Review of Ukraine International flight Kiev Warsaw in Economy

Flight PS 801
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 05 May 19, 14:50
Arrival at 05 May 19, 15:25
PS   #141 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 83 reviews
Published on 1st July 2019

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 4th report of the new series of flight reports covering my latest trip to Moldova with a day stopover in Kiev with Ukraine International Airlines.

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Having arrived from Chisinau after an early morning flight, we had more than 6 hours before our final trip home. It's not really enough to go to the city and back, unless you want to go there just for a cup of coffee that in my opinion makes no sense at all. That's why we decide to spend this time at the airport, have breakfast and observe how KBP works.

KBP offers decent spotting facilities during the day, when the lights inside the terminal are off. It is also quite busy and you may spot some aircraft and airlines one wouldn't expect here.
TK operates its flights from IST on A330 or 777-300. This time I was lucky to catch the 777.

I had also a possibility to catch some long haul UIA departures both on 777-200 and 767-300.

Except for the wide bodies there are also some aircraft and airlines that are rare to spot
UIA 737-900

photo img_7503

Ellinair A 319

photo img_7504

Air Arabia A320

photo img_7512

An something very common, KLM and BA

photo img_7510photo img_7515

I found a perfect teddy for my collection but he was a little bit too big to take him home

photo img_7499photo img_7500


Time runs fast when there's something to do and finally our boarding is announced from one of the gates located on the ground level, which means it will definitely be a boarding by bus.

photo img_7517photo img_7518

Another 737-800, as always in case of UIA it can either be an old and used jet or a quite fresh one.

photo img_7519photo img_7524

This time, to my surprise, we fly one of the more recent 737s with modern interior and overhead lockers. How nice.

photo img_7535photo img_7543

As on the previous flights, window seats were available at a charge, so I can only wait and pray this perfect window seat next to me with two windows remains empty…

photo img_7529photo img_7532photo img_7533

Finally I hear what I waited for: "boarding is completed" and my window seat is empty! :)
This aircarft has slightly better legroom than the previous ones

photo img_7540photo img_7541

Two windows provide a great view during push back and taxi

Take off

Service starts not long after the seat belt sign is off. We have preordered hot meals but to our surprise we receive a nice box containing caesar salad

photo img_7571photo img_7635

When I inform the flight attendant about this mistake, he keeps searching inside his trolley and finally finds our Ukrainian Travel Lunch :). He says we may also keep the travel boxes with salad as they have been booked for us by mistake :)
The meal I ordered consists of a hot dish called "Banosh" - it's a kind of puree made of corn flour and served with cheese and bacon. There's also a starter and a piece of cake. We are offered anything we want from the drinks trolley but choose just water and tea.

I must say it is very average. Last time all the meals were not only served business class style, they were also very tasty. The prices went up but the quality is definitely lower - the cake is so artificial and full of preservatives that it is hardly edible :(
The onboard magazine and safety card

photo img_7579photo img_7580photo img_7582

Some inflight views dominated by dense clouds

photo img_7569photo img_7570photo img_7583

The weather improves when we approach Warsaw offering some views of Vistula river

photo img_7585photo img_7589photo img_7590

Final approach

photo img_7596photo img_7602photo img_7605

Nice to be back home

We park at a jet-bridge stand in one of the NON-Schengen gates next to LOT 737-800.

photo img_7621photo img_7622photo img_7624

The seatbelt sign is still on but most of the passengers are already standing and opening the overhead bins. Sudenly a young male FA rushes from the back of the plane shouting: everybody please sit down! He also closes the overhead bins. This sudden reaction left everyone speachless, they came back to their seats and remained seated even when the seat belt sign was off. Bravo to this guy and his reaction! If anyone was hurt when the jetbridge was connected to the plane, the crew would be blamed for not keeping everyone seated.
Some spotting during our way to passport control: LOT 737 and Air Belgium A340-300 operating for LOT

photo img_7630photo img_7632

Waiting for the bag with all the souvenirs bought in Moldova hopefully in one piece…

photo img_7633

Many thanks for reading!

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Ukraine International

Cabin crew9.0

Kiev - KBP


Warsaw - WAW



Nice surprise to fly a more recent 737. Preordered meals seem to have lost their charm as they are no longer served as in business class and are far less tasty. Very professional and efficient crew.

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