Review of Volotea flight Toulouse Palma De Mallorca in Economy

Airline Volotea
Flight V73971
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 15 May 19, 06:30
Arrival at 15 May 19, 07:45
V7   #5 out of 10 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 136 reviews
By GOLD 487
Published on 27th July 2019

Hello and welcome on-board this new report, following a pretty good success on the french part of the website (where of most of my contribution goes), I try to translate it into English a good exercise for me in order to improve my languages skills.


I've got a job with different shifts and I also use to work on bank holidays or week-end. That's allows me to get some days offs during the week. A nice opportunity for cheep traveling and trying to catch some new airplane into my logbook. I've never had the chance to fly on board the Boeing 757 and they unfortunately starts to leave the European sky slowly.

Few airlines still use the 757 on European network mainly for holidays destinations with airlines like TUI, Jet2 or Condor and that's on this airlines that i will fine a good opportunity to catch a B757-300 as Condor fly a lot of routes every day from Germany to Palma de Mallorca with these birds and for a very cheap price in my case only 20€ !
But I need to go to Mallorca and 3 airlines share the line from Toulouse. Easyjet, Vueling and the smallest one Volotea. I will choose the last one because the schedule and the price where the better just 20€ for this morning flight.


  • V73971 - Economy - Toulouse => Palma de Mallorca - Airbus A319 You are here
  • DE1515 - Economy - Palma de Mallorca => Dusseldorf - Boeing 757-300 Coming soon
  • BE1400 - Economy - Dusseldorf => London City - Dash 8 Q400 Not available
  • FR281 - Economy - London STN => Toulouse - Boeing 737-800 Not available

It's of course the first time that this flight is reported in British part of the website. It's also the first english report on board of the Volotea Airbus A319 who's slowly replace is Boeing 717 fleet with second hand A319.

Early morning departure from TLS

Once again to be on time to start my av-geek journey, i need to be at the airport before the sun rise, at this time there not to much people in front of the airport.

photo p1

I use the escalator to climb at the departure level as you can see, arrival level is more than quiet.

photo p2

Quick look on the FIDS, our flight is scheduled on time, check in is open.

photo p3

Didn't need to check in a luggage, I go directly to the safety checks. Not too many people, this step is completed in few minutes.

photo p4

Like almost all European major airport, the way to the gate cross the duty free shops.

photo p5photo p6

After the duty free there is few more shops & restaurants but it's too early to enjoy these services.

photo p7

Inside hall C the first passengers starts to wait for there flights, at the same time restaurant and shops starts to open.

photo p8-44906

Outside we can see some Air France A320 series ready for duty.

photo p9

I haven't see any Volotea aircraft at the gate so I don't have any idea of which gate will be used to board our flight.

photo p10photo p11

Finally our gate is displayed and all the passengers starts to move into. 

photo p12

It's my first time at this gate, it's a paxbus door. It's not really efficient because most of the passengers are waiting inside the main corridor between the 2 hall a good way to jam the flow of passenger inside the building.

photo p13

e-Boarding pass

photo p82

Fortunately the boarding starts quickly and we soon get into the bus at ground level. In front of us this Air France A320 is prepared to get into Paris Orly.

photo p14

This Volotea A319 is parked on a remote parking stand, but it isn't our aircraft

photo p15

Is sistership is parked on the long term apron.

photo p16

The bus stop in front of the stairs docked to EC-MTM. Named "C'est Parti" ("Let's go" in french) she's 15 years old and integrate the Volotea fleet in 2018 after a long career with Easyjet. 

photo p17photo p18photo p19

You can easily saw is orange origin, the double overwing exit are not really common on A319 just few low-fares airlines ordered this configuration (Easyjet, Hamburg international, Niki…) to allow high density configurations.

photo p20

Fuselage shoot, some titles are also in Italian another focus market for the Spanish airline.

photo p21

on board Volotea A319

Two cabin crew (one french & one Spanish) welcoming passengers on board both were bit shy but there were smiling. On board the cabin is brand new with a pretty good design.

photo p22

I move to my seat luckily the free seating allow me a window seat.

photo p77

Detail on the colorful head rest.

photo p78

Rear view, as you can see the Acro XS seat is pretty slim but still comfortable. Load factor is close to 70% this morning and I can enjoy a free triplet on this flight, nice bonus for the comfort mark.

photo p23

There is no paper on the seat so the safety informations are printed below the tray table.

photo p28

The pitch is not to bad for an LCC airlines, another advantage of the slim seats. There is also one less row than Easyjet ones.

photo p26

The only item who's give an age at this retrofitted cabin is the overhead panel who's an old design for Airbus.

photo p27

Window view, on the wing but you can still see this Erj 145 from Loganair who's operate a shuttle flight to Chester for Airbus.

photo p24

Inside the cabine the boarding was completed few minutes ago, but we are still waiting. It's seem's to have a problem with the loading of one check in luggage.

photo p29

We finally get ready to go without push back we were 20 minutes beyond our schedule take off time.

photo p32

Sun rise on the Airbus factory

photo p33

We roll on the taxiway near the runway. Today only the 32R is open and we can see this Embraer 190 of KLM cityhopper taking off to Amsterdam.

photo p34

Followed by this ATR72 to Marseille

photo p36

And this babybus to Orly.

photo p37

There is many aircraft waiting their turn to get into the runway

photo p38photo p39

Inside the cabin every body is seated ready to taking off.

photo p31

Line up on the track.

photo p40

Few seconds after we are airborne on the rising sun.

photo p41

Just a moment after take-off we turn right in order to head south. In the middle of the picture you can see Blagnac airport.

photo p43photo p44

We're backtracking the airport, flying over the Toulouse metropolitan area.

photo p45

The city quickly gives way to the fields

photo p46

We can already see the Pyrenees mountains some miles away

photo p47

We are fast approaching the snow-capped peaks. Let the show begin.

photo p48

There is still a lot of snow for a late May.

photo p49photo p50

Inside the quiet cabin some passengers tries to finish their night

photo p51

We are now leaving the mountains to fly over Catalonia 

photo p52

 And few minutes after we leave the Spanish coast, to cross a small part of the Mediterranean Sea.

photo p53

I didn't take the buy on board brochure who's on demand. But I can show you this advertise introducing the in flight entertainment on your own device available on the Airbus A319.

photo p30

Blue surrounding, hard to see the limit between sky and sea.

photo p54

The first reliefs marking the island of Mallorca appears on the horizon.

photo p55photo p56photo p57

Flight path furbished by FR24, I wasn't on the good side to see Barcelona.

photo p81

 We flew over the northern hills

photo p58

In the middle of the picture the small city of Sa Pobla

photo p59

Under the wings we can see the coast near Port d'Alcudia

photo p60

Small turn on the right to catch the approach of runway 24L

photo p61

Nice view on North Malloca's coast. Seem's to be a nice place to spend holiday's.

photo p62

We cross the island from one side to the other, as you can see, there are not many houses in the center of the island.

photo p63

We slowly get closer to the ground, music is broadcasted in the cabin during the approach.

photo p64photo p65photo p66

During the last minutes of the flight we can see the surrounding of Palma.

photo p68photo p67

No wind, will be an easy landing for our pilots

photo p70

Arrival at Mallorca

Smooth landing & braking, normal with this nice weather

photo p71

The PMI airport terminal is ahead of us.

photo p72

We can see some aircraft during the taxi like this Boeing 737 of the Portuguese charter airlines Euroatlantic flying for TUI Nederland heading to Rotterdam.

photo p73

And this A320 from Eurowings Europe based on Palma de Mallorca who will fly to Paderborn.

photo p74

For this Air Europa Boeing 737-800 the flight for Madrid will be shorter.

photo p75

After few minutes of taxi, we reach our gate.

photo p76

The jetbridge is connected to the aircraft and we can leave it by the front left door after saying goodbye to our cabin crews

photo p79

The last photo of Tango Mike who will return soon to Toulouse continuing his long day of work.

photo p80

I hope you enjoyed this short report, and I hope to translate you the next report on-board the Boeing 757-300.
See you in the air…

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Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Toulouse - TLS


Palma De Mallorca - PMI



Volotea is a very good option for many destinations in France and southern Europe where she hasn't the exclusivity. On the other hand, prices remain high and frequencies / timetable are low. In my case, the departure hour was really bad but the price really low.

Volotea :
Confort: Retrofitted cabin doing pretty well, the seat is really slim but still comfortable for this short trip. bonus for the small reline and the triple seat just for me
Équipage : Crew half french, half Spanish (tried to speak french), the same in the cockpit with a French F/O. Everybody was smiley and efficient.
Catering : Didn't take anything on buy on board service but there were just few announcement regarding the service on the speaker so little bonus
Divertissement: Window seat + an application available to watch movies on your own device why didn't try that on a longer flight.

Information on the route Toulouse (TLS) Palma De Mallorca (PMI)


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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5530 Comments

    Hi Scorph, thanks for sharing this well-documented report on "Bonne Maman Airlines" ? I want strawberry jam, LOL
    I do love that livery...something unique and different. I see you got one of the "newer" interiors. I am surprised that the legroom looks so decent considering they added a row of seats, but yeah...slimline and all. If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? Looks better than EasyJet, with the same seat count of 156, though Volotea seats are slimmer, I guess.

    Merci and thanks for another good report from Toulouse!

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