Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Phuket in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG221
Class Economy
Seat 39K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 25 Jun 19, 18:15
Arrival at 25 Jun 19, 19:35
TG   #9 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 353 reviews
Published on 27th June 2019

Welcome to flight 3 of 5 of my short hop around Thailand! Having just arrived on TG111 from Chiang Mai, I was now making my connection at BKK for my onward flight with Thai Airways to Phuket. You can read about my other flights so far here:

As mentioned, the crown jewel of this jaunt to Thailand was to be the two flights aboard Thai's 747-400, of which this flight was supposed to be one. TG being notorious equipment-switchers, upon checking my booking ~1 month before departure I noticed TG221 now displaying as being operated by a 777-300. This was bitterly disappointing, and in the weeks leading up to the flight not a single rotation on this flight was performed by the 747. Perhaps this was due to it being randomly reassigned to the KUL route or aircraft maintenance, but it did seem weird to schedule this late afternoon flight on the jumbo in Thailand's wet season.

Nevertheless, I at least had the minor consolation of logging a new sub-type in the form of the 777-300. Or so I thought…

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (Domestic)

Exiting my arrival gate, it was annoying to have to walk all the way to the central domestic hall to find a FIDS screen. Passengers to Krabi were met with TG representatives as their flight had been cancelled.

photo dsc_0488-large

I was informed to proceed to gate A6 for my flight, which I did as soon as I learned there really was nothing of note on the domestic level of Suvarnabhumi. Gate A6 was naturally located right at the far end of the concourse from which I'd just came.

photo dsc_0489-large

With each gate occupying the space between the main concourse and the windows, there really was very little means of seeing outside. Not that there was much of interest to be seen at this hour.

photo dsc_0490-large

Approaching gate A6, I was keen to know which of Thai's 777-300s would be operating this flight. Whilst no 747, it is still a fairly rare aircraft with just a handful still flying with Thai, ANA, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific operating them in significant numbers.

I reached the gate and saw the instantly recognisable nose of a 777, only to then check it's registration and curse aloud. It was HS-TJB, a 23-year old Boeing 777-200. The exact type I'd flown twice previously with Thai from Hanoi and back. After the 747 disappointment, this was just taking the mickey.

photo dsc_0491-large

I have no ill feelings towards the 777-200, but just didn't need to see it right now. Sulking in the gate area, it did become clear why the change had happened however. Even by the time boarding was announced there must've been fewer than 70 passengers at the gate. Nowhere near enough to justify a 777 of any sort, let alone a 747.

photo img_20190625_170131-large


I quickly made my way down the jetbridge and onto the old bird. Shout out to Thai's social media team here - I'd asked which seats to avoid misaligned windows on the 777-300 and they promptly replied confirming my selected seat of 39K did have a full window. Good on them having a responsive and informed customer service team on that platform.

I'd hoped for a nice engine view with this seat on the -300, but on the -200 it meant a largely obscured view by the massive wing.

photo dsc_0493-large

As on my previous flight, this row had "two" windows which meant either a large lean forward or right-angle turn of the neck to get a good look outside. Worth noting that row 42 on these aircraft are the ones to avoid, without a window completely.

photo dsc_0492-large

Nearly as soon as I'd sat down, boarding was announced as completed and the very light load was confirmed. Almost every passenger, myself included, had a row to themselves or could've if they wanted to. Every cloud…

photo img_20190625_175314-large

HS-TJB carried a similar, outdated cabin to the A330 on my last flight. This meant the old, unresponsive AVOD monitors but on the flipside kept the roomy 3-3-3 seating and same great legroom - this time without the mammoth IFE box! Granted, this one was still quite big, but at least there was space either side of it for your feet.

Pushback started at 18:24 and we enjoyed a relatively quick taxi towards runway 19L, where I'd landed a short while previously.

photo dsc_0495-largephoto dsc_0496-large

This, of course, wouldn't be complete without one last pass of the parked up 747s.

photo dsc_0498-largephoto dsc_0499-largephoto img_20190625_181857-large

There was a short pause as a company A330 took off in front of us. Then it was out turn and the monster 777 engines made quick work of the runway, lifting off at 18:24.

photo img_20190625_181950-large

I was treated to some stunning views west over Bangkok, which was dotted in extremely localised downpours of rain. It made for a stunning combination with the late evening light.

In fact, all of the summertime cloud formations were beautiful during the climb. Flying in this part of the world certainly has its perks! I made the most of it with my camera in the knowledge that darkness would soon fall outside.

photo img_20190625_182828-largephoto img_20190625_182859-largephoto dsc_0504-large

The crew were released at 15,000ft to start the onboard service. This would once again consist of a snack, bottle of water and tea/coffee service. With the early morning starting to catch up with me, I was happy to sit back in my empty row and enjoy this spacious old aircraft. As of 2019, it's nearing a quarter-century-old!

photo img_20190625_183916-large

I found the snack on this flight to be much more enjoyable than the last. It was a hot chicken wrap filled with a tasty sauce, served in a handy box that meant you didn't have to burn your hands eating it.

photo img_20190625_184519-large

This preceded the tea and coffee service, from which I chose tea this time. Interestingly, on this flight tea was served with fresh milk whereas on TG111 everything was served with coffee creamer. I won't be the first to say it makes a big difference!

photo img_20190625_183627-large

I should mention that I've always appreciated Thai's excellent recline in economy class, as many passengers on this flight were. I really hope this hasn't changed on their newer 787 and A350 fleets.

photo dsc_0506-large

With almost full darkness outside, the captain soon announced our descent into Phuket from a cruising altitude of 36,000ft which started at 19:00 exactly.

photo dsc_0505-large

It was a smooth descent and ultimately landing, with wheels down at 19:30 concluding a 1:06 flight.

photo img_20190625_193327-large

We were on stand almost immediately, with no one in any rush for the luggage bins on such an empty flight. In no time at all I was off the plane and through HKT domestic arrivals, picking up my bag from Chiang Mai at 19:44. HS-TJB would turn immediately back around and return to BKK an hour later.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the last two reports of my trip (hopefully) featuring the Queen of the Skies! Check out TG221's full route below:

photo 2019-06-25-4-large
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

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Another excellent short hop on board Thai's domestic product that puts many around the world to shame, despite the age of the aircraft and outdated cabin. My CNX-BKK-HKT itinerary cost about double what most LCCs charge for the same on direct services between the Chiang Mai and Phuket, but included a checked bag, onboard service and free seat selection on check-in. Competitive? Maybe not on this city pairing. Smooth as silk? Absolutely.

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  • Comment 509042 by
    emyrrs SILVER 98 Comments

    What a nice report on TG!

    "this time without the mammoth IFE box! Granted, this one was still quite big"
    that is really hufe IFE BOX! Nowadays the IFE Box prolly only 1/3 that mammoth size I believe. Bute surely TG have no interest on refitted the cabin with new seats? since the aircraft will be phased out or only for domestic rotation?

    • Comment 509343 by
      LostLuggage AUTHOR 49 Comments

      Yeah, I highly doubt these birds will see a cabin refresh before their time is up. That said, their older A330s are getting new cabins so it goes to show they are still trying to remain competitive on the international routes they fly. Thai only domestically fly BKK-HKT/CNX/KBV on their widebody fleet so any aircraft with IFE will be better than the competition regardless of its age.

  • Comment 509287 by
    ThomasDutch GOLD 412 Comments

    It's definitely a bummer to not fly on one of their 747s to Phuket. My last flight on their 747 was years ago (2012 perhaps?) to Hong Kong, though I like their 777 product more. Thanks for sharing!

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