAW

photo img_8471

To enter the building, I have used the fast-track entrance located in the middle of the building. I was the only one using the fast-track lane at that time so entering the airport was a breeze. I had access to fast-track via Vodafone Turkey.

photo img_8472-26260

As I didn't have checked baggage and the Pegasus counters were crowded , I skipped asking for a paper version of a boarding pass.

photo img_8474

With the fast track lane, I was airside within 5 minutes and cleared passport control and security without an issue. They have recently installed e-gates at SAW, but the time that I was there, they were out of service.

photo img_8475

As I had time and as Pegasus Airlines does not offer free meals, I've decided to have lunch at McDonald's.

photo img_8477

Then I've proceeded to my gate


While on the way to my gate which was 201A, I've spotted our aircraft ( the one on the right ) and a Buta Airways Embraer. As there was lots of time before boarding, I had went back to the duty-free area to look around.

photo img_8476

While coming back to the gate area, I have noticed this funny entrance to the airside airport hotel.

photo img_8478

I have boarded the aircraft around 25-30 minutes before scheduled departure time. My passport and visa was checked at the gate and then I was all set.

TC-CPY was our neighbor that day, he was going to fly to Vienna that day.

photo img_8479

And, our aircraft. TC-NBV - He was just 11 months old.

photo img_8480


While boarding the aircraft my seat was occupied. I kindly told the passenger who sat to my seat that it was my seat; she was assigned to seat 6F and she told me that 6F is the aisle and 6D is the window seat. Later on, one of the crew came to figure out the issue. Then the passenger kindly asked me if she could have the aisle seat. I accepted as it was not a middle seat.

photo img_8533

The seat had decent legroom compared to a Low Cost carrier.

photo img_8481

While we were pushing back on time, TC-NBH had just arrived from Ercan and was parking to gate 202A.

photo img_8482

At that time, the crew performed the safety demonstration manually.

AnadoluJet 737-800 parked at a remote stand

photo img_8483

TC-CPO & TC-CPB parked in front of the old terminal.

photo img_8484

And, TC-NBN getting ready for his flight to Stockholm as PC 1281.

photo img_8485

A private jet

photo img_8486

And the Koda Airways 707, which is now not there anymore.

photo img_8487

And, after waiting 5-10 minutes for our turn, we were on the runway.

photo img_8488

The tech shop had visitors all around the world

photo img_8489

Turkish Technic hangar

photo img_8490

And we're finally in the air

photo img_8491

SAW would have it's second runway in 2020 or 2021.

photo img_8492

The new freeway that would connect the Osmangazi Bridge to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge freeway.

photo img_8493

Şile district

photo img_8494

It's pretty interesting that Pegasus Airlines now offers wireless entertainment onboard their aircraft. To use the service, passengers should enter their personal information.

photo img_8495

And the menu

photo img_8496

The route map function is free of charge.

photo img_8497

Our estimated flight time was 2h40mins.

photo img_8498

There were Turkish and International movies available in the IFE system. However, passengers should pay €1.99 for the entire flight to access the movie option.

photo img_8499photo img_8500

As you could notice, most of the movies are recent releases.

photo img_8501

The travel guide section is free as well. So, I have used that section to read information about the city that I would visit: Frankfurt.

photo img_8502photo img_8503

Frankfurt would not be that hot according to the weather section, however, it was warm during my visit.

photo img_8504

The seat pocket content. The Pegasus magazine and the BoB menu

photo img_8505-15189

Pegasus International Route Map. I didn't know they were flying EIN-CMN; however, it's a publication error. They have recently started their SAW-CMN flights.

photo img_8506-33988

Some more information about the Personal Device Entertainment System.

photo img_8507-93915

The BoB menu

A view from the air. After the seatbelt signs had been turned off. The crew, first appeared to get orders for hot dishes.

photo img_8515

Then, they appeared for the second time for the Buy on Board menu. I have benefitted from the 2x Ice Tea = €5 promotion and bought temporary earphones as mines were not working.

photo img_8516

Somewhere over Austria. The flight was pretty eventful. There were two unexpected events during the flight. About an hour before landing, the crew appeared for another time as the Buy on Board cart was passing through the cabin. One of the passengers from the rear rows came to the crew serving another passenger, touched the crew from his shoulder attempted to take a photo of him, that lady was angry and was shouting "Tell me your name!", I didn't understand what was going on, however, the cabin supervisor went to talk to that angry lady and calmed her down. 2-3 minutes later, a passenger bought something from the Buy on Board menu and handed a €50 bill to the crew. The crew told her that they only have €10 change at that time so they would give the rest after the trolley run had completed; however, after the crew went three rows behind, the lady shouted to the crew and asked where is my change, the crew told her that the service hasn't been completed yet and they still don't have any change money. The cabin supervisor tried to calm down that passenger but he wasn't that successful. The cabin crew ended up asking passengers if they could split a €20 bill to a €10 and two €5's. After that, the crew handed that passenger her change money. All other passengers, received their change after the service had ended. The crew had a hard job with these strange passengers but they remained in a professional attitude throughout the flight.

photo img_8517

Route map

photo img_8518photo img_8519photo img_8520

Before our descend, I have used the rear lavatory which was clean at that time but passengers were not wiping the sink as they should do, so the sink was not clean. There was no toilet paper in one of the lavatories and the crew had immediately, put new rolls to that lavatory.

photo img_8521photo img_8522

Frankfurt as we started our descend

photo img_8523

Guess the airport

photo img_8524photo img_8525

And after our turn back to Frankfurt, we were going to land from the west.

photo img_8526

And we had landed on time.

photo img_8527

The Terminal 3 construction site. I'm betting that this terminal would open before Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

photo img_8528

A LH A319 and a HOP! aircraft parked at remote stands.

photo img_8529

Tui Airways 737-800 in the Tui Blue livery

photo img_8530

EI-DPV parked at a remote stand

photo img_8531

And VP-BFA getting ready for his flight to Moscow, we were going to park at remote stand V114.

photo img_8532


After saying goodbye to the crew, I have used the front stairs to disembark. It was strange that the border police was not present at that time. Normally, they would have done visa checks just at the airplane door for flights arriving from Turkey. The last view of our aircraft

photo img_8534

We were bussed to Terminal 2E in Frankfurt, as an Emirates A380 had arrived before us, the non-EU line was a bit crowded but as all desks were open it took 10-15 minutes for me to clear passport control.

photo img_8535

As I didn't had any checked baggage, I have left the baggage claim hall. Now, it was time to head to Terminal 1C to claim my carry-on bag.

photo img_8536

As the Skyline was not working, transfer buses were present and due to the traffic it took another 10-15 minutes to reach Terminal 1. At least, I was able to take a seat as the bus was nearly full.

photo img_8537

And finally, I have claimed my carry-on bag that I have forgotten back in March. There was nothing missing so after filling out a form, I have left the Lost&Found office. After that, as I was the only one exiting Terminal 1C arrivals, I was stopped by the customs officers and questioned if I had something to declare. As I had nothing to declare, everything was set and I have left the baggage claim hall in Terminal 1C.

photo img_8538

Later on, I have went to the regional train station to go to my hotel in Frankfurt.

photo img_8539

So this report has come to an end.  
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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Pegasus Airlines

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Istanbul - SAW


Frankfurt - FRA



Being able to check-in online 7 days before departure is a great function, however, not able to choose your seats is not the best thing but in the end, it's a flight onboard a LCC. The main reason that PC allows OLCI 7 days before departure would be to sell pre-ordered meals. The day of the flight, SAW was a bit crowded, however having access to fast-track 10 times a year for free ( 5 for domestic, 5 for international ), I have used one of my attempts at all checkpoints and I passed all of them in a breeze. There are various food options at SAW and prices are x1.5-x2.0 compared to downtown prices, they are not markups like Istanbul Airport. After having a meal in McDonald's and having coffee at Caribou, I went to the gate where at that time they were already boarding. The experience in the aircraft started a bit in a strange way, as someone took my seat already and claimed that seat 6F was an aisle, but I was definitely in the mood to exchange an aisle with a window seat. Onboard this flight, I had the opportunity to take a look over the new Wireless Entertainment of Pegasus Airlines; the system has a decent amount of content, which most of them are recent releases, however, I have only used the route map and the travel guide section which are the only free of charge sections. The BoB menu has a wide content, however, as I had my lunch at SAW, I have only purchased beverages. The prices are high compared to Turkish standards but pretty low compared to European standards. The crew was professional at all times and they've handled strange and unexpected situations really good. However, flying with strange passengers is definitely not the best experience. After our arrival at FRA, even though we had landed just after an Emirates A380, passport control was really efficient as most of the desks were open at that time. Later on, it took 10-15 to reach Terminal 1 as I was going to pick up my carry-on bag that I have forgotten back in March. In overall, it was a pleasant flight with Pegasus Airlines and the price was worth the experience, however, it was strange to see some awkward people onboard.

(+) Reasonable waiting times at fast-track points
(+) The variety of dining options throughout the terminal ( both airside and landside )
(-) Immigration e-gates not active
PC 993
(+) Decent seats and decent legroom for a LCC
(+) The new PED entertainment system, although you need to pay for most content
(+) BoB options and the price compared to other European LCC.
(+) Professional crew that handled situations really well with abnormal passengers
(-) The ambiance onboard was far inferior when compared to a LH or TK flight on the same route
(+) Reasonable passport control wait time
(-) Navigating through the airport takes time due to construction

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